Tuesday, August 23, 2011

quakin' in Richmond

What an interesting day.  Hmmm where to begin??  First of all we survived the 5.9 EARTHQUAKE!!!  I'll start the story there.  I met up with another blogger friend today for the first time.  She was showing me all over Richmond and we had just finished lunch and decided to get some yogurt. 

We are sitting there gabbing and all of a sudden I felt this vibration, almost like we were sitting by a subway train or something, you could hear it too.  It kept getting stronger and stronger and I looked at my new friend and I was like can you feel that??  By this time the back of my legs were tingling from the vibration and the walls were shaking...glasses tinging together.  I looked across the street and I could see the glass on the building reflecting light from moving.  We immediately got up and ushered the kids outside to see everyone else on the sidewalk in kind of a daze.  It was the weirdest feeling.  Above the commotion I'm like UH NO ONE TOLD ME YOU HAD EARTHQUAKES HERE!!!;)

It was exciting and crazy and too weird for words really.  I tried calling Honey, but all the phone lines were jammed up.  He worked from home today and was taking Fergie for a walk when it happened.  He said it was like a gust of wind went through.  Strange.  Everyone came out of their houses and just looked confused. (That's one way to get them to come outside...ha!)  I'm just thankful it wasn't damaging or harmful to anyone.  I remember when all the devastation happened in Japan.  I was glued to my computer watching videos of the earthquake and now I know on a small scale how that felt.  Surreal. 

Okay so enough earthquake talk.  Maureen showed me the art scene a bit and took me to the Visual Arts Center of Richmond.  Uh can you say right up my alley:)

Rooms filled with every kind of creative medium you can find.  They hold side by side (adult with kids) classes in the winter that are FREE!  Eureka:) 

She took me to Maymont Park too.  It's a beautiful property that used to be owned by an affluent family and they donated it to the city.  It was amazing.  Japanese gardens, bamboo forests, huge climbing trees, koi ponds etc...  None of my pictures did it justice.  So I'll wait and show that to you another time.  I was a really neat place to visit.

Before she dropped us off we went to her home and she showed us all her critters.  She lives on a beautiful piece of land with a lake and room for all of her sweet animals to roam.  It was weird to just walk around with these animals right out there in the field.  Inside the fence...just right by them.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day.  This lady is fascinating on so many levels.  We are completely opposite...she's been in the Air Force and teaches a class at the VCU on Homeland Security.  She's traveled the world and experienced so many different cultures.  She's ran ultra-marathons (50 miles) and is a BEEKEEPER for heaven's sake!  I mean could we be any different??  But yet despite the differences I kept thinking how much fun I was having in her company.  Conversation was easy and she was interesting.  I guess that's what I'm learning so far in my experiences in Richmond.  I'm moving outside my box.  I'm not playing it quite as safe anymore.  Everything is new and exciting.  The ground is quakin' a bit and it's a good thing. 

Have a blessed day.

34.  provision and protection from the quake
35.  a new friend
36.  pizza that made my eyes roll back in my head.
37.  excitement about the future.
38.  hearing embarrassing stories that made me laugh so hard.
39.  worried friends and family that make me feel so loved and cared for.

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  1. what a thrill of a day!

    i'm from san fran, so i always forget that not everyone has not experienced an earthquake. glad you are safe. now we are bracing down here for a hurricane. i'm not used to that!

    the art place looks super amazing. why can't i be you?! ; )

    maureen sounds like super-woman. you better keep her around!!!

  2. FREE art classes??? Now that's crazy.

  3. I didn't know the earthquake was by you. that's exactly how it was when we had one here a few years back. tried to call ya. glad you had a good day.

  4. I am so glad you and your family are okay! Spending the day with a cool new friend.....awesome!!

  5. Love this! Love that you are stepping out of the box!! Hugs from Conroe, Texas!

  6. So there were no trimmers in MN today, but all my friends in SC felt them! I've felt two small quakes when we were in SC - it's an experience for sure :)

    How cool to meet up with a blogger friend to tour you around. The art place looks really cool.

    Now have you started trying the real southern food? Do you like the sweet tea? And have you eaten at Chick Fil A? I have already written CFA but they say Rochester, MN isn't in there short term plans to build a store :(

  7. Woah! I had no idea there was a chance of earthquakes there! I love the way you turned it into a metaphor for the good ways God is shaking things up...moving you out of your box. Just love that. So glad all are safe! And hooray for a new friend!


    P.S. The hair on that black llama or alpaca or whatever it is! Fashionista!

  8. So glad to hear that you are settling in to your new place and finding some interesting friends to get to know! The earthquake on the other hand,,,you can do without that!! Wow,,,pretty crazy!! Take care and keep on steppin outta that box girl..you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength!

  9. Wow! I'm GLAD everyone's okay!!! LOVE how the quakin' came full circle & 'it was a good thing.'
    AND happy that you had a FUN day!

  10. Glad your quake wasn't any more serious. I've never experienced anything like it! I live close to where you used to live in the midwest and we don't have earthquakes here!

    I love art classes and free is fabulous! :) We have a sweet little art store that my children and I like to go to when we're in the cities, Wet Paint. They have free demos there and try-it nights. I brought a bunch of ladies there a few different times - so fun.

    Keep on learning and growing. Don't ever stop!

  11. Hi Becky,
    I thought of you today when that quake hit. My first thought was "oh no, not in Virginia..she'll hate having moved there..lol" Honest.
    I felt it all the way up here in NY. I was at the computer when the floor shook & the screen door rattled. There were waves in the pool. Scary.
    Sounds like you had a lovely day in spite of it all. You & the chicks look so happy in that picture. Now we just have to get through the hurricane.
    Can you believe this?? Better to laugh than cry, right?
    Take care,

  12. That sounds like a perfect day! You were right near the center of the earthquake I think. I didn't feel it in Philly. A lot of co workers did. The kids were at home and they didn't feel a thing.

    You look so pretty in that shirt. You could not be more beautiful!
    I am SO excited about the free classes. Eureka!

  13. oh I want alpacas soooo bad. I knew you would find some cool friends. You are going to have a great big bunch of 'em, I just know it!

  14. an earthquake?! so weird.

    i'm lovin' your list :) i need to start back on mine.

    xo ellie

  15. What a fun and exciting day for you!

    Hubster and I were headed to the airport in San Fran this morning after a short vacation and commented as we crossed the Golden Gate how glad that we were that the "big one" didn't hit! Just after that we heard that the wrong side of the country was shakin'...go figure!


  16. OH my gosh, so glad you are all okay!! Who would have though there would be an earthquake there??? The similarities in our experiences makes me laugh. Yesterday we had some crazy thunderstorm here where the sky got BLACK as night. Which would have happened in MN, but I was under the impression that it just rained in the Netherlands, no storms! Another U.S. friend of mine and I were talking last night about saying to ourselves, "these seems like tornado weather, but they don't get those here, do they?"

    So fun to discover new places, can't wait to see more!

  17. I was terrified when I experienced my first earthquake in Oregon. I called my sis-in-law in CA, and she laughed at me, as it was so minimal compared to what she went through.

    What an amazing woman you have met - I'm excited for you and all that the future holds. And completely envious of those art classes that are coming in the winter! How cool is that?

  18. What a nice day! The girls look happy ...

  19. It's so interesting to hear your actual experience of the quake. We watched on TV, and could not believe it really happened. So thankful you are all OK :)
    We visited Richmond 2 years ago for a soccer tournament. While there, went to Maymont Park, and loved it! Gorgeous! So cool to know you found a friend.

  20. Glad that everyone is safe and sound!
    When I heard that there was an earthquake in Richmond my first thought was Becky is/near Richmond! I hope she's okay.
    We didn't feel anything.
    My phone was going off as friends from TX texted to check on us.
    A friend 20 minutes away said she felt it, friends in GA say they felt it...maybe we did feel it, but didn't think anything of it?

    Sending hugs!

  21. Glad the quake didn't shake you up too much. I'm not a fan of them, having experienced them in Italy and CA. Glad you are making friends. Adventures in VA. Good for you.

  22. Im soo glad you guys are ok!! Scary to go through Im sure. Im glad you got out and how fun to have an arts center like that!!!!:O) Glad you made a friend:O) Take care and have a great rest of the week:O)

  23. So glad you are all okay. Glad you had a great day and got a local to show you around your new city. Hope you have lots more good adventures.

  24. aww, makes me homesick! I lived the first 19 years of my life in Richmond and my family still lives there. Many good memories in Maymont!
    My family lives about 5 miles from where the quake was. Quite a surprise!

  25. Becky, so glad everyone is o.k. I had my moment of sending a text to the east coast to see if my girls were o.k.
    Sounds as if you are beginning to settle in which is wonderful. A good day. Good days are good.
    xo, Cheryl

  26. From your list it sounds like you had some great pizza! I'm so glad you all are safe. There were people who felt it here in Ohio...I think that's crazy. How wonderful that you met up with a new friend and were able to explore.

  27. Sounds like you had a wonderful time visiting. Free art classes, how wonderful. The earthquake was a little strange but glad that there weren't any casualties. Huge thanks for stopping by Eliza; thrilled you liked my little blog and left a comment! Blessings

    Jo xx
    Eliza Interiors & Design

  28. Wow...you sure know how to "shake things up" in Virginia!! So glad that you're all okay:) My cousin from NY called me right after the quake; had no idea that could happen on the East coast!?! Making friends & seeing new places made for a good day all in all, I bet;)

  29. The quake was felt all the way up here in Mass. Buildings evacuated, etc..I personally felt nothing. Now we are in the path of Irene.Ugh. You look like you had a wonderful tour with a wonderful guide.

  30. 1st off - glad you all are okay. And isn't it wonderful to step outside of your box, or your comfort zone and take in all the beauty of something equally as fascinating, just different!?! I am still praying for you all...er, ya'll!!!! Take care.

  31. We felt the earthquake here in North Carolina. It was crazy and I still can hardly believe it. It looks like you had an amazing day!

  32. Girl, you've survived an EARTHQUAKE, fer cryin' out loud...there's nothing you CAN'T do now!!!


  33. Sounds like
    a beautiful
    new friend.
    So glad you
    were all safe!
    xx Suzanne

  34. Okay are you keeping a list of all the places you are taking me when I come? Because you'd better be!! I want to see it ALL. :)

  35. awww, and just like that it all starts to feel like home. Or at least a new version of it! :) I'm so so happy you found a friend, the first of many, I'm sure!! And sooo glad you are safe!! I was thinking about you yesterday!

  36. Well, what a welcome, but glad things are okay. I have several relatives in the area and they were all shaken but okay.

    So glad things are beginning to fall into place and hopefully about to feel more like home.

    Blessings to you!

  37. Becky....sounds like you are settling and finding the sweet spots in your new home town, even though the ground beneath you still feels a bit shaky:-)....your girls are blossoming too!!...just growing up i think?

  38. What a lovely and memorable day, Becky! That Vusual Art Center sounds too good to be true...what fun! So happy for you.

  39. Wow. That sounds crazy! Other than that...what a fun day!

    I have to tell you...You and your family have been on my mind for the last several days...hearing about that Hurricane, I am wondering how close it will be to you~I am praying for your protection!

  40. love your stories of the quake...we felt it here in GA, too.
    weird and unusual.

    love the things you're thankful for this week.....the fact that you loved the pizza you ate so much that your eyes rolled back in the back of your head confirmed that we could be forever friends. :)

    hope your adjustment is moving right along.....sounds like it is!!!

    love that you put yourself out there and met up with a bloggie friend.
    i like that about you!

  41. So glad to hear that you and your family are safe and sound, Becky. What a scary experience for you! We've had a couple very very small ones here in MI, but nothing like a 5.8. And I'm also so glad to hear that you are settling in and beginning to meet some new friends. I pray that it's beginning to feel a little more like home now for you.... :)

    xoxo laurie

  42. What fun! I can't believe the quake!

    sandy toe

  43. How sweet to have someone show you around your new city.


  44. This is such a wonderful post!

  45. The science museums are great there...they always have good exhibits. My kids could stay there for hours (a good summer activity). :)

  46. I am a fellow Richmonder. Just found your blog and look forward to browsing your archives! Does your new bloggy friend have a public blog? I would love to check it out.

  47. oh man now I want to go to Maymont Farms and see the llamas!!!!

  48. Hi Becky! I have come across this post of yours from back in Aug. I don't know how I missed it...maybe it's the fact I have almost 1700 unopened emails and I'm starting to do something that is (obviously) difficult for me to do: delete w/o reading. I must do this if I will ever move forward. There aren't enough hours left in my life to catch up and stay caught up on all those un-opened e-mails and the many more that come each day. They are all mostly attach. to blog postings and I love every one (well, maybe not EVERY one of them) and I feel guilty deleting anyone. I'm a BLOG POSTING HOARDER!! I'm a sub-set of a group that should NEVER have a set, let alone a subset. Oh, fiddle dee dee! Anyway, I read this posting of yours that I had overlooked, and suddenly, I feel calm. I was transported to Virginia to Maymont Farms and to the serenity there...and I've not moved out of my bedroom. Thank you for capturing in words and photographs the things that bless so many of us every day. I mean that with all my heart. You (o, for heaven's sake, I'm tearing up!) are the blessing God sends my way so many times each week. Thank you for alowing yourself and your family to be instruments of God's love. I hope you somehow get to read this so you'll know how special you and your family are to us. Big cyber-hug from Texas! :-)


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