Sunday, June 19, 2011

la la land

(table, lamp, chair, hanging picture la land.  love pillow TJ Maxx)

Exactly one month from today we move into our new house.  YIPPEE!!!  Can I make a confession?  I lay in bed at night and dream of decorating.  I have the furniture placed, the walls painted and the paintings hung.  It's so much fun to try and picture it. 

Much to my honey's demise I have found the best occasional store EVAH!  It's called La La Land and it's in downtown Chaska right across the street from Dunn Brothers Coffee.  The owner has put together quite a collection and she would probably say I've become her most loyal customer.  Last month I think I single handedly paid her rent!

My style is evolving a little.  I find myself drawn to more simple feminine pieces.  I just know this cute little chair will fit in somewhere.

The room I dream about the most is my studio space.  We have a rec room upstairs with doors that will hide my mess and it's all mine.  I feel so incredibly spoiled.  It will be big enough to have a table for my jewelry making, a table for my painting and a desk for blogging...yeeeeee!!!!  I have it painted, organized and ready for creating in my mind.  It looks out onto our backyard full guessed it TREES;)

I'm a sucker for anything wire.  I've always wanted some vintage locker baskets.  I bought the most amazing industrial type shelf at IKEA recently and it is going to be chocked full of my supplies.  These baskets will make it look so cool.

I had a round vintage laundry basket in our dining room before, but when I saw this square one I knew it would be perfect to hold all our board games.  You just don't see square ones very often. 

This is what started it all.  I fell in love with this turquoise hutch/desk for Big Chick's room.  Remember her room is turquoise, pink and chocolate brown.  It's going to look awesome in there.

I think I've lost my mind...Honey thinks so too.  I know I should be purging and throwing stuff out.  Trust me we've done that too, but it's oh so fun to dream, plot and plan out a new space.  I can't wait to see how it all comes together.  ***BTW if anyone wants this couch it's free to a good local home.  Just email me.  See I'm purging;)

Hope you have a wonderful Father's Day:)

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  1. I knew you would start getting excited soon : ) YAY! It is going to look fabulous!

  2. I just moved from Las Vegas to Illinois about a week ago and I can so relate to what you're going through! Decorating in my mind, and buying new stuff, while at the same time purging. So don't're normal! :)
    (or maybe I've lost my mind too, mu ha ha!)
    I hope your move goes GREAT!!!

  3. Oh my goodness... You sound just like me! I love to decorate & plan in my head...& then go out & hunt for the treasures I need:) That's the fun part of moving; you get a "clean slate"! Love the pieces you've collected...especially the chair & turquoise hutch:)

  4. Love all the treasures!!! Love the square Basket!!Great find indeed:O) Cannot wait to see how you put all the loving new touches on your home:O) Have a great week:O) Isabel

  5. I love all the new stuff you showed us. So excited for you.

  6. I'm glad you've drunk the kool aid and are ready to move to VA. You're going to love it. Enjoy planning, shopping and decorating. :)

  7. oh that turquiose piece...i'm still coveting it since i first saw it. ;) your studio is going to be divine! can't wait to see it all come together!

  8. This is the fun part of moving ~ new spaces ~ decorating and buying that perfect piece for that little spot. How exciting that you will have a studio space Becky ~ I can feel your excitement! Have a blast and don't forget to raise your arms and go wheeeeeee while you are on this roller coaster ride of highs and lows ~ see ~ there are highs! xo

  9. Becky, Ok, that store must be new! Please tell me it wasn't there while I lived there 3 whole years and never knew about it! Love all your finds, those chairs are divine!

    Sounds like you are handling all of this beautifully. I can't believe you only have ONE short month. Take it from me, it goes so quickly. I know this month will be a mix of emotions. Take care of YOU.

  10. Glad to hear you so excited. I would be doing the same thing.
    Actually a couple of summers ago I was in that planning mode but our house didn't sell. So I am just going to redo this old house. Can't wait to see how you decorate your new one. Happy Fathers Day to your hubby.

  11. I love your new pieces! If I lived near you, you'd have to hide the vintage laudry should be mine!

  12. looking forward to pictures of the new place. lots of pictures!

  13. i'm jealous! in a good way :) i LOVE moving/decorating new homes. what a wonderful summer this will be for you friend! i'm so excited...

  14. I like what your giving away but I am way to far away. I am way behind on your blog to pop in and your moving! Don't feel special and neglected I am behind on everybody's blog!

  15. I love the idea of decorating a new space. You will have so much fun! Love your purchases!!

  16. I'm celebrating with you dear sister!! Sounds like so much fun!!

  17. cute stuff girl! You're going to have so much fun decorating! wish i could help! that would be fun!

  18. Becky, I had so much fun looking at all of your photos. I love everything that you have purchased for your next home. I can hardly wait to see the new photos of your new home. Your studio sounds very big! Good for you. I am so happy for you.


  19. Oh girl... the fun you are having!!! I love it. I can tell you are starting to get a little excited about having a new space to call your own and I can't wait to see how you transform and customize it! It's going to be GREAT! I wish we could shop at that cute little place together. How fun...

    Love ya!

  20. If only I lived closer. I want that couch! I love your evolving feminie vintage style. I want to redo my house one day with that style. I can't wait to see your new space through pictures!!!

  21. wow. what I wouldn't give for that couch right now! We have zero furniture for the living room upstairs!! It's super cute...don't throw it away! :) My style is evolving too...but mine is getting bolder, more ME...less caring what other people think! Time to get brave, I guess! Even if my family are the only people who like it.

    PS. LOVE the turquoise hutch! So much!

  22. I'm so excited to see how your space comes to life and so excited about you having your own space.. lucky girl.

    Even though I'm secretly crying because you aren't moving here.

    I love that laundry basket and your things are ADORABLE!

  23. What fun treasures. You are going to have som much fun!

  24. Knew that turqoise
    piece was the most
    special in the store
    and that it HAD to
    go home with you!
    I passed La La twice
    last week going to
    baseball but alas,
    had my men along : )
    I'll never go in there
    without thinking of
    my sweet friend.
    xx Suzanne

  25. You are going to love the South!

  26. I need to check out LA LA Land!! Some great finds! Moving can be such a pain but one of the FUN things is re-decorating and organizing your new space! When I moved it was a great excuse to get rid of the old and in with the new!! Enjoy!!

  27. Fun fun! :) Love alot of those pieces, especially the turquoise hutch and the square basket for the board games! *thumbs up* I'd take your couch...but I guess I probably don't qualify as local...maybe just the fancy pillow then? ;) lol!

  28. ohh becky ! i love all your new stuff .. i can't wait to see your new home .. can't believe your moving !! good luck to your family with this new adventure .. i am sure home will find you no matter where you go !!
    ps. my studio is always my favorite thing to decorate too !!

  29. Hello from a fellow Minnesotan! I'm so glad you stopped by my site. How fun to come check out your site and see that you live or at least hang out in my area! I have been to that exact Dunn Brothers but never to LaLaLand...I will have to check it out!! My parents house was a couple of blocks from the Arboretum growing up (I saw your post about it). Best of luck with your packing and moving!!

  30. ooohhhh Suzanne that makes me cry...I think there is a time for losing your mind. It is when you are moving. I am doing the same thing. I went and got paint samples over the weekend and have painted six boards with different colors. My style is evolving as well. Wondering if it is because we're older and know what is "us". Anyway - I can't wait to see what you do and will continue sending strength and peace your way:)

  31. I'm so excited for you, Becky! I did the exact same thing when we moved into our farmhouse. I would lay in bed at night, close my eyes, and envision walking through each of the rooms, moving furniture around, and floofing! lol! It sounds like you've found the perfect store nearby, too! Awesome treasures! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  32. Oh Becky, I'm so jumping up and down with excitement for you! Especially about that wonderful studio you will have! It sounds so perfect and the scenery looking out at the trees will be heavenly. This move is going to make even more of your dreams come true!

    ♫♪..♫.."Dreams can come true, it can happen to you...If you're young at heart".

    ♥Lee Ann

  33. oh, all the possibilities with a glorious blank canvas of a house! I'm SO eager for the day I can decorate/design a home to my hearts content.

    What fabulous finds you came across! Have fun!

  34. I love your style!! Can't wait to see your new place!!

    Angie from Ohio

  35. Love all your finds! Now I have to come and check this place out. I can't wait to see what you do with your new house...that is my favorite part of moving...making all of my stuff look new and fresh again!

  36. Now those are some FINDS!!!! I can't wait to see the beautiful home you create.

  37. Dreaming about decorating . . . list of home things . . . sketches of rooms etc . . . helps me cope with a move. Sounds like your having fun.



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