Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Interview with a blogger

My friend Heidi is celebrating her two year blogging anniversary with a month of blogger interviews.  Isn't that a great idea?  They are so fun to read.  When she asked me if I would like to participate I was like uh...YEAH sign me up!!  Who doesn't like being interviewed?:)  So please come on over and say hi.

Have a blessed day.

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  1. Hi Becky! I just read your interview and wanted to pop over and 'meet' you! You have a wonderful blog AND family! Love your little dog, Fergie...a Shih Tzu, right? We have one named Bella! Anyway, I hope you have a great day...I will be back!

  2. Hi Becky! I enjoyed your interview on WWW today and I'm just popping over to let you know that I look forward to reading more from you. I totally agree about getting bored with the decorating and crafty blogs after a while... real life blogs are the modern equivalent of people watching, only you don't get called a stalker. It's fun. Oh geesh, I sound like a weirdo.

    My point in all that rambling was just to say~ I'm going to subscribe! Okay, this comment is finished.

  3. I adore this interview Becky ~ hugs and love to you. xo

  4. You rocked the interview. That was fun to read.

  5. Great interview.


    ps. We lived in Minneapolis for 5 years and I really loved it.

  6. Great job on the interview! Good advice and sweet honesty :-)

  7. I couldn't get the link to work all day but I found her blog in my history from Shannan's interview. Great interview with you. I love your blog and you always have something to say that speaks right to me. Blessings girlie!!

  8. I had such fun reading your interview! I just had to come over and "meet" you. I'm subscribing by email now!


  9. Loved the interview!! Happy Easter to you, sweet lady:)

  10. I thought my comment didn't through yesterday, and now see it for sure didn't! Drats!

    Great interview. You have a beautiful life that brings glory to the King! And I always enjoy reading about your experiences and fun adventures. I tell my hubby that I want to do cool things like Becky does! : ) Then he laughs and says I talk like I know you. Well I feel like I do! Ha!


  11. Over here from Wonder Woman! Great interview! Glad to follow a blog that is wholesome and transparent!

  12. saweet! heading over now!!

  13. I just found you via Wonder Woman Wannabe...and I'm loving you already. I too am a midwestern girl (SD) and love it...except in the amazingly long winters!! I've been reading through your blog...I have to say, I wish one of my kiddos was a musician. BOth hubby and I played instruments and sang and loved it.

    So happy to meet you!!

  14. I just discovered you through Wonder Woman Wannabe and I am so glad I did! I've been clicking around here and find so much to love - especially your follower-free idea. i feel the same way! I'm a new(ish) blogger and don't have that many followers, but still, the numbers can be so distracting.

    Also, I grew up in rural Southern Illinois. . . so I'm wondering where you are from? I live in SC now, but I sure remember corn fields, soybeans, and roads that meet at perfect 90 degree angles. Anyway, so glad to "meet" you and I'm looking forward to reading more soon!

  15. Great interview! So down to earth. :)

  16. Great interview.
    This is why I love you!
    Hope you are soaking
    up those rays for your
    old friend back in MN!
    xx Suzanne

  17. head over to my blog, you've got an award to pick up!! :o)

  18. Great interview, I always loved your blog but I am more than in love, I am excited that we get to spend eternity together. Maybe one day I will have a reason to meet you and enjoy a yummy coffee, preferably in the winter because I also struggle in those months.It is the never ending winter around here right now, so as you can imagine I have been a joy to be around :)


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