Friday, June 24, 2011

the sweetest day

When my friend Suzanne mentioned taking the girls to a strawberry field this week my heart literally skipped a beat.  One of my favorite things I remember about my childhood was the strawberry patch in my parent's garden.  I love strawberries, but not those pulpy tasteless grocery store variety.  Nothing can beat a fresh out of the patch ripe berry.  Pure bliss:)

It was the perfect overcast cool day to go pickin'...a cool 60's degrees.  Everything was lush and green with all the rain we've been getting.  Those berries practically jumped into our crate.  We had our cute boots on, ready to take on any mud puddles that came across our path:)

The thing about doing fun things with friends right before you move across the country is it gives your heart a big squeeze.  Like it sucks the breath right out of ya...leaving you laying limp on the ground.  I don't know how many times throughout the day I had to stop myself from going down the doubt path.  He's paved this new road for us.  HE'S opened the door.  I am not afraid!  Repeat.  He's paved this new road for us...

I love this lady and the way the Lord placed her in my life.  I'm writing this completely teared up because I want so badly to shove her into the back of my car and drive her with me to Virginia.  She's just a blessing, plain and simple. 

She's a keeper.  One of those once in a lifetime friend's that would do anything for you, AND we happen to have blogging in common.  How often does that happen??  Blogging is a language and community like none other and to have someone who gets it...gets me.  What a precious gift.

The fun thing about hanging out with Suzanne is that she lives in a different area than me.  So she takes me to her neck of the woods and we do fun things like strawberry patches and...

Peppermint Twists

I can't even remember the last time I went to a drive in fast food place.  You know the kind where they bring it to your car and hang the tray from your window.  SO FUN!  It completely goes against my weight goals right now, but I don't even care.  If you can't remember the last time you had a french fry or a milkshake it's been too long;)

We took a drive through the most beautiful countryside.  We oohed and ahhhhed over old barns, green fields and little lakeside cottages.  It was the most fun I've had in like forever!

Then we went back to her house and her son William made us shaved icees from his new fangled machine.  Can you have too many sweets in one day?  It was heavenly.

Guess what we had for dinner?  I told you it was the sweetest day ever!  It just doesn't get any better than this.  It made a memory...a sweetest day memory and as I started thinking about all the fun things I've done in Minnesota over the last 7 years I came up with a list.  My top 10 MN blog posts.  Hope you'll go down memory lane with me.

Favorite Minnesota Memories:

Have a blessed weekend.

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  1. I LOVED this post. So many things to LOVE. Strawberry picking, strawberry shortcake, good friends, old barns, car hops, shaved ice, but the BEST is wearing sweatshirts and cardigans in JUNE!!! you will NEVER do this in VA. :)

  2. what a fabulous day! and what a fun list...i'll have to make some tea and go down memory lane with ya! and I remember your last fast had an ant in it! ah, memories :)

  3. I'm so so glad you have TIME to do this kind of thing, to meet up with good, beautiful friends and to cherish them. I love it. :) Enjoy every second... and every strawberry!!

  4. lovely post. and you girls are all just too cute in your boots, love it. true, there is absolutely nothing like fresh strawberries, one of my best memories is picking them and eating them right out of my grandma & grandpa's patch. yum. i will be back to read up on your top 10 list later. have a great weekend!

  5. That picture of your and your girls is fab!

  6. Just think of all the undiscovered (by you) barns waiting in VA!!!

    Your day looks like so much fun. I wish I could've hopped into your basket!

  7. Beautiful pics and what a fun day! My friend Coffee Bean used to live here and I actually got to know her better after she moved. It's a good thing you have sweaters! We went picking to but it was in the 90's!!
    It's always hard to leave a place, but the new one will be a new adventure in your faith.

  8. YOU are going to be fine...I just know it girl!

  9. A sweet day for sure Becky!
    What a wonderful day with your darlins' and with the lovely Suzanne and her darlins'!
    Those berries look delicious and the shortcake dessert too!
    Oh the sweet friendships you've made...they'll be with you always!
    And new adventures waiting for you...ones that He has planned for're going to walk right into them. He's already gone before you xo

    Much love,
    Deborah xoxoxoxoxo

  10. honestly, that picture of you and the girlies is my favorite picture ever of you! you have to frame it and put it out so that you can see it often and be reminded of this sweet day that you shared with them and friends.

    those pictures of the barns and the green trees and grass made me long to visit MN...but I tell you girl, you are gonna LOVE the rolling hills in VA and the barns and the dirt roads and the fence lines that go on and on forever.....

  11. Gonna go google strawberry patches in my area...thanks deary :)

  12. little chick's pigtails are the cutest!!! days full of sweet memories and tons of sweets are the best days ever, for sure! glad you had a chance to chill for a bit in the midst of your busy-ness. and speaking of chill... i had no idea it could be 60 degrees in june. : ) it's been 110 around here lately.

  13. Looks like a blessed day. What a memory to cherish before moving. Who knows maybe your friend and her family can come visit you in your new home and you can show her all the discoveries you make in Virginia.

  14. Those are wonderful memories!! I'm so totally jealous of your most exciting day. You saw Muhammad Ali - how cool is that!

    And I hope to get my little family up to Duluth sometime - during the summer. My husband went once during the winter and said he didn't see why people kept going up there. But I figure the warmer months are much better.

    Love your list!

  15. How fun, to pick strawberries right out of the patch. It looks like it was a beautiful drive. What a great gift of a beautiful memory. Keeping you in my prayers.

  16. I would love to take my kids strawberry picking! I remember going with my mom as a child but the place she used to take us...not to far from Flying Cloud Airport is now a housing development.

  17. What a beautiful post! I love the first photo~ delish! It belongs in a magazine! You have such an exciting adventure ahead of you! ;-)

  18. Sounds like the perfect day to me ~ with a good friend a camera and strawberries ~ ahhh... Big chick is almost as tall as you ~ they grow too fast! I am going to check out your top 10 list, xo

  19. LOVE this post! And it sounds like a perfect day to me! I love to go strawberry picking...taking the girls tomorrow, I think! I can't wait to check out your top 10 list!

  20. Sooooo sweet!!!! Glad you got to have some time with friends before you go. Praise God for paving a new path!

  21. what a fun post... a fun day, great memories to pack up and take 'home' with you.. love that chestnut lane photo. i think you should name your new home that, chestnut lane. just sayin'. :)

  22. There is nothing like a strawberry patch!

  23. Nothing like great friends and great memories. She will always be your friend and you wil have lots more memories and fun visiting each other after your move.

  24. Becky, YOU are beautiful and so are your sweet chicks. I love that photo of the 3 of you- especially in those cute boots! Not only are you beautiful on the outside, but your heart cries loud and clear that you have a big passionate and beautiful heart that feels everything! It radiates right through the computer screen. I'm so glad that even though you are moving, your blog will continue to stay right here in the same place at Farmgirl Paints.
    I am soooooooo blessed to have you as my friend here in bloggy land. Truly I thank God for you.

    Oh and you are taking the most gorgeous photo shots! Wow! I am now so hungry for that strawberry shortcake!! YUM!!


    Your journey will always be beautiful,
    ♥Lee Ann

  25. What a fantastic day! I'm thrilled you and suzanne and your chicks were able to have this time together before the big move.... What a cherished memory!!! And it also looked like a delicious day of treats!!!! A triple delightful day,

  26. Beautiful photos! Those strawberries do NOT look like the ones you buy at the grocery!
    xo, Cheryl

  27. Ah, leaving friends is hard. It looks like you are saying goodbye well and making sweet memories.


  28. Okay we totally share a brain, as I am uploading photos of our strawberries right now for my post!!!! I love you.

    Can I change my cuff order to say Fear not like yours??? Is it too late? That is perfect for her!!!

  29. Becky, I can't remember how I got here. I think via Jayme Coop Keeper, who doesn't really know me. But I looks like we have several blogger friends in common? I am your newest follower are moving very, very close to me! (I saw your mention of Virginia in this post and followed the "Virginia" label to see that you're moving to the Greater Richmond Area. I live in a log cabin in Powhatan, which is about 30 minutes west of Richmond. I have lived in Powhatan or Midlothian since 2001, and I love it here! I swear I'm not a scary stalker person (Check out my blog!); let's be friends! I will be part of your welcome committee! :) I would've e-mailed this, but I couldn't find your e-mail address? Mine is

  30. Sweet day, sweet photos, sweet memories!! I remember each of those favorite posts of yours...some are my faves, too;) Before you know it, you'll be able to put together a top ten list for Virginia!

  31. We have a date with my boys to go there this week after swimming! And we just had Peppermint Twist last night...raspberry shakes! Yum!!!

    I believe you will make friends and the most out of life where ever you go!!

  32. the pictures make my heart just swell and burst..wonder if I was born in the wrong place and time?:)
    I can't put into words how happy it makes me to hear of this day. Your heart needed it and I just can't imagine hanging around for a day with Suzanne! I am so glad I found her through you:) She is a keeper and you can continue to keep your relationship..even just a little farther apart. It gives you places to vacation;) and it will just get better and better. Prayers are all around ya

  33. We (on a whim, cuz that's us) almost went to the "Red Tractor Round-up" in Albert Lea this last week end, til we realized it ended Saturday n' not Sunday.
    I'm such a nerd...all I could think is Farm Girl Paints is somewhere near by?!
    As always BEAUTIFUL pic's. You gotta 'Gift' girl!

  34. Having a close/dear friend to share blogging with is really special & unique! I'm so happy you have such a treasured relationship that can bring such sweet adventure into your life :)

  35. I hope your move goes well. I've looked through your blog. I'm a midwest girl, moved to CA for 12 years with my husband, and then we moved to northern VA in 2000 and we've loved living in Virginia! I chuckled when you said the realtor said "the hospital is behind there, etc." That's what I love about VA. In the winter, you'll be amazed at what you'll find once the trees lose their leaves. It's a beautiful place to live and I hope you enjoy it here! Will be following along!

  36. Strawberry picking is on our list of things to do this summer. LOVE that you could do it with one of your favorite friends!

  37. I had to move away from my best friend over a year ago and I remember driving away and feeling like I couldn't get enough air. I hope you continue to find peace!

  38. What a wonderful day filled with oodles of blessings!


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