Sunday, November 27, 2011

our stand-in family

Normally the thought of not going back home to Illinois for Thanksgiving would put me in a tail spin.  It's that embracing of family and familiar that sums up this holiday for me.  Amazing how when you live away from your core family that new stand-in's emerge.  It happened in Minnesota and it's happening here...even if they are a state away;) 

Without a doubt this weekend was one of my top favorite's of all time.  Sounds dramatic doesn't it?  Well I'm not exaggerating.  Alicia and her family swooped into our home and from the minute they got there it just felt right.  We stayed in our jammies most of the time and didn't bother to put on make-up.

The kids bonded instantly and just had a ball...IN THE BASEMENT!

This allowed for a whole lot of adult conversation and bonding of our own which is a luxury as we all know it.  How often can we actually talk and not get interrupted??  It's just a fact.  I can't even tell you how therapeutic that was for Honey and I.  We drank in the friendship as if we had been stranded on a deserted island.  It was wonderful.

I got to see Alicia in her prime teaching the kids a fun little craft to add to our table.

Honey and I split that wishbone, and I wished with every fiber of my being for ________...can you guess???  He got the bigger end.  I don't think he even got that we were supposed to be making a secret wish.  It was all lost on him.  I'm taking his wish!

Thanksgiving day was relaxed and easy.  I didn't stress.  It wasn't ackward with both of us in the kitchen.  It was just really really nice.

Later in the day we took a walk, then the guys napped and watched football.  Alicia and I hunkered in and watched New in Town.  Remember that movie with Renee Zellweger...where she goes to Minnesota and falls in love with Harry Connick Jr??  Seeing the snow and cold made us so grateful to be here with an almost 70 degree Thanksgiving!

I'll never forget discovering via comment last year that we both longed to move out of the cold.  She's from South Dakota, and we just bonded immediately over that little nugget of info.  I secretly told her about the head hunter call to move us to Virginia, and she told me North Carolina was on their radar.  Now here we are almost a year later.  It's surreal how your life can change.

Black Friday was surprisingly fun.  We stayed up too late the night before to get up early, so we got going around 9.  In the car we said a little prayer for God to lead and guide give us discernment and wisdom with our finances and then off we went.  The crowds and traffic weren't too bad.  We got some really amazing deals and I'm completely done.  YES...I am DONE, and it's not even December yet.  Yee Haw!!!  Oh and I took her to Trader Joe's for the first time.  It had to be done;)

So a big giant check mark gets placed in that "first holiday in Virginia" box.  We both did it.  We celebrated it up big and we made it through just fine.  This new little stand-in family was just what we didn't know we needed...ha! 

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving too.
Have a blessed day.

264.  dusting off the Christmas decorations today
265.  sharing heart and soul with friends
266.  belly laughs
267.  new traditions
268.  that my jeans still sorta fit
269.  not shopping alone
270.  trusting for big wishes to come true

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  1. So happy you had a beautiful Thanksgiving! :) Love how relaxing friends make for a relaxing holiday... our weekend was beautiful too! There's nothing like rest & recharging!! :)

    Happy Thanksgiving, Becky!!

  2. So glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Beck! I knew you would.

  3. What a sweet holiday you had!!
    Glad it felt so right!
    Looks like it was such a cozy fun time for everyone!!
    Love every shot you took!!
    Happy Thanksgiving my friend xoxoxo

    Deborah xoxoxoxooxxo

  4. So happy to hear that your Thanksgiving was so special and that Alicia is in your life, and as we know, she's not there by accident! Oh and P.S. So jealous you're done with Christmas shopping!

  5. oh becky this gave me such a warm feeling :) i love good friends. i love the God in it all. xo

  6. oh just precious. i love seeing you two all buddied up.

    the last picture is my favorite. you gals are so lovely and gorgeous!

  7. oh sweet thing, i miss you already! we had such a beautiful and relaxing time together...i loved every minute.
    PS: i'm sure you meant to say South Dakota, but just forgot ;)
    love you.

  8. I marvel at how you have moved to a new state and already made friends and how you have reached across the internet and build friendships.... You are blessed... I wish I knew your secret....

  9. What a delightful surprise to get on here tonight and see that you and Alicia spent the holiday together. What a sweet gift from the Lord, as you both adjust to your new homes. You darling girls . . . are just . . . well, I already said it . . . darling.


  10. Very nice! Glad it was such a great Thanksgiving for the lot of you! :) ♥ You look great in so many of those pictures, just lovely!! :)

  11. mercy..I needed a break from this frantic moving and I need a friend so I am going to visit my friends:)
    this is just what I needed. To hear crazy God stories and people just getting each other. This was good Becky:)
    thank you so much for being you. I am thrilled your prayers are being answered for real and deep friendships. love ya

  12. God just keeps blessing you over and over again, doesn't he, Becky? He knew where he wanted to plant you, you followed his call, and look at the blessings he's showered on you! I am so happy for you, sweetie! :)

    xoxo laurie

  13. Beautiful photos. I'm so glad you had a wonderful time with your friends! :)

  14. Stress Free Fun!!
    We in MN had a beautiful day as well. No snow here and warm and nice. Went for a walk in the sun. Im sure Dec wont be so kind to us..

  15. This is the sweetest thing, ever. I'm so thankful God puts certain people in our lives. Fellowship is such a blessing.

  16. awww.....that sounds like a great weekend and a wonderful way to spend thanksgiving. i love seeing you and alicia together : )

  17. OH MY GOSH!!!! I was so excited to read and see all of this.

    And girl, that last photo of you guys... it's amazing!! You both look gorgeous! Have you darkened your hair or something? I'm loving it.

    Okay gotta go so this is short... will talk soon though!

  18. PS Do i get to know what the big wish is??? I think I should know this....

  19. SO MUCH FUN! You two are just the cutest evs. Wish I could've jammied up with you!

    Also, I just figured out who Alicia reminds me of: Moira Kelly. Remember her from that 1990s ice skating chick flick?? Loved that movie. :)

  20. That's just awesome! Looks like a wonderful time!

  21. Yay I'm so glad to see you had a good Thanksgiving! We are all so blessed.

    Do you mind sharing the paint color on your kitchen walls? I love it!!
    Thanks, Karen

  22. I was in Williamsburg for Thanksgiving. Wasn't it the BEST WEEKEND EVER?!? We couldn't have asked for a more perfect weekend. LOVE your pics (of course). I need to work on adding pics to my blog... we will see...

  23. SO happy you and your family had such a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! :o)

  24. I am so glad you had a good holiday. Someday that is going to be me with you at Trader Joe's. I command it! You are adorable missy and your friend is too!

  25. Love that it was
    such a ball, but
    dang, I'm jealous
    that you are all
    done with your

    xx Suzanne

  26. It's so nice that you have a special friend. My daughter met someone at the airport that was from Ohio but lived in Colorado dear them. They are good friends now. They founf out that they both got married the same day and same year. They got married on a date that not many get married on......long story but so unique that my son and his wife were on the news about getting married that day. They have kids the same ages and their names are so similar. Lasting friends in your new home. So happy for you.

  27. Sounds like an amazing holiday weekend...and a beautiful friendship!! A lot to be thankful for:)

  28. what a wonderful holiday... and don't you love when days like that happen? so glad ya'll have more memories to tuck into this new home of yours... and your photos? wonderful as always! and your kitchen/dining rm looks so spacious! pretty!

  29. That last shot of the two of you is amazing Becky ~ I just love it! I also love that you not only survived your first holiday in your new home but had so much fun celebrating it with new/old friends. Sounds like the perfect week-end to me. xo

  30. Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving! I just love hearing how God places people and the friendships that bond! Awesome. ;)

  31. Ah, hand-on-the-small-of-my back... FAVE!

    So glad you had a delightful first Thanksgiving in the South. What a sweet gift from the Lord - He does care!

    My family is scattered all over the country so I, too, am thankful for friends who are like family. Sometimes they are better than my family because they don't HAVE to love me but they do. I can't remember the last holiday I had with family so the stand-ins are golden for sure.

  32. So fun! I was just on Pinterest the other day, and came across a cute clipboard made by Alicia, then I come here and there she is again! What a creative gal! And you have to tell me again how you make your pics so ginormous! Hugs!

  33. My heart is so happy to see you two together! :D Looks like you all had a blast. I love the picture of Big Chick and little Soph on the walk! What great memories. Oh, who doesn't love an awesome shopping deal! So admire that you're done shopping for the year! Couple more weeks of the semester and then the fun begins! Happy Thanksgiving, Becky!

  34. 2 of my favorite bloggers in one place!
    I'm so glad y'all had each other this Thanksgiving Season.
    It just goes to show that when we need something (friendship, fellowship) God provides!


  35. I'm glad you had so much fun! I guess it couldn't have gone any better! I'm happy for you. love ya!

  36. What great pictures!! You look so happy! and that is great! God takes care of us so very well doesn't He :)

  37. friendships that are unexpected are nothing short of heaven...esp when you *don't* realise that they are even missing from your life...


    melissa (miss sew & so) x

  38. What an amazing Thanksgiving. You look like sisters. It is easy to see the bond that has developed between your families. What a wonderful treasure.

  39. Absolutely fantastic! I am sooo happy for you and both your families that you guys were able to celebrate the joy of giving thanks together!!!! My shopping is underway but not yet complete...i better get going to catch up to you!
    wishing you a wonderful week,

  40. Miss Becky...I have been away for a couple months....crazy retail world that I live in! Oh how I love walking into your world...I know you would be such a riot...what great memories! Happy Turkey Day!

  41. Oh goooooood!!!! So glad it was fabulous. You two look like family. Seriously....kinda uncanny.

  42. Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving with wonderful friends!! So glad you had some lovely people to spend the day with!! you look darling! xo

  43. perfect Thanksgiving!
    your smile was beaming!

  44. Why are you both so beautiful? I'm so glad that you bonded the way you did and that you shared such a great holiday!


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