Friday, April 29, 2011

the coffee shack fiasco

Okay rule number one when going to Hawaii or anywhere warm and tropical...take the first day and veg.  Go to the pool.  Stay close to home.  Don't no matter how tempted you are get in a car and drive for several hours.

Remember how pmsy I said I was?  Well it was like a bad sort of boomerang effect.  Honey has had a lot on his mind lately, so he's been in a mood.  Kind of quiet.  Kind of touchy. That's not a good combo with my (in a high squeaky voice) we're in Hawaii...let's do everything...why aren't you having fun??  You're bringing me down

Add Hawaiian music...which I adore, but he hates and it's a drive from hell.  I kind of get why he hates it.  It's the exact same music in every single store and!  It's a little much.  But who doesn't love "Over the Rainbow" by IZ?  That song makes me cry when I hear it.  It takes me right to the Jeep with the wind whippin' in my hair...sun warm on my skin.  It's amazing how a song can transport you to a certain place in time.

Speaking of IZ, let's be honest he was a large man.  A little sumo like.  By the end of the week I could completely relate to IZ.  The only thing that I felt comfortable wearing was a large swimsuit cover up and flip flops.  How can underwear be tight??  Seriously...not good.   

Before we left home someone told me about The Coffee Shack in Kona.  It was supposed to be this awesome little hole in the wall kinda place with beautiful tree top views etc...  Sooo worth the drive right?  Maybe, but not on the first day.  It was a nightmare literally.  We got lost in the mountains.  Oh and did I mention we were starving?? 

There were beautiful little interesting spots that I of course wanted to take pictures of but Hon was in such a hurry that the scenery was a blur.  I barked out on more than one occasion to STOP THE CAR!  It's a Hawaiian cemetery.  You know I love cemeteries.  And it's cool is that?  Can I please take a picture??

It's a gorgeous GORGEOUS view and we are in Hawaii for cryin' out loud.  STOP THE CAR.  And someone get out here and take my picture for heaven's sake!!!

There were gorgeous trees.  Flowers literally falling from the sky with an aroma so sweet it was intoxicating.  Can we please STOP THE I can take a picturePretty please:)

Once we finally got there it was a beautiful spot.  Tucked in the trees just like my friend had said.

I was all excited...the Mr. Porky was calling my name.  I LOVE Hawaiian pork.  Had just driven 2 stressful hours for the pork.  It's one of my absolute favorite things about Hawaii.  Then the waitress informs me they had just served their last plate of pork. 


I seriously had to breath in and out for a solid minute.  I was SO on the verge of tears.  I could feel a hissy fit coming on.  That my friends is the struggle I have with hormones.  It makes me completely irrational and about to blow over the itty bittiest things. 

Somehow after we got some food in our bellies the stress of getting lost, not getting what we wanted and the anger of the day all just seemed to melt away.  Thank God I'm married to my best friend.  The one who knows the good, bad and ugly and still manages to love me anyway.  Marriage isn't always sunshine and rainbows...even in Hawaii.  Thank God we still had 7 days to learn to let go and not stress over all the little things.


Have a blessed day.

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  1. 2 hours! Oh man it sounds like it was well worth the trip! Your picture are so stunning but some how I bet it doesn't even do real life justice!

  2. Oh no! A 2 hour drive and they were out of your favorite thing! EEEEEK!
    LOVE the pictures of you with the kids. ADORABLE beyond belief!

    Could you please take that picture of ME off your blog ; ) Seriously, that man on the CD is ME! : (

    Love, Becky

  3. you are too funny...but i am TOTALLY a hissy-fit-over-the-tiniest-thing kinda girl, especially when my hormones are making me extra b#$@#%y!! :) believe me, i would have been upset about the pork too!

  4. I'm so sad to hear that your hubby dislikes the hawaiian music.
    As soon as Bud & I land in Hawaii and load into my grandparents car we turn that music up and blast it for our entire vacation.
    It makes us feel like we've really transported to another world.
    You have some great pictures and I'm so glad that you finally found where you were headed. That is probably what stresses me the most, not being able to get where I want to be as quickly as I want to be there...and if I'm hungry it's bad!
    Can't wait to hear more about your trip!

  5. it would be so easy to assume by looking at your photos that everything is peachy. it's nice to hear the 'real' story - vacations can be stressful - so many unknowns and you're out of your normal routine and comfort zone.

    love that authenticity, girl. bless your heart. :)

  6. I so get it. :o)

    Glad that the rest your trip went better! Can't wait to see more pictures.

    Iz is (haha) one of my favorite artists. I wish he would have taken better care of himself so he could still be around to play his awesome music. :o)

  7. Thanks for your honest post...sometimes I look back at some "holiday" pics and am reminded that behind the smiles,,,we were not having the best of moments!! YIKES,,,glad to know it happens to others. Love the pic of the jeep in front of that awesome tree! Glad you got to "stop the car" for that one! Cheers!

  8. my husband and i were on the beach in oregon and we had been fighting about something, but, he still wanted to take a picture and i look like i could kill someone. i wish i would have sucked it up and smiled because you look so cute! btw, i wrote about you on my blog yesterday!!

  9. And if you think pms is bad, just wait for menopause. Pms on STEROIDS. Oh, and then throw some Tamoxifen on top of it. Ka-Pow!! But, it's HAWAII. Kamoniwannalaya.

  10. Sorry ~ but I am laughing right now. Stop the car, stop the car!! Pictures, pictures, pictures ~ I can so relate. We took the first day and vegged by the pool ~ got burnt to a crisp and then did an excursion the following day. It is so worth it after a very long travel day.

  11. Oh how I can relate to your post today! It seems like most of our family's vacations start out that way...we're all a bit cranky at first...and I can't always blame PMS:) Love all your photos; so glad your honey listened & stopped the car;)

  12. Hahaha....I sooo know how you feel :) And I SWEAR I have a photo of me in that same spot! My poor hubby had to pull over all the time when we were driving. "STOP...this is the most beautiful spot EVER!" Only to be followed by the exact same line 30 seconds later down the road :)

    And you are soooo right. We always plan 2 days at the beginning and end of our trip to have NOTHING planned. Our favorite thing to do is find a secluded beach the last day of our trip and have a small picnic lunch and just sit on the beach and chill. LOVE.


  13. I always thought it was weird that I loved cemeteries. NOW you can be wierd with me!!!

  14. i love cemeteries too- thank goodness i'm not the only freak! LOL.

    LOVE this post- so real, what family life truly is :-)

  15. Glad all the
    stresses eventually
    melted away! And
    that B DID pull over
    so you could get those
    pics, as they are
    xx Suzanne

  16. Okay, can I just say this is one of my all time favorite posts! I love your honesty! It makes me realize that I am no the only person that has caaa-razy perfect expectations for vacations! I can't wait to hear more! I am sure it is gonna get so much better! I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip. You are awesome.

  17. This is great to read as it is our first day of vacation. Well tomorrow is the real first full day. We will be by the pool and I'm really trying not to stress (as I do daily) and just relax, be filled with God's joy and enjoy my favorite people. Those shots are just amazing...glad you stopped and someone took your picture :)

  18. I SO know what you're sayin' about the hormones! I'm the same's like they transform you into another person entirely! Glad your day ended well and hope the rest of your trip will be very enjoyable:)

  19. Hey, you really can't get lost, there's ocean all around, mauka or makai, the best trips are the ones filled with serendipity Hawaiian style, lot's of aloha!

  20. You are so funny. Love how you shared your good, bad and ugly. I love your honesty. Love your truth that that's what makes a good marriage. Someone that will share all of that with us and still love us.

  21. Oh yes, I totally get it....two hours is along ride for things not to go just "so", huh? i love this post and your honesty and yes, even in paradise things are not perfect and you still have to try and make the choice. thanks for sharing! XO

  22. Oh girl..I can so relate!! lol
    I mean, you have to take pictures!!!!!
    Why cant they understand?!! :)
    It looks like a fun time and Hawaii has always been a dream of mine!!

    Deborah xoxoxoxo

  23. ive been there, not to hawaii but the over the edge hormonal place. i probably would have cried if i went through all that and didnt get what i wanted for food. i honestly wish i could have an over the edge hormonal experience right now. it would be worth the flight, the drive and the hormonal experience.
    I love the "tight chonies" comment. you're too funny. love that pic of u and big chick too. thats a framer.

  24. I love this post . . . so funny and so real.


  25. you are too funny with the pull over & let me take a picture mantra!!
    i love all the details & images you share

  26. you make me want to go!!!!! :) Beautiful shots, Becky! :)

  27. oh, thank you for sharing sweet hawaii with us... we went to maui quite a few years ago now, and it was all this. my story involved one child vomitting on another in the back seat on the way home from hana (4 hours?) with nothing but the 3rd bitty child's swim suit cover up to clean it up. yup. hawaii is awesome.
    ps. not to rub it in or anything, but i think it was the pulled pork sandwich we scarfed down that made him sick. (tehehe)
    and thanks for visiting! (couldn't leave it below?)

  28. love that you kept it real.....

    can't wait to see more pics of the trip!!!

  29. I so totally know what you are talking about. I do this thing with B where I feel like he isn't nearly excited enough to be doing what we are doing and I try to force him to be more enthusiastic.

    Besides, I might cry over Mr. Porky.. even when I'm not pmsing.

  30. I forgot to mention that I LOVE cemeteries... that one was awesome.


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