Tuesday, September 27, 2011

create yourself happy

Good morning girlies.  It's another gray day here.  I'm trying really really hard not to let that bum me out.  I'm a sunshine girl.  When the sun doesn't shine I have ZERO energy. 

Yesterday was the same, but on my way home from the bus stop a neighbor invited me to Zumba.  Have you heard of that??  It's a dancy type exercise class.  Since I'm in my "yes" period I went.  And I have to say initially I was like what in the world am I doing here??  I was one of maybe 9 or so.  Beside my neighbor we were definitely the youngest in the group.  I cannot for the life of me mirror someone dancing. I just can't!  So with Brazilian hottie music playing I awkwardly tried to sway my hips and get down to the beat like the cute little teacher was.  Let's just say it wasn't pretty.   Oh and to top it off I injured myself!  Yep me in there with all the old people and later in the day I can hardly move...the smell of Icy Hot permeating from under my clothes.  Sweet!

I bought this book for my girlies so we could have a quick devotion at dinner or before the bus in the morning.  I've found though that it's more for me.  This morning's devotion made me cry.  Shocker...I know I cry at everything, but it was so good.  Not only did I hurt my back yesterday I also started getting sick.  Burning sinuses, scratchy sore throat...achy.  To read that he's with me when I'm tired and hurting...when I feel too overwhelmed and weak to keep it all together....that's just what I needed to hear.  I'm not in the best place right now, but he knows that and he's right here with me. 

I've been slacking in the creativity department lately.  I'm in the place where I make myself do stuff, instead of wanting to do stuff.   But sometimes you have to just push through and do it anyway even it you're not feeling it.  Hence my owl yesterday.  LOVE my owl:)  He's winking at me.  Almost giving me that little nod...everything's gonna be okay.  Hang in!

Recently I've been drawing inspiration from a new blog I found called yes and amen.  She's an artist, photographer and Jesus lover too.  She's been explaining how to art journal.  Encouraging me to sketch...which I never do...and just explore different avenues for creating.  Love Junelle.

The first day I stumbled onto her blog I saw this beautiful piece of art.  I just loved her messy mixed media look and the words really spoke to my heart.  I have my very own creation of hers now.  It blesses me SO much when I look at it.  It's so happy.  You can almost feel her joy as she was creating it.   So that's what I'm going to do again today.  Create something that makes me happy...sickness or not;)  I'm thinking a baby giraffe might do the trick.  Wish me luck.

Have a blessed day.

125.  a long supportive hug from my honey.
126.  steamy cheesy potato soup.
127.  paint and brushes
128.  self expression
129.  not having to go anywhere when i don't feel good.

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  1. First off, I LOVE the owl painting....i might have to try my own today. You have inspired me! ; )

    Second, I LOVE that devotional. I have the one for adults, and that one for my kids and find that the one for my kids moves me to tears so often. It's simple and easy to understand, but profound so when my sick and weary mind that struggles to focus and understand what she's reading finds solace in that devotional a lot. I love that it's the same topic and verse as the adult one. So awesome!

    And the one you posted above brought tears to my eyes....I am not well these days...and I needed to read that and know that, again.

    Thank you--you are such an inspiration!

  2. love your owl!

    and the mixed media!

    I must check out her blog...

    kudos to you for trying something new! :o)

  3. love Jesus calling.
    love your owl.

    hate that your back is hurting from your zumba class.
    the oldies in orlando used to do that class...always loved standing outside the door and watching them on the way to bootcamp or spin class.
    they wore these noise making things around their hips..makes me smile just remembering. :)

    feel better soon.

  4. that artwork is sooo you! I LOVE it! and your precious owl! feel better girlie!! Sorry you're sick. love ya!

  5. Wow Becky...love that reading from your kids devo and I think I will forward it onto my college boys! A friend asked me to go to a Zumba class too...I am like you and can,t dance to save my life!
    Think I will just stick with my walkin routine. Have a great day and I hope the sun shines soon !

  6. I am in the same place and so grateful He's with me too. I have the Jesus Calling (don't open it as often as I should...sigh) and I've thought about getting my daughter the one for kids so we can do it together. I'm so grateful that He touched you through those words. Zumba...that is something I've wanted to try...maybe!

  7. Big colorful hugs from your sister in the western mountains~

    Your owl made me laugh this morning -- he is so darling!

    Your words and encouragement made my whole week (month, rest of year?)


  8. Wishing you luck...wishing you well...and wishing you sunshine!!

  9. Oh sweetie... that devo made me cry too! I'm so glad you shared it. I'm rushing, but I'd love to catch up via phone today. So sorry you're injured and SICK! (that's adding insult to injury isn't it?) Thinking of you today.

    Love ya

  10. You inspire me! What a great devotional too...made me think and that is always a good thing, right?! Hoping and praying that you get to feeling better and soon!

  11. I love your winking owl. I am praying for you.

    I need to say yes to some zumba or SOMETHING. I am just so afraid of going to the gym and I get fatter and fatter and FATTER!. I want to cry about it all the time.

  12. That owl painting!!! I need one!

    I love that devotional. I think I might need it. I need something simple like that.

  13. I want to try Zumba. I'm glad you are in a period of yes. I think this is the BEST way to move through life. :)

  14. My husband and I are also reading Jesus Calling for our devotional. It is always so timely. Love how God does that for us!

  15. Does creating clay animals to entertain your son while reading blogs count as expressing yourself with art? I hope you get to feeling better soon. It is so hard to be up while sick. I have Jesus Calling both the adult and children's version. It is wonderful.

  16. Darlin'...you just need to hang in there..like I know you can. You seem to be sliding, which is so uncharacteristic from what you usually are.

    A hug and a prayer.


  17. Love that owl! He looks "cheeky"! And cheerful. Hope you feel better soon! Thanks for sharing the devotional.

  18. Alright, Becky, you best be swiggin' some OJ or SOMETHIN', 'cause you have to get better by tomorrow afternoon! I have an awesome surprise for you! xoxo

    P.S. The owl is cool. The mixed media is what I want to learn! What do you know about ATVs, btw?

  19. Sending chicken soup hugs.
    Love your owl!
    Recognize the clock : )
    Gray here, too, so you
    aren't missing anything....
    Except me, right?
    Feel better!
    xx Suzanne

  20. Your owl is so sweet put a smile right on my face.. I have been a follower for well, a while now. I just want you to know I love your blog I love how you have God in your heart and your so not afraid to express it.. Thank you for all your post they inspire me to want to be closer to God.
    btw thanx for sharing yes and amen with us. I think i needed her blog today..;)
    Hugs and muches love to ya!

  21. Becky, your owl is adorable. I too have been turning to creating to help me through some tough times. I feel so much better afterwards. I love the devotional also and found it funny it was for kids because i sure love the way it is written. Welcome to virginia and allergy season. Your poor sinuses have some adjusting to do as this is one of the worst areas for allergies. Once the first frost hits you should be fine. Ragweed and Goldenrod will be killed and you should be good:) Hang in there sweet girl, the sun has to come out sometime soon. It's just one giant cloud over Va. right now:(

  22. visiting from Junelles blog to see what you have on your drawing table- or should I say mantle? I love your owl. very cute! We are a matched pair- Ive been down with my back and Im now coming down with the cold/crud my little one has had. sound like I have a clothespin on my nose! Ha ha!

  23. I LOVE your cute winking owl.. He is adorable and I love how he reminded you that it is gonna be okay! Also loved that devo article!

    I too have been in a stuck creating mood. I just prayed about it this morning. If you can be ill and stuck and still create this adorable owl, well then I decided I might be missing out by not working through this wall of not creating. Thank you for the push.

    Glad you have a sweet family pampering you while you are feeling ill. Enjoy and rest!

    ♥Lee Ann

  24. I feel for you in the zumba department my friend. No rhythm here. I stepped on and broke a woman's foot in jazzercize years ago, I no longer dance or work out in public. But man oh man, you should see me move in the privacy of my own home where I can only hurt myself!

  25. My Maggie does this kind of mixed media art. I love it. I took a cardio bar and jazz dance class. Too much fun but my left foot has never recovered! haha

  26. i just know your little happy creation must have turned out beautifully. i hope the sunshine came out at least a little! you are such an artist. you have such a gift. your owl is adorable. i want that jesus calling children's devo just because it looks so cute. i mean, i love what it teaches, too! : ) praying for you guys. hugs!

  27. Your owl is crazy cute...sorry you're not feeling well and don't feel badly about not being able to mirror someone dancing...for the life of me I can't follow dance or exercise moves that someone else is doing. I look totally pathetic. I like that you are in your "yes" period. Reminds me of that movie with Jim Carry, called YES Man...pretty funny! I picture you running around like him saying yes to everything.

  28. So impressed in your saying yes. (I call it saying hello.) It takes so long to replace all those goodbyes with hellos. It is that messy middle part.

    Blessings on you as you mend, continue to settle and paint baby giraffes.


  29. I so understand about no sunshine no energy, but here in Texas it has been non stop sunshine(hot)Love the owl painting:O) And I will have to look for that devotional book for me, and I will def be checking out your friends blog love that painting with the cameras!!! And Zumba yikes! I am latin but cant even dance like that!! Im too chicken to go. Have an awesome week and feel better soon:O)

  30. It has been awhile since I have last visited your blog and I have missed it and reading what you have been up to. I *love* the owl that you painted. He is so sweet and yes he is blinking at you . :)

    I love the new photo of you Becky. You look wonderful! Good for you for giving Zumba a chance. I hope that is not how you hurt your back though. I have heard about it and have seen bits and parts of the videos. Oh what I wouldn't give to be ale to Zumba or do any type of dancing. I love to dance and miss it dearly. When I was 43 I worked as full time as computer programmer and a part time aerobics instructor. Not to mention being a mom and a homemamker. Oh and a Mimi to one granddaughter. But enough about me. I truly hope that you feel better soon Becky and try to laugh at the gray days. Sunny days ahead.


  31. Now I can't help but smile after seeing your owl!!!!! So darn cute!
    Me and zumba are not a good match.... My dancing skills are like my singing skills so that is why I stick to painting!! Heeheee

    But I really need to say yes to yoga and pilates.... My doctor told me I can't keep making excuses of why I couldn't go to class... Wish you were here to pull me into a class!!!!

    Hope your back feels better.... I hurt mu calf muscle jumping off a chair.....how pathetic is that!!!
    big hugs to you,

  32. I love catching up with you!! Thank you for being so encouraging when I was at the writer's conference--I agree that if you had been in St. Louie with Shannan and I we would've been snorting till the sun came up!! When can we all get together?

    LOVE the artwork--both pieces here (are they both yours or is one from the blog you linked?) I'm going to check it out. You know i love mixed media! :) And messy. I'm all over messy!!

  33. Hey,
    I love the owl...so happy, and perfect for Fall. I am hoping you feel better soon. I love reading your posts, but I do miss your sun shiny posts! I am praying for encouragement today for you. Remember the Lord's blessings and mercies are NEW every morning!!! He is so faithful, and he will bring you through this with flying colors!!!

  34. God loves us so much-- SO MUCH!! How he meets us in the most intimate details of our lives... the reassurances, the wonderment!! that He speaks exactly what I need to hear... right when I need to hear it... and that He does it just as intimately and perfectly for you and you and you.... How BIG and AWESOME and GREAT is our God!!

  35. Your owl is so sweet! What medium did you use to make your precious little owl? Sorry to hear that you're not feeling 100% (and hurting your back doesn't help any). I hope creating something perked you up and that you feel better very soon :)

  36. Hey Sweet Girl, showed your beautiful necklace on my blog today. Wish my photography had done it justice. Have a great day!

  37. Love that little owl ~ I think he has a secret! That mixed media print is amazing ~ it reminds me of you. Hope you are feeling better sweetie. xo

  38. I love your owl!!!

    I'm terrified of zumba. I've been invited to a couple of classes (but apparently I'm in a permanent no stage, lol). I am just way too uncoordinated!

  39. we have been doing the childrens' Jesus Calling as a family for almost a year, and it has been WONDERFUL. my heart is stirred by the conversations we have as a family, by the words out of my husbands and childrens' mouths. i am in love with the Spirit stirring in them.


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