Tuesday, January 31, 2012

the beauty hunt

Today was beyond beautiful.  The sky begged me to come outside.  I spent most of the morning in bed.  I get horrible cramps.  This month was exceptionally bad for some reason.  Finally after laying there until my entire body was achy I decided to put on some tennis shoes, grab my camera and go for a beauty hunt.

January is a tricky month to find beauty.  It's dormant.  Every living thing is in wait.  The leaves, the critters, all the little flowers...waiting just beneath the surface to break free.  Do feel like you are in wait too?? 

If you ask for your eyes to be open to the lovely...you will find it.


Sometimes it's not in the package you were expecting.  It may be covered in prickles.

It may appear to be a weed. 


You may have to get really close to see it...down on your hands and knees.  But when you go searching for it I guarantee you will not be disappointed.  It's been there, right in front of you, all along.

Have a blessed day.

407.  ibuprofen
408.  feeling warmth from the sun in jan.
409.  the luxury of being able to stay in bed when i don't feel good
410.  recognizing and appreciating beauty
411.  pine needles swishing in the breeze

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  1. Becky,
    I feel your pain, literally! I'm cramping, too, today and it's the pits! I've had 3 periods in just a month and a half, so I don't know what's going on! I went for a walk today, too, and it helped immensely to get out in the fresh air. Love your gorgeous pictures and your perspective about everything.

  2. See? This is just the kind of thing I LOVE. Feel better, Becks. Thanks for bringing the sunshine here today.

  3. Isn't the weather absolutely GORGEOUS this winter. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the climate change.

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  5. It's a beautiful day here in SD! Feels like spring and just soaking it up because we all know how quickly the weather changes in the midwest! Your part of the country is so beautiful, too! Thanks for noticing my little class project over there. :)

  6. Oh Becky... I feel like I've been in "Wait" for a majority of my life. I needed to hear your words today. Always encouraging. Always inspirational. Thank you.

    P.S. It's GORGEOUS here in MN too! High of 43 today and SUNNY! Yesterday was 48. So not a typical MN winter but I am NOT complaining!

    Continue to have a beautiful day!

  7. beautiful and right there with ya! Traci

  8. Beautiful day in SD too! Beautiful pictures. I wish I could go out and snap some!

  9. I am so thankful you found some beauty. I find, even when I think there isn't any to be found, if I go and look, it is abundant : ) I love shooting in January! Beautiful. The songs are so good I don't want to click away.

  10. Lovely...just lovely. Thanks! Can't wait to get outside.

  11. Gorgeous pics - but I am so ready to move on to February!

    Happy to hear your house news. Just a little funny bit - this weekend we got a check for a buyers earnest money on our house that we sold in TX 3 years ago (the one we are trying to sell now is in WA) anyways, these people paid their earnest money, and then changed their minds about the house. Apparently the title company still had the money, and sent it to us - too weird right?!

  12. remind me of my lone bloom in winter. : ) i like it!

  13. Today its nearly 53 degrees here in New York....unheard of at this time of the year. Sun is shining, our town's streets are full of people walking and getting fresh air.
    Happy day!

  14. Amazing! You are right. Ask for you eyes to be opened, and they will be.

  15. I love beauty hunting. God never disappoints! XO!

  16. in a season of wait....appreciating it....getting to see God bring things in my heart to the surface....

    waiting is good..

    feel better.

  17. God's creation is so beautiful! And you are so good at capturing it! Hope your tummy feels better soon! Sometimes being a girl is the pits!

  18. Blue skies and sunny in Nebraska too! I like your Pinecone picture. I miss pinecones I haven't seen one in a while.

  19. YES I am in wait! ha!

    And 21 comments already? You are a rock star. :)

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  21. I took a walk like that
    today, too : ) 45 and
    sunny on the 31st of
    January; can you stand
    it? Haven't been able
    to x-country ski OR
    snowshoe this year ~
    not enough snow for
    a smooth surface. I LOVE
    your holly shot. I'm
    sure you took it just
    for me, ha ha!

    Miss you....

    xx Suzanne

    PS: I smiled at your
    wavy hair comment
    on my current post.
    That's what it looks like
    when I don't blow it out.
    I've decided to set it
    free, for a while!

  22. So beautiful!! Oh the cramping...it really stinks:( Hope you're feeling better!

  23. Oh, it seems like yesterday when I was crumpled up in bed feeling you did today, Becky. It's no fun! But the fact that you got up and got out to enjoy that spectacular day, did you good! We had 53 degrees here in Michigan and sunshine! What a beautiful winter we've had here. Such a blessing! Sure gives me spring fever though.....! lol!

    xoxo laurie

  24. Oh, Becky, there are some real "perks" to aging, no more cramps! :o)

    Yes, it's so easy to overlook the beauty around us, thanks for reminding us in this entry.

    Hoping you are on the up and up!

  25. I'm feeling so blessed by these beautifully sunny 'warm' days.
    65 degrees has been heavenly and Bitsy and I have made an effort to walk each day!
    She naps in the stroller...I walk.
    Feeling the warm sun hit my bare shoulders makes me smile!
    Watching my bulbs I've planted in containers sprouting, makes me smile.
    I know winter is temporary...before I know it spring will be here...warmer days...many many more warmer brighter days.
    Until then, I'll smile at the blue skies, fluffy clouds, and 'waiting' life outside!

    Have a Blessed Day!

  26. Oh my goodness ~ those look like daffodils peeking up already you lucky girl! We are hunkering down for a snow storm so I hope to take some time on the week-end to get my camera out of hibernation. xo

  27. I hope you are feeling better!! I was one of the lucky ones who never had many cramping, but both of my daughters did and still do. Thank God for that beautiful sunshine and warmer weather today. I made it out in nature myself. Me and my boot on my foot with my journal and devo. I tell ya, I so needed that nature fix today. Somehow God, me and nature just blend without effort, like beautiful watercolors when in that setting. Love your view of nature today Becky.

    ♥Lee Ann

  28. lovely. so grateful for this, amen!
    feel better soon xo

  29. i feel for you... i get awful cramps too. what is it about going for walks that make us feel better. i ALWAYS find something beautiful when i do. a gift.
    i have felt like i have been waiting for a few years. but i have learned to keep my eyes open and 'see' all the blessings while i do wait...thank you for your words.

    weather here in NE is gorgeous...winter has been full of sunshine and spring like temps. again...waiting for some huge storm that will bring us the blessed moisture that we need.

    have a great day!

  30. so beautiful, Becky!
    i'll be saying a little prayer that you feel better.

  31. beeeutiful :) don't you love that we don't have freezing cold anymore??

  32. You are simply the best (cue Tina Turner). You are a beautiful story teller....I love your analogies!!!

    Cramping and beautiful weather here, too! Funny, the things God pairs up :)

  33. Sometimes it take a good butt kicking or PMS bout to see all that is around us simple beauty.

    Glad to hear your feeling better!

  34. My sister and I nominated you for a blog award. Head over to our blog to check it out :)

  35. Thanks for the reminder of the beauty all around us...great pics! Pine trees...all I see around here. ;)

  36. I am happy you got out of bed because you found some beautiful stuff. I love the way you think!!

  37. Now THAT is a perfect idea
    go for a "beauty hunt"
    I will have to remember that when I feel and experience my "unhappy" days.
    there is beauty all around us as you said.
    so a beauty hunt would force me OUT of my self-pity moments onto something more meaningful

  38. I find such beauty in nature. Can't wait to be back in the garden.

  39. God is so good! I love your photos they make me smile. And the idea of a beauty hunt is perfect! What an awesome idea to search and find the beauty through the viewfinder too! :)

  40. sweet Becky..I got cramps..that made me laugh and I NEEDED it right at this minute..
    Beauty is everywhere and He is the author.
    Funny how sometimes it isn't in what we think is pretty
    love ya today

  41. i'd say your hunt was a wild success! SUCH beauty.

    ps i hear you on the womanly pains. :( i hope you are feeling better by this point.

  42. beautiful, becky... all of it.
    glad you got yourself feeling better! :)

  43. I did this same thing this week. Had my sweetie drive me around - took photos of random plants, tree barks, creeks... got to breath in the beautiful fresh air and absorb some sunshine. Spring is definitely calling my name!


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