Sunday, May 29, 2011

weekend so far

Friday night was spent rewatching The Secretariat.  The girls and I saw it at the theater awhile back and I just knew honey would LOVE it and he did.  We are suckers for a feel good, underdog wins movie.  By the time it was over we were cheering hysterically pushing for that horse to cross the finish line. 

It's funny how you look at things different a second time.  The first time I was more focused on Penny Tweedy and her desire to keep the family farm.  Her drive to fulfill her dreams.  This time my focus was purely on the horse.  That scene when she whispered to him to "run his race" and then he blew it away by 31 was magic!!  This may sound ridiculous speculating on what a horse is thinking, but he didn't have anything to prove.  He was already in the lead...gone!  There was no doubt he was going to win, but something internal pushed him to run his hardest, to finish with everything he had.  He wasn't looking around seeing what any of the other horses were doing;)  He had the finish line in sight and it was spectacular.  Awww so good. 

Saturday we picked up and headed off to do some errands.  The day started off pretty and then it turned.  By the time we were in Michael's there was a tornado warning in effect and then we more or less got stranded in Noodles waiting for the sheets of rain to subside.  The sky was a weird greenish color.  Sirens were blaring.  People were nervously looking out the windows. 

I grew up accustomed to tornado warnings living in Central Illinois.  In the Spring and Summer we had them all the time.  When honey and I were first married tornado's ripped through our town on two consecutive nights.  We've driven through those scenes that you see on t.v. and it's just unbelievable.  But this year the devastation is like nothing before...every day it seems like a new town is wiped away.  So many have lost loved one's and all their earthly possessions.  Every comfort we know in this human life gone.   So as we hunkered in at that Noodles I have to say I felt real fear.  I felt for a split second what those people had to feel in those moments right before the storm hit.  Mine was fleeting however and theirs was a reality.   My heart is broken for them.   I pray that the Lord would meet their every need, comfort them in their loss and restore back to them what was taken.


Heading home the sun made an appearance and all seemed right with the world again.  The rain made everything sparkle...looking even greener than before.  My car was finally clean:)

Hope your long weekend is full of good things.  We are having company today.  One of my favorite blogging friends is heading over for lunch with her family.  YAY!!  Then tonight we are going to a gathering at my friend's farm.  One of the most beautiful spots in my world. 

How will you spend your holiday?

Have a blessed day.

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  1. We absolutely LOVED Secretariat. Such a great movie, I wouldn't mind owning it. My Hubby loved it.

    These storms have been so scary!

  2. I just LOVE these pictures. Kaish andI still haven't seen that movie. Putting it on our summer list : )

    Sending love. Keep shooting in the storm.

  3. We will be picnicking at the organic farm of the CSA we belong to. Good food, good people, good farm fun. Who doesn't love a long weekend.

  4. Have a safe weekend:O) Love the pictures and yes storms and particular tornados are scary, my heart breaks for the victims. We are spending a quiet weekend home eating:O)

  5. What a lovely calm after the storm thanks for sharing it with us*sigh*. Today I will head to Dallas to visit friends then to the market for fruit and a french vanilla plant and like you Im feeling blessed.

  6. Becky, that does it. I just want to be real life friends with you.

    Praying for you and your family.

  7. Living in the midwest, I'm no stranger, either, to violent storms...but this season has been so scary. So much damage, so many lives lost. It certainly does make a person feel grateful for all she has. And I'm glad you & yours are safe! Wishing you a calm & happy holiday weekend, Becky:)

  8. We're headed to Stillwater to visit some friends that live there for Memorial day.

    Have fun with your dinner guests - glad you made it home safe after that scary shopping trip, yikes!

    The tornado that hit north minneapolis not long ago was just on the other side of downtown from us - yikes!

  9. After being gone for 3 weeks, we are STAYING HOME for the holiday!!! We'll make our way to the neighborhood pool, but that's about it!

    Loved this post..praying for all the people caught in the middle of the storm.....peace and comfort!!

    missed you while I've been away!

  10. Sure sounds like you're going to have a wonderful time! We're going to a graduation party in just a bit, then will laze by the pool tomorrow and go to a baseball game in the evening. Happy Memorial Day!!!

  11. Getting the word out.. still and again for Haley - today she is in the hospital receiving yet again another blood transfusion - She needs a bone marrow transplant - Please go to her Facebook page and like it - if you can donate - Please say "I want to donate" and I will contact you with all you need. thank you - Kelly
    Sunday Post
    Haley's Facebook Page
    I've Become My Mother
    I've Become My Mother facebook

  12. How scary is that Becky ~ we have been watching all the coverage in disbeleif and keeping those families in our hearts and prayers. We had a forest fire wipe out a town in Alberta a week ago and I just cannot imagine how all of them are feeling. I think I will take a good old Maritime snowstorm any day..... Enjoy tonight and I squealed when I saw I won your giveaway ~ lucky lucky me!! Happy Memorial Day sweetie ~ I am back to work tomorrow but I will be thinking of you! xo

  13. Thank goodness you're okay!

    I will spend my Memorial Day working at the hospital. Somebody's gotta be there! :-)

    Enjoy your long weekend!

  14. Secretariat - one of the best movies about one of the greatest horses. We are having a quiet Memorial Day at home.

  15. that was scary! I was scared just getting that text. I'm so glad you're all safe and okay... and you're so right, just seeing so much devastation every time we turn on the tv, it's horrible. :(

    As for my weekend...painting the house (still) and editing my novel. (due Wednesday!) Jesus help me!

  16. as much yard work as i can. planting a garden for the first time and enjoy the weekend at home! these storms have to go away and the sun needs to come out. happy weekend to you my friend!

  17. stay safe becky! Who did you meet for lunch? Have fun and enjoy your little farm town!

  18. gorgeous weekend so far, becks. hope the rest is every bit as precious.

  19. We loved Secretariat too! I especially LOVE movies taken from true stories and those that show how others persevere through when no one expects they can.

    Love your photos Becky. You are becoming a pro!

    ♥Lee Ann

  20. Oh Becky so sorry to hear you were frightened and so glad to hear you are safe. I am with you, my heart is breaking for so many in the Midwest right now. Hope your lunch was amazing with friends. That's what life is about.

  21. I'm glad you're all safe. Hopefully the worst of this tornado season is over now.

    This must be my lucky week. I'm super excited to have one your giveaway. I'm looking forward to getting to know my camera this summer - so it's not just an expensive point and shoot. Yaaay!

  22. well, since you know where i live, ; ) i feel the same exact way about the storms and tornadoes this year. such complete devastation in missouri, my heart breaks for everyone there. last week we had a warning before school and i considered keeping wyatt home from school well after it was over because i just felt like i needed to keep my babies close by. these tragedies make me realize not to take a single thing for granted!

    hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  23. ahh, i love alicia! have fun you two!! i hope the weather cooperates for you guys, it's gray and dreary here in seattle!

  24. Happy Memorial day sweetie! Just beginning to lift my head from the crazyness of the past week! Feels so good!! Hoping we can visit this week sometime.

    Love ya

  25. This has been such a scary spring, Becky. So many prayers going out for so many towns and people. :( We're supposed to get another nasty storm tomorrow afternoon. It seems like everytime we get rain, it's a stormy rain. Today sure was the most perfect summer day, though! yay! So glad that you are safe and sound and had a wonderful holiday!

    xoxo laurie

  26. Thought about you
    this weekend as I
    scurried from one
    thing to the next....
    Hope you were able
    to relax and have
    fun. Those storms
    WERE scary....I had
    to drive E to harp
    yesterday morning
    through major t-storms.
    Happy Tuesday!!
    xx Suzanne

  27. This tornado season has been crazy, hasn't it? I read that it set some kind of record for the most tornadic activity, or whatever they call it. So scary. We've spent a lot of evenings hunkered down in our basement lately, waiting for the skies to clear. It kills me to see all of the devastation they've left in their wake. And I was so relieved and happy to have a sunny and warm three-day holiday weekend with blue skies! :-)

  28. ours started off with a tornado warning as well. I too - pray for those families. I just can't wrap my head around it.
    We spent our weekend outside - the first swim of the year, watching our tadpoles, bbq with family, taking long walks, I actually at a BK Whopper and fries ( I don't eat fast food much anymore) but I did and I didn't beat myself up to much afterwards:)washed our cars in the driveway...just wonderful!
    I am going to have to rent that movie for us to watch. Grace says it is way good mom! Going to your friends farm sounds SO that a word?:) Your place is so beautiful. I love your are so photogenic!
    talk soon:)

  29. i love the secretariat... we spent our weekend in jasper, and it was so beautiful, being surrounded by mountains. i only wish the weekend lasted longer :)

  30. I am sad today.. I am an "accidental" farmgirl stalker.. and realize, from your blog, we live near each other.. go to the same church, apparently go to the same restaurants.. and read and comment on the same blog(s). I was so hoping to run into you sometime.. and played that scenario in my head.. weird? maybe..

  31. love that you can understand the sense of loss without experiencing it. i keep thinking i live in this bubble of fortune... by the grace of God...


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