Wednesday, February 23, 2011

finally home

Good morning friends!  I am officially HOME:)  My plane got in late last night and I have to admit it's a little surreal to be sitting back in my familiar surroundings.  There's nothing like getting away that makes you appreciate your home more.  And by home I really mean my people.  Wherever they are IS home!  My girls RAN across baggage claim and about knocked me over.  There were lots of tears.  Everyone who saw us probably thought I was a released hostage from Korea or something.  It was quite the spectacle, but pretty fabulous:)  Nothing quite like being missed.

I went to Seattle to find color and friendship and that's exactly what I got.  There were so many fun days with Lissa and Sasha.  I took a TON of pictures and I have to admit ALL of them were amazing.  Can I just say I love my camera!!!  So since I'm back to a winter wonderland I promise to share most of them with you.  Hope you don't get bored:)  It will give us a little taste of what's to come.

Spending a week with someone really gives you a taste of their life.  I feel like I know Lissa like a sister.  I got to meet her ENTIRE family, go to her in her space.  It was unexpected and very special. 

I got to know her honey and her kids better.

And this furry little creature...who I think didn't really want me to go EVER;) 

I think God was trying to work some things out of me while I was gone. My phone completely stopped working, my flight got canceled twice...things just weren't in my control. That's an icky feeling. I really struggled with worry and anxiety. I have this big "first time" show just around the corner and panic started setting in that it wasn't going to be exactly how I wanted it. My honey told me to "chill out man" and talked me off the ledge. He said it's a learning experience and you can't fail. For some reason those words erased my worry. And then I found in Proverbs 16 Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans. And for some reason that was like a shot to the heart. Maybe I'm not giving this to God. I'm trying to be in control! So Lord help me to give it to you 100%. I need your help. I can't do this by myself. This show is now yours. I ask you to help me get done what needs to get done and whatever the outcome is I just trust YOU!

That's where I'm at.  Sorry I missed the Thrive post this week.  It will resume again on Tuesday. 

Have a blessed day.

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  1. Glad you were released, you little hostage. Trust is the opposite of fear and how can you not TRUST HIM? You will be beautiful, as always. And really, honey is right. Lean into that man.

  2. Proverbs 16 is now going to be tattooed on my brain for the next few weeks, months, years, until I find myself on the other side of this Mountain I am facing.

    Thank you for a great post, a much needed one. Gives me hope in what I see a hopeless situation I am in.

  3. I am glad you made it home safely Becky! And so happy you had a wonderful time with Lissa. I understand the feelings of anxiety setting in when things are not in our control, but you said it beautifully in this post~God is in control! Thank you for that lovely reminder!


  4. I love that they made a big deal about you coming home. Those are my kind of people.

    Don't you just love God working?

    That dog is SO cute!

  5. glad you made it home safe and had such a wonderful time!

  6. Becky, I was thinking about you while you were gone. What a great realization that God was doing something in your while you were away, taking things out of your hands and loosening your grip. Kind of awesome that he wants to take it from you and carry it. :) welcome home!

  7. it's a good thing to be out of our comfort zone once in a while...a new perspective is always paired with a life lesson. can't wait to see the photos you'll share xo

  8. AMEN!!!! and Yippeeeee!!!!!!! So happy you made it home safe and sound, sweet lady!;)

  9. Welcome home! There's nothing quite like a wonderful airport reunion!

    Kat :)

  10. So glad you made it home and so glad you had an amazing time with true friends.

  11. welcome home, sweetie :) it feels wierd not reading your posts that wierd? anyway, glad you made it! let me know about your table covers when they get there...they should be there soon. i hope they work!

  12. Awe...that choked me up ... I can not imagine being away from my babies that long!! Happy You made it home! You escaped Washington just before we got our little storm of snow!! =) We mowed our lawn last week and now we have snow!! gotta love the PNW!! Love that verse!! =) Surrender Daily Becky... surrender daily... or hourly sometimes ... (that is what I keep telling myself too... I can be so stubborn sometimes... trying to keep control! *snicker snicker*) Enjoy your family... we'll all be back!

  13. That first picture is stunning. If I were you I'd frame it on up. Can't wait to see more and more.

    Proverbs 16 makes me think of Proverbs 3:5-6 - About trusting in the Lord and He will make our path straight. Can't wait to hear and see how amazing your journey to the craft fair will be! There's just one major hang-up!... How am I going to get there?!?! ; )

    Girl, you are going to do fabulous. May the Lord bless all your hard work!

  14. Proverbs 16! :) I needed that.
    Glad you had FUN!!

  15. I'm so glad that you're home safe and sound! i'm been feeling a bit lonely since you left. It's so quiet around here. I have complete faith that you will do wonderfully next weekend and I can't wait to hear all about it!

  16. So glad you're HOME!!! Though it was awfully wonderful to have your sweet little self here with me!! Your show is going to rock, and you'll be calling me up to say, "Well, alright Sasha... you TOLD me... and you were right!!" Ha!

    Love you sweetie.

  17. So glad to hear you are home with your peeps. I love that they made a huge deal of seeing you at the airport.
    It fills my heart too when I hear of or see God working on a person. It's very hard to let go and let Him be in control. Sometimes it's the hardest lesson to learn.
    Looking forward to seeing all your fab photos! xx

  18. I love the picture of the three of you!!
    Glad you are home with your sweet family!
    Tammy ; )

  19. Your show will be amazing. God has great plans for you little missy!

  20. Welcome home. I love how the Lord used this time to speak so clearly to your heart. Now go and get busy for that sale:-)

  21. So good to hear that you're home sweet home Becky!
    I know you had a wonderful time with Lissa and her family..and made special memories!
    You're going to do great at your show!!
    Have fun!!

    Deborah xoxo

  22. Welcome home and ahhhh. There was a time in my life God spoke to me in scripture. I miss it. I'm glad He speaks to you. Hey, did you Catch any flying fish?

  23. Welcome back!! Feels good to be home I bet:) Letting go isn't easy...but I guess that's where faith comes in. And I have no doubt you will rock that show!

  24. okay....excited to see the pictures from your trip...don't leave out a single one.

    DOUBLE EXCITED that you are home with your people....

    and just for a honey has talked me off of a ledge a couple of times, too, so you're not alone in the craziness.

  25. I'm glad you got to go and that things worked out. I know anxiety can really make things go wonky.
    I have to tell you my girls LOVE their bracelets you made for me to give to them for Valentines Day. They look so darling on their arms and they are real conversation starters.

  26. I am so happy that you had a good time and got away for a bit. I love the photos that you took. So glad that you got home safe and sound. :)


  27. Welcome home! Giving up control... tough... I hear that! Love Proverbs 16.

  28. Oh, the pictures of 'life' from Seattle are great! I can't wait until I go! Just 3 more weeks. :)

  29. you have a wise honey. (me too. isn't it grand?) and i LOVE that you got to spend the week with lissa and her family. she's someone i'd love to know up close.

    glad you have you back, my becky!

  30. welcome home-and it sounds like a great trip, in spite of the out of control things. secret? that's the truth in life... we are never in control. after all these years of fighting for it, i've finally learned how to roll with it. and it's joyful.

  31. so glad your are with your peeps again. That is really what we miss:) wrestling with God..good stuff! can't wait to see what is ahead for you

  32. I'll be right
    beside you on
    that first long
    day of the show ~
    We'll make YOUR
    table rock, girlie!
    Welcome home....
    I missed you!!
    Love ya,
    xx Suzanne

  33. WeLcome HoMe! Loved reading about your time w/Lissa and Sasha... love the connection you all have made! So sweet. you are going to ROCK your show, you are sooooo talented, fabulous.. and your spirit shines through your pieces!!!!

  34. Your first show will be great! Don't worry!! I will be over here in Va. rooting for you Becky!!!
    You go girl!

    Looks like you had fun with Lissa. Very neat trip and so special.Talk to you another time and really can't wait to hear all about your show. Pls do a post!!


  35. BEAUTIFUL POST! I ran and got a pen to write down the words of proverbs . I NEEDED to read that today.
    I am so happy you had a wonderful time! Lissa is an amazing woman.
    Have a pretty day!

  36. Phew, girl! You've been busy! So glad you finally made it back and in one piece (mentally anyway, haha) I know you're busy getting ready for your booth at the junk market!!! Have a great weekend.

  37. I have the same problem handing it over, but I am learning. :)
    Welcome home!

    (Hey, I have to use my old address. Sorry. There is no name/url option in your drop box.)

  38. I am so glad you are home and cozy with your people.
    I am so glad too that you spent time with your girlies Sasha and Lissa!
    I know how this deadline deal feels so know I am keeping you
    in my prayers and know that GOD has a complete handle on it.
    So I look forward to the post of the show being just an amazing experience for you and one that you felt complete joy in participating in.
    Thank you for your real here as always Becky. Just know you are awesome, period!

  39. Oh, I think the whole "control thing" is a universal problem. But, isn't it wonderful that we can release that control to the Master and He will work it all out, but it will be in His timing. :o)

    Loved the pictures and look forward to more.


  40. Your honey is a very smart man! "It's a learning experience and you can't fail." He is sooooo right! You can tell him that I said "He's The Man!" (meaning what a smart guy)

    So glad you are back, but also glad you had time with Lissa (her family) and Sasha. I'm sure you made some wonderful memories together.

    You are gonna do great at your show Becky. I did a show this summer and was so worried, but happy in the end. I learned so much about what to do and what not to do next time. Plus I met so many sweet people. It made me realize that it feels so good to be doing what God put inside of me by using my love of creating. It re-emphasized that He loves to see us using the talent and gifts that He gave us specifically. It really wasn't even about how much money I made, (although I was happy with it)It was more about hearing people love what I made and ooh and ahhh over my creations,and saying it was unique and different from anything else they had seen. That made me realize even more that I could continue to create what I myself love to create because it's ME!! I know God was smiling down on me too. Just like He will on Y♥U during your show. What you make is gorgeous and your heart and soul is all over it. It screams Farmgirl Becky's beautiful HEART! ( Oh and remember that I want to purchase a cuff from you- just email me when you have time to do one. No hurry if you are getting ready for your show right now.)

    Oh my goodness, I wrote a book! sorry about that.

    Love ya dear girl,
    Lee Ann

  41. Hello...I just found your blog, and I love it, I added it to my sidebar, I hope that's ok! Can't wait to spend more time checking things out here!

  42. Im really relieved that you are home, safe and sound! The guy on the ferry post has completely freaked me out - We SOooo need to listen to the spirit checks in our heart! I posted some great news about dad today if you want to pop over and check it out. x


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