Thursday, August 18, 2011

experiencing the world

I'm holed up in my office right now....typing away.  I've been listening to the chatter of four Mexican men laugh and gab while they work.  That's right they are working for me:)  I've always been a do it yourself kind of gal, but this girl is tired.  Nine moves will do that to ya. 

One of the conditions of moving to Virginia was an agreement with my honey that this time we would hire someone to paint the house.  YIPPEE!!!  I admit I feel just a little guilty hiring someone to do what I can do myself, but nah I'm over it.  Who am I kidding?  This is freaking awesome!!!!!

I'm a little beside myself actually.  What will take them 4 days would have taken me 4 months.  So the most stressful part was picking out colors for every room.  It's an investment painting your house.  I don't want to screw this up.  I think I did pretty good.  Honey was absolutely no help at all.  I got nothin'...just blank stares and crickets chirping in the background.  Where are my girlies when I need them???  Anyhoo we went with lots of soothing grays and blues. 


So last night I was fixing supper and little chick bounds into the house from playing with the neighbor girls and proudly proclaims they've been in the woods.  Now not to sound over protective or anything, but I'm not necessarily comfortable with my little one playing in the woods.  This woods thing is pretty new to me and all.  There are critters out there.  Lots of them...and spiders and such.  I asked her why she would want to go in the woods and play and she blurts she's been thinking of the perfect answer...I'm experiencing the world.  Well there you have it.  She's experiencing the world.  Who can argue with that!

So I while the painters were here today I decided to check out what's been going on in those woods, and I have to say it was a delight to see.  I followed a little red haired girl in.  She was more than eager to show me what they've been up to:)

There is a whole living room...complete with cooler and pretend beverages.  Oh wait maybe they have beverages too.  Hmmmm;) 

They've been busy decorating;)

It's a wonderful thing...this experiencing the world.  This playing house and making things pretty.  That's what I'm doing too and it feels so good.

BTW I got the sweetest package from a reader this week.  Many of you have sent me house warming gifts and I so appreciate it, but this one made me laugh SO HARD I just had to share.  A while back someone wanted to send me holy water to bless our house with.  I'm not Catholic or anything, but hey I can always use some holy water, so I sent her my address and when it came in the mail yesterday there was NO water.  Nada...nothing!  It must have evaporated or something. 

I don't know why this made me laugh, but it did.  So thank you sweet Sheri for making me laugh.  God knew I needed to.  Not even going to read anything into the no holy water thing, or think about how this sweet woman had her priest bless this water especially for me and then went to such love and care to wrap it and mail it all the way to Virginia and then there was nothing in the container.  Nope not even going to think about it;)   She included candy too God bless her!!!

Have a blessed day.

24.  rice crispy treats.
25.  the sound of paint rollers on my walls.
26.  sweet neighbor girls with red hair.
27. thrifting with a new friend.
28.  laughing until it hurts.
29.  for thoughtful people who send me stuff, write me notes and call me.  so so grateful!
30. for my Lord who hears my heart's desires and who will give them to me in time:)

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  1. First comment- yay! That is SO SWEET that your girls are experiencing the world in the great outdoors! Love that. And so great that the guys are painting the house for will smell all new and be all clean...
    xo, Cheryl

  2. What beautiful photos. Hope someday mine will look as great as yours. :-) And lucky you with the painters! Can't wait to see the colors you chose.

  3. Oh my lands, I am SO chuckling over the dissapering holy water. That is TOO funny! When my hubby was a youngin' his older brothers convinced him to try a dip of snuff while they were out on the playgrounds. Well, he stuck a big piece in his mouth and proceded to get violently ill, turn white as a sheet, etc. His brothers, knowing they would be in a world of hurt if they drug Hubby home pale faced and mouth full of chaw (that they weren't supposed to have!) so they did the next best thing...carried him to the catholic church across the street from the playground, where they located the fountain of holy water and made him drink it and wash up before he went home. LOL!

    I would be stinkin' excited if someone came and painted for me, too! Woohoo!

  4. some of my fondest memories from childhood was "playing in the woods"... we would make "forts" and play all kinds of make-believe... we would be indians one day, cowboys the next... firefighters when it was time to do a controlled burn. and if my girl cousins were over, we'd play house and take our babydolls along... :o)

  5. What a sweet lovely post. Your girl experiencing the world with a new friend. And your house getting painted. And a good laugh.

    Enjoying these lovely things with you today, Becky.


    ps. Maybe there was a hole in the holy water container. (sorry - no disrepect intended.) I am a big fan of my house being dedicated and made holy.

  6. When I was a little girl in IL we used to play in the "prairie" (aka 2 vacant lots next to my house in a new subdivision). We made forts and tree houses and "homes" for ourselves. I love imagination. :)

  7. I want rice crispy treats! And seriously jealous you hired painters! I also played in the woods as a child, I miss that. Wish I had a thousand trees for my kids to run through, they would love it!!

  8. Experiencing he world.....I love that :)

    Glad you are getting your painting done - your painter posing for the photo made me laugh!!! Little by little you will settle in, am sure it's not easy though xxx

  9. PS Aren't your girls growing??!! They are so pretty :) X

  10. oh my goodness, becky!!! va looks gorgeous on your girls. they look completely at home. i used to play in the woods, too and totally made my own house and knitted pine needles together as a rug - so fun! i just love soaking in nature.

    your color choices look soothing and beautiful. go painters, go!

    and holy cow, that holy water disappearing business is funny. : )

  11. you hired painters?! Girl, you are brilliant. Now I'm wondering why I didn't think of that. OH, and your studio color has made an appearance in my house too! We're so on the same color-page!

    :) Glad the girls are experiencing the world and enjoying their new surroundings!!!


  12. So excited for you that you are getting your house painted! How exciting!
    I grew up with woods around my house and loved playing in them with my sister. Nothing bad ever happened to us either. :)

  13. I have to chuckle...when I was about your chicks' age, I use to play the woods with my friends and we called it playing "Wilderness." Hahaha... brings back so many memories of being little. Let your chicks enjoy being little. Yes, they are still little and will always be little in your eyes. :)

  14. so happy you (and the chicks!) are finally seeing the beauty of trees. in many respects, they really are quite magical. the holy water story is too funny!! so happy you are settling in...

  15. way to hire your painting done...sometimes this diy stuff isn't a cool as we wish it was :) i have a lady coming over next week to wallpaper the tiniest bathroom ever, but i just don't feel like it. i hear ya!
    and your little girls' house is too cute for words! i'd be out there with them too!


  16. I am so super excited for you about the painters.
    And even more excited about the woods and the playmate. : )

    Did I tell you that Gary thinks we aren't allowed to paint for 10 years because of nail pops. I think I did. They told us 1 year. he thinks they said 10. I live in a world of off white.

    At least I have pictures for color, eh?

  17. Oh, I am loving the woods...I think I want a place like that. And if you need more holy water, I got a full bottle of it! I can send it your way! Miss ya!

  18. I just love the little house in the woods. So cute and so is the little redhead. Glad you are having the painting done. Each post you sound a little better.

  19. Oh my goodness! I cannot believe that the holy water disappeared. I packed it so tightly....or so I thought - LOL. That is sooo funny. Maybe I should have sent it in glass. Oh well sorry it didn't survive the shipment. You are definitely sounding better this week and I'm glad if nothing else I gave you a good laugh. Have a great weekend.

  20. Holy evaporation that is funny! I love that you hired painters. Next time I swear I am too! The woods and fun. They need a fairy house for the fairies to love in!!

  21. Love the world set up in the woods. I did that with my cousin when we were little. And, love the pose you got from the painter - classic! Kills me every time I see a pic of little chick, I swear her and my little chick are two peas in a pod! Take care, Laura

  22. Dying laughing over the empty holy water! And right there with you thinking our girls would have the BEST time playing and imagining and making life beautiful together...if only we were neighbors! Wise woman on hiring painters for the new house. One Whole house on top of a new city...yikes!


  23. lol about the holy water. It's definitely the thought that counts. Yay, thrifting already. So glad you get your house painted for you too.

  24. you know what girl? I don't even have your new address so you'd better send it to me stat! okay! that's so cute about little chick. (I feel funny calling her that) LOVE that story. Call me tomorrow and tell me how ya like the colors mmm kay?

  25. Love the picture of Painter Man. He posed so nicely for you. I have never had anyone paint my house for me either but I would imagine it would be lovely to have the whole house done in a weeks time. What a way to treat yourself:)

  26. Oh thats great to have someone paint...please do show and tell after k? :)
    Thats so cute that shes found a friend!
    That sure looks like fun in the woods..and decorating? Wonder where they got that idea from? :)
    Glad to hear your news!!
    Have a great weekend!

    Deborah xoxo

  27. Sounds like your sweet little chicks are having a fabulous time in their new surroundings :) and painters - you're so lucky!!! Can't wait to see the finished rooms. Have a great weekend!

  28. So many of the kids nowadays have no imagination but it lools like little chick has plenty. Good for her and the little red headed girl. Love your paint choices ~ especially that one for the door ~ nothing like a good pop of color! xo

  29. Having someone paint for it (and don't feel guilty, just lucky)! Your chickies playing in the woods...that would be a new one for me. There are no woods around here. How fun for them! Love that this post screams happiness today...things must be getting better :)

  30. That's too funny about the holy water!!! I think it was me that suggested you use it, I should send you some of the non-evaporative variety. ;-)

    Man, Painter Man is really WORKIN' IT, eh?


  31. So the holy water evaporated! Too funny! Well, you can still pronounce a blessing over your house anyway. Know how you feel about getting hired help...we redid our bathroom a few months back and I didn't lift a finger! Never happened before...I could get used to it! About the woods...I've been tramping around in woods my whole life here in the Northwest and nothing bad ever happened...although I did get a little disoriented last week in the woods with the dog...if the woods are deep, tell them to stay on the main trail, maybe get them a compass and show them how to use it...lots of fun!

  32. My childhood was filled with playing in the has great "scope for imagination" Glad your girls have woods close-by! Never fear mama it's the best play.

  33. What a lucky girl to have your house painted!!! :) Love your color choices - can't wait to see the finished product!

    Love your little girls 'nesting' pics - so fun. I totally did stuff like that in our huge bushes outside my childhood home.

    And, did I spy that IKEA light fixture that we admired together in a recent post as well?? YAY!!

  34. Too funny. Love it. And the woods sound great! Lucky girls.

  35. I loved that you are having others paint your house and that you are experiencing the world and empty water containers and you laugh...hard.
    That you are surrounded by beautiful girlfriends and you value that. I loved reading about your girls who bring you joy and that your honey let you pick colors for the WHOLE house and you DID! Happy Friday friend:)

  36. That's AWESOME that you have painters!!!
    LOVED the story about the gals playing in the woods...reminded me of my little sis & I. your thankful list too! You seem happier :)


  37. Love this post! I used to play house in the cornfield beside our house when i was little. hey, it was Indiana -- cornfields were much more plentiful than forests...

  38. LOVE that second
    pic, especially.
    Brilliant. I do
    remember playing
    in the's
    sort of magical.
    Happy that you are
    settling in : )
    Can't wait to see
    those colored rooms.
    I think all that white
    puts you off balance.
    YOU are made for
    xx Suzanne

  39. I was thrilled to see your girls and a new friend experiencing life in the woods! What a blessing they have already found a friend! Just darling!
    Oh I'm jealous I would love to have men painting for me!!!!! What a brilliant treat!
    Now that I'm home and once I get the kiddos off to school next week I'll call you so we cn finally chat!!!!
    Have a great weekend,

  40. Just love how God is giving you something new each day in your new world. And you know what Becky, I think it's because your heart is open to Him who wants to give you new gifts for your thousand gifts list. Wow! You have like hundreds and hundreds of more gifts to look forward too! Now that is exciting!!!

    Hugs to you Becky!
    ♥Lee Ann

  41. Reminds me of when I was young. My childhood girlfriend and I would spend hours in her "woods" which weren't too deep, but secluded enough for us to make all kinds of rooms and places to hang out and call our own. I also have to tell you that I'm COMPLETELY hooked on Mercy Me now. After reading one of your recent posts, I went out and found The Generous Mr. Lovewell cd. Oh My!!!! Thank you for sharing or I never would have found such new uplifting music.

  42. Isn't is great how our children can teach us? We explored the world close to you this weekend I believe. We spent the weekend in Virginia and we had dinner in Richmond. We hope to get back that way soon.

  43. I grew up in the woods...lots of fun to be had by your girls and the neighborhood friends.

    My house was under a HUGE was so tall I could stand up underneath it. We put tables and chairs and play kitchen sets and anything else we could find. such fun....some of my sweetest memories.

    DIED laughing reading that your HOLY WATER evaporated.


  44. Of course you would pick a different color for every single room Becky! Seriously! Blues and grey are all my favorites! I want to see how the rooms turn out, I'm so excited!

    In The Woods, what kid wouldn't want to play in the woods. Experiencing the world, she is adorable!

    It's all like a fairy tale :)

  45. May I also say that the picture of the painter is HILARIOUS!


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