Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I'm sitting here at my computer.  The sun is blinding me.  Everything is back to normal finally.  Our power was restored last night at 8:00.  To say that the last week was eventful is an understatement.  There wasn't a shred of normal to be found.  First the weird earthquake experience and then a ONE WEEK!  Too weird.  Oh and to make things a little worse Honey threw his back out.  He was in so much pain...when it rains it pours right?? 

The hurricane was like a severe Midwest thunderstorm minus the thunder, but it lasted a whole lot longer.  We started Sat. morning with rain and a little wind and then by the afternoon the rain was pelting and the wind was gusting.  The gusts were the scariest part.  Of course our house is surrounded by trees, so our biggest concern was tree damage.  Our noses were pressed to the windows...our breath held anticipating the worst...praying for the best.  The trees swirled and danced.  It was really strange.  Never saw trees blow in every direction all at once. 

After the storm blew over we took to our car to survey the damage.  We had none...praise GOD!  Our woodsy neighbors were not so lucky.  It was evident the power wasn't coming back anytime soon.

We are so reliant on electricity.  It's sad to say, but without it we felt powerless too.  We did absolutely NOTHING for 3 days.  We layed around lethargic and a little grouchy.  The girls did splendidly in entertaining themselves...thank heavens.  Honey and I bought a ton of magazines and vegged our brains.  We stared at the walls.  We ate junk food.  We played games.

In that aspect it was fun.  It made us come to a stand still.  It made us stop and slow down.  How often do we do that?  We went to bed at 8:30...slept to the sound of tree frogs and crickets.  We never do that!  Our windows are never open, because I have allergies.  We have noisemakers on at night to help us sleep.  I have to say it was refreshing sleeping with a slight breeze, absolutely no covers on...only critters and a distant humming of a generator to help us fall and stay asleep.

We lost all of our food.  Ate way too many pretzels and poptarts.  About day two in I decided to weigh myself.  Not a good idea.  I've gained 14 pounds since April!!!  Ugh.  It makes me so mad at myself.  Stress makes me turn to food and not care about what I eat...I have to focus so hard to make right choices.  It's just not easy.  But I've made up my mind to start paying flip that switch.  So from that minute on I chose to drink protein powder shakes and zone bars instead of poptarts;) 

Last night we found a generator.  Felt like we hit the lotto to have gotten one before they were sold out again.  When we drove back into our neighborhood the street lights were on!  Isn't that hilarious??  We ran into the house ecstatic to see feel air conditioning.  It was a very grateful moment.  I don't think any of us will flip on a light switch or open the refrigerator door without saying a little prayer of thanks for a while.  And that's a good thing.  Sometimes we need a wake up call.  Something to make us stop and appreciate what we have and to remind us of how truly blessed we are.

Have a blessed day.

40.  hot coffee
41.  a washer and dryer
42.  blow dryer
43.  air conditioning
44.  television
45.  refrigerated food
46.  cool sheets
47.  honey went back to work today.
48.  toast
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  1. Well, it all sounds kind of exciting to me! But I'm sure it was scary and boring. I'm so glad you guys are safe.

  2. It's all a big adventure; isn't it! So glad your power's been restored!

  3. So glad you are getting back to "normal", when you haven't even discovered normal after moving. Glad you are all okay and had a chance for rest - even if it was forced. Thanks for keeping us updated.

  4. haha. i just told my kids they could eat pop tarts for breakfast :) so glad you have power again...what a relief!!

  5. Oh precious! We live in an old neighborhood and every year when it ices, we lose power for a day or two or so. I am ALWAYS so grateful when we drive up and see the lights on in the windows. Glad you made it through the storm. HE always brings us through.... no matter what. Enjoy your day.

  6. So scary...but I love what you said about slowing down. Sometimes it's amazing what it takes to get our attention! So glad you are safe.

    And an excuse to eat PopTarts is never a good idea!! :)

  7. hhahaa. I meant "always a good idea!"


  8. Glad hubby is better and the electricity is back on. It does make life interesting, doesn't it? We lose ours sometimes due to ice and we have a fireplace so at least we have heat and can cook on it. Seems strange to be thrown back in time when nature kicks off the electricity.
    Don't be too hard on yourself about your weight. You are beautiful. xo, Cheryl

  9. Whew! That's what you call "roughing it" glad things are getting back to normal for you:) Here's hoping the next "wake-up call" is not so harsh...more like a gentle reminder!

  10. I'm glad you had a little break. So glad you survived!!! ; )

  11. Hi Becky!
    So happy to hear that you all are ok and have no damage. We still have no power. Tons of huge downed trees all around this area and houses were hit. We were spared but not our next door neighbors.
    My children are supposed to start school on Tues. Is that when you all start?
    Both of the schools mine go to still do not have power.
    BTW keep the generator you will need it again.
    We lose power here 2-3 times a year due to storms in summer and winter ice. It's worth it not to lose all your fridge stuff over and over again.
    Talk to you later!


  12. Phew, you guys have been on an adventure! That's a long time to go without power, for sure. Have fun getting back into the normal groove, I'm sure the respite was welcome, but you'll be glad to get back on track.

  13. my goodness. I am so glad you got your power back.
    there isn't anything worse than what you've experienced during the middle of a move to another state.

    you're not alone in the weight gain....I've managed to put on about 7 pounds....

    when I am in transition and when I am pregnant, there isn't anything that makes me feel as good as mashed potatoes, mac n cheese, chips, fries, bread and anything else that isn't good for you. :)

    joined the gym last's a whole new day! Let's lose this weight TOGETHER!

  14. Glad you are all safe & sound!
    I love falling asleep to the song of crickets & so forth....
    Lately our AC has been drowning them out!
    And hooray for the generator! Score! When the tornadoes blew through a few years back we had no luck findings a chain saw for weeks!!!!

  15. So glad ya'll are back ON!!!! hehehehe...funny, huh? I actually had a similar scenario last week that snapped me outta my bad bad funk!!!! Life is pretty amazing....

  16. a power outage will surely make you thankful for electricity! ;o)

    so happy you guys made it through the storm

  17. Glad you are all safe and sound. Also glad you were able to find the good in the bad. You guys are getting quite the welcome to Virginia!

  18. SO glad to hear the power finally came back on, and how ironic it happened as you made your way back with a generator. At least you'll have it for next time, right? Oh, and the weight gain...pshaw. Totally don't be hard on yourself, with all you have going on, that is really hard to focus on. Heck, I have been in the same place for the last two months (well there was that Mn trip in there) and have gained about 10 pounds. AAGH! Back to self-policed weight watchers tomorrow. :-)

  19. Yeah the power is back!!! Sometimes it does take something like this to stop and appreciate the things we take for granted. Glad Honey is feeling better...ouch.

  20. I'm glad you were ok. We didn't weather the storm quite as well over here in So. MD. I can't believe how positive my attitude was before the storm and how sad I feel now. Happy for you, though. :)

  21. Hi sweetest of sweet girls!!! I'm just sitting here with my face plastered to the screen trying to see into that room where everyone is eating breakfast.. I want to SEE this house already!! LOL

    Glad power is back on, and life is resuming just in time for school. And good for you about flipping the switch on the weight loss thing- sometimes I swear it's half mental. I know you can do it girly! :)

    Love you so.

  22. I'm so sorry that y'all got hit harder.
    I seriously didn't think you would get it worse than we did!
    Wish I could have been closer so I could have brought a home cooked meal...
    Like you said though, it made you slow down and take time to be still!


  23. I've struggles for a long time with my weight. I too seem to turn towards food for comfort. I just discovered Hcg and HHCG and it has been incredible. The best thing to do is check out youtube vlogs on it. Google the before and after videos. Read Pounds and Inches by Dr.Simeons. You may have already heard of this. I've lost 45 pounds so far and around 30" off my body. I love your blog! I always look forward to it and I can't wait to see pics of your new house as you get settled and decorate!

  24. So glad you're safe and that your power is back on! Wow, you're having some "exciting" times in your new home, aren't you?!
    I have gained weight with our move to. I get so disgusted with myself everytime I can't button up my pants. grrr :(
    The good news is it's still summer and we can get lots of yummy produce and take long walks before the snow comes!

  25. You are beautiful 14 lbs or not.I am on that journey and it is going slow but I feel better knowing that I am working on it. Glad you are safe.
    PS I love poptarts and cannot have them in the house. They shout at me from the cupboards!

  26. I don't think my last comment went though, so I'm retyping it. (in case you get two comments from me)

    YAY!!! I'm so glad you and the family are okay and safely out of danger now. While watching the tv news about the hurricane I was praying for you knowing you were close to the shore.

    Each day of life really is a blessing!

    Big gigantic Hugs and hootin and hollerin with joy that my friend Becky and family are safe!

    ♥Lee Ann

  27. I love thaat toast in on your list ~ it IS the little things that make us happy ~ isn't it??!! We lost power on Monday morning but it came back on around 3 so we were very fortunate. I am glad that you are back to normal ~ as normal can get anyway. Hugs to you Becky. xo

  28. Hey Becky, so happy you have your power back. My mom and dad are still without in the West End where they live. They too are falling asleep to the sound of the crickets but mom is having a hard time getting use to the sound of buzzing generators outside. They NEVER open their windows so this is so new to them, hahahaha. Hope your sweetie's back is doing better:)

  29. It all goes back to normal, doesn't it?
    Even if it's a new normal, we can get through it. So happy you were spared the worst of it. I feel blessed myself. There are so many people out there who've lost everything.
    Counting my blessings,

  30. I ran around singing once our electricity finally went on!!! I have to admit I was getting grouchy... I realize I don't do well in camping situations!!!!
    So glad to hear you don't have any damage...we have a few uprooted trees but our home is okay!
    Heres to clear skies,

  31. Oh boy, what a week of excitement you've had. I'm glad things are getting back to normal for you now though. By the way, you're not alone in gaining a few pounds...I'm right there with ya. To make it worse, I went to the fair today and pigged out.
    Tricia :)

  32. glad things are settling down for you. hope honey feels good soon! Yeah for power. and I think it's cute you're thankful for toast.

  33. it is pretty crazy to think about our reliance on power. phew! i wouldn't know what to do with myself either. i thought about you all a lot! i'm so thankful that in the midst of your crazy you don't have a bunch of repairs to make. i'm thinking this next weekend is going to be much better for you. : ) hope your honey is back at it soon (pun intended... can't help muself.) hugs!

  34. Glad you are back to normal. It's not fun being without power. When we loose power we loose water.
    And that means no flushing.
    Not pretty.
    Hope your hubby's back is better. Lots of ice. Your little dog looks so glad to have someone to sleep with .

  35. So glad you are all okay Becky!
    Love your grateful heart.
    Love that you all made the best of it all
    and drew closer to one another in the midst.
    Love your photos and your life stories :)

    Deborah xoxoxo

  36. Look at all these people who love you!

    So much of me wants to say, "Welcome to the southeast!" but I can't say I've ever experienced an earthquake before. Hurricanes? Yes. Part of life through the fall. I just hate you experienced it so early in to your move. So thankful you didn't have any major damage but did get some good fam time.

    Becky, I know I've said this to you before, but blog world just makes it feel like we know people we've never, ever met. So crazy. Some day I so hope to meet you if even to hug your neck and welcome you to the South. It WILL be home soon. I promise.

  37. Looks like you had lots to add to your list this time! Glad you are ok! Way to hang in there, you're one tough gal!

  38. Becky! HOw are you faring with the earthquake and hurricane?? That was some scary stuff!! Are you still feeling the aftershocks? We had a pretty big one around 5:00 this morning. It was a 3.4, shook the house pretty bad. We live right in the town of mineral where this is all happening, can you feel them in Richmond? Be safe!

  39. Glad to hear you are safe! I'm sure the adventure was the start. Yes, it sometimes take an "act of God" to help remind us of just who is in charge! :)


  40. Happy to hear you made it through the rough weather safely! ~Brittany @ZonePerfect

  41. Enjoyed visiting your blog this morning and listening to some beautiful music . . enjoy the journey . . when the journey ends, there's a big surprise waiting for all of us:O) God is amazing . . isn't he? Blessings, Sandy

  42. We ate a ton of junk here too while ours was out. And it was kind of fun to sleep with the windows open and here the sounds from outside! That's funny about pulling back in after buying a generator and having your power finally back on.

  43. I am so glad that you survived that goofy week, Becky! Talk about weird, huh??? I know what you mean about feeling powerless, slowing down, and having a wake-up call when you lose electricity. When we were w/out it for four days this summer (for the THIRD time), I vowed that I would never again grumble at paying my power bill. lol! Hugs to you!

    xoox laurie

  44. I've never been in a storm or lost power for any length of time, I'm so glad you are OK!

    What a crazy week you've had.

  45. Just here.... waiting... wanting to see those pictures, even though I know you're "Doing stuff" right now.... just thought I'd come over and peek just in case....



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