Thursday, February 17, 2011

love is in the air...over at Tara's

Not sure how I "met" Tara for the first time, but I adore her blog between you and me.  She's doing a whole week of guest bloggers, because she's on a super fun Disney Cruise with her family.  I'm trying not to hate on her right now...just kiddin'!  So jump on over and read about my love story there:)

Have a blessed day.

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  1. Heading over there now!
    P.S. Disney Cruises are so much fun, we honeymooned with a Disney Cruise!
    Maybe someday I'll go with kids...or maybe I'll leave them with the grandparents and we will go again!

  2. what a precious love story, written by God! those are the best kind! i just left a comment on tara's blog (i don't know her) like i was talking to you. i feel like a goofball... i thought i was leaving the comment on your blog. but this is your blog. oops....

  3. I just read it. LOVE your story. You two are just tooooo cute together. God knew what he was doing when he heard all those prayers said over your list.

  4. Off to read it now, just wanted to say I hope you're having so much fun!! :)

  5. Thanks for sharing your sweet story.

  6. it's really a cute story. god has a way of working those things out! and, you two look so sweet!

  7. You've got to LOVE a love story. And, yeah, he's hot. Lucky girl.

  8. Off to read it...
    um... I talked about you a tiny bit on my blog today! hope you don't mind... he he...

  9. Oh, now that was a fun post to read!

    I love reading people's stories.

    Right now a friend of mine is chronicling the story of how she met and "dated" her now husband. I knew her through all of this and didn't know 95% of their story.

    Grab a cup of coffee and read starting with part 1. She's posted 1-8 so far. So Christ-centered!

  10. I loved reading your love story Becky. Your both very fortunate to have found one another. I enjoyed looking at your photos too. :)

  11. Washing off my
    paint-y hands
    and heading over
    to read your story : )
    Hope you are having
    a ball in WA!!
    xx Suzanne

  12. HI! I tried to email you but the load time when I click on the email button is too long for our African internet :) I was wondering if you ever can make a special cuff? If i thought you could I would save up for a couple months and have you mail it to my mom and then she coudl send me it here in AFrica. Anyway, thought it was worth asking:)


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