Friday, August 26, 2011

calm before the storm

Being from the Midwest has it's perks.  We usually don't have earthquakes, mudslides, forest fires etc... We definitely never have to worry about hurricanes.  Every year I've sat in my comfy living room and watched from afar all the hubbub surrounding the upcoming storm season.  Aside from some violent thunderstorms and the occasional tornado we are fairly safe.

Now we live in Virginia, 100 miles from the coast, and it's a little less comfy sitting in my chair watching the news.  GEESH!  Can they make a big deal about something or what?  I wasn't afraid until I turned on the tv, now I'm slightly freaked out!  We have no idea what to expect.  When a storm rolled through back home it lasted maybe an hour or so...apparently the wind and rain can last an entire 24 hours during a hurricane.

Apparently in the past they've gotten nailed and had a lot of flooding.  The winds left many areas without power for days upon days.  So immediately my mind goes to our finished basement.  The builder assured us it's leak proof.  There's not even a sump pump!  Then there is the giant dead tree along the back of our property that makes my stomach knot up a bit.  Oh and the fact that we are smack in the woods with power lines running along the trees.  I'm just wondering how in the world we'll get out unscathed.

Among my mental stress and worry is a chaotic house.  The electrician finally came and put lighting in my studio...YAY!  It's the constant house mess that's getting to me.  I really just want everything all wrapped up nice and neat:)  We are trying so hard to get all the projects done and have everything in it's perfect little spot, but guess what?  A storm could come through and destroy all our hard work.

Isn't that just the way life is?  We are not in much as we want to be.  Life is messy.  It's flawed.  Sickness comes, marriages often fail, jobs are lost, bills loom large, storms can's stressful and complicated and very imperfect.  It requires faith every day just to trust that God is bigger than anything that we could ever face.  It requires letting go.  So that's what I'm doing.  I'm trusting Him in this next little storm in life.  I'm letting go, and just a little disclaimer here...if you don't hear from me for a bit you know what happened;)  It will all be fine...deep breath.  Love you girls. 

Have a blessed weekend.

40.  dinner with a new friend.
41.  rainbow butter cookies in a sweet little jar.
42.  movie rentals and poptarts to tide us over.
43.  a beautiful home to be stranded in;)
44.  a glorious sunset sky tonight.
45.  again friends who text and call me with concern.  so grateful for them.

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  1. Thinking and praying for you guys!!!

  2. We waved at Irene as it passed by... We just had some tropical storm conditions and got a crazy beautiful sunset out of the deal. : ) Praying you come out clean!!! Hunker down and have a cozy weekend.

  3. Becky,
    YAY, first comment!
    I hope and pray that you escape unscathed. My son is in Raleigh, North Carolina and my daughter lives ten minutes south of Baltimore. My prayer is that they will be fine, as well. Well, that EVERYONE will be fine!
    Here in the midwest I'm watchng the t.v. with knots in my stomach. xo, Cheryl

  4. Glued to the tv. Concerned for everyone. Prayers for you and everyone else. My best advice is to give everyone in the house a double dose of Nyquil and sleep through the next 48 hours. Oh, and wear a pithe helmet. Seriously, take care and know prayers are continuing.

  5. I have been praying for you since I heard about the storm. I asked Stu where is Richmond from the coast? I looked it up on line and then you posted. Keep battened down. I will pray!

  6. Thinking of you, and hoping for the best.

    And yeah, I'm from Iowa and I think I'd take tornado over a hurricane too.

    Hugs all around and batten down the hatches.

  7. I hope everything turns out just fine!!!

  8. Praying for safety . . . and good snacks.


  9. Becky. Irene is NOT going to be as bad as Isabelle was. I'm 3 blocks from the Bay. We lost 30 trees on our property with Isabelle. I'm confident Irene will not be as severe. The news loves to be inflamatory. Trust God. Don't worry. You guys will be fine. Bless you my friend

  10. I pray for safety for you. We are in North Carolina, but far enough inland that we should be fine. Hang in there, girl!

  11. blessings on the strahles! love you guys and stay safe! oh, and it's been one he^^ of a couple of days...need to talk to you asap ;)

  12. Becky, keeping you and your family and your finished basement in my prayers tonight! We're in the Boston area and know a good hurricane, but we're only supposed to get major wind and rain on Sunday. Hoping everyone on the east coast is safe this weekend. And I'm happy you are settling into your house.....your studio will be dreamy in no time! Just the fact that you have a studio is dreamy! :)

  13. All my prayers will unselfishly begin and end with you and yours tonight. Be well. ~Meme

  14. Who would have thought...about all the (dare I say) adventure you'd have in your first month in Virginia??? Kinda like your own little Indiana Jones movie. AND don't forget he always comes out the winner!!!

    Praying for protection from the storm & a little comedy thrown in with your adventure!!!

  15. You will be surrounded with prayers. Enjoy the time being stranded in your pretty new home! ;) I lived on the East Coast growing up and we made it through a few hurricanes. Praying for you!

  16. You and your sweet family are in the prayers of my family. Be safe and when you can, keep us updated on how you are. God bless you.

  17. OOh girl, praying for your safety! I know little about hurricanes, but maybe its a good excuse to hunker down and snuggle up with your girls! Hugs!

  18. Keeping you and all the East coasters in my prayers.

  19. Praying for you all! Love seeing your thankful list growing! Did you read One Thousand Gifts? You must have prayed for patience once upon a time.

  20. Will be thinking of and praying for you from a far. Hope it the hurricane isn't too destructive and you can enjoy some family time at home.

  21. Be safe and Im sending prayers and hugs,it will be ok. Its a scary thing these Hurricanes I lived in Corpus Christi and dealt with a few tropical storms and 1 big evacuation,be safe and hope to hear from you soon:O)

  22. Hey Becky,

    Just an update from your neighbor to the south. We are 85 miles to the coast and quite frankly we haven't really gotten much. We've had some occasional windy moments and a little rain on and off throughout the night, but all in all it isn't too bad. I'm praying your experience will be similar, we aren't really going to be in the clear until closer to 2pm so I'll try to let you know if we have anything worse, but just know that this storm is only a Category 1 now (it was supposed to be a Cat 3 originally).
    Praying peace and comfort over you and your family!

  23. Trusting Father is keeping you "as the apple of His eye" as He hides you "in the shadow of His wings".
    Thinking of you sweet friend and sending my love to you and prayers before His throne for your dear family.
    Love you xo

    In His love,
    Deborah xoxoxoxoox

  24. It's hard to know how to take the weathermen. At times they're surprisingly accurate and then other things are blown completely out of proportion. I hope and pray that Irene will end up being a minor storm that doesn't do any damage anywhere on the east coast.

    You can smile when you see our subzero temps this winter and hear of yet another blizzard blowing through. ;)

    Blessings to you!

  25. Praying for you! It's a crazy feeling... this not being in control. Praying you experience God's perfect peace!

    Traci @ Ordinary Inspirations

  26. I'm sorry that you have to worry about this. Had to laugh about the Midwest not having to worry about this. I live in Ohio and we lost power for 5 days a couple years ago from Hurricane winds. I still can't believe it. School had just started and had to close.
    At least it wasn't too hot or cold. But no water and electricity for that long more ways than one, hah.
    Good luck.....praying for all of you.

  27. What a welcome to Virginia, huh?! ...she offers up a little of everything, though this weather isn't typical at all.

    Richmonders are much better prepared for this storm after weathering Isabel. We're far enough from the coast that we don't get much of the damaging winds. Last time some folks lost power and/or water for hours to weeks after the storm, but communities did pull together in amazing ways to help their neighbors...silver linings.

    My one bit of advice...get a good shower in before the storm hits and then fill the tubs with water, just in case.

  28. Praying for your safety. Every part of the country has its weather quirks doesn't it? May your family make this storm an adventure.

  29. I thought of you this morning while I was watching the hurricane info on the news. Geez ~ you are really getting a taste of the east coast first witht he earthquake and now a hurricane! I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and hoping Irene's bark is worse than her bite. xo

  30. this might sound like an odd praise, but it's a gift to have the option to evacuate in a hurricane. then again, i suppose it's a different sort of gift we had: to not be able to flee a storm's path, and to hunker down with our family and our God.

    He holds even this. praying with you.

  31. I'm all panicky and I'm in Colorado! Be safe, ok?? I'm praying for you guys!!!

  32. We are all hunkered down in this storm! What a crazy week!!!! Hang in there!!! I can't wait for this weekend to be over!

  33. Thinking of ya'll and praying for your safety!

  34. You are an official east coast girl now that you put "hurricane" in your planner. Love it.

    We've spent the day in a windy, rainy mess down here in NC but it seems to have passed and we're heading to a baseball game.

    People DO overreact but there have been so many times where we weren't prepared that it is kinda worth it.

    Just wait till the day school is cancelled when you see a few flurries outside your window. :-) Remember, it is the ICE under the snow in the South that causes all the issues and not the snow itself. Early lesson.

    Can't wait to see your studio come together.... for your happy place.

  35. Oh my goodness, just when we think you're safe and fine a hurricane starts to blow through your life. Take care sweetie and I will send prayers for you as well as all of the East Coast. I've never been through a hurricane but I do know that the ground shaking under my feet is always a wake up call to me of how little control I have and so glad I have the Lord to trust in. P.S. I also just remembered that my advice to you is only watch as much of the news as you have to to get the information you need. It will just scare the heck out of you if you keep it on all day. That's my experience with the brush fires we have here and the fact that my hubby is a's too scary to have it on all the time...they just make it too dramatic. Okay...I've talked too long :)

  36. You've all
    been on my
    mind today...
    Hoping it won't
    be as bad as
    the hype...fingers
    prayers launched!
    xx Suzanne

  37. blessings to you and your family! through out all your crazy chaoticness (is that even a word?!?) your blog continues to be an inspiration to me everytime i read it! i hope you get everything in order so that you feel better! i hate clutter but sometimes i just do not know where to put everything!!! be safe! i hope it turns out way better then they were expecting! xo
    p.s. i love that butterfly picture in your studio!

  38. Boy! Virginia has really rolled out "the red carpet" for you and your family. Everything seems to have come at once. Maybe it will all be back to normal very soon. Hoping it's feeling more like home everyday. Blessings!

  39. The news... too much hype and fear for me. I believe the best advice is to follow the advice of your readers... take the steps to be as prepared as you can be and turn on the news only when you have to. Better bet, is to set up a fully charged portable radio(along with candles and matches) and tune into your local weather or emergency update channel. I'll definitely keep you in my prayers.

  40. Praying for you guys. Movie Rentals and Pop Tarts will fix it all! Continued Blessings.

  41. Yes and Amen to all that you shared! Whatever we have is just dust in the wind and our real security is in God -- Him alone.

    What a huge life altering year you are having~ it will all be for good if you let it. He is keeping you under the shelter of His wing. Keep your God-lenses on and see what He sees~

    I am praying BIG for you and yours~

  42. Wow...what a welcome to Virginia, huh?! I read the other post, so I know you made it through, but I also know it was probably so nerve-wracking. I called my mom the day of the earthquake and she had been on the James and didn't even know about it! Anyway, just wanted to say hey, and I had been thinking about you through your move and everything.
    P.S. Your mess looks more organized and even pretty than my cleaned-up. :P I know you will be so excited to get it all together. :)


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