Wednesday, September 29, 2010

YES I'm sitting in a cemetery!

There is an old church out in the country that I have driven by for years.  Every time I pass it I say to myself  I WILL PAINT THAT CHURCH....someday.  So when my friend Michelle said she wanted to sit out in the country and paint, my mind went straight to that spot.

So amongst the crow calls and old tombstones we sat and painted, and I have to tell you it rates high on my days to remember.  I have a special place in my heart for old cemeteries.  When I was pregnant with Big Chick we lived near one and I would take daily walks through it. 

It was so peaceful.  I would think about the lives of those that once lived and I prayed over my unborn child...completely caught up in how life is one big giant circle.  I know that may sound creepy to some of you, but it's not to me.  As much as I love my life and don't want to die anytime soon...death doesn't really scare me.  I know that someday when I die Heaven is my home.  It's got to be better than anything on this earth nothing to fear but the unknown I suppose.

Michelle had a really pretty spot.  She wanted to paint the trees and field.  It was her first time painting since junior high...yay:)  I'm so proud of her for trying.  I guess painting can be a little intimidating, the fear of messing it up etc...  But I really believe that we are all artists on the inside if we just try.

I had no idea that I loved painting until I was in college.  I studied Occupational Therapy and our teacher used various art projects to teach us how to break things down into steps for our patients.  It was so exciting to create try and capture beauty.  I just fell in love with it.  I started painting anything I could.  Eventually I took a few community ed classes, but oh how I wish I would have went to art school.  My community ed teacher did tell me that if I had went to art school I probably wouldn't be able to tap into my whimsical childlike art style.  She said that is something that trained artists can't really do, so in that instance I'm glad I missed it because I like my simple suits me;)

So here's Michelle's masterpiece.  I think she could have sat there all day:)  We would have too if there were bathrooms, food and...


Seriously what was I thinking...burrrrr!!!  Oh and don't look at my toe nails that is one area I'm super lazy in;)

So now I can finally say I've painted my church.  I know it's the first of many.  I absolutely love them.  Feels good to cross that off my to-do list.  Is there something you've been putting off for a someday??

Have a blessed day.

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  1. ohhh how fun and creepy!
    Yes, as the art major I would say that the childlike aspect of art is impossible to find again once lost.
    I am against all people who tell children what color to paint things, or what they should look like. Ladybugs red? THEY ARE NOT!
    They are many colors, mostly red, but if a child, or anyone else for that matter wants to change it up a little, LET IT BE!

    I'm done ranting.
    Looks like a hoot!

  2. I love both of them.....I need to give that a try...instead of "my" type of art....I need to step outside "my" inspired me before...I know you will do it again!

  3. first of all your painting is so lovely. i love the colors. great job becky. how fun that you had a friend to spend your creative time with. yes, next time, take your socks!!

  4. glad you girls had fun. your paintings make me happy! :)

  5. That church is beautiful as is your painting!

  6. What a great day! I really like old cemeteries too so I don't think that that is creepy. My grandparents are buried in a huge cemetery with pretty old tombstones. Somedays we just drive through, walk through and look at all the beautiful stones and epitaphs. Both of your painting turned out beautiful! I am so glad that you got to check that off your list. I would love to start painting again (besides my walls :) ) maybe this is the push I need! Thanks Becky!

  7. I bet it is so much fun painting in the air like that! My mom is an artist and she paints open-air all the time. :D

  8. I got my bachelor's in fine art and that teacher was loose so much of your natural style going through all that training. Also it made me doubt my skills and I really haven't done anything since. I love your style! Keep it up!

  9. I LOVE this post so much! And I want to paint with you...can I...please? I think there is something peaceful about old cemeteries too. I think it is because my grandma would take me to visit her mom and dad once a week when I was a kid...I loved going was quiet, I could run around, scream too!

    And your painting is beautiful! Makes me want to have another one in my home!

  10. I actually find old cemeteries to be somewhat peaceful - looks like it was a beautiful spot.

    I've gone full speed ahead on one of my 'someday' goals - starting my prof. organizing business!

    Other than that, I'd love, love, love to get back on the stage again. Maybe once David gets a less demanding and stressful schedule. ;)

  11. I've been following your blog for a couple years now. I don't think I've ever left you a comment. Anyway, you're one inspiring lady! I love your spunk and personality. You have a beautiful family and are a true artist. I went to art school and have a passion for photography. I have a family blog and a photography blog. Oh, and I've been married to my best friend for 7 1/2 years and we have 3 kids. I love your blog so keep bloggin'!

  12. Love it! I love paintings of churches and barns. Yours are so lovely and whimsical.

  13. Good for you! You've been telling me you wanted to paint a church - and what a pretty one! Looks like it was a beautiful day!
    Keep it up!

  14. I absolutely love your style of painting....

  15. I do love your whimsical painting style - it's fantastic & so free spirited! I too don't mind cemetaries. We used to play hide and seek in the one my brothers are buried in as a child. That's kind of weird isn't it?!? Somehow we felt comfortable there.

  16. So happy you fulfilled that desire, both photos look Great!

  17. Oh my girlie.... I wish I was sitting there right next to you!!! Beautiful!!!! And your painting is one of my very favorites I have ever seen!

    My grandparents lived across from an old cemetary when I was growing up. We used to ride bikes through it all the time. It had THE BEST hill!

    One of these days we will paint together. THAT is on my to-do list!;))))

    Love you bunches!

  18. I love your paintings! They are perfect in my book. I also like cemetaries. I love to look at the stones and wonder what their lives were like. I agree nothing creepy about them. Like my daughter, Annie said earlier... we would hang around awhile when I took flowers to my sons' graves. I found it peaceful and I knew Jesus was with me.

  19. That looks like a great day!I used to walk in an old cemetary too and I loved the old ones and the baby ones the best. I'm not afraid to die either, not one bit because I believe as you do..a far better place! :D

  20. I am super lazy about my toe nail polish too :) And what a fun day to sit outside and just paint. I love being creative but I've never picked up a paint brush and just tried painting...maybe I should try that someday. And I love your style!

  21. Great post Becky!
    Both of your paintings are so nice!
    And what a differeent place to do it in...but its not spooky..I actually took a snapshot down south of a gate and a graveyard behind it and its one of my very favourites.
    I agree ...heaven is our true home and its here we're just passing through :)

    Thanks for sharing more about to know you more today!

    With all my heart...Deborah xoxo

  22. Beautiful, Becky!
    I find cemeteries incredibly inspiring places, perfect for a photo shoot or painting session.

    Will you be selling this lovely work?

  23. I love the cemetary you were in! I totally understand your fasination with them. One time, before we had kids, my hubby and I went on a little road trip and we stopped at any old cemetary we passed by. It was really interesting to read the stones and try to piece together the history. I even have a photo of a stone cross covered in moss like you found - some real artistic work there! Speaking of art, I think what your teacher told you about trained artists is a fairly accurate observation - that's part of the reason I dropped out of art school! I really like your style of art, it's part of what drew me to your blog in the first place! :)

  24. Oh, what a wonderful way to spend the day! I LOVE going to old cemetaries! Not eveyone understands this but I can so relate to what you've said. Your painting is adorable. I wish I could paint in a whimsical style. I'm too much of a "copier" when I paint.
    Beautiful work!

  25. Looks great Becky! Today would have been a good day to do a painting, wasn't it nice out? What a pretty old has so much charm :)

  26. That had to of been a lot of fun! Ya'lls paintings turned out great! Nothing like a little fresh air to boost the creativity.

  27. i find old cemeteries romantic! i think i got that idea from anne of green gables! i love little white churches also - but no surprise there!

  28. it's so lovely becky!!! i adore your style. you make me want to paint! i really have never tried. what gorgeous scenery. michelle's painting is beautiful!

  29. I can see why you wanted to paint the church in the old Cemetery. It is a lovely old palce and looks so peaceful. I love your painting. Your firends painting came out very well too. :) Im so glad that you were able to take one more thing off of your to do list. I would like to go to Vermont this fall and if I did get to go then that will be one less thing on my to do list:)

  30. I once had a job to lock the gate of our small community cemetary at dark. Once I got over being freaked out about being there at dark, I came to love the peacefulness of the place. So many stories. I love to look at the old tombstones and the sweet remembrances of those who were left on earth.

    Love your painting of that sweet little church!

  31. I have an old Church in an old Cemetary I love as well and my friend was married in it.I never thought about painting it for her.Awesome idea!~Cheers Kim

  32. I would LOVE to go paint the little church I grew up in someday. It was so special to me. This turned out GREAT girl. Enjoy time with your parents!


  33. What a perfect day, Love the painting too!

    Something about cemetarys... so peaceful. We used to live by one.
    My daughters and I loved walking through it. They didn't know what a cemetary was.... They called it "the name garden".


  34. There is a cemetary near my parents' place that I like to walk the dog in or bike ride around in. It's very peaceful and beautiful. Your church is so awesome! I love that you have a child-like whimsy to your painting! You know, when you look at child's art, you can see that it is completely natural, authentic, and free of what they THINK a tree should look like (and they typically, unless perfectionistic, don't worry about all the details like adults do! :)

  35. Oh, how I wish that cemetaries looked anywhere close as romantic in Germany. Here, they're more "matter-of-fact" like and you wouldn't like to spend any more time there than neccessary...

    I'd love to start painting again, but I'm very intimidated, as you said...

  36. Yes, there are a
    lot of things I've
    put off for someday,
    but I'm discovering
    the time to do them
    won't magically appear.
    You have to MAKE time
    for the some days.
    Writing was one of them
    for me and since I
    started blogging, that
    desire is fulfilled
    nearly daily. Next,
    I want to sew and create
    more with my hands....
    Your church painting
    is wonderful and the
    day sounds divine {no
    pun intended!}
    xx Suzanne

  37. Cemeteries...oh how you stirred the pot in blogland! I love everyone's comments. I too love cemeteries and enjoy their peace, history and haunted magic.
    You are so funny with your chilly toes. The paintings are cool and I think you started your friend onto something she has a great sense of design.

  38. that painting is just awesome! you're really getting me thinking about having one painted of my house...

    I am working on those "someday" goals as well...I'm starting my own etsy shop soon and have lots of plans for it!

    thanks for always being inspiring!

  39. Doesn't sound creepy at all...I've always thought old cemeteries were peaceful & beautiful. Lovely paintings:)

  40. Now I am inspired to paint...which I haven't done in 15+ years, before my oldest was born. Also, I am 100% with you on the Heaven thing..see you there ;)

  41. You have such a joyful spirit and it comes across in your paintings. I love it! The old church is just stunning.

  42. I feel the same way when I walk through cemeteries. Peaceful. Thoughtful about the circle of life. And then Elton John starts running through my head. He just ruined that phrase for all of us, didn't he?

    I love your painting style. So glad you DIDN'T go to school so that you could discover your style! I think sometimes school isn't the best option, especially for artistic-types.

  43. Love the painting, you did a great job!! also love that you are taking full advantage of your time without your girls, and crossing things off your list, so proud of you!

  44. Beautiful paintings! How fun to paint with a friend!!!

  45. Oh Becky, I would have loved sitting along side of you in that cemetery with an easel and some paints. I was raised in the country and by my grandparents and they frequently stopped by the cemetery to pay respects to their loved ones who had died. My grandmother had a little baby that died after only a few days old. I learned to love going there with them. To me it's a beautiful place too. I love all of the history you find there! Plus it would be the perfect place for peace quiet and painting! I'm gonna have to try that.

    I am sooooo proud of you for being BRAVE and painting your first church. The one that has been speaking to you to paint it for so ever long. I bet you feel energized that you honored your soul's heart cry to do this. YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION to me. Not only do you have a beautiful painting but when you look at it, you will always remember your BRAVENESS and that beautiful day you painted in the cemetery in the country! And I don't think it's creepy at all! I too, know where I'm going when I leave this earth and that makes all the difference.

    So proud of you girl!
    Big ole' HUGS,
    Lee Ann

  46. ~**~You are adorable~ LOVE your painting! ;)That cemetary and church are beautiful~*~*Hugs, Rachel

  47. Okay... you your life is officially really cool! I love that you sat in a cemetery and painted a church. Oh... and I am doing my someday right now.

  48. oh Becky...

    You're going to think I'm a weirdo, but you brought it up first. Remember your post a couple of weeks ago - who is your Blog Crush!

    Well. I'm admiting it - finally. You are one of mine. I was going to tell you that anyway today - because you came by my blog , yesterday?, and left a comment. I always love when you sneak one in.

    Anyway. Here you are (today) talking about painting and cemetaries and all while sitting in and among the most beautiful of fall scenery. All of which are part of my favs. You've fulfilled the blog crush moment for me - once again. ;)

  49. Lovely country church...and cemetary... I understand your feelings about cemetaries. So full of people once considered irreplaceable and necessary. It is humbling, sacred and meaningful.

  50. PS I nominated you for something on my blog (again).

  51. Beautiful Becky!! I love white churches too! I have a fabulous pic of one with birds on a wire I want to paint myself one day!! =) I love to paint... I wish I could come and improve my skills tutoring under you!! =) My post today is about Paint therapy!! =) ha ha! speaking of painting... I am lost in the land of blog... I need to be painting! better get to it!

  52. I heart little white churches! I grew up in a little white church. adore.

    The Lady of the House

  53. Beautiful!
    And I'm with you on the not fearing death thing. I know where I'm going. What's to fear?
    Love your painting and I can't wait to see more!

  54. I love cemetery's too. We had one in our back yard growing up. I played there and even at a little age I was respectful of the dead. Thankful for peacefulness.

  55. What a great idea. I struggle to even go on a photo walk. I'm not sure why...fear of looking touristy or something. Why can't I just embrace the fact that I want to take pictures for the sake of taking pictures?

    Not sure what that's all about. Good for you for going out there and doing it!! :)

  56. I love that you did this!!! I think that we all need to do things like that. I am trying with my Thursdays to just spend time doing things for me. Love that you had a sweet friend to keep you company.

  57. You did a Fantastic job with the painting!!!! You said some things that will truely make one think, and ask themselves where will I go when I die? It is defiantely very important to think about this sometimes, and make sure we know for a fact that we are living right and doing what God expects us to do, so that when our time comes to leave this earth, we will be in a much better place in Heaven.... Wonderful words, thank you!


  58. How many of us have whims like that, dreams even, that we choose to follow?

    This reminds me of a pilgrimage I did in college. I needed to get away to think, so I drove several hours away and ended up in a quiet cemetery. I had brought my sketch book, so I sketched one of the graves as I worked through my "issues." There are few things that heal and build us up like finding a creative outlet. And cemeteries are great places to ponder the bigger issues of life!

  59. I want to visit that cemetery! There aren't many with tombstones around here and yours looks so lovely.

    I love old cemeteries.

    Only during the day.


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