Monday, August 15, 2011

The Oilcloth Addict

You know how when you are in blogland you can kind of fall down a rabbit hole and pretty soon one thing leads you to another, and then you go to that place and you end up somewhere else??  Well I fell down that hole and I'm so glad I did.

I happened upon the coolest picture of a covered table here.  The table was covered in the prettiest oilcloth fabric.  It was like a eureka moment for me.  I knew I had to learn more.  I'm in the process of pulling together my studio, and girls it is going to be FABULOUS!  It will be by far my favorite room in the house.  I can't wait to show it to you.  But it's not finished, so you can't see it yet...I'm funny that way. 

My search of oilcloth on Etsy brought me to the most amazing store called The Oilcloth Addict.  She had tons and tons of cloth to choose from and immediately my head started to swim.  Heaven!  Then I saw she lived in Richmond, VA and I just knew!  I knew I had to meet this gal.

She just wrote a book and it is full of awesome oilcloth projects like labels, bibs, aprons, totes, pillows, party banners etc...  Seriously there isn't anything you can't make with this stuff and it wipes clean.  I'm going to cover my work tables in my art area with it.  YAY!!

So the girls and I loaded up and headed into the city to meet her.  I was slightly nervous.  It was my first time driving into Richmond by myself.  We live in the burbs.  There are toll roads and I HATE toll roads.  Then I got lost and I HATE getting lost.  But this gal was worth the drive.  She was pure sweetness.  Her name is Kelly and she is the mastermind behind that awesome store and another one called Modern!

She had an awesome chalkboard fabric.  Have you ever heard of such a thing??  I love chalkboard anything, but fabric?...AWESOME!!!  I'm going to make banners or something with it.

She had me try it out...I wrote hello.  I looked down a minute later and Big Chick had written God is bigger.  Made me smile.  Love that my girls know He is bigger.  That's pretty amazing to me.

So there you have it.  One awesome adventure.  Lots of inspiration.  Go check out Kelly...oh and if you want to meet her for yourself she's selling at the Country Living Fairs in both Columbus, Ohio and Atlanta, Georgia this Fall.  Oh how I wish I could go to those. 

Have a blessed day.

11.  doing it afraid.
12.  meeting a new crafty friend.

13.  the orange red moon outside my window.
14.  cheese puffs.
15.  Chick-fil-a
16.  curtains getting hung.

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  1. YEAH!
    Now you have me interested in oil cloth...I really need to get my sewing machine serviced so that I can start sewing!

  2. Good for you girl. This sounded like a very successful adventure. Brava. And your big chick is the BOMB!!

  3. Wow! I love it! Your post a few days ago seemed to be written for me! I love an oil-cloth bunting - something I would love to make for my yard!

    I hope you are settling in - I referenced you in my blog - I hope you don't mind - it was a couple of days ago! xx

  4. I love that stuff. I am going to have to check her out! I also love your grateful lists. I wish I had thought of it! xoxo

  5. I LOVE oilcloth and laminated fabric! but I have NO CLUE how to sew with it.. I think I will check that book out. :o)

    SO GLAD you went on your adventure (that's what I call any kind of road trip when I'm going somewhere I've never been before AND when I get lost) and met a new friend!! :o)

  6. OOh, fun! I love fabric, it makes me happy. If only I could sew...... Hugs!

  7. Good for you Becky! Way to get out of your comfort zone! Also, I think I just died and went to Heaven over chalkboard fabric??? Amazing!

  8. A girlfriend gave me oil cloth bibs and oilcloth placemats (you roll them up...the back is chalboard fabric...and put chalk in the little pockets!) to take to restaurants. GENIUS!!!

    I *heart* oilcloth!

  9. First of all, I'm so crushing on bunting banners. So your first picture had me grinning. : )

    How fun to brave the city and get to experience a new adventure and meet a new friend. Plus find some amazing things! Wowie!

    My craft room is in my dreams and I'm sure I'll want it to look just like yours. Can't wait can't wait!

  10. My mom made me a "rug" out of oilcloth, canvas, or some such that she painted. It's in front of my kitchen sink, and it DOES wash up beautifully. So glad for your adventuring and new friend and new projects and reverent daughters!

  11. I can't wait to see your studio! You're inspiring me to cover our craft table in oil cloth. Is there a proper way to attach it/wrap it so that it stays put?

    I love studio spaces. So glad God gave you one. And a huge AMEN to "God is bigger!"


  12. To attach I'm going to try and staple. If that doesn't work than I might just tape it. Her site gives some suggestions.

  13. Is oil cloth what my Grammy's tablecloth was made of? I always loved that she could wash anything off that : ) I miss the tablecloth. I miss her. I love that you are going on adventures. I love that God is bigger.

  14. Hi Becky
    Just catching up with you today, we've been away for a couple of weeks. I hope that you soon start to feel more at home there, I am sure you will in time. Glad to hear you found a new blog friend and got to meet her too. Blogging friends are the best.
    Best Wishes

  15. Oh heavens - I did NOT need to see this! I've been looking for oilcloth myself, and this is dangerous!

    Stepping out in courage led you to joy! And you get to share with all of us - YAY!

  16. FUN!! The adventure and the oilcloth! I bought oilcloth to cover my old kitchen cabinet shelves... kind of like modern shelf paper ;) One of my "must do" projects for my upcoming week of vacationing at home. I bought my oilcloth on Etsy, now I need to go and see if it came from your new friend!


  17. This inspires me!
    So....have you seen the new Fossil bags? I'm loving them. They pretty much seem like oil cloth. But I haven't seen much oil cloth in Iowa. I would love to attempt my own bag of the sort. Minus the big price tag I've seen.
    I also have ideas for diaper pouches & changing pads. :)
    Enjoy your adventures!

  18. (Me clapping) You met a friend! You met a friend! You met a friend!

    Yay!! And my first thought was, "Oh goody, when I come, she will have a fun place to bring me!!" Someday... :)

  19. How cool that she lives so close by and you got to meet her!

    Kat :)

  20. Oh I'm going to make an oil cloth splat mat!

    PS... I want to come visit with Sasha :)

  21. What fun! And - I'm proud of you for driving into the big city (I'd be rather afraid, too).

    What a fabulous find!!! great store. Chalkboard fabric?? who knew?

    BTW: If you took 64 to the beach the other weekend... my hubby says, "yup! the only way there and nothing but traffic".

  22. Oil cloth was big in the 50's & prior. G'ma always kept it on her tables for protection. 50 years of oil cloth sitting on her dining table we were afraid to move it for fear it was damaged. Lifted & table was exquisite.

    Would you be so kind to leave a comment on my BLOG ONLY (no emails) thru the 18th, for the Miracle Makeover fund drive. Charlie, 8 yr. old, & his story are fabulous. Every comment brings us a $1 for the next person that will be sponsored.

    Have a beautiful weekend.
    TTFN ~

  23. Good for you driving out of your comfort zone! I've been forcing myself to go places a little farther away than I'm comfortable is scary! But worth it!
    When I read your post this morning it sent me down a rabbit hole! ha :)
    I've been giving some kitchen chairs a make-over but didn't know what to do about the upholstered seats. We will use these chairs everyday and we are messy eaters! :) So I may use oil cloth for easy cleaning OR I found out you can make your own "oil type" cloth. So thanks for helping me out.
    xoxo Lisa

  24. What a great adventure...I do believe things are falling into place.

  25. Sounds like quite a crafty adventure! I really love oil cloth. Great patterns and colors.
    So very happy that you are making yourself at home.
    Richmond sure is fun huh?


  26. Fun! I've "window shopped" her etsy shop before. How fun you got to meet her in person! And I love your thankful list too. :) And that big chick knows that God is bigger. That is awesome!

  27. i love what big chick wrote! and her book is so cute! i love oil cloth. i may have to give her etsy store a peek. I wanted to tell you about an etsy store i found that i'm in love with but our phone call got cut short. don't let me forget to tell you!

  28. Funny...I ordered oilcloth from her this weekend to recover the bar stools and breakfast nook chairs. I ordered some chalk fabric as we'll :) can't wait to get it

  29. Yeah for you ~ setting up your space & heading out on your own!! What a find Becky ~ I cannot wait to see what you make. xo

  30. I will look for her at the CL Fair in Columbus.
    A great way to explore your new area.

  31. Okay, I had to stop myself from clicking away to her store....I love oilcloth. I've used it to make a number of things but for some reason I never thought of a pennant! Love you pics!

  32. i love oil cloth! I saw that same table and I am planning on covering our kitchen table just as soon as I can! I went to the Atlanta fair last year and loved it. There is inspiration everywhere! It is overwhelming!

  33. Yay!!!! Lucky you:O) looks like a fabulous shop:O) Im glad you met someone crafty:O) Love all the pictures, Have an awesome week:O)

  34. I can hardly wait to see your table tops covered in all of the beautiful oil cloth your bought. I loved looking at all of your photos. My favorite one is off the moon,it's beautiful.So glad to hear that you got out and met someone in VA today. :)


  35. I share your new love. I have it everywhere and am even considering trying it on my kitchen lampshades (low wattage but dirty). I'm also using it in my crap room but I bet you reveal yours before I do! ;-P
    I hope you're feeling more at home each n every day. Your faith, creativity and fun outlook on life will win you many many new friends in VA! Please give a holler when you're ready to venture further north into DC etc... Would love to meet up with you!

  36. i have a soft spot in my heart reserved just for oilcloth. love that stuff. (and don't even get me started on chalkboard fabric and paint! ooeeey!)

    but my favorite part of this post? God is bigger.


  37. i love this! her book looks adorable! i'll have to look into this.....can't wait to see your studio :)

  38. Awesome!!
    And you drove
    through the fear.
    Love that about
    She looks like
    a sweetheart.
    xx Suzanne

  39. It is so AWESOME that you found a creative like hearted friend near you!!!! YIPPEEE!!! I'm jumping up and down for you Becky and jumping up and down for the wonderful ways that God shows us little surprises along the way as we trust him.

    I'm am definitely checking out this shop and these oil cloth designs. I can't believe there is a chalkboard fabric. Love also what your sweet daughter penned onto it.

    YAY..WOO HOO..YAY...WOO HOO...God sent Becky a new friend..!!!!!

    ♥Lee Ann

  40. sooo fun! I love that stuff. I saw it at a local shop here and thought it'd be a perfect table covering. I cannot WAIT to see your art room! Hurry up, would ya? I need inspiration! lol :)

  41. ok...I can circle my prayer journal! answered prayer! and what a way cool gal yes?:)
    It is so funny ... the other day I saw the COOLEST fabric and when I felt it it must have been oilcloth .. after reading your post!
    I am in love with this stuff now too! THANK YOU for sharing this lovely what to do with some! xo

  42. Love Oilcloth, love Modern June, love the chalkcloth. I bought her table runner last year and did a "Thankfulness" runner for Thanksgiving, everyone wrote what they were thankful for. I know, kind of self explanatory, but I felt the need to specify! How lucky you got to meet her. Take care, Laura

  43. Love oilcloth but have never heard of the chalkboard fabric...the possibilities are endless! What a nice day for you!

  44. Cool! I am going to the one in Atlanta!!


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