Sunday, May 22, 2011

a divine appointment

I just had the most glorious weekend.  I wish I could have taken each one of you with me to experience God's presence in such a big way.  Beth Moore came to Minneapolis!  To say that seeing her in person was a blessing is just a slight understatement.  I've been taking her bible studies for years now and the way God uses her in all her confessed brokenness...well it just moves me. 

We (Alicia from La Famille and my girlfriends from bible study) got there early and ran through the halls to grab our seats.  That felt a little weird to do, but it was necessary.  It filled in soooo fast and we just had to be up close and personal.

And up close and personal we were!  I knew I'd love her in person, but I mean I really loved her in person.  Why can't she be my next door neighbor??  I think every woman in the room felt that way.  She's just such a spit fire..with her cute little accent and her quirky funny ways.  She's so down to earth and the thing I love most is that she wants no recognition.  She directs all the praise to where it belongs...the Lord. 

She had a couple of girls from the audience come up on stage and she did their hair.  It was hilarious. Have to admit I was wishing I was getting my hair braided by Beth Moore.  I love how she weaves tangible real life stories to get her thoughts across.  It made a memory that's for sure. 

I've talked to you before about how hungry I am for God's presence and to feel His anointing in worship.  So to be standing in a room with 4,300 woman all worshiping in one accord...singing at the top of our lungs, hands raised...well it was just a beautiful thing.  I feel so full and overflowing right now.  I wish I could just bottle it up and sip from it throughout all my days.

During intermission they had scriptures flashing on the screen and I thought I'd just share some of God's promises with you. They are so powerful.

Her theme this weekend was about being UNtangled.  She was playing off the movie Tangled.  Remember that one...the cartoon about Rapunzel?  So smart to do that because it really put a mental picture in my mind of how wrapped up in warped thinking we can become. 

I'm sure each one of us took away something different, but for me the points that spoke to my heart were about having impure motives, holding a grudge and distractions.

Uh did God tell her my inner most thoughts....seriously it was like ouch God that's buried deep in there.  Stuff that's kind of hidden and yet you won't let me hide.  You know in order for me to run this race and finish for you I have to be set free.  That means I can't do things my way.  I can't have that little bit of sin hiding in my closet.  I have to have pure motives and get rid of the junk.

I have been holding on to some old hurts and some resentment with people.  And just when I think I've let it go and become free from the knots and entanglement something comes up and I'm back tied up worse than before.  I feel like I'm drowning and won't ever be set free from the crashing waves going over and over me pushing me down. 

How can I be used by you and VICTORIOUS in this life when I allow Satan and my flesh to keep pushing me down??  Are you holding a grudge?  Throw off those people you are carrying on your back and run the race.  Let them go!  MOVE ON!!!!!

Then she talked about distraction.  One of her points was if destruction fails to entangle us, distraction will do it's best.  She mentioned her phone and how she has a blog, twitter and two email accounts that all come into her phone.  And I'm sitting there thinking yes...YES!  That's ME!  I am a slave to my phone.  I am constantly checking it, refreshing my comments, responding to emails, reading blogs.  All these things are a part of life it seems now with the social connections we have in this day, but it is a HUGE distraction.

As much as I love being plugged in and connected to people it can keep me from doing other things that are vital to whom I am as a Child of God. It's pretty hard to listen to the Lord or meditate on His word when we are constantly distracted. It really is the perfect weapon for the enemy to use. It seems harmless enough. But we have SADD...spiritual attention deficit disorder.

I know for me personally when I am alone sometimes I don't know what to do with myself. For instance if I was at an airport or out to lunch by phone would be right by my side keeping me company. When was the last time I was alone with my thoughts and allowed the Lord to speak to me without any interruptions?? Needless to say this part of her message pierced my heart. I knew I was off balance, but having the Lord use her to bring it to my attention was the big red waving flag I needed. I don't want to be entangled. I want to be free to be used.  How and in whatever way He sees fit.  

Months ago I was invited to sell my stuff at the Na-da farm sale, and for some reason I just didn't have peace about going. It agonized me honestly. Such a great sale and some of my friends were going, but that reassurance never came and so I reluctantly said no. Now I know why.  God had another appointment for me. I was supposed to be in this place on this weekend to hear this message. Thank you LORD!  You are always faithful.

Have a blessed day.

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  1. I am so glad you listened to God when he didn't give you peace. What a blessing it was for you to be at the conference. I am glad you were encouraged.

  2. Thank you SO much for sharing what you learned! While reading this I felt like I was there too... I even got a little teary. :)
    I hope you have a blessed Sunday!

  3. What a dinine appointment is right Miss Becky!!
    Im rejoicing with you...sounds like His desire was for you to be there!
    So glad you got filled up and I know all you want to do is pour it out now...bless you sweet friend!!
    Love those times apart with our Lord!

    Deborah xoxo

  4. How awesome! I always enjoy Beth Moore - she needs our prayers - don't you know the devil wants her to trip up!

  5. Sounds like a great conference! Thanks for sharing. I love the pictures!

  6. How did you get inside my head and read my thoughts?
    Seriously, everything you said hits so close to home that it's truly scary.

    I've been suffering with all the same distractions, all the while wondering why my spiritual walk is suffering.

    I think I always knew why, but now I really KNOW.

    Wake up call.
    Thank you.


  7. I saw her in Chicago with 5 of my bible study friends. We LOVED her and grew so much. I am glad you loved her. We have done several of her studies. She is a spit fire. I wanted her passion to love God and she said pray for it. I did and it worked! My desire for him has grown sooo much. Love ya friend.

  8. of course I always want to give God all the glory for the things he does in our lives! But my dear friend you are such an amazing person. Thankful for sharing this post that comes straight from your heart! Let us all choose to be untangled!

  9. I can't wait until June. I'm going down to Louisville to see her with my women's group. Can't wait for the weekend of girls and growing. I'm glad you were able to go and feel refreshed.

    PS - I love, love, love, my cuff. Everytime I see it on my wrist it's a reminder to pray big. Thank you so much.

  10. Thank you for sharing this. I love Beth Moore. I heard her speak ages ago. I have also done a couple of her studies. So life changing and convicting.

  11. Sounds like a beautiful weekend and a good one to be inside for...with all of this rain! I need the sunshine back!

  12. I love divine appointments - especially when they involve a weekend with dear sisters sitting under the teaching of the adorable, Beth Moore. God has met me there too, in the past. I love her passion for Christ and her sweet and hilarious teaching style.

    Did you already know Alicia? I love her blog, too (like yours.)

    Happy debriefing of all you learned and all it means to your life right now. Thanks, Becky, for letting us share.


  13. What a powerful post Becky ~ sounds like this was just what you needed! xo

  14. OOhhhhh I wish I could have been there too!! I love her bible studies!!!
    Is she a hair dresser? I was surprised to read she did their hair. Was that just part of her "tangled" message? Neat idea if so : )
    Thanks for sharing!!!
    P.S I'm reading this book...One Thousand Gifts...I bet you would like it. It's fabulous so far. Very deep and right to the heart.
    Take Care,

  15. I'm so thrilled you got to go see Beth!!!! What a sweet and divine appointment, indeed!!! She certainly speaks the Truth with a whole lot of love!

  16. You are so lucky to have been to a Beth Moore conference. I want to go! So glad you were able to be there where God wanted you and wanted to speak to you. What a blessing and such a blessing that you have such wonderful women in your life to spend that time with. God bless you Beckie.

  17. oh friend... thank you for capturing this for us, here, in this beautiful space of yours. i feel like i was there with you. love you and your honest heart.

  18. Beth Moore R*O*C*K*S! I would just LOVe to see her. What an awesome opportunity that God created just for you!
    Thanks for sharing all the pics and thoughts of the weekend. I can't think of anything sweeter than rockin the house for the Lord with my girlfriends!!
    What a great message...

  19. Thank you for sharing what God taught you - powerful stuff. I love Beth Moore - her Daniel Bible study has been my favorite so far.

  20. I would have done just about anything to be able to be there with you girls. I love going to see Beth and hardly ever miss a chance, but this year I just couldn't swing it when she came to my area. It nearly broke my heart! It's ALWAYs a good time of learning and worship. Plus I love that you got to go with Alicia. I'm going to be kind of absent this week... Maybe we can talk on the phone though. (You know... the one that keeps you company? LOL)

    Love ya

  21. What a treat!!! I'd love to see her live with my bible study buddies. He will not let me hide either, this last month has especially felt like sifting, He's cleaning out my closets and not letting old hurts or resentments lie. Sometimes I'm a sullen teenager and I just want to be left alone but I am always, always better for His interference.

  22. I am so happy for you...I have thought about your desire to worship freely. He does give us the desires of our hearts, right? I had a tough weekend and chose only a few blog posts to read & asked God to show me which ones to choose. He knew I needed truth & light & encouragement!
    Thank you for sharing Him in this post!
    God Bless...

  23. So glad you chose this over the sale!!! So lucky to see B. Moore!!!

  24. i had such a blast with you this weekend, my sweet friend. so glad that worked out. and what a message! i'm meditating on the distraction bit of the message. trying to figure some things out in my life that are causing distraction. have a great week!

  25. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! So very glad for you that you got to experience this time.

    Have a wonderful day!

  26. I love her too - have seen her a few times and can never get enough of her.

  27. I love your post today! and after reading other bloggers today, there has been a common thread, everyone seems to be re-adjusting and thinking on what is truly important. I am so glad that I found your blog, you are truly a talented, gifted artist!

  28. Such a blessing to be able to go in person. I saw her on a simulcast and it was GREAT. I love how open your heart is for God. Keep reminding me and others. It's good for the soul.

  29. I bet that was so awesome, sounds like her message was right on!

  30. So happy you
    were in the right
    place at the
    right time. Right
    where you were
    supposed to be.
    I continue to learn
    from you....
    Love you 'lots!
    xx Suzanne

  31. Becky,

    You have SO much depth. It astounds me...every time I see a bit more of it. I love Beth Moore. I love that you got to go and yes, what a divine appointment--God knew he needed you there this weekend...and he knew your words would encourage so many of us (myself included.) I am taking away so much from this...and I've been considering strict computer rules (for myself) for the summer...I want to experience this new Colorado summer with my kids...not alongside them, tied to the computer!

    Distracted...? Yep. But that's going to change...

  32. oh I'm crying now...good tears and i won't drown and yes..distractions ... to spend more time with Him and know Him heart is so torn between this place I find myself in..overflowing for your divine appt and isn't He so YHWH..the breathing in and out. It always brings joy to hear a sister living out loud and real..thankyou

  33. I have always wanted to hear Beth Moore speak...I've heard she's phenomenal! So glad you came away feeling transformed! Isn't God AMAZING?

  34. Oh Becky, I'm so glad you got this opportunity to spend a weekend close up and personal with Beth Moore. God has indeed gifted her and used (using) her to encourage others to really know him on a deeper level. I love her too. Last year I blogged about what I art journaled while going through her book So Long Insecurity. She and her words touched me so. Isn't it wonderful that God loves and cares for us as deeply as he does and desires to spend special time with just us and we with HIM?

    Your post here really touched my heart today. Thank you for being so real with us as always. I love coming to see you here!

    ♥Lee Ann

  35. Oh, I am so glad you were able to enjoy Beth Moore. She's awesome! I saw her a long time ago and was blessed by her.

    Thank you for reminding me to look at the distractions in my life. Such a good lesson to learn!

    Angie from Ohio

    P.S. And thank you for saying HI through your email last week :) It made my day!!

  36. Oh man I love Beth!! I would love to see her live someday too!

  37. Gosh becky, this post was fantastic...distractions can be so destructive. I've been putting down or limiting my social computer time because I've witnessed the change in other friends when we've attempted lunches etc... and it was sad to see everyone glued to their phones. Like you I want something deeper, more spiritual.
    Have a wonderful day and thanks for sharing tbis,

  38. What a great spiritual energy boost! Thanks for sharing some of what you gleaned. I saw her with some small group friends in Chicago and really appreciated her instruction and encouragement for my own life. Oh--like your new blog look too. :)

  39. Oh, I feel the same way about seeing Beth Moore and hearing her speak in person. I've had that privilege too and it was an awesome experience. She is so dynamic about her Lord and cuts to the very heart of our souls with her messages.

    And, yes, there are so many distractions today and some of them are really good but we must save our time for God's best, not the good. This is something I really need to work on too. Thanks for such an inspiring post!

    Blessings to you!

  40. Oh Becky.....what a beautiful witness you are, my new friend! GOD BLESS YOU for sharing the love and grace of Him with us with this inspiring post. Everything you said truly hit home with me. It was like a 2x4 over my head. I am so very distracted and tangled up in life itself instead of being settled and untangled in Him day to day. THANK YOU for embracing me with your words. Love you!!! ♥

    xoxo laurie

    ps Oh, and I'm trying really hard not to be jealous of your time seeing Beth in person... :)

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  42. An awesome post!!!Thank You sooo much for sharing, I always enjoy reading your posts I come away feeling inspired.

  43. Wow! What a life changing experience!!! Your post gave me goosebumps. I can't imagine how incredibly amazing it was to tbe there!

  44. Good, good, GREAT for you! Isn't it awesome how God works. Love the words He spoke to you, because He spoke them to me as well, through you!

    Have a wonderful weekend. :)

  45. Oh, how I LOVE Beth Moore! I am so glad that you got to go to one of her conferences...I have been to one, and I'll never forget much fun wrapped up in one single weekend.

    I appreciate her love for some big hair...I don't care how far away I get from 1990, big hair just calls out to me!!! :)


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