Wednesday, May 18, 2011

random kindness

It's finally happened.  Spring has sprung in Minnesota!!!  The trees have all broken forth with their leaves, and the blooms are making their appearance.  It's almost like they are showing off now.  See...look what we can do:) 

Up here in the cold tundra we don't take this stuff lightly.  There is snow on the ground for approximately 6 months out of the year, so when the day finally comes to be outside we are SOOOO on it:)  Kids I haven't seen, because they've been holed up all winter, emerge from their houses and it appears they've grown a foot.  It's surreal.

With the blossoms seem to come a happier population too.  I notice more smiles and eye contact.  It's just a better place to live when the thaw comes.  There really isn't a more beautiful place than Spring/Summer in Minnesota.  It's breathtaking. 

Okay so I was out and about today taking it all in.   One of my errands involved going to the post office, which I do just about every day because of Etsy.  Because of my frequent trips it has become my personal mission to make the mail lady like me.  She's a tough cookie.  I try friendly banter and casual conversation.  She rarely ever smiles or joins in much, but it's finally starting to work and I think I may have broken through.  I got a smile today.  Not sure if it was the beautiful weather or my sunny disposition that did it but she was friendly...and it made my day:) 

While I was in the post office an older gentleman needed a stamp and only had a $50 bill.  The mail lady said something to him like you're going to break a $50 for a stamp?  And without thinking about it I just bought him a stamp.  It was no big deal, it was only 42 cents.  Well you would think I just pushed him out of the way of a moving truck or something.  He grabbed me and gave me a big hug and just went on and on about how generous I was.

As he walked away it occurred to me how hungry people are for any act of random kindness.  That 42 cents meant a great deal to him, but yet monetarily it meant so little to me.  It kind of fueled me up a bit and made me want to go around blessing people.  It takes so little.  Maybe holding a door open, watering a neighbor's plants, or asking someone how their day is going etc...  Wouldn't it be fun to just try and find someone to bless every single day?  Nothing...not even a beautiful Spring day can make you feel warmer.

Oh and can I just say that you all blessed me so much with the birthday wishes.  My life is so much sweeter because you are in it:)  Thank you!!!!

Have a blessed day.

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  1. I LOVE this story... and I have to say that your photography is really stunning lately. I can see that you've put all your lessons to use, and really enjoy seeing what each day brings!

    So happy spring has sprung for you too... I'll stop complaining that summer hasn't hit in Oregon yet... six months of snow would do me in!

    Have a beautiful day and belated happy bday!

  2. It's the same here, where I live, about long months of snow and then the beauty of Spring coming through it all! It seems we are almost on par for weather as the trees have just recently bursted forth in greenery - but we've had a TON of rain to help them along!!! and I mean a TON!!!

    I think you are SOOO right about people being starved for acts of kindness. I think also being starved in the fact that humans so rarely relate to other humans anymore! :P Terrbile! I'm on board with your thinking - it is such a great blessing to bless others!! :)

  3. Your right, it would be a better place if we had more random acts of kindness...

    Last week I was at the grocery store. 9 months pregnant with a 4 and 6 year old of those big car buggies that weighs as much as 4 regular sized buggies together. A middle aged man kindly asked me if I needed help with my groceries. At the moment I was struggling. Tired and wornout from the trip in itself and he nicely pushed my buggy from the end of the parking lot back to the store.

    This meant so much to me. I thought about it all day.

    I think we are a society that is always in a hurry so it's hard to remember those little things we can do everyday to show kindness.

    Great post Becky:)

  4. I love that you did that. I love that you got a hug. I LOVE that she smiled. I hope she smiles again today. Pretty soon you will be best buds and she will be on the blog : )

  5. I can totally relate with this post.....I live in Maine and the winters are so looooooooooooong that I actually planted little jars of grass to set around the house in March so that I could see green(: The trees are finally starting to show their stuff and I'm embracing the yellow dandelions with the green grass....color makes me happy. It has been raining a lot but I'm thankful it's not snow! And, yes the little things we do can mean a lot to someone else!

  6. I love that you are trying to "crack" the mail you. Too cute. If she can resist you, she is a Neanderthal. Oh, and I was thinking "what I think stamps are 44 cents"....has Blagojevich screwed IL again or am I just losing it??? I need a nap.

  7. First off, I love the fence picture.

    I laughed at the comparison between buying the guy a stamp and pushing him out of the way on an oncoming vehicle! So funny. I don't mean to sound like a granny, but don't you think that people were more used to kindness when we were kids?

    Also, I have had personal missions like your post office lady. There was one lady at a take-out place I go to, man, was she a grump. I worked on her for YEARS (always chipper, which is hard for me, tips, asking after her health). She was finally starting to soften up a bit and then she moved. Aaauugghhh!

    Oh, if my mom asks, you didn't see me.

  8. I think we should do a blog challenge of 30 days of random kindness. We could CHANGE THE WORLD. :)

  9. what is up with those mail ladies? mine is cranky too! hmmmmm. and i love random acts of kindness...especially when they're done to me :) kidding...i love blessing others when i can.

  10. Ahhh what a great day that must have been for you...and him...and her!
    Its true, it really doesn't take much to bless someone does it?
    I know a young married couple who out-kind one another every day.
    Now isn't that the way to live!!
    And their lives are a living testimony of the love of God xo

    Deborah xo
    Oh and so happy spring has sprung in all its beauty and awakenings ...nature and hearts! :)

  11. LOVE this entry! And even though we've pretty much skipped spring and dove head first into summer (with the execption of this week... feels more like fall), I needed this reminder that I need to appreciate the little things more than I do! :o)

    I've had a couple of customers that finally came around and started smiling and being pleasant. Love it when that happens. :o)

  12. They say love makes the world go 'round...and so do random acts of kindness!! Beautiful post, Becky:) And if anyone can make the mail lady "crack", you can;)

  13. My facebook status yesterday was "Here's a crazy thought... what if we were all kind to one another not just today, but everyday? I challenge you. Be kind today, and always" Random acts of kindess are the best. You never know who's life you are blessing. Way to be a "Day Maker" :)

  14. I totally agree with you! With spring in the air now...I think everyone's mood is so happy and kind. The winter was way too long and I can feel my mood changing minute by minute!
    Those post office ladies are tough cookies everywhere...glad to hear you got a smile out of her and love the stamp guy story!

  15. I don't usually leave a comment but I come here every day. I love how you keep it real. Your inner beauty shines through in every post. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

    Happy Wednesday!

    Angie from Ohio

  16. i love this post- the goodness shared just made me smile becky! I can just envision that gentleman giving you a big hug- i love these kind of life stories.

    happy late birthday to you sweet girl!

  17. I love doing random acts of kindness for people. I try to do one nice thing for someone everyday. It just feels really good, ya know?

    Over in my neck of the woods, the weather has been rather gloomy lately. It has been raining and grey for a while, but then randomly we will have one day of really nice weather, and then back to gloomy. It's not fair at all.. have a great day!

  18. This is so true! The other day at the store I was going to get my son out of his car seat while at the same time a man was climbing out of his car. He was already trying to exit the car and all I did was move out of his way to wait, smile, and gesture for him to go ahead and make his way out first. Nothing, right?

    He stopped and thanked me so genuinely for being kind to him that it made me hurt. How much unkindness has he experienced that it seemed like a big gesture for me to allow him to go first? That tiny moment inspired me regarding the potential power that we hold in our interactions, even in the most trivial of events.

  19. Our family love to do this, too. We love finding a grouchy waitress, mail person, neighbor etc. and see how long it takes to let kindness win them over.

    This is a great challenge, Becky. I am all in. Let's get our kindness on.


  20. aw, I love this. I try to be aware of where I can be kind, though I think my recent obsession with Criminal Minds has sort of hampered that a bit.

    I think older people are more appreciative of kindness though...once at a grocery store I let an old lady go in front of me and she gushed for five minutes straight. She even told me I was beautiful, which made her one of my all-time favorite people in the whole wide world. :)

    Let's catch up this week! My little realization last night made me GRIN even when I told Adam about it hours later! :)

  21. How could ANYONE not smile at YOU! You rock my socks off. I wish I was your mail lady.

  22. Funny, I just came
    from the Post Office...
    Not my normal place and
    this lady was a bit...
    TEPID. Not cool, but
    not warm and fuzzy like
    the usual place that I
    go, by the Art Center.
    YES, there are some good
    ones out there! I try
    to smile whenever I can
    and think of my smiles
    as little blessings, most
    especially when it is
    bestowed upon a cranky-pants!
    Enjoy this day!
    xx Suzanne

  23. I'm so happy you are having snowless days for once!!! This is so important... Blessing others and letting our lights shine. Thanks for this reminder. You put my selfish heart in it's place today.

  24. I love this post. I have lived in Eastern Europe for almost 4 years and I have been working on the grocery checkers and the park granny cabal for that amount of time. Talk about tough nuts to crack! Finally starting to get breakthroughs. It feels good.

    You are a sweetheart...keep it up!

  25. Becky,
    One day I was at Starbucks and I went to pay for my coffee and she said "the car in front of you paid your bill." I was like "HUH?" Now I've passed it on and paid for the car behind me...on random pay days. It is the best feeling! I love random acts of kindness! Keep it up, girlfriend, KILL 'EM with KINDNESS!
    xo, Cheryl

  26. Wouldn't it be a nicer world if we all could just perform one simple random act of kindness each day? Everyone would be smiling! :) You have a good heart, dear girl. Bless you!

    xoxo laurie

  27. gorgeous!
    love the colours
    take care,

  28. You make me smile with each are truly a joy. Keep blessing the post office lady...she'll feel God's love through you. I love how enthused the gentleman was over your kindness. I have the warm and fuzzies over this post :)

  29. Great post....something everyone needs to read!

  30. You know ~ anything we can do to bring a smile to a face is enough... What a great story Becky ~ it meant the world to him. Isn't it funny how just getting outdoors is invigorating to us. We have had almost 2 weeks of solid rain and the sun came out today ~ you should have seen the smiles!! I was excited to be able to put my sunglasses on for the drive home from work. As for the random acts of kindness ~ I try to pay for the person's coffee behind me in the drive thru lane at the coffee spot at least once a week. I hope they pay it forward as it makes me happy ~ I also hope it puts a smile on their face. I know I am long winded tonight and all over the place but the sun was out ~ I will blame it on that!! xo

  31. Loved this post and I love doing random acts of kindness because it always blesses me as much or more than the person I do it for. Blessings to you!

  32. Post office people are tough cookies indeed! I love random acts of kindness, what a wonderful gift!

  33. When you think about it, making someone's day can come from something to simple and seemingly small. What power we possess!

  34. If we all practiced random kindesses, on a regular basis, think how different the world would be! Be charitable!

  35. Oh Becki this just touches that spot in my heart that say YES! Eyes to see He gave you:) and it does everyone good yes?
    I just LOVE your little world..the pictures are just so divine. There is something about those type of pictures that draw me in..xo

  36. I love your pictures! Your random act of kindness was awesome! Wish more people were like you.

  37. I think it's great that you're trying to make the mail lady smile...that made me smile. :)
    Happy Belated Birthday, too.

  38. I'm so happy that spring is here - FINALLY! Last year I made it through winter no problem, but I was getting pretty depressed the first of May when there was no sun and very cool temps. Thank goodness the weather has turned!

  39. I swear you are my soul sister. Had a similar situation the other day.

    I love your new blog look too!

  40. i love that goal- to turn someone who works in your little community from grouchy to well....anything but....
    it feels good when it works doesn't it!

    random acts of kindness- nothing but everything...
    your stamp buying... :)

    the elderly lady at the supermarket in front of me yesterday was buying just 3 things- all frozen, as she lived alone as she had been telling me whilst we both waited- she wished she'd remembered to grab some coffee...i don't even know if she realised she'd said it aloud....

    i smiled at the register girl, left my unpacking, and whipped back down the shop to grab her some...i assumed instant & not to expensive...
    she was sooo touched & grateful- for me it was simple & nothing to do- for her it was a blessing...

    your stamp man- my coffee lady...

    have a wonderful weekend- think you're catching up with the gorgeous Alicia from a Blessed Home- have fun!!

    Melissa x

  41. Random acts of kindness matters, period.
    Everytime I have done this I get blessed so much
    more than I ever could bless.

    I hope your day is full of wonderful things and
    beautiful sunshine on your face now that springtime
    has finally landed in Minisotta!

  42. WOW! It's so good to read your posts again. I've been offline for quite awhile... it's good to be back.

    Your posts are the "constant" random acts of kindness. You just are. I think this was a really neat post. I think of this so often - how people are starving for it. It's the whole Pay if Forward thing (for me) now. Who can I "crack"? I think I'll start with me and pour me another cup of coffee. :) Is that allowed? Acts of kindness to yourself?


  43. What a wonderful story! You blessed me with your act of kindness last spring when you sent me the "Love Bravely" necklace as a blessing when we were leaving for our adoption.

  44. It's so nice when people express gratitude for little things...I have to try to do that more.
    Love your photos...especially that fence. It beckons.

  45. Hey....I just read your comment on Jessica Deane's post about her puppy. I sort of figured it out already but I didn't know the place of course : ) I was hoping for Hawaii... I know everything will be ok.

  46. if anyone can thaw a tough (frozen?) cookie, it's you, becks.

    you're awesome.

  47. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and your pictures are breathtaking Becky!

    On another note, will you vote for my blog? It only takes a second. Thanks, Traci

  48. I was thrilled to hear how he responded back to you, that is such a wonderful story and great reminder that acts of kindness give back ten fold.

  49. LOVE the story! Bet that hug felt heaven sent. I'm headed to northern Minnesota mid-June so hopefully you guys are still pretty up there then! :) Happy Belated Birthday!

  50. i'm just checking in on my favorite farmgirl. : ) and oh my goodness... things are NEW around here! and get this... i've been wanting to get "life made lovely designs" to redo my blog too! i look at her portfolio over and over and just drool. i'm a goober. anyways, it looks GREAT!

  51. This is such a great reminder! So often we walk around lost in our own thoughts, we would be far better served to lock eyes with the souls we come into contact with. I know several postal ladies who are quite bitter. I know a lot of them are ex-military, that may have something to do with it...

  52. i hadn't read this post before becky but this is really neato! and reminds me that i need to get my hiney to the post office right now anyways!

  53. I am sure your random acts of kindness will be returned one day! I love buying the next person in the drive through line their coffee. A little way to put a smile on someones face!

  54. ok... so i'm trying to do a little catching up today. i read this post last week, but i think that was the day blogger was having issues? anywho-i love this. we never know the burden others are carrying. a smile, a held door, $.42... an act of kindness that just resonates. sweet!


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