Saturday, October 22, 2011

life canvas

It's day number nine.  My folks are still here and I think they are here to stay...ha!  Oh my goodness I love them to death, BUT I am so out of routine I'm not sure if I'll ever get back into it;)   We've been busy running here and there.  Yesterday was a big day.

We drove the hour or so to Williamsburg and hit the outlet mall for a little bit and a wonderfully huge Yankee Candle store, which much to my surprise was 45,000 square feet enormous!!  They had a whole winter wonderland inside and some really fabulous farmy things which I'll have to share with you another day. 

My folks have been married 50 years.  It's funny to watch them interact.  They get along splendidly for the most part, but just like anyone who've been together for a long time they have their "moments" too. 

The other day honey and I were having a "moment", and with my mom and dad living in our house for a few weeks they witnessed it.  It was nothing major.  Can hardly remember what it was about, but it was enough for my mom to actually pray that God would give her a sign that we loved each other!  When she told me that later I about died laughing.  My mom is a hoot.  If you knew her you would think she was hilarious.  First of all we rarely fight.  We just don't.  And it would be rather impossible I think to be married almost 20 years and never have a spat.  Well she got her sign...honey out of nowhere gave me some very very sweet compliments the other day and he did it right in front of my mom.  Which was really uncharacteristic for him.  God works in mysterious ways. 

Colonial Williamsburg was beautiful.  I only had my 50 mm lens, so most of my shots are upclose.  I like them like that anyway.  A tight shot that captures the detail is the most beautiful of all in my opinion.

My dad is a welder and has crafted many a metal thing...including rod iron fences.  This one was breathtaking.

Not sure if you can tell or not in this picture, but I just had 5 inches cut off my hair.  Growing up I never had long hair.  It was boy short.  A few years ago I decided to try and grow it long.  It completely transformed my look.  Honey was in love of course.  I think most men prefer longer hair.  I guess it's more feminine.  And for me it made me feel more feminine.  I have a round face too and it seemed to slim it down a little.  Anyway it was getting a little too long, so I took in a picture of Jennifer Aniston and had another new hair lady have at it.  It looks a lot better.  Not sure if I look like like the picture her, but I can live with that;)

Wouldn't it be kind of fun to dress up in costume everyday?  They were really cute and stayed true to character and only said good day when you said hello to them.

Kind of morbid if you think about it.  I can't really imagine living in a time where people were actually punished and killed for their crimes right on the street in front of everyone.  Thank God I wasn't born in that day and age.

Now this is what I would want to be doing if I worked in Colonial Williamsburg.  What a fabulous job!


A few quirky things about my daddy.  He always cleans his plate.  I'm mean CLEANS his plate.  Looks like it's been licked clean!  He LOVES his GPS.  He carries it with him everywhere he goes and makes it a point to tell me the above sea elevation every 10 minutes.  He's getting hard of hearing.  I notice him disconnecting in conversation when we are eating out or in the car.  He just can't hear what we are saying. 

He is a major procrastinator, but when there is something he is really passionate about he can't wait to get started on it.  For instance he wants me to paint a mural for him in his shed.  Mom bought him an old car that is flat and he wants it to look like it's driving down the road.  I told him he should try to paint it.  So now he is sketching it out on paper....coloring it in with colored pencils.  I love his enthusiasm and can't wait to see what he comes up with.

My mom is equally quirky.  She wakes up at all hours of the day.  Every morning when I come down for breakfast she's already eaten and been reading the word and praying for hours.  I love her heart for the Lord.  She does drama productions at church and when she gets ideas from the Lord it's all she can do to contain herself. 

On the way home I made a wrong turn...hate that!  And then I about sideswiped another car.  Good times:(  It's so fun having my mom gasp in fear every time I change lanes and hold onto the car handle thingy...NOT!!!  I was so relieved to finally get home in one piece. 

Amazing how a little one hour drive/day trip can leave you absolutely spent.  Oh and then we had a school carnival for little chick an hour after we got home.  Where we proceeded to back over a metal sign on our way out of the parking lot.  UGH!   See it's the good with the bad...all swirled into a big bold life canvas that represents our every days.  Just glad the good is brighter and takes up more space on that beautiful piece of artwork:)

Have a blessed day.

181.  pumpkin pancake mix from Trader Joe's
182.  cobblestone streets
183.  picket fences
184.  pansies in late October
185.  angels that keep me safe from harm

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  1. You always brighten my day with your beautiful words and photographs...such talent!! Thanks for sharing your life!

  2. The part about how your dad is sketching out his artwork just made me burst into tears for some reason.... so precious.

  3. i enjoy every one of your posts but this is the icing on the cake. i wonder what my daughter's view of my husband and myself...hmmm. haha.

  4. That Yankee Candle store is crazy big isn't it, I love it when it snows in there! I'm so glad you got a chance to visit Williamsburg and spend time with your parents, who both sound like amazing people! Glad you missed the car, and that the sign wasn't too hard on your car!

    Kat :)

  5. Love all your sweet "goings ons' :)
    Your parents are sweeties and I love your new hairdo!
    You are gorgeous :)

    Deborah xoxo

  6. Sigh!
    Love Williamsburg
    and it's wonderful
    to see you enjoying
    it with your sweet
    Happy b-day to
    Little C!
    xx Suzanne

  7. Looks like you are having a great time. When you are visiting it seems everyone is a bit out of the routine. I am going to Colorado in a couple of weeks and can't wait to spend time with my daughter, son and their families.
    Your parents look like such fun parents.
    I about wrecked my Mom the other day as well. Last minute change of lanes......should say where interstate divides. Yikes.
    Love your hair. You have such pretty hair anyway. Can't imagine you with short hair.
    Have fun with your visit.

  8. Not only are you a talented painter but you're a wonderful photographer as well. :) I love looking at all your photographs. My daughter is going to school for graphic design and photography so she is always taking photos. It really is an art form.

    How fab that your parents can come for an extended visit. I am blessed to live right next door to my mother but don't get to see her as much as you'd think. I try to make it almost every day but sometimes life just gets in the way.

    I've had those kind of car rides with my mom gasping and now my 18 year old daughter makes ME gasp. I guess what goes around comes around, huh? It's all just a part of life. :)

  9. I think you made a typo...there is no way your parents have been married for 50 years....unless your mom got married at age 5!

    I'm glad you're having such a great visit.

  10. I love your shoes. I mean, love, love, LOVE!
    I love your round face. I have one too.
    Yours is nicer : ) Less round!
    I love your hair.
    Prettier than Jennifer Aniston's for certain.
    Your parents are so fun.
    I sort of hope they stay forever : )
    My mom gasps when I drive too. The WHOLE time.
    It is sort of funny.
    I am too snippy with her.
    I should be nicer. Less snippy. I don't know why I am the ABSOLUTE meanest to the people I love the absolute best in my life.

    I love Jesus I am glad your Mom gets up to spend time with her.
    I wish I could give your Mama a hug.
    I love the artist palate. I love his hands.
    I love the fence. I love that your Dad can make a pretty fence like that...
    and a mural too.
    I love procrastinators.
    I love visits.
    I love love.
    I love to come here.
    Every time you make me smile...even when you make me cry.
    You are a beautiful blessing.

  11. what fun! well, not the side swipe or the backed over sign, but the other stuff ;) i cannot wait to bring the kids to williamsburg...what a fun field trip, right!?!

  12. Oh, this was like a walk down memory lane for me. I've been to everyone of those places many times. I love, love the outlets in Williamsburg. I'll be in the area next March and April visiting my Aunt and just maybe I could meet up with you. What fun!

    I love your parents, I can just tell what dear, dear folks they are. Enjoy them, it's scarey how fast things happen and they are gone.

    I just love that you are enjoying and falling in love my great home state. Blessings!

  13. your hair looks so pretty and just like ms. aniston's. : ) i've been growing my hair out for the last year and a half... it's finally getting somewhere.

    your mama looks much too good and young to have been married 50 years. my goodness. you've got some good genes to look forward to!

    and yes, you are right, it's so true... there's a whole lot of clean and messy to this thing called life. so glad we serve the One in control of it all. phew!

  14. I spent four years in Williamsburg in college and loved it. I like seeing your perspective through your photos.

  15. I have never been to Williamsburg, but have always wanted to go. Love your beautiful pictures, Becky...seeing things from your perspective is really eye-opening. Enjoy your time with your wonderful mom and dad. My parents are gone now...wish I still had them here with me.

  16. it's always fun to read about other mother-daughter relationships... I have a book load of material about me with mine!! Beautiful pictures as always. *sigh*

  17. I adore the relationship you have with your parents, Becky. ♥ It's difficult noticing that your parents are aging, isn't it? My parents have definitely gotten much older before my eyes over the past couple of years - hearing issues, dementia, poor driving....which is why I make the effort to drive the one hour to see them every week. I want to treasure each and every minute I have them with me.... ♥ The photo of you and your mom is so sweet. :)

    xoxo laurie

  18. I'm still giggling over this post. Loved hearing the good, funny and the not as good things in your detail of the days. LOVE that picture of you and your mom sitting together. Beautiful! Yes, you both are! And that rod iron photo you took at Colonial Williamsburg is stunning too. That is a place on my list to visit one day. We have friends who took and art class there and also a carving class there.

    How special your honey was when complimenting you in front of your momma. I'm so glad her prayer was answered. he he

    Enjoy..and continue to love this family time with your parents!

    ♥Lee Ann

  19. Love Williamsburg (going there for Thanksgiving)
    Your hair is gorgeous
    Love the heirloom tomatoes
    Seriously, 9 days. My dear, you've got to be kidding me.

  20. Hey Becky,
    I found your blog though Alicia. This is a great post, loved getting to know you!

  21. No Way your parents have been married for 50 years!!! They both look too young.Seriously, they look too young!

    I have missed visiting with you but life got in the way. :) Good things have kept me very busy. I loved looking at your photos. I love them all but the photo of the white fence caught my eye. I also love the one of you and your Mom together. And I absolutely love your new hair style. You and your hair are way more beautiful then Jennifer Aniston. :)


  22. ok..we have been loving tj pumpkin pancake mix..your mom in the stocks is a HOOT!
    my first thought of the picture of you and your mom was that you are losing look good then i read further..your hair! love it..!!
    you are beautiful..inside AND out.
    the gasping in the car...I do that. Your mom and I must be somewhat!
    happy sunday you crazy driver;)

  23. LOVE that you have your parents there.....and I don't know about you, but if Andy and I EVER spat in front of my parents, they ALWAYS, always, take his side. :) good to have parents that love your husband. :)


  24. ooooh, 9 days is a looooong time for any visitors. so glad you've had a nice time - looks like fun! :)

  25. Well you certainly had your ups and downs didn't you. I love that you are having so much fun with your Mom & Dad and getting out to see and do things together! They will go home eventually and you will be sad ~ but then you will get back into your routine ~ have fun while they are there. xo

  26. Love reading about how much fun you are having with your mom and dad. My mom passed away long ago and I still miss her so much! She never got to meet my sweet children and they missed out on having her in their lives. Makes me sad. Love to see you enjoying your mom like I wish I could enjoy mine!

  27. Becky, I knew exactly where you were when I saw that first pic.

    We were forced to go to Colonial Williamsburg in school. I hated it. I went back two years ago with my mom right before Christmas and had a great time!

    You guys must go back at Christmas... and pick up my fave power and puff in the gift shop. The fancy decorating one. It smells SO good!

    I think you'd also love Dean Sho... (can't remember his last name) and his crystal instruments. The history and sound are both fascinating.

  28. sounds like a lovely visit with your family! and your photos are amazing... are those hanover tomatoes? ;)

  29. Beautiful tribute to your parents. What a blessing! Such an amazing gift are parents that love and nurture us so,what a legacy of love

  30. Families have their quirks for sure. Glad you are safe and got to explore some of your surroundings. Hope you week is much more good than bad.

  31. Love the hair girl. It's very sweet!! I really enjoyed the recap on having your parents there... made me laugh too. :)

  32. Oh my goodness! Your post had me giggling out loud! My mom always finds something to worry about- and it's usually ridiculous. :) She also still presses the "brake petal" when ever I'm driving- makes me feel like I still have my drivers permit. I too am trying to grow my hair out per my hubbies request- what is it with men and long hair?
    Your post made me miss my folks and all their quirky ways. So wish my parents loved the Lord like yours- what a blessing.

  33. I love your mom for getting up, into the Word and in prayer...what a glorious place to be :) Looks like you are soaking up the fun times with your parents. So glad your mama prayed to get that sign because then you were able to get some extra loving from your honey. God is so good that way. Enjoy!

  34. I'm loving your pictures today because we were in Virginia last summer. We thought about going to Williamsburg, but I was outvoted. Your parents are adorable and I love your hair.

  35. Great stories - but what made me burst out laughing was the thing about your mom gasping in fear and hanging on when you were driving. My mom does that all the time when I'm driving -as an added bonus she also pumps/slams her imaginary brake over on the passenger side. Love it ;)
    Great photos!!!!!!!!! xo Ashlyn

  36. more shutters....LOVE!!!

    looks to me like your art talent doesn't fall far from the tree! ;)

    your new doo looks really nice! but, i have a feeling you'd look nice in most any style cut! :)

  37. Love your photos and when you compare life to a painting. So honest. :) How interesting it would have been to live during those Colonial times!

  38. Just when I'm feeling uninspired, I remember.....Oh, yeah! She probably has another post!!!!

    Thank you sooo much for sharing your beautiful photos, beautiful words, beautiful family, beautiful life....

    I feel cheery now :)

  39. What an adventure!!! Your life is a beautiful colorful canvas that shines bright!!!
    Happy belated birthday to your sweet chick!!! Her room is fabulous and love all the decorations for her special day,
    Wishing you a great week and hopefully not back over any more metal signs!!!

  40. What a fun post! Your parents seem SO wonderful and fun, and how delightful to have them visit. :o) You made it over our way, I see. We LOVE CW and don't seem to make it over there nearly enough.

    I had to chuckle about your wearing a costume every day. One of the best parts of living here is seeing a CW interpreter wearing their costume in the grocery or pumping gas in their car after work. Every time I see it it just makes me smile. :o)

    The Yankee store is unbelievable, isn't it? The outlet shopping is pretty good too. This is really such a neat place to live. I'm so glad you came for a visit. :o)

  41. i went to williamsburg with my folks a few summers ago. i love that your mom prayed for a sign :)

  42. Okay, next time you go to Williamsburg, bribe your kids to dress up - see I think that's the name of the website - it's a lady in Texas that makes period costumes (Miss Em).

  43. My mom does that gasp thing when I drive :)

    Another amazing trip. I love your parents!!

    it's no wonder you are so fantastic.

    Also, I think Santa should bring me a 50mm lens. I think I need one.


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