Sunday, September 25, 2011

cozy touches

Supposedly it's fall somewhere;)  We are still in the 80's every day.  I actually want it to cool down so I can pull out my boots, jackets and scarves.  If it just got down to the 50's and 60's and stayed that way until March I'd be lovin' it. 

Even though we don't feel fallish here I got the bug to get some of my pretties out last week.  I spotted this owl at Home Goods.  Isn't he sweet?  I kind of have a thing for owls.  They inspire me.  When I was growing up I remember my grandma had a HUGE collection of owls. They've definitely made a comeback.  Wish I had just a couple of things from her owl collection. 

This is the room right off our entryway...where the piano is.  I'll show it to you later this week.  I bought this pumpkin at Target.  I love any soft lights.  I keep them on all day.  Our power bill groans, but it makes me feel all warm and cozy.

This is a peek into the spare bedroom.  Another sweet little owl awaits for someone to come for a visit;)

More soft lights.  We have a little hallway off the entry that is the perfect spot for our church bench.  I showed that to you a long time ago.  Well I found these little sconces at IKEA and knew I had to find a spot for them in the new house.  They light up this little area perfect and stay on all day too;)

This spot really isn't fallish, but Fergie looked too cute just watching me snap pictures all over the house, so I caught her in her afternoon half awake pose.  See that chalkboard on the wall??  A sweet gift from my friend Alicia.  She made the banner hanging above it too.  As a matter of fact her handiwork is all over my house.   I'm tickled pink because she's moving down here with me...well sort of.  She'll be in North Carolina, but that seems pretty darn close compared to South Dakota;)

Oh and another little fall touch.  I actually baked something this week...yay:)  Three cheers for ME!  I had a craving for pumpkin something awful, so I whipped up my friend Tiffini's pumpkin brownies.  Oh my were they good:))  Just the something to make the house feel officially like fall.

And speaking of Tiffini she just opened an Etsy store called Urban Jane.  I got my cuuuttte fall owl tee this week.  Lovin' it!  Add my sassy military jacket from Kohl's (which it's too warm to wear yet) and we have a sweet little outfit.

  So what have you done so far?  Any pumpkins and mums on your front steps yet?? 

Have a blessed day.

120.  pumpkin brownies.
121.  a warm cozy home.
122.  dinner with new friends tonight.
123.  football white noise in the background.
124.  plans for Thanksgiving.

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  1. So pretty. Love the pumpkin lighted and love pumpkin brownies. I'm still fixing my house, so I'll have to do "fall coziness" through you.

  2. you are such a supportive friend for all of your pals with etsy stores. You're a keeper. I love owls too. ;) So the guest room must be for me. ;) These pics are completely cozy

  3. LOVE the owls! And the chalkboard, the verse and little banner--so cute! I will be making one now ; )

    I am slowly getting out my decorations...trying to make some new ones....but I might just have to get me an owl now.

  4. oh fergie's face...funny next to the mantra on the chalkboard. sort of "ya whatever" expression....
    i saw those lights at Ikea and I now wish i had picked up a pair. love them.
    keep on keepin' on Becky xoxo

  5. I bought 3 baby pumpkins at the market last week. They are so cute. I keep moving them all over to find the perfect know what that means? I NEED MORE baby pumpkins.

    Wishin' you a happy week pretty Becky, lover of owls.

  6. I love decorating around the seasons, too. I brought out my fall stuff early (end of August) because I had a free weekend and that doesn't happen very often. It's all up and looks great. :)

    I love having soft and cozy lights on, too. We have a light in the back hallway that never gets shut off. :) I love the sconces you found at Ikea - adorable!

    These days I'm more into baking than decorating. I don't know what's come over me but in the last couple days I've made homemade granola, homemade caramel corn, brownie mocha trifle and a super yummy blueberry almond french toast bake for breakfast this morning. My girls each had a friend over (all four girls are only 3 years apart in age and they're all friends) to go to our family's Fall Festival yesterday. I like to make a yummy breakfast when we have guests that can feed a lot of people easily. This is even better because you make it the day ahead and keep your morning stress-free! :)

    Blessings to you as you settle in and wait for fall weather! :)

  7. aw, girl i LOVE where you hung your chalkboard! it looks so cute there and fergie makes the whole look complete :) i'll have to go check out tiffani's etsy site because that owl shirt it TOO darn cute! i'm taking a break from packing like crazy today...thanks for the break :) xo

  8. I love your owls......I love all the new cute owls.
    Your white church pew is really nice.
    SO glad your friend will be moving kinda close to you.

  9. So much fall
    yumminess. We
    are starting
    to see colors,
    so it's easy
    to be in the
    mood. YEP,
    mums, but so
    far I've resisted
    pumpkins : )
    xx Suzanne

  10. I enjoy seeing ALL the fun you are having with your home!
    You look so cute in that Owl shirt! Very nice!
    Your Fergie looks A LOT like my Teddy! Only he is 12 years old. We got him 10 months after we got married. Timed that right! ;) Sometimes I look at him & think WOW I could have a 12 year old if we'd gotten started right away! Ha!

  11. How beautiful and cozy you are making your new home. Yay, for having people over for dinner. That is great. Love the owls.

  12. now i want to come over! our weather has been a lot like yours with a bushel full of putrid humidity. i guess it will make fall all the more sweet once it really comes. woo HOO, the owls look so pretty! and that shirt, wow! the chalkboard and banner are my faves... i love alicia. you and she make the best stuff ever. i want just an ounce of y'all's creativity (that was in honor of her upcoming move!). ; ) i'm glad you enjoyed some pumpkin brownies; i have some in my oven too right now. - they're not pumpkin but they're from scratch so they're bound to be good. yummy! happy fall to your house!

  13. DYING to nest over here....
    we're painting the house that we're gonna rent and then we move into it on Friday and Saturday...CAN'T WAIT to put my house together and see my stuff.

    love the owl tee that Tiffany made...LOVE all of her stuff!!!

    Your home is beautiful. :)

  14. Oh, gotta love owls and soft lighting. I have softly lite lamps all over our home and they stay on all the time too. I'm with you, they give such a warm and inviting feeling.

    Love your picture and love your t-shirt! Happy week!

  15. I love little lights. I have them all over the house too. I keep pink Christmas lights strung in my laundry room yr round. It is like my own little honky tonk in there. Love your pictures!!

  16. I hung my fall wreath on the front porch. Where it had been laying since I took it off the nail last year. Oops. Jim said it was the easiest fall decorating EVER. Like, the wreath moved three feet. :)

    I have more to do, though (inside).

    Looking forward to seeing you Wednesday, Becky! :)

  17. I could cry...I've had " a weekend " I'm sure I don't have to say anything for you to know what I mean. I refuse to whine and cry in your comments...:) but your post just made me smile. It looks so cute on you..I have been thinking of you and wondering if it got to you ok.
    thinking I need just a few days be by myself to be able to breathe...maybe I'll be the guest in that room;)

  18. Love the owl tee and the lighted pumpkin:O) No faal decorations here yet, this week was full of allergies:( has been a long time since I had an attack so hopefully this weekend I will drag my fall stuff out. Have a great week:O)

  19. your puppy and the chalkboard just make me happy.

  20. I know exactly what you still here too and rainy. Love owls, they make me smile and that puppy is too cute!

  21. I love your cozy home!!! I love the spare room too... it looks like a nice place to curl up ;)

    And that outfit is DARLING... you could totally wear that here! I'm so pea green with envy about Alicia moving closer to you... you two are gonna tear it up!

    Okay it's late and I need bed... talk soon girly!

  22. Oh my YES! Fall stuff galore! Though it is much cooler here for the most part, so it MADE me get all fallish early! ;) I actually made a turkey dinner tonight, just because! And pumpkin corn bread earlier in the week. Fall smelling candles, cozy blankets out and tempted to get wearing my fanourite fall coat. Oh I love this time of year! :)

    PS> I adore your church pew/bench!

  23. Not much fall here yet except for the mum that's in my big urn out front ~ loving all your little touches. Have a great week sweets. xo

  24. So great to see your happy smiling face at the end of your post! and I love that you are making your house a home. What a cute shot of your furry little friend at the top of the stairs!! I am getting in the "fall decorating" mode here in Alberta as well! Love the cooler weather, crispness in the air...have a happy day!

  25. I heart that Pumpkin Light. Did you get that at Target recently?! If so, I must go buy it!

    Fall has arrived in MN! It's GORGEOUS out. Sunny and 60's lately. Rumor has it, this years color's are going to be AMAZING!

    Happy Fall to you and yours! :)

  26. LOVE all the "fall" you've put around your home! It's not fall here yet either (south GA), but it's so close I can taste it!!
    I bought two pumpkins the other day... and they are just waiting to be painted! :o)

  27. Hey pretty lady, love the owls and those lights from! Your doggie is so cute too!

  28. Oh I am soooo behind on decorating my house for autumn! Love your owls...owls make me think of my Aunt Pat {she collected them, too}. And your lil' sconces are so sweet; but, maybe not as sweet as Fergie:)

  29. You need to come on over to spark my fall....I haven't done a thing...eeeks. loving owls....I do have two in my home....need cooler weather for fall clothes too...still in flip flops!

  30. Such a cute picture of you, Becky. And Alicia and Tiffini . . . how fun.


  31. You are so cute! Love that owl shirt and jacket and that photo of you. So someone else in the family is good at taking photos too huh? Oh and I wanted to tell you that your new profile photo is beautiful too.

    Love your sweet lights all over the house and also your warm welcoming decor. I enjoy leaving soft lights on all over my house all day also. Especially in the fall and winter months. I do anything to make it feel like there is more light all around me. I got a Happy Light the other day at Walgreens and it sits on my desk at work. It's really called a Happy Light (light therapy) It was on sale and I paid less than $25.00 for it and I swear I giggle more when it is on!! People in the office walk in and start giggling with me when they see that light on. he he Glad I bought it, if for nothing else but for the laughter!!!

    ♥Lee Ann

  32. I'm lovin' your decorating style, Becky! I'm a huge fan of cottage-style and I saw a few glimpses of this style in your home :) Your guest room is so cozy with the quilt and sweet owl.

    I'm also drawn to the glow of twinkling lights, candles, etc. For several years, I'd pretty up the house (especially Christmas). But the last several years - since our move from CA to NV in fact, just haven't been into it. We had a 12 foot artificial X-mas tree I'd doll up to the hilt - hubby strung over a 1,000 white lights on it when we bought it. Our tree rivaled any of the White House trees.

    Probably won't get too much holiday decorating done this year... so much going on right now and I'm too distracted :( Enjoy your beautiful home!

  33. Much like you I expected it be a bit chilly right now. I went out and bought boots and ordered a coat and yet yesterday I was in a tshirt! I'm hoping that it feels like Fall soon too. I love owls too! As a gift my aunt got me this owl ( reminds me something you may like as well! It adds a little bit of home to my dorm. :)

  34. There are those brownies!

    I haven't done anything yet. Today I'm cleaning house so when we return from being out of town next week we can return to a relatively clean space.

    When we come back the holidays will officially begin. I've been planning Peanuts birthday bash. It's going to be awesome

  35. Beautiful Becky, I have that same little halloween owl (I don't have him out yet) and I love the owl tee, too cute!!

  36. that owl tee is adorbs. on you!

  37. Becky I just love your fall decor!! Come and see what I have put together so far!

    I have hooked up with Julia's Party as well!


    Art by Karena

  38. Off to Etsy - MUST see if I can get an owl shirt too! Love it :) My grandmother loved owls too and I've always had a soft spot for them. Your owl painting is AWESOME.


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