Sunday, September 18, 2011

foxy momma

I love foxes.  My friend Suzanne loves them too.  This year for my birthday she got me this awesome fox t-shirt and then for a goodbye gift she bought me the sweetest fox charm necklace.  Don't you just love a friend who knows what you love?  Who tunes right into the things that make you happy:)

Every time I wear it I think of her.  My sweet little fox is curled up into a ball.  With the charm necklace came a pamphlet with the characteristics of a fox.  I misplaced that pamphlet in the move and the buying info, but if you want it let me know. 

My love of foxes began back in Minnesota. Our house was right on the edge of country. We lived right off a golf course and there were some woods and water around the course. Perfect little backdrop for a fox family.

One day we were driving by this outbuilding and saw the prettiest fox.  He was rolling on his back in the grass just like a dog.  He stopped and stared at us.  Just as fascinated in us as we were in him.  He was there with his whole family.  There were actual fox cubs!  Geesh where is your camera when you need it!!!

Isn't he cool?  The next time we drove by I was ready.  Camera in hand:)  And every time after that we looked for our fox and his little family. 

I decided my new header should be a fox.  Since they hold a special place in my heart it seemed appropriate.  When we came for our house hunting trip I noticed right away that foxes have a strong presence here.  There are neighborhoods, streets and farms all with fox in the name.  Tell me that isn't a sign;) 

I surprised myself that I figured out how to paint a fox.  That's not really my speciality.  I erased and started over at least a dozen times.  I gotta say I LOVE the way it turned out.  I threw in a plantation home and whole bunch of trees to represent the great state of Virginia:) 

Is there an animal that you hold dear??

Have a blessed day.

**Oh and I've been sllooowly adding stuff to my Etsy store.  I promise to have a give-away when it's all listed.  Check out some of the new goodies here.

 93.  friends who know what you love.
 94.  God's critters
 95.  painting something and it turned out exactly as I saw it in my head:)
 96.  the crisp fall air moving in.
 97.  jean jackets
 98.  hoodies
 99.  boots
100. Panera Bread's iced pumpkin shortbread cookies
101. the hoot owl card from my Kristine
102. Heather at Life Made Lovely for helping me with my blog design!

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  1. I have a soft place in my heart for foxes as well and I love your new header! You friend definitely was so thoughtful. Hope you have a great week!

  2. well foxes for sure. And I really love cattle. Plus they are delicious. haha.

  3. You are looking pretty foxy yourself!
    The only place I've ever seen a whole family of wild foxes at the same time was in MN a few years back. They were right in the middle of the road playing, rolling & having a good ol' time! We stopped & took pictures. Even saw some grey & spotted ones which was kinda cool...I thought!

  4. Love the new look, Becky! Your painting, the background and the new pic of you are all beautiful!

  5. I sort of love monkeys : )
    We just saw a fox here the other day. I was totally surprised. Who knew foxes lived around here. My Daddy said they are all over. I never saw one before. It looked adorable though.
    Your fox is the bomb.

  6. hmmmm, well you know me and birds {are they considered animals?}....

    LOVE the new header and the beautiful picture of you - one foxy momma, if I may say so myself!

    Liking your positive posts, hope it is your reality!

    Happy Sunday evening to you!

  7. Totally LOVE the I Heart You necklace!

    Can't wait to get the key fob :)

  8. Love the new look to your blog Becky!!!!
    So warm and inviting..
    Love your t-shirt and fox necklace!! How sweet!
    All your fox photos are so endearing and your new header is so sweet!
    Love the photo of you on the top right hand're so pretty my friend xo

    Deborah xoxooxoxo

  9. foxes look good on you!!! but shoot, you're so pretty and beautiful you could make a skunk look good. love all the newness... the header, your picture, it looks so beautiful. i'm not surprised at all that you could figure out how to paint a fox. you talented girl, you! i'm gushing over all the new etsy goodness.

  10. I only recently figured out how much you love foxes. Bad friend!!! Sheesh. And I agree, you look foxy in that fox-t! Love your new profile pic, too. But as I've said a trillion times, you do not take a bad picture!

  11. i've always thought you were one foxy mama :) i've never really thought about foxes before, but they really are cute, huh?? love your tee! AND love your brandi singing to me when i open your blog!

  12. Love your new banner and your picture. Sounds like things are starting to feel better for you.

  13. I agree, they're adorable. As long as they stay out of the chicken coop that is. We've got foxes around here, too. I saw one walking through our back yard earlier this summer. We're out in the country with a bit of acreage so it's woods and pasture beyond the back yard.

    Yes, I love a friend who knows me so well that they would buy the perfect gift. What a treasure!


  14. I love the new etsy jewelry so much! What a sweet friend you are blessed with, and so much talent too--I love your fox!

    Have a blessed week...

  15. great blog makeover....
    love the new picture of you....ever take a bad picture?
    i think not!!

    hummmmmmmm. favorite critter?
    this is where I'm SO indecisive.
    but, love that you love foxes~

  16. Love the new blog look and foxes have always appealed to me too. I've got auburn colored hair and I think that's what drew me to foxes, they are sort of auburn in color. :o) How silly!

    So glad life is seemingly falling into place in your home. Have a great week! Oh, the jewelry is fabulous!

  17. I like the new look! And fox are such neat animals!
    The animal I hold dear....horses. :)
    I look forward to the day when I get another horse or two. :)

  18. Love the new blog banner!! And the painting awesome!!:O)

  19. I'm digging the makeover!
    Change is good ;)
    I think my favorite animal lately has been the octopus.
    Bud got me a bracelet with an octopus on it and I bought a charm in hawaii of an octopus.
    There are so many cute items on etsy...It's amazing to me that will all those arms/legs they still move SO gracefully!


  20. Love your new header you did an amazing job it looks fantastic! I really like giraffe's

  21. Love the new header, it's so you! I like Hedgehogs, no idea why, they just look sweet. Heading over to check out your Etsy shop now. Have a great day!

  22. I love your new header and I should have guessed that you liked foxes as you are one foxy mama! Will take a look at your shop tonight when I have a bit more time. xo

  23. I think of you
    whenever I see
    one, since you
    and E share the
    same love for these
    beautiful creatures.
    LOVE how your header
    turned out, but miss
    the hearts { : ) }!!!
    Missed you bad at JB.
    You would have loved
    it; even better than
    last year!
    xx Suzanne

  24. I love your new header! Foxes are pretty cute now that you mention it :) And you are beautiful, friend. Love the new picture.

    I was thinking and praying for you during my run this morning. Hope you have a great Monday and that every day Virginia feels a little more like home :)

    Angie from Ohio

  25. awe, of course I'm a bit partial to foxes myself - our little zoey girl looks just like a fox (she's just missing the big fluffy tail) :)

    when was your birthday??

    well done on your etsy wares - they look just great!!

  26. I am completely dying over here... your header I already saw and LOVE it... but the jewelry you just added... EEEEKKKK how cute is that??? Girl, you amaze me. Constantly. I think I might be addicted to reading your thankfuls..... I hope this MOnday is kicking off good... I have to talk to you today cause I have some fun news that I know you'll like. :) After drop off, I'll try to call ya.

  27. I love your new profile picture. Beautiful. Horses are special animals to me (hence my profile picture).

  28. Loving the new look and your "foxy" banner! Occasionally, this time of year, I'll catch a glimpse of a red fox that lives nearby...what a sight:) I have a "thing" for elephants; but, I have to go to the zoo to see any of those! ;)

  29. Fun to see your new look with the header and pic! Looking good, girl!

  30. I love your blog speaks you:)
    love all of your new creations..they speak to me
    and your new pic?...way foxy;)

  31. LOVE your new header, and completely ADORE those new designs! Can't wait to see the rest of them, beautiful job!!

  32. your necklace & tee are adorable. I love birds...especially pheasant and quail. I live in the country & am lucky to see them frequently...but it never fails to surprise me each time I see one or the other. Love your new header

  33. I actually love foxes as well ~ that flash of orange always stops my heart.

  34. I love ALL animals but I have a very special place in my heart for Cats, especially Large Cats like Tigers, Lions, Leopards etc... Did you see Disney's Earth Day movie this year called "African Cats" ?? Ummmm yeah, I literally got chills watching that show, and decided that someday, some how, I WILL go to Africa and see these beautiful creatures in person. :)

  35. Oh, it looks great. You look a little foxy in your profile pic now too. :)

  36. Friends that know your heart that well are just like sisters, aren't they, Becky? ♥ We have fox that travel through our property, too. They are such beautiful animals. :) I think the ones that I hold the dearest are dogs. My Maizie Grace is the love of my life.... :)

    xoxo laurie

  37. I just came here to say that you inspire me... I know I talked to you today and already commented, but you DO. (also, I love the polish color... what is it? Please share!!)


  38. A quick blog treat and I just have to say: love the new header and the fox inspiration. I have a thing for birds.


  39. If I'd seen that little fox family, I'm sure foxes would be my favorite too. I'm crazy about dogs since we aquired our lab mix a year ago. Also love blackbirds and owls!

  40. Way cute header!!! Quirky and adorable little fox :) I love all animals, but I'm especially fond of my two Himalayan kitties (Max and Ginger) and my Border Collie (Pinny).

  41. that suzanne's love language must be gifts! She is so generous to you!! what a sweetie. So girl... your header totally rocks! and so does your new stuff for your etsy store.

    You know I love ya right???

  42. Becky,
    Love your new header, you talented girl! Love your new pic, too! You so purty!
    Thanks for the etsy link. I've added you to my favorites.
    xo, Cheryl

  43. Becky,
    I hadn't thought about him in a while until last night. I have shared with you that my husband sold his business and we moved to our happy place in East Texas where we always wanted to live when we retired. We are young, 50 and 45. He has his brother and I am in the desert! I left friends since the 4th grade. I feel your pain and and pray for you! To get to the point, I saw him last night and remembered. Our little red fox. He has been here for the last 3 years. He spans about 2 miles along the road and is out at night. We will go a few months and not see him and will be wondering about him and then he will surface just to let us know he is well. Last night, on our way home, up pops his little head and out he stands, eyes bright. Prompted me to tell my husband all about Big Chics Viola and Little Chics ability to make friends so fast. Anyway, I thought of you and your sweet family, also got to brag on my bracelet!

  44. I love the new header! I adore foxes too but I have never seen one in person. I would die of excitement


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