Friday, January 21, 2011

January 21st

There's something in me that's a rebel.  Don't know what it is, but when I know I should be doing something all of a sudden I don't want to anymore.  Case in point...this camera class.  LOVE it!  But I've never taken fewer pictures in my entire life!! What in the world??  I love capturing the moment and because it's "homework" now I've become a slacker.  Today I vowed to change that and this is my January 21st.

It's been just slightly bitter.  Can't say I'm really loving winter right now.  Our furnace even went out last night.  That of course CAN'T happen when the wind chill is 20-, so we had to have it fixed and it was after hours, so that meant double time.  Oh yay;)  But we DO have heat so grateful for that!!

When it's dangerously cold and there's nothing to do but stay inside, the logical thing is to brave it right?, and go to your favorite new restaurant with one of your favorite friends and just take in all the sights, sounds, smells to your heart's content:)

This place is called The BVLD.  And it is so swanky.  I love all the textures.  It just makes me happy on sooooo many levels.

I crave this!  It's edamame in some kind of salty soy garlicky sauce.  I'm completely PMSing so this hit that spot. 

Even the bathroom is cute.

After lunch Kristine and I hit Trader Joe's.  It was so cold that even in the store we were freezing.  One thing about Trader Joe's is that it makes me want to be a good cook.  I am NOT inventive in this area at all.  I just don't think about food.  I mean I love eat it, but to plan it and fix it and clean up...ugh.  Makes me tired just thinking about it!!

So here's what the fam was doin' while I was getting ready to make dinner.  Big Chick being responsible and getting her homework done.  Little Chick playing school.  She wants to be a teacher.  She's so funny to watch and for the record I've never seen my Honey lay on the counter top like that.  Maybe it was giddiness because it's Friday!!!

I got all adventurous going to Trader Joe's and tried breading our halibut with Panko breadcrumbs.  It was disgusting!

Poor thing!!  Needless to say we were all gagging.

So it was time for plan B...which means cereal.  I LOVE cereal.  Haven't had it in a month.  Yeehaw!!!

Plan B can be a very good thing:) 

 Hope you all had a great January 21st.

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  1. i was playing a song for my girls in the car & caroline asked me to explain the words. i tried to tell her it's about being sort of a rebel but jesus loving you anyway. she said she was confused.
    too funny
    all that to say, from one rebel to another!

    & how cute are you taking photos in the bathroom.
    my fave store in the world has a fantastic bathroom too

  2. "It was disgusting!" happens to us all. Most time I pretend to like it and carry poor family...

  3. The song playing fits SSOOOOOO well with the frivolity of this post!! Love it!

  4. Mmm, cute pictures!! You're adorable. And you have a really sweet family.

    Plan B, lucky you!! I want cereal for dinner.
    Here, Plan B means you fry yourself an egg and toast:)

    I love the blog music, dear.

  5. I love your January 21st!
    After last week, I never want to take another picture again. Taking 700 in a weekend'll do that to ya.

    Yay cereal!!!


  6. Funny, I was in Trader
    Joe's at 2:30, so I
    just missed you!!!
    Love your pics!
    xx Suzanne

  7. your cereal drinking picture is hilariously adorable :)

  8. Too funny.... Love Plan B's. Your family is so fun.

    Hey! I just wanted you to know that I gave you a shout out today along with Sasha from Lemonade Makin Mama...just cuz. Not about your recent post (where you mentioned her new etsy) but about a project she guest posted about on yours.

    Just lettin' you know...

  9. Cereal nights are my favorite. I love your swanky restaurant and your pretty hair. Laying on the island? COOL AS CAN BE! You have a beautiful life Becky. Happy weekend!

  10. OK your picture is great, and your restaurant looks like it was absoulutely delicious, and cereal nights are OK too. Have a wonderful weekend. Jackie

  11. my family just gave me the weirdest looks cause I was laughing out loud at the your post!!!!!

    i like you so much.
    please don't be scared. :)
    the fact that you made a fancy dish and hated it and then showed a picture of you all but licking your cereal bowl and then a picture of your husband spitting his food out...ASSURES me that we could be real life friends.

  12. Too funny. Glad you admitted it was awful. I too, love cereal and cereal for dinner would work for me! Have a great weekend with that cute family!

  13. So funny! Glad your day turned out better than it started! And glad you are warm! Check out my blog, I did a post on you as a way of saying thanks for my necklace! BTW, I LOVE IT!!!!
    Have a great weekend, stay warm!

  14. I love Trader Joes! I cannot imagine what it would be like to live in such cold weather. I have lived in So. Cal my entire life... my kids wore shorts and flip flops to school

    Love to you
    I've Become My Mother

  15. We woke up to -26 this morning....brrrr.

    I decided to brave the weather too but my trip was a bit less exciting. Felicity and I went to Walmart. I know, too exciting to handle.

  16. I've tried Panko breadcrumbs before..Once...Why can't recipes just call for regular breadcrumbs???

    Starwatch...did you know that Vince Flynn calls the Twin Cities his home. Keep that camera with you!

  17. I just posted on my facebook page that "I need an edamama intervention". I am so addicted. I love them so much. They are like healthy m&m's. Well, I pretend they're m&m's. Oh, I love them so.

  18. You made me laugh! Thank goodness for cereal!

  19. Oh I love plan B ~ 3 cheers for cereal! Have a wonderful week-end sweetie and try to keep warm ~ we got a storm today and it is suppose to drop to -27 C here tomorrow. Can you say brrrrr. xo

  20. I'm LOL! As I pulled out the Panko breadcrumbs tonight (that I've never used) our 13 year old said, "no mom, please cook some real food!!"
    Thanks for sparing my family from the disgusting. =)

  21. Haha...I'm giggling that you took a picture in the bathroom.
    I really have to work on being self conscious when I have my camera.
    I'm so worried about what people will think of me when I whip it out....I aspire to get better at that!
    P.S. sometimes meals are right CEREAL is a great alternative ;)

  22. I wish I looked that cute eating cereal! : ) I'd eat it for every meal if I could. My man insists on meat though. I adore Trader Joes. We are finally getting one this summer - thank the Lord! That restaurant looks pretty and the food sounds all good and healthy. Mmmm. Stay warm! Happy weekend!

  23. Funny girl!
    This was definitely a "laugh-out-loud" post!
    Love that photo of your hubby looking like he was about to spit it out...
    Ahhh you make me giggle Becky!
    Have a fun weekend!!!!!!!

    Deborah xoxo

  24. you totally crack me up! I wanna go to a Trader Joe's, trust me I need all of the help I can get! frozen eggos make a good "oops"dinner also!;)

  25. Farmgirl, you are funny. My favorite part of your post was the gagging comment ;)

  26. Becky, you're sooo funny! Thanks for the laugh tonight. I love plan B....we have it often :)

  27. You guys are too cute, I loved the pics! And holy moly, that is stinkin' cold!

  28. I honestly don't know how you live in those's been bitterly cold here and nothing like that! We go to single digits but it doesn't last long...although we had almost 2 wks of gray days. That turns me into Freddie Krueger! I love to cook so I'd prolly be inside baking and turn into a fat cow before spring.

    So glad your family is so cute and so fun! The cereal for dinner is my kinda deal. Your photos are always fabulous! I'm a rebel of the first kind so I do understand the "have to" about something that causes one to go the other direction. :-)

    Stay warm!
    P.S. That bathroom is gorgeous!

  29. I love plan B! And frankly, I love Trader Joe's, too. It has definitely made me a more inventive cook.

  30. Love plan B. We have to be flexible don't we? I hope you're warm soon.
    P.S. Love your pic of the bathroom at the can appreciate the little things can't you?

  31. A truly classic post!!! So with you on the rebel thing, what is that? It affects me making lists (i immediately want to ignore every item), diets (why should I have this for breakfast etc), getting into useful weekly routines, (what if I don't want to change the sheets on a monday...). Is it the artistic free spirit thing, is it lack of discipline, not sure, but with you on it anyway!

    Also laughed at your wilting at the idea of the meal prep and clear up - I'm the same, love eating and cooking but would love a sous-chef to do the boring stuff!! What are we like??

    Sometimes cereal is bliss. Amen xx

  32. Fun photos--looks like a happy life--like to see more of those paintings!!!!love to see sites from Illinois where I was brought up--Sherron

  33. You're too funny!I love Trader Joe's! I like cereal too, but cooking isn't an issue. I also share the same "rebel" and it really makes me mad at myself sometime.

  34. Did you take that pic while driving? lol! Good thing you were going slow! :)

  35. I was at the Michael's NEXT to The Blvd (and Trader Joe's) at lunchtime stocking up on crafting supplies for this COLD weekend. WISH I could have seen very own celebrity sighting! :-)

  36. Well at least you went to BLVD for lunch! I have been back too, with my hubby. I swear I crave those edamamme!!!

    Spinning this week???

  37. I'm so sorry that your cooking adventure didn't turn out! What a total bummer! Is your furnace totally fixed yet?

  38. Sounds like a good day...except for the broken furnace & icky halibut part:) My Saturday is off to a good start thanks to your fun post & cute pics! Have a happy...& warm...weekend!

  39. Sounds like fun, I love Trader Joes! Cereal is often my plan A- that's how great of a cook I am :)

  40. i have a soft spot in my heart for edamame. and cereal? always a good plan.

    glad things have warmed up for you again!

  41. what was with last night and furnaces?? ours went out also..stupid thing!! our house has NO insulation...adobe bricks and newspaper! ugh! spring is coming dear girl...hold on! and cereal is enough to warm anyones mood and spirit! that is my kind of dinner!!

    prairie XO

  42. The good thing is you went out of your comfort zone and tried something new!!
    The counter top picture makes me laugh hahha looks like a great lazy day

  43. i love your plan b! happy weekend!
    stay warm and sorry to hear the heat went out...happy it is fixed now!

  44. ha ha! i love this glimpse into your life... i'm so jealous about the restaurant and trader joe's though. my friend always sends me tea and chocolate from joe's. i wish we had him in canada. love to you. xo

  45. And just when I thought 11 degrees was cold, it now seems balmy. LOVE myself some Trader Joe's!! It is a very happy day when I make the 30 minutes drive...and even better when I get to go alone and really take it all iin. Now if I could only convince them to open one down the street.

  46. Cereal or popcorn is always a good plan B!

  47. Hahaha...This is the most awesome post! LOVE,Love ,LOVE IT!! You are just the Best for even trying to cook that fish THAT way....and defintely.... you ROCK for cooking that cereal!;)

  48. Plan B's can be wonderful!
    The closest Trader Joe's is hours away so I have only been there once.
    WOW! That is COLD!!! I thought it was cold here in Mi!
    That is when the furnace quits isn't it! Not just a chilly fall day!
    I am happy you have heat again! ( :
    have a pretty day!

  49. You guys are crazy!!! But crazy in a fun, good, I wish I was there eating cereal with ya kind of way.

    So glad you didn't freeze to death.

    My man is home now... so no worries of that happening here, either. (giggle)

    Love ya!

  50. I read this post earlier at some point, saw all the comments and figured I didn't have anything really new to add...but OMGosh!!!!!! I have loved edamame for a long time, but just yesterday, of all things after having noticed but not really soaked up the actual type of edamame you were eating...hubby and I had that very seasoning thingy on edamame for the first time ever...LOVE IT!! Had never even heard of it, then there it is on your post the very day I tried it! Figured that was worth commenting on, lol!

  51. Oh Becky, you make me giggle so easily with the true stories of your life and your sweet family. Cooking isn't my favorite thing to do either. (unless it's baking something sweet!)

    I know what you mean about being a bit rebellious when you have to do something - verses - doing it because it's something you love to do. I go through that also, especially if homework is involved. Don't know why either! But your photos are awesome!

    Oh and we have frozen water pipes and have been waiting on the plumber's list to get our fixed since yesterday. He said many on his list are without heat and they come first. So glad your heat is fixed!

    ♥Lee Ann

  52. You are my hero for braving that cold. We are in single digits and it's miserable. I'm trying to embrace it. Oh how I love Trader Joe's...some chips and salsa from there would be great right now. And maybe a chocolate filled croissant. yum! I'm sorry about your meal, but plan B seemed to work out fine. Here's to January 21 :)

  53. oh i am so not a winter kind of girl - but i will STOP complaining because it is SO MUCH colder in your part of the world! but we don't have a trader joe's in utah so girly- you win hands down!

    here's to warmth and beautiful picture taking!

  54. This post was hilarious. Honey is quite funny. And now I am rhyming too.
    : ) I MISS Trader Joe's sooo much. It was 34 here today. Woot! Woot!

  55. Becky why did you think that you needed to take a photography class? All of your photos came out gorgeous! You certainly have your lighting down and your composition is awesome. Beautiful photos all of them! I absolutely love the last photo of you eating your cereal. You looks so cute.:)

  56. Fun series of pics... looks like a lovely week!

    I have to ask ... b/c I am that girl... What kind of cereal?? =) I used to love me a bowl of fruit loops or lucky charms ... it was my ice cream! if I am not going sweet it has to be honey bunches of oats or cheerios... plain jane! yum.

    the only fish I never ever ruin is Salmon. =) once I made the most yummy Halibut evah... can't seem to figure out exactly how I did it... corn flake crumbs, Parmesan, garlic and herbs... but somehow I can not figure it out again... I always over cook it b/c it makes me nervous ... *sigh* I think I have ruined my family for fish forever... minus the salmon of course!! lol! ps love the gag pic!! too funny!

  57. That first pic is really nice Becky!
    Stay's really cold here too but nothing like where you all live!

    Have a great week!


  58. Honey on the kitchen island... maybe it's like the cat that climbs up on top of the 'fridge as soon as its people are out the door. *L* Snow is pretty, but I can't imagine 20-. Today was warm enough to open my windows and air out the house a bit. Stay warm!!

  59. I think you really are a rebel because if my eyes doth not decieve me you are driving while taking I have a feeling that may even be more dangerous than talking on the phone. So cute, and I love the cuff by the way I haven't stopped wearing it. It makes me feel so artsy to wear something handmade. And it reminds me of the victory I have in Christ! Thank you new friend!

  60. I cannot believe how cold it is there!!! My face hurts just thinking about walking outside in that. Ok, I have to ask...did your house smell when you cooked the fish? I have fish in my freezer but I hate fish (I'm only trying it again because I'm a grown up and maybe my tastes have changed) but I don't want my house to stink!!! ack!

  61. You Becky are too fun and seriously just a precious person.
    You are the most real person that I know but don't know. Always my favorite thing about you and just coming here.
    I love this post. I love your photography know hows even if my brand new Canon 50D's pins are bent from my pulling the memory card out. But it will get fixed and I will come here to catch up.

    Hope you are doing well and just happy like your last two images show.


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