Friday, December 9, 2011

TGIF and a winner:)

It's Friday girlies! I don't know about you but that fact makes me so so happy. I have been creating like a mad women...cuffs and barns and covered bridges and houses etc... 

Paper and paint have been flying in my studio.  Wish I could show you every little thing, but I would hate to accidentally ruin someone's Christmas surprise.  

I'm officially done accepting house orders and my Etsy shop will close for the holidays on December 16th, so if you have any last minute cuffs you want...let me know asap;)  I thought I'd skip a step and just show you some leather to save time.  If you are interested let me know...they are all various shades of brown.


Now onto the WINNER of the Jeanne Oliver camera bag:

It's Janie fox from Janie Fox Talks!!!!!   Congrats girlie:)

Even if you didn't not despair ladies.  Jeanne is graciously offering a 20% discount (on your whole order) to my readers...YAY!!!  Just type "farmgirl" in the discount box and you too can have that lovely camera bag or whatever your heart desires:)  But don't wait too long the offer ends December 16th!! 

**My friend Courtney is hosting a give-away on her blog today that will knock your socks off.  I have a little somethin' somethin' in there as well.  Go check it out here.

Have a blessed weekend friends.

298.  It's Friday!
299.  It's Friday!
300.  It's Friday!

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  1. Congrats to the lucky Janie!!!

    Now I feel all nervous about your shop closing. Like I'm going to need another necklace and I'll realize it after you close. I better think long and hard! I did send my friend your way a few days ago. I bragged on your necklaces!

    Happy Friday, Becky!

  2. You have a merry Christmas and Congrats Janie Fox. :)

  3. I have been way too preoccupied this week if I missed out on a camera bag giveaway! But, congrats to Janie!! So glad business is keeping you BUSY.

  4. Lovely- have a wonderful Christmas Etsy break sweet!!

    melissa {Miss Sew & So}

  5. NO WAY! Yippeee skipppeee! I am so happy!!!!! Thank you. I will give it a great home!! xoxo

  6. Just texted my husband dropping MAJOR hints that I want a cuff for Christmas...hoping he gets his backside in gear before the 16th...

    Happy Friday!!! Yay!

    Angie from Ohio

  7. I love my cuff, but now that I see the 'One Lucky Mommy' it definitely has me considering ordering another after the new year...
    LOVE all your craftiness!


  8. You HAVE been busy girl!! Gosh I miss you. I was thinking yesterday was it really only a month ago that I was at your house... laughing and playing along side you? How time flies. I want to see the hair though!!!! :) Love you girly!

  9. CONGRATS to Jeanne!!!

    Have a great weekend! :o)

  10. aww, love that Janie won!! :)

    Love your cuffs! Can't wait to send one to a lucky winner on MY blog! :) Thanks again, Becks!!

  11. Yay! Thanks for adding my link to your post! I am here to comment and listen to your Christmas Playlist! wooohooo. :)

  12. Big congrats to the lucky winner! Love the cute cuff you created. Do you ever run out of creative juices?

  13. yeah for
    i went over to enter the giveaway and WOW!
    crazy good
    and has been a week from ....!
    hope you have a beautiful weekend friend

  14. Congrats to Janie..shes a sweetie!!!
    Have a great weekend Becky!!

    Deborah xoxoxo

  15. Lucky lady!

    Now, if only I had that discount code last Friday. :)

    Have a lovely weekend!

  16. YOU have been one
    busy blogger this week,
    Miss B! Loved seeing your
    tree; it's beautiful. Also
    enjoyed a peek into your
    moving on group. You
    seem to be so at home.
    I can't believe it's been
    nearly a year since we
    took our photography
    class! Praying you'll find
    your Kristine or Missy.

    xx Suzanne


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