Tuesday, September 20, 2011

the first note


Have you ever had a little seed planted in your heart and it grew and grew and more or less overcame you??  This raw desire to try a new thing...to master something that gave you such extreme joy?  Well my daughter has had the OVERWHELMING desire to play the viola for as long as I can remember.


She's talked ALOT about it.  Dreamed about the day and I'm happy to report last weekend her dream finally became reality.  We decided that we would put the trumpet aside and let her pursue this new thing. 


I'm not sure how it happens...this seed sowing process.  I used to want to play the guitar.  I used to want to knit.  I used to want to be a master gardener.  I used to dream of living in Hawaii etc...  I've tried my hand at a lot of different things and not many have stuck. 


It's the ones that do take root and grow that interest me.  Were they meant to be?  Are those my gifts and talents and it just took a lot of exploring before I figured them out??  Not sure, but I love watching my girl get her hands on something she has dreamed about for so long.  It does a momma's heart good. 


I'm in that constant stage of looking at her in awe.  Wondering how in the world it's possible that she looks like a little mini me at age 11.  How she's only an 1 1/2" shorter than me and is constantly changing.  How those Barbies haven't been played with in weeks.  I know that doesn't sound unusual, but in this house it IS!  I know all the changes are good.  Necessary even, but deep down it makes me mourn.

We had the opportunity to hear the Richmond Symphony Orchestra play a few weeks ago.  It was really unbelievable.  From the first powerful note, the union of all the instruments playing together, I was transfixed.  Music is overwhelming.  It evokes emotion and drama.  It speaks to each person on a different level.  It has the ability to transport you to a different day, place and time.  With each rise and fall of the notes I could feel my heart swell.


I know it takes years to develop that skill...to master an instrument.  So it was with hopeful breath that I watched my Big Chick make her first squeaky sound.  Who knows it could be her thing or not;)  Either way my heart soars...

Have a blessed day.

103.  flowers from a friend.
104.  cows and clocks in the mail;)
105.  a friend's dream becoming reality.
106.  fluffing my nest with all things fall.
107.  crossing things off my to-do list.
108.  the smell of sandalwood.
109.  cuddle time with my family.
110.  finally being able to park my car in the garage:)
111.  flu shots

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  1. Looove reading your Mama heart, here. I hope I always foster that freedom in my kids. I've always been a jack of all trades, master of none. Some things stick, and some things don't, but if you don't try you'll never know, huh? :)

  2. I love that she is living out her dream. She is amazing. Perfect pictures in this perfect post. LOVE!

  3. This post really spoke to me. I think it is wonderful that you are encouraging her to try for her dreams and I hope it is something she really, really comes to enjoy. I have always thought music was how the heart speaks out loud. Beautiful...simply beautiful!

  4. Good luck to her. And good luck to you. Your a great mom for letting her give her dream a stab. :)

  5. Awesome! I have always loved the violin. :)
    I use to have the dream of owning a horse. Than I had 2 for awhile, then had one, and now have none. Maybe someday I'll have another one. As we grow, dreams come and go.
    Now I want to go watch August Rush. :)

  6. oh, big chicky :) what a doll. maybe when we see you next we'll get another concert?? :) sophia wants to play the violin so bad! she "plays" violin with EVERYTHING!! french fries, pencils, bobby pins, spoons, green beans...have i ever told you that? well, now you know. she will be in absolute AWE of BC :)
    oh and was 105. for me? if not, it still fits and i'm so thankful too.
    love ya :)

  7. How exciting- I've played the viola since I was in 5th grade! It's such a beautiful instrument- good luck to her!!

  8. Amazing the drive your daughter has:) I TOO have wanted to learn the guitar for years...hopefully one day maybe one of us will pick it up! :)

  9. Ah. You know I'm cheering for that girl. (Tell her I'm a fan!)

    Took the babies to the zoo today. The bear came close to the glass, and the lion roared and roared. Lotsa baby apes and monkeys. Looking forward to our going. Lmk when they have a day off school, and I'll pull Cade out, too.

  10. love that she is trying something new....I admire her.

    I, like you, have many things that I've been interested in but have never tried....she makes me proud, and she's not mine! I can't imagine how you feel about that brave girl.

    love your "thankful for" list.

  11. Oh Becky, I so understand what you mean about making you mourn to watch your kids grow. It is the most heartbreaking thing to me right now, but yet, I know it is the only natural thing for them to do. BUT IT HURTS!!!!!!! And watching one of our children have this incredible talent to create music is amaizing. 3 of my 4 boys play instruments and have are so gifted musically. And surprise, surprise, I cry everytime I sit and listen to them play. It is just so amazing to see my children have this incredible ability.

  12. This is such a wonderful post!
    As I sat here reading I smiled along with your words.

    Thank you for sharing!


    P.S. The picture of her sitting on the floor playing the violin is so beautiful! She is beautiful and I imagine her outer beauty will continue to blossom with time. May her inner beauty blossom even more. =)

  13. One of my favorite sounds is that of the violin. String instruments seems to sing to my soul. I am so excited for you Big Chick as she grows and develops into a young woman. She has wonderful parents who are so wonderful at allowing her to pursue her passions :)
    Be Blessed!

  14. Oh I love the violin. She is growing up right before my eyes too. That last picture was perfect. You can see her looking more and more like a woman. She is beautiful just like her mom.

  15. So exciting! Love that your daughter wants to give another instrument a go..
    Music is so powerful, moving, a skill that stays with them forever.... My girls love to to play their instruments and I can sit and listen to them for hours..always so jealous I didn't learn at their age.

    Love your new header!!!! It's fabulous and you are sooooooo talented!!!!!!

  16. in that third picture big chick looks like your twin. -what a lucky girl she is! a violin is my favorite instrument. and when my honey comes across a violin player he LOVES to bring them into contemporary worship. maybe one day she'll play on a worship team somewhere making a joyful noise!

  17. We love to go to the symphony and we always sit upstairs so all of the orchestra can be appreciated and seen and of course the french horns are in the back row. Our son played that for 6 years and then you add the symphonic sound of the violins and cellos and other strings. I love it and I hope for her great success.

  18. Music makes me happy! Such a good momma to let her try new things. She will always remember the way you encouraged her to follow her dreams...if they last for a year or a lifetime. She sure is a beauty! I know all too well about the days when the barbies start to go neglected. Soon enough you will hear, "Mom, can I wear eyeliner?" Sigh. Enjoy your sweet musician.

  19. I hope your pom poms never get too tired to cheer your chicks on! I love hearing what your little chicks are doing and you encouraging them. That's what us momma's do! Enjoy the sweet, sweet sound! We had a tuba!

  20. Oh, I always wished I had learned to "make a joyful noise" with a violin! So darn cool!

    m ^..^

  21. To have an interest in an instrument at that age let alone a passion for it is rare at that age. Maybe she will stick with it and maybe she won't but she is going about it the right way. You have to try it ~ taste it ~ feel it.... bravo to you for letting her spread her wings ~ I hope she soars. xo

  22. What a beautiful musical instrument - it's, well... so ART! I'm glad you are encouraging your daughter to explore her creative-self.

    When I was a young girl, my mom took me to see the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orhestra practice a few times and I was soooo moved. The music energizes you and reaches in and touches a part of your soul. I wish her the best in her new adventure :)

  23. How exciting for Big Chick and for YOU. You are honoring her with "the Blessing". The Blessing from her parents is such a wonderful and special gift. It's so awesome that you are embracing her passionate dream no matter if it lasts a lifetime or a few years. She is learning how important it is to believe in herself and to go for her dreams!! And I know just where she learned it.....from watching her momma spread her wings. but oh my, I agree with you....Big Chick is growing up and looking more teenish these days.

    Big Hugs,
    Lee Ann

  24. I'm with all the others; how exciting for Big Chick.

  25. oh that process of watching them unfurl their wings..it is bittersweet and yes..your heart soars to the heights with hers..oh the possibility! and I agree with LeeAnn. She is watching her momma. You are a walking wing spreader..for lots of us:)
    Your girls are blessed!
    Oh Becky...I appreciate ya!
    and parking your car in the garage made me laugh:)

  26. So awesome that she is excited about trying something new! Good for her! Go Big Chick!

    How about a video concert for us sometime? ;o)


  27. How cool. You remind me of my mom -- always encouraging and loving. willing to let me try just about anything I wanted (at that moment). I remember carving up all the soap bars in the house to horse heads -- they still worked! Dad buying me and my brother a rock tumbler so we could do something with all those rocks we'd pick up during camping trips. Having yellow shag (yes, shag!) carpeting in my room because yellow was my favorite color.

    Big Chick is a reflection of your love. Let her shine!!!

  28. How exciting! I hope it goes well for her!
    I played the violin for 2 years. Well...I tried to play, I really don't have much of a musical bone in my body, but I sure do appreciate those who do!!!

    ~lonely Barbies! Ohhhh...the thought!

  29. Oh I hope she really loves it!!

    I just bought these counter stools - have no idea if the idea in your head for yours is at all similar...


    The price was right and they are very very sturdy!!

  30. Did you know... I always wanted to play the violin? I have even looked into lessons as an adult. Someday... I'm gonna do it!

  31. I've ben working at fluffing my nest for fall. Found a grey pumpkin today that I'm pretty excited about. And a thick and nubby charcoal grey throw. I can relate to big chick as I begin my photography classes. Went there today. I looked like I could be those kids' mother!

  32. Love that girl....
    and YOU for letting
    her try on something
    new with only joy
    and not expectation.
    Wish we could hear
    her first attempts!
    xx Suzanne

  33. How wonderful for your girl and you:) My middle girl plays the violin, and I could relate to much of what you said. Much joy with her path of music!

  34. She IS such a mini you! ;) I love that you let her try out a new thing - I was bad for that as a kid, because I always wanted something new without sticking through the first thing - That`s great that she`s done the trumpet and now onto the viola - two very different insturments, what a diverse girl you got! ;) :D I love, LOVE music - it is exactly what you wrote - wish I had stuck with my piano lessons.... ;)


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