Thursday, June 16, 2011

near death

I will be the first to admit I don't read my Bible like I should.  I get lazy I guess, so when my friend Sasha told me about a daily devotional she reads that comes directly into her email called Girlfriends in God I knew I needed to sign up.  I've started reading it and it has become such a blessing.  I feel like the gals who write it are talking directly to me. 

Today's devotional was about angels.  I grew up with my mom teaching me to pray that the Lord would loose his angels to guard, protect and watch over me.  So every morning before the girls get on the bus or before we get on with our day we pray and we loose our angels. The Bible says For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways; they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone. ‘Because he loves me,’ says the LORD, ‘I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name’ (Psalm 91:11-14, NIV).  Isn't it a wild thought that we have angels encamped around us?  They watch over us and keep us from harm. 

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When I was growing up I clearly remember three times that I had near death experiences.  One time when I was maybe 10 or 11, I was working in a concession stand at a baseball game.  I didn't have rubber soled shoes on or anything grounded and I happened to touch a popcorn machine or something that had an electrical short in it.  It took a hold of me and I felt myself being electrocuted.  I seriously could not let go.  Someone had to pull me off.

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Another time I was at a friend's swimming pool and jumped in the deep end and sank to the bottom.  I vividly remember looking up and my life more or less flashed before my eyes.  I didn't know how to get to the surface.  I was in panic mode.  Someone jumped in and saved me.  And then finally when I was in high school I was crossing over a busy highway and from out of the corner of my eye I saw a glimpse of silver.  It was a kid I went to high school with in his tiny little sportscar.  I had pulled directly in front of him.  I remember crying with relief and shaking like a leaf.  There was no way in the world his car didn't drive right through mine!!! 

There are countless other times I'm sure that God has had his hand on my life and spared it in one way or another.  Have you ever come close to death??  Do you believe in guardian angels??

Have a blessed day.

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  1. Those paintings are gorgeous. I may have to make an etsy purchase.

    I do believe that there are angels watching over us. Off the top of my head I can't think of any near death experiences... but I know that there have been times I've been protected and kept safe.

  2. For sure. They are there. What an awesome verse and how fitting for this time in your life. I think I need to sign up for that email :) Hugs.

  3. After driving on the interstate I picture my angels bending over, with their hands on their knees, out of looks up and holds up a finger and says "Just give me a second and I'll be good to go."

  4. I definitely believe God sets his angels charge over us. I can't even begin to fathom how many times they've stepped in on our behalf, but I'm sure it's many!

  5. Yes I believe in Guardian Angels, and Im so thankful that you are still here :)
    He will give His angels charge over thee.

    Deborah xoxoxo

  6. I believe. I have know they have saved me many times. I am signing up for this too.

  7. i don't think we have a clue about what's going on in the heavenlies. i think the battle between good and evil is more intense then we can comprehend, so yes...i think there's something going on out there!!

  8. I most definitely believe in guardian angels and am so thankful that they're here with us:)

  9. I definitely believe in angels, and believe God sends them to us to protect us and guide us on the right path I believe they whisper to us at our most time in need. God provided them to me in my childhood, it is why I am here. A beautiful post, Thank You Hugs Isabel

  10. I do believe that there are guardian angels watching out for us Becky. We were in a car accident back in 02 ~ we rolled the car and when it stopped we both walked away from it. The people that witnessed the crash could not believe it ~ that we were ok. When we got home I looked at Trev and said "God was in the car with us" ~ he looked back and said "that wasn't God ~ that was your Dad". We both started crying after that ~ I guess we were both in shock until that time. Thankfully that is the only time anything like that happened but I do believe there was a force stronger than us in the car that day. Happy week-end sweetie. xo

  11. I absolutely believe in them. In fact I pray with my kids about them. And know that at one point my little one was saved --- he fell from a window and no one knows how he survived.

    It was all those prayers.

  12. I have had two definite angel experiences, absolutely amazing and I love to consider that I may be entertaining angels every day.
    Rach xo

  13. Without a doubt I believe in Angels!!! About a year ago I was driving home from work on a Sunday night. It was late February and the snow was starting to melt. The roads were moist but it was right at the freezing point. I was on a cloverleaf interchange and as I was turning the curve, I lost control of the car. I was swerving left and right all the while going about 30 miles an hour. There was a car in front of me and behind me and I knew I was either going to hit the one in front of the car behind me was going to hit me. All of the sudden, something just told me to let go of the wheel and my car just stopped. Like a complete dead stop. It wasn't me. I couldn't explain it therefore I knew it had to be an Angel protecting me. I thanked God right then and there and drove about 10 miles an hour the rest of the way home. :) There have also been countless other times when something horrible SHOULD'VE happened, but by the Grace of God (and his Angels) I was spared and protected. My Mom says she has always prayed a prayer for my brother and I since we were little and still til this day that a headge of protection be laid upon our lives. There are days when I don't feel like I deserve God's grace or protection, yet I receive it. How lucky and blessed am I and are we?? He loves us and protects us and is with us, no matter what. Goosebumps.

  14. I totally believe in guardian angels. :o)

  15. I, too, was rescued from a swimming pool. The funny thing is; I was holding on to the edge but I didn't have the presence about me to pull myself out of the water. So glad God was there to protect us.

  16. Oh, yes. I can't tell the stories succinctly here, but yes to life saving angel armies of God. I love the paintings you selected for this post.


  17. Yes....they
    are there...
    I'm convinced.
    So glad yours
    were, too!!
    xx Suzanne

  18. I have always KNOWN that I've had angels protecting me... but now that I'm a Mama, it means even more to know they are watching over my kids. Especially ONE of my kids... the one who seems to need it a lot more than anyone I've ever known! LOL

    So glad you're loving the GIG devo! I knew you'd love it.


  19. I believe in the battle invisible in this world. I believe in both angels and demons. I guess this makes me a bit of a nut, but I believe and who can prove differently.

  20. I had a near death experience, not that long ago, involving tubing, flipping, not ever touching bottom, swirling whirlpool and a fast moving stream/river. Sort of like yours... my sister had to convince me to let go of the tree stump holding I was holding onto. And, let her rescue me.

    Horrible memories.

    I certainly believe in Guardian Angels - & I believe they sometimes come in form of sisters.

  21. Amen...yes I believe in angels watching over me. My husband is a firefighter and one of his friends/coworkers that is also a believer has an amazing story of being pulled out of fire from another firefighter that everyone swears wasn't there (an angel I'm sure). Living in LA with all the crazy traffic gives me a couple of stories that seriously I can't explain. One involves a semitruck. God is good. Your post is awesome Beckie. Hugs

  22. Oh, yes, do I ever believe in guardian angels. We pray to them daily in our house. I believe they watch over us and protect us.

    The other day my daughter had a "what if" moment with me about me choking and not being able to breath. That night (earlier this week) I was seriously choking on food/drink at dinner when I swallowed wrong. My throat hurt the rest of the night and into the next day from coughing so hard. It wasn't until later that night that I remembered my 5 year old's "what if" questions. It was a little freaky!

    So- An Angel Prayer I'll share:

    Angel of God my guardian dear, to whom God's love commits me here, ever this day (or night) stay at my side, to light and guard, rule and guide.

  23. I've had two of the same near death experiences as you had! When I was around 10-11, my dad took me to a wrestling match at an arena. I got up to walk to the bathroom, and on my way, I grabbed the pole of a large light that was shining down on the ring. I remember being electrocuted, and unable to let go of the pole. Thankfully, some man(my angel), saw this, jumped up from his seat, and knocked my arm off the pole.
    Another time, around age 8, I was at a large picnic/party at a lake. The big brother of a friend of mine grabbed me, ran to the end of a dock, and threw me in the water. I remember nearly drowning, coming up every once in awhile and seeing her brother laughing, until I finally made eye contact with my friend, and she saw the serious distress in my eyes. Finally they both jumped in and pulled me to shore.

    Yes, I believe there are angels among us, and that is a beautfil prayer to pray for our children daily.

    Bless you,

  24. There is no doubt in my mind that I believe in angels. The day before I had my heart attack I was supposed to return home from the hospital after having my son three days prior. For whatever reason I developed a severe headache that kept me in the hospital and that night is when I had my heart attack. If I would have gone home, I believe that I might have died but someone was certainly watching over me. I believe that we are never far from our angels. :)

  25. Yes I absolutely do believe!!!
    P.S. One day at a time .... That's the best way to think!!!!!
    Its so hard, I know so I'll being praying for you,

  26. I'm off to sign up for this, how wonderful! Lets see, once I was given a jolt from a lamp I was trying to fix and that was freaky and somehow I let go. I think I was helped out on that one! I truly believe in Angels and I know there have been other moments I've been happy they were there. I could just feel them!

    I do remember a weird not a death experience but just knew an angel helped out.

    I had just gotten a job at a Dermatology Office where I would be on the computer typing, checking patients in and answering phones. It was the morning of my first day and I had been so nervous the few days before that I had been chewing my nails. Horrible habit, no longer do that, honest!

    Anyway I was scurring around and gathering everything I needed and kept telling myself to go to the cabinet to get a bandaid for my awful nail. Well I never went, I totally forgot. As I gathered my purse and keys and put my hand on the door, I looked down and there was a bandaid right in front of me.

    Corny but it happened and I believed my angel knew I needed it and made it happen.

    Could be just growing up Catholic and feeling a closeness to them.
    My mother is my angel now in Heaven. I believe she helps watch over me and my family!


  27. Amen Becky!!

    Your angels have protected you do to the faith you put in the Lord even as a child he knew who you were going to follow later in life.

    Your art is sooooo! dear, I feel a bit sorry for the little chick in the storm, yet profund to all of our struggles in a storm of life :)

    your art tugs at my heart :)
    BLESSING Becky to you and yours, trusting in him!


  28. Yes, I believe. So glad that yours were vigilant when you needed them:)

  29. Yes! I Believe! I have heard many amazing angel stories! God protects us in so many ways. :)
    Thanks for sharing your stories and your faith,

  30. I am FINALLY able to visit! I am behind and missed you so. Yes - I have had these experiences and funny but I pray similar things each morning for us as well! and yes I often think of angels around us and how my mind just can't wrap itself around it but I so believe it! ever wonder how magnificent they look?
    I am going to have to get one of your necklaces soon...just noticed them today..thinking of you:)

  31. I'm a little behind in reading along...the computer is all out of whack, won't turn on so I'm catching up on my phone!

    I absolutely love the mental picture of God's angels encamped around us. Love that so much. Thanks for that reminder.

    Angie from Ohio

  32. That's My GIRL's "verse"!~ 91:11!!!
    & Yes, I do believe in angels!

  33. I absolutely believe in Guardian Angels and have been witness to them in action. I have not really had a mental picture until this post, though. Thanks, Becky!


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