Friday, July 22, 2011

the home stretch

Hello friends.  I feel like I've been away a year.  I've missed you!  Amazing how much can take place in one week.  We are here in good ole Virginia.  We are happy and TIRED...very very tired.  This move has been probably the hardest thing we've ever done.  So excited to share everything with you.  I couldn't possibly jump to the present.  There was a whole lot of in between, so bear with me as I recount this past week.

The final morning the movers were there the girls and I took a long walk.  Saying goodbye to the views, which to be honest was just as hard to leave as my friends.  I loved my farm view and the pasture with the cows.

The first night in the new house I could tell it was going to be a pretty sunset and with the trees all around us there is just no way we can see it.  That was the first time I felt the lump in my throat.  Mourning the loss of light.  I loved that show every night.  We are bound and determined to find a good sunset spot. 

It was beyond surreal to see the moving truck in front of the house and to see it empty.  I tried really hard not to let myself go down the path of reflection too much.  I was almost numb from the drain of the week.  So many tears, so many goodbyes.  It was exhausting.  I did steal away for a little bit and sat in my art room and just prayed and thanked God for our last 7 years in that house.

Right as we were getting ready to load in our cars an impromptu farewell group formed to give us final squeezes and hugs.  I had to keep reminding myself to breathe...just breathe.  Try not to worry.  There will be more little friends to play with.  The girls will be fine.  I know they will!

The movers didn't finish up that night until 3:30 a.m.  We apparently have a LOT of stuff!  They had to go really slow to stack it all in as tight as possible to fit it on the truck.  Thank God it all made it.

We checked into our hotel late and just crashed.  It was beyond weird being back in the same hotel that we slept in on our first night in MN 7 years prior.  Talk about coming full circle.  I was flooded with memories of how everything was so unfamiliar then.  Wondering if we would like it.  Thinking who in the world lives here in Chaska, MN.   I found it oddly comforting to know that those same insecure feelings I felt all those years ago would mimic exactly how I would feel when we got to Virginia. It WILL be okay.  It WILL become familiar and feel like home.  I WILL make friends.  Ahhhhh:)

See my wedding ring on that chain??  When we stayed here before my wedding ring disappeared from the night stand.  We frantically searched high and low all over the room looking for it.  I was freaking out!  Finally we asked Big Chick who was 4 at the time if she had seen it.  She marched right over to the window and lifted up the curtain.  She had hidden my ring!!  By this time I was so messed up from worry that it put me over the edge and I physically got sick.  We are talking the nasty kind of sick.  I ended up sitting in the car with a bucket at our house closing.  The realtor had to bring papers to the car for me to sign.  Good times! 

Pulling away from the hotel the next morning the tears came.  The weather was stormy.  It completely matched my mood.  I sobbed all the way down the highway...watching our familiar little town get smaller and smaller in my side mirror. 

We drove in complete downpours for several hours.  I kept thinking come on Minnesota...why can't we have some good weather at least on the way out!??  

It finally cleared and we took in all the things I love about the Midwest...farms, fields and wide open spaces as far as the eye can see.

And then we made the best pit stop ever!  HOME...back in Illinois to get a little comfort food, squeezes from our special people and prayers washed all over us.  It was short.  We got 2 hours with my mom and dad and two hours with Honey's mom and step dad.  It was just what we needed.

Honey's dad was a big part of the town he grew up in.  He served on the village board for years and when he passed away they decided to dedicate part of the new city park in his memory.  This is the plaque that they had made.  Isn't that the coolest thing?  God's word right there in a public park.  Love the verse.

I was slightly demented and completely unsafe as we traveled.  All these pictures are taken from the car as we drove.  I followed Honey and at one point I about drove off the road, but I got some great shots.  Is there anything more beautiful than a barn??  I personally don't think so;)

The next night we stopped in a really small town in Ohio.  It was late.  We had Fergie and couldn't really be choosy about where we stayed, so we ended up in a NASTY place.  This isn't a picture of that particular hotel.  Trust me, it was gross.  I made the mistake of walking on the carpet barefoot.  My feet were black.  Not kidding. 

I read something once about bedbugs, since then I've been a little obsessed.  I check the mattress seams and look over the bedding.  Can't even imagine the horror of trying to get rid of them.  So you can guess what kind of night sleep I had.  We even changed rooms in the middle of the night because they put us right by an outside door and it kept slamming shut.  That was fun and did I mention there was no elevator:( 

The next morning Big Chick passed out in the shower.  She got overheated and I just happened to be in the bathroom at the same time to catch her and lay her down before she fell.  CRAZY!  Not the kind of memories you want to be making.

Finally after 3 days we made it to the promise land:)  It was so beautiful. 

The new adventure begins.  We had some more hiccups along the way.  Primarily our house didn't close on the day we were planning on.  It was stressful and unexpected, but that's life.  It doesn't always go according to your wishes.  Flexibility is not our strong point, but we're working on it. 

I can't wait to show you more, but I have about a million boxes to unpack, so this will have to hold you until next time;)  Love you girls.  Thank you again for praying for us and checking in.  I am so so grateful to call you my friends.

Have a blessed day.

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  1. Well you got to see what my hubby does for a living. We own a big semi and trailer like that and he moves people all over the US. He drives for a different company though.

    Your pics look like you drove here through Wisconsin. Everything looks exactly like our landscapes around here.

    I hope all is settled down a bit for you and your family so you can begin this new chapter in your life!

  2. We've had a few moves like yours, with everything that could go wrong, happening all at once! But in the end these are the things we remember, the things we overcome, and the things that make us appreciate the good times even more! So glad you made it to VA and now we are neighbors...well sort of! ;-)

    Kat :)

  3. Ahh... I'm so glad you made it. I've been thinking of you this morning. You'll see why in a couple of days. :)

    By the way: All good pictures and I've done that a time or two (not smart) taking pics while driving.... about off the road.
    You're post made me whell up. I feel for you...
    Hopefully you're handling this heat wave okay. Keep cool. One (brave) moment at a time.

    love ya.

  4. Welcome to VA Becky and family. Your husband's father's plaque is so touching. I'm glad you got hugs before you left MN. Well, there are farms in VA and you may see an abandoned tobacco barn or two. I think they are beautiful. I hope you take pictures of all you see, because they will be gone soon. Welcome to the mid-Atlantic Becky. Is it hot enough for you?

  5. Your 'promised land' does look BEAUTIFUL!
    Missed you too!
    Wishing you all the BEST with your unpacking!!!


  6. Love all the barns, and glad you made it safely!

  7. Oh Becky, I loved reading this post....I could feel the emotions with you, so hard leaving somewhere!!!! :(

    There is something about barns isn't there - you don't see them in England like you do in the US but they are beautiful. Reading about your drive across the states really made me want to do a roadtrip :)

    Hope you are starting to settle in....take care of you xx

  8. first of all, darn that stormy weather, but the tears are part of the healing.
    sorry big chick passed out. how scary!
    your images are wonderful

    so excited to watch your hourney!

  9. What a great post...what an experience. Just think of all of the growth God is giving you through all of this. I'm so sad you had a bad hotel experience in my! How good that you were there to catch your baby...I hope she's all better now. Praying for you all to settle in well. I know people will love you and welcome you in no time :)

  10. what a time you've had! dirty hotels are of the devil!!! glad you survived to tell about it. and i'm glad big chick is okay... poor thing. the pictures are so precious. i want to visit the farm country. i'm used to trees all around and no view of the world beyond. the last farm picture is my favorite. i'm so happy you were able to visit your families even if it was short. can't wait to here more. continuing to pray you through it. : ) love ya!

  11. I am so happy to see the photos of this whole journey!! I cannot wait to see what's coming in this next chapter of your life...I have a feeling it's gonna be good! :) Call me when you get settled! Still have you on my prayer list!!

    PS. LOVE the shot of you and Hubster in front of the Virginia sign! And those barns...swooooon!!!

  12. I wish you luck in your new place. SO sorry it has been so hard. It will get better for you,soon, I hope. Thinking of you. (((((HUGS))))

  13. was JUSt going to text you and tell you that you better blog or i might cry...well, not really, but still. yeah! so exciting to see some pictures of your adventure!! can't wait to see more :)

  14. Enjoy getting settled in to your new house, and making it your home!

  15. Blogs are a crazy thing...never met you and am still choked up going along on the journey with you. I'm saying a special blessing for you and your family today as you take a deep breath and set your feet upon the new path God has brought to you. I know He has created spaces that will be a fit for all of you, even if it takes time to find them.

  16. Becky its so good to hear from you!
    Im been thinking about you and missing you.
    I didnt have dry eyes through this post...and I know it must be such an emotional experience.
    You're there now...and the ones you hold dear to your heart are right there with you dear friend.
    I always say that home is wherever your family're home sweet girl.
    As your days, so shall your strength be...He's closer than your breath, holding your hands and hearts through these tender days.
    Love you sweet friend xoxo
    Big hugs!

    Deborah xoxoxoxoxooxxo

  17. Glad to hear you made it there safely! I'm sure it has been an emotional roller coaster but it looks like you are still in one piece :)

  18. EEEkkk! So glad you made it to VA ok! I've been thinking about you guys and have kept you in my prayers. Can't wait to hear about your travels and see pictures of your new home.

  19. Hi Becky. I've been thinking about you and wondering about your journey. I'm glad to see that you arrived to your new home safely. What an emotional post this is, it made me a little teary-eyed. I'm just thinking about how hard this must have been.

    big hugs to you ♥ Tricia

  20. ah, Becky, you have such a wonderful way of bringing your readership into your life. the documentation of your trip is so emotional and scary, engaging and joyous! i almost cheered to see you and your husband at the Virginia sign! so happy to see you have arrived at yet another chapter of your life! welcome home!

  21. I was so happy to see a new post! I've been thinking about you and your family every day, wondering how your move was going. Thanks for the update :) I can't wait to hear what Virginia holds for you. God bless you and your new home!


  22. oh Becky, I hate goodbyes, HATE them. I've moved 25 times in my lifetime and while I'm very organized now when moving, the goodbyes don't get easier. And you're right, I have to say goodbye to land as well as people cause I'm so aware I'm made of soil and the soil I put my heart roots into absorbs into me and changes my flavor forever. I'm so glad you made it safely and I'm praying for good friends for each of you. Kindred spirits.

  23. What a treat to hear from you in the midst of your chaos! So happy that you are safe and sound...complete with stories from the trip...I detest gross hotels. Take each day as it comes and before you know it, you will feel as though you are home, I am sure. Continued Blessings, Becky!

  24. So glad you made it to Virginia safe & sound! Wishing you lots of happiness & good times as you start this next chapter; I am so excited for you & your family:) And that stormy weather?? Maybe Minnesota was sad to see you leave, too;)

  25. I'm tearing up while reading this post so I can't even begin to imagine how you must have felt going through all that.

    Such beautiful pictures though!!

    And I love the church sign. ;o)

  26. I prayed and prayed. I will keep on. Sending love. Lots and lots of love!!!

  27. What a beautiful post and even more beautiful pictures.
    I only wish I had taken more pictures during our travels.
    It's definitely an adjustment time right now, but I know that if HE brings us to it, HE'll bring us through it!
    Thinking of you constantly!

  28. Thank you for the update!! I can't wait to hear more.

  29. so glad you are safe. I am anxious to see more ...that Virginia view is gorgeous!!

  30. I'm so glad to hear from you and glad you made it safe and sound. You've been on my mind and in my prayers...crazy, I feel like I know you. I'll remember to keep your sweet girlies in my prayers as well. Take care and hugs to you.

  31. I completely boo-hoo'd all the way through this post. We have moved so many times and the fear and the grief just crept right up on me. What in the world?

    I love taking pictures of barns too. My husband refuses to slow down. :(

    Hope you are settling in and meeting some new folks. This will be home too.

  32. thanking God: that you are there, together, safe. for stripey barns. for gilded light. that you were right in place to catch your precious girl. that He never leaves your side.

    i'm excited for all the wonder to come.

  33. Hi Becky!

    You are such a happy will be no time before you are surrounded with friends that love you. You will be happy and content. Just like before.

    As far as your location, you made a fabulous decision as far as where to move. I {heart} Virginia. We traveled there last summer, and it was just so beautiful!

    Happy unpacking...just think what fun it will be setting up a new house. I could move every year, just so I can do it over and over again. Weird, I know. ;o)


  34. Loved the catch up.
    Missing you, but
    excited that your
    adventure can finally
    xx Suzanne

  35. Oh my. Just imagine, if you had flown, you would have missed all of the fun!

  36. Thank you for sharing your journey with us, looking forward to seeing where your new path will lead.

  37. So happy to hear you made it to your new home. I know you will start to make new friends in no time.
    It was great reading your post, I understand your sadness in moving I did a cross country move at 8 also. Everything seems to work out.
    I can't wait to hear more about your new home. I love the pictures too.

  38. Becky - I can't believe you lived in Chaska!!! I work at Chaska High School. I could have met your girls. Bummer! I'm glad you arrived safely and can't wait to see pics of your new home. God Bless.

  39. SO good to hear your voice! I try so hard not to be sad for you but I just burst with anticipation knowing all of the good ahead for you..what would life be without the hiccups yes? They teach us don't they:)
    Gross motels..I've been in a few..makes my skin crawl thinking of it. Thankful your in and excited to see your new home. Take care of yourself ok? Think of all the decorating you can begin soon?

  40. Wow!
    That is definately an adventure and a half! Hope you get unpacked quick smart! :-)

  41. such a move is no small, peace and that homey feeling will come...maybe sooner than expected...i think i just sounded like a chinese fortune cookie! so excited to see your new digs...and what you do with them!


  42. So glad you made it safely. What an emotional journey. Time to open your arms and hearts to new friends, new views, new promises. Time to make new memories as a family, couple, and parents. Wish you the best...and will be watching anxiously for your new home to evolve. Welcome to the east coast!

  43. Oh sweetie ~ I have missed you but I have not been around myself the last week or two. I love all your shots and stories. The pic of honey with his Mom is priceless ~ love love love it. I cannot wait to see more of Virginia ~ so get those boxes unpacked as I hope to be around and on a better schedule next week. Hugs & Love to you. xo

  44. Becky, so good to see you are in your new town safe and sound~ it's quite and adventure...I know. Really looking forward to seeing pictures after you get settled....

    I'm sure all your new neighbors are curious to see who the new family is that moved in ... they don't know a sweet woman with a beautiful heart has just arrived ~ enjoy the process girl! You have been lead on this path for a reason. xo Cheryl

  45. I've been thinking about glad to hear that you all survived the move and that you are finally in VA.

    I can't wait to see more pictures...I'm telling you, the pictures of VA are already beautiful, so I can't wait to see more of what you've captured around you. :)

    It's one of my favorite states in the South!

  46. I am happy for the update. Your family has been in my prayers all week. We moved from Seattle to Chicago just eight months ago . . . so I remember well each feeling.

    You can be proud that you said goodbye well. It helps with the saying hellos and all the inbetweens.

    Happy unpacking.


  47. Good to see you all made it safely! I look forward to more updates!

  48. You two look like a young couple embarking on a fresh journey. :-)

  49. Well that was almost the Becky fix I was needing... we do really need to catch up. Like right away tomorrow. I have been avoiding everyone though because I'm either crying, falling apart, or questioning everything and freaking out. Trying so hard to remain positive because of course the alternative doesn't actually fix anything, plus I really didn't want to bring you down, but I've missed you a ton! We were out of town all day today and just got back home.
    Love these photos so much and love the words and music that was going along with them. What an adventure you're on! Alright, I've written a book and so much more I could have said! Ha!

    Love you friend, talk tomorrow.

  50. I was just checking in to see how your little family is doing on your big move. You're in my prayers. Loved the pics and thanks for freaking me out about the bed bugs - I just had to go to Google Images - ICK! lol.

  51. YAY, I am so glad you made it. I have been thinking about you everyday! Sorry to hear about a few bumps in the road, but it sounds like things are good. I am still praying for you and the whole family...and I can't wait to hear more and see more pictures of your new home! Miss ya!

  52. First time reader here. I could feel your sorrow in moving.

    I live in Maryland, so may I welcome you to the East Coast with Southern hospitality. I spend a few years in KS as a girl so I know the beauty of farmland and I love barns. I hope you soon feel at home here and enjoy the views of sand and sea and trees and maybe urban architecture?? It's possible. ;)

  53. Hi Becky,
    even so we never met, I can really feel with you. We moved 2,5 years ago with our 3 kids to a new place. Not easy, but we're so happy living in an old farmhouse now.
    Short greetings from Germany

  54. You're in a beautiful, new place! :)
    &...that pic of Honey & his mom made me cry.

  55. Welcome to Virginia! The mountains are so beautiful...God's country. :)Loved all the pictures of your journey. I pray you and your family get settled quickly, meet your neighbors and find a church soon.

  56. beautiful photos... i love the electrical lines... isn't that funny. so glad you made it safely, and i don't THINK i've taken photos while driving, but i have from the back seat of a motorcycle and i've also driven off the road just LOOKING at the trees. um, ya. not good.

  57. Holy moly, 9 moves? You know, I've never moved. Or at least, I grew up in the same house and my parents still live there. I've moved a dozen time but all in Southern CA so I just can't imagine... but I think you are so brave.

    I always admire and envy people who explore and get to know different parts of the country.


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