Monday, September 20, 2010

Junk Market 2010

{Jill, me and Suzanne}  I am the orange tinted chick in the middle.  Whenever I need a pick me up I get a spray tan.  However against the lovely ivory skin of my friends I look like one of the little people in the Wizard of OZ;) 

For the past several years I have attended the Junk Market Bonanza.  It's a fabulous mix of flea market type vendors that gather together over a three day period.  It appeals to me because you can find all kinds of old repurposed items and some really special finds that can give your house a unique one of a kind feel. 

Suzanne, my new blog friend and partner in shopping crime;), picked me up bright and early on Friday and we made our way to Canterbury Park.  I finally got a chance to meet Jill from Forever Cottage...a.k.a. gym stalker in person;)  She had a role in the whole Junk Market thing.  She wrote on their home page and put together a fun tablescape from items all found at the local ARC store.  She was great.

These pictures are horrible, but it kind of gives you a little idea of what the Junk Market is.  Basically it's old junk that has been geniusly displayed to give you ideas for other purposes.  These people are brilliant in finding ways to reuse and repurpose things. 

Layla from the Lettered Cottage was there.  She's the little blond being followed around with a camera crew.  How weird is that?  Amazing what opportunities and doors can open from having a blog!

I got to meet the super sweet and talented Beth Quinn.  It was fate.  I just happened to be walking by and we both kinda recognized each other.  I'd heard about her and had been to her blog a few times...come to find out she reads MINE:)  Yay!!!

When I read this my eyes filled up a little.  It seems like she made it just for me.  Of course it had to be mine along with...

this beautiful piece...and a few others.  Let's just say Beth Quinn broke the bank!

Oh and remember Melissa from Two Little Tots?? The girl whose house I just painted. I ran into her as we were leaving. The blond tots are hers. Her neighbor has identical twins too. They are all BFF's. Isn't that the cutest thing?:)

I couldn't wait to get home and play with some of the items I bought.  That jewelry display thing is actually an old crib railing.  It worked out perfectly to hang my necklaces on.  LOVE IT!

Later that night Jill had planned a little after party at a local coffee house.  I wasn't going to go because honestly that kind of stuff makes me really nervous.  But curiosity was killing me.  I wanted to meet some of the bloggers I had read forever...and well anyway I just did it.  And I'm so glad I did.  I had the opportunity to meet Tracey from French Larkspur.  I always thought she was really sweet when she commented.  It was nice to know she's just like that in person too.  I couldn't really remember what she looked like though until I met her because she never posts pics of herself.  But isn't she a cutie??

We had a nice little chat about color.  Her home is gorgeous...all whites!  She's going to be in a book for heaven's sake.  I feel like a dope now, but I actually said that I didn't know how she lived without color.  I have it EVERYWHERE.  Everything I buy is a color.  If I tried it I know I would mess it up somehow.  She said she would love to incorporate red but she doesn't know how.  I suggested that she do an all red Christmas tree:)  She looked at me like I'd lost my ever-lovin' mind:)  Now that I think of it maybe she thought I meant an actual red tree...oh no!  But isn't it funny how we stick to things we are comfortable with?  I guess that's why God makes us all different.  The world would be pretty boring if we were all carbon copies of each other.

{Mary, Traci, me, Jen, Suzanne}

There was Mary from Urban Farmgirl...KNOCKOUT!  She doesn't put pics of herself either.  I knew she was going to be there, so I went to her blog the night before and searched and searched to only find one tiny little picture of her from like 1999.  Why in the world??  You all know I'm the queen of putting myself out there.  I do it because when I read a blog I like to see who's talking to me.  It makes them real and more relatable.  So don't be afraid.  I want to see who you are! 

Then there was the amazing photographer Traci Thorsen.  Gorgeous!  She reminded me so much of Elizabeth from Bachelor Pad.  It was Elizabeth, but with fiery red hair and a sweet personality.  Then there was Jen Rizzo from Sanctuary Arts.  She was just too cute!  I felt tall next to her.  I always love that.  She was dressed in the cutest outfit.  Spunky to the core.  Don't you love when a person dresses like their personality!  And then Suzanne...tall elegant Suzanne.  Who I learned so much about just from the way she decorates her house.  Like her love for things NOT made in China...HA!  And all things British.  She was just so fun to spend the day with.

I have a few other treasures from the day, but those will have to wait for another time.  Junk Market 2010 was definitely a hit in my book.  Can't wait for next year:)  Maybe you'll be joining us too!

Have a blessed day.

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  1. Hi Becky! How fun!! I'm totally boo-hooing I wasn't able to meet you and see Suzanne again...

    a few wrenches (literally...husband's work truck broke down on the way home the night before I was to leave!)


    maybe next year....and yes, I agree, Tracey and Traci and Jenn are the most fun and nicest of ladies...and Suzanne needs to post more on her decor I think!!

    Anne Marie

  2. Oh, what fun, Becky! We're all playing musical blog friends! Get it? I've been blessed with meeting Tracey & Jen (and your girlie, Lissa) amongst others...and I was supposed to meet Jill at Farm Chicks. I think you and Miss Mary need to hop on a plane and head on out here for Barn House next weekend!

    That's it! I really have to head back to MN for Junk Bonanza next year.

    : )

    Julie M.

    ps Anne Marie ~ I'm sorry about your hubbie's truck!

  3. pps What was I saying?? I think YA'LL should hop on a plane and head on out to Washington for Barn House! : )

  4. oh you lucky lucky girlie!!!!!
    what fun
    you were hanging with some of my most fave's too!!
    ya'll are all gorgeous and all so inspiring...
    sitting here all jealous! HA!

  5. Oh my goodness Becky! How much fun you had! I would love to meet all those fabulous ladies!

    (I would be the one following you around with a camera crew.... if I had a camera crew, lol!)

    Love you!


  6. PS: Love your jewelry display... my little 2 year old would have a field day with that display!

  7. I sure hope I can make it one day to some amazing event that allows me to meet my blogger friends!

  8. Hello Becky,
    I can't wait to see what you bought there.
    I think you guys are all gorgeous!

  9. Sounds like a lot of fun! I could use some of that right now!! Thanks again for your blog, it gives me ideas and makes me want to get out there and do things when I am usually too tired to do much. :-)

  10. I am so jealous Becky ~ what a incredible time you had and to be able to meet so many fellow bloggers ~ that is fantastic! Love your finds ~ that crib railing ~ who would have thought?? The pieces you bought are gorgeous. Happy Monday! xo

  11. Wow, that looks like sooo much fun! I love both necklaces!

  12. Oh my gosh! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go junking! Maybe I need to move. You're always doing the coolest things! :) I am SO in love with the necklace that you bought! It's PERFECT! And... the crib rail?!? Genius! I was just thinking that I needed something for my jewelry. I don't have that much room... but it's giving me good ideas. Glad you had fun!

  13. I'm so glad you had a fabulous time!!

    And, those identical twins (a.k.a. bestest friends) are so stinkin' cute. (The red heads reminded me of my Aubrey.)

    That jewelry (by Beth Quinn) was definitly designed for you... all the way!! So perfect. ;)

  14. Becky, I was so glad to finally meet you! You are so sweet! And gorgeous and so much fun! What a great experience!

  15. What a great time!!! How cool to meet more bloggers! I love your find and can't wait to see what else you picked up!

    I might have to have a little road trip next year and come out see all these wonderful things and people!

    Great memories and making new friends! Thanks for sharing!

  16. LOVE it! It was so much fun running into on Friday. And I love the jewelry display you cute!

    I wish I would have made it on Friday night...I just could not leave another night...I was gone for 7 nights in a row...doing something and it was going to be family night!

    Hope you had a great weekend...and I love that you took a picture of us and we made the cut!

  17. How fun! You look great, even with a spray tan. And there aren't many people who can pull that off. ;) I just love your playlist. Seriously, I load up your page and have to keep it up for a at least a few songs. That has nothing to do with Junk Market 2010, but I'm just sayin'. :) Love the idea of your necklace hanger, too. That is so cute!

  18. Thanks for a few pictures of what went on. We were slated to go, but then I got this new teaching JOB and so we had to cancel. All week last week I was sad I missed it. Thanks for sharing pictures of what you bought!

  19. Becky, how awesome to meet all those cool bloggers!! I heard about the blog of the vendors told me about it, but I didn't want to ditch my mom :) We had a great time too!! We'll definately be back! Have a great day :)

    PS: We caught a sweet sale at the General Store on our way out of town, too!

  20. Hi Becky! Talk about someone who is just as sweet in person...that would be you! It was a delight and such a pleasure to get to talk to you and finally meet you! I have loved your blog for a long time now and it felt so great to spend a little time with you getting a chance to chat one on one! You are a doll!!!

    Big hugs ~

    :) T

  21. Oh you are sooo lucky! You shopped at Junk Bonanza, got jewelry from Ms Quinn (I have a it), saw "blogstars" Layla & Kevin, and spent time with my two favorite ladies named Tracey/Traci:) Thanks, Becky, for sharing your wonderful adventure!

  22. Your pictures made me feel like I was there! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  23. Drooling...all that stuff looks amazing!! Next weekend I get to go to a local flea market/junk thing. Cannnot WAIT!!

    Love your jewelry display, too!

  24. That really sounds like a great time. You are getting to meet all kinds of wonderful people...that's great!!! I'm glad you worked through your nerves and did it...and ending up having a fabulous time :)

  25. What a fun outing & I just love flea markets for of Antiques & Goodies!

    I love the music you have added to your blog! ;)

  26. What fun!
    I feel like I was there with you.
    And you don't look like an Oompa Loompa, promise!

    You were there with some of my fave people, the only thing missing from this post is ME.
    Darn, I wish I could've been there!!! :-)

    Have a blessed week!

  27. How fun!
    Confession: I don't put that many pics of me in my blog but I'm trying to do better.

    I love the pic of the girls in their strollers - they were so cute!

    & your jewelry holder - what a find! Hugs, TLotH

  28. what a great day! soo many fun people to meet and good junk to dig through!! yipee, glad you went to the little party and got to meet some fun new people, all my favorites!! xo

  29. Oh my goodness! Lucky you! So wonderful to visit with and meet so many blogging buddies. I recognized many of them too.

    I know this for sure: You are beautiful Becky! Truly, I can see why everyone recognizes you. You always look fantastic and real. (inside and out!)

    Hey, I won a giveaway from Melissa at Two Little Tots last year. I recognized her right away.

    ♥ Lee Ann

  30. YOU are just
    the sweetest little
    {toned and tanned}
    blogger, EVER!!!
    What a delight to
    spend the day junking
    with you ~ you really
    got some great things ~
    and then party on into
    the evening with our
    bloggy friends. A
    really great weekend,
    in my book : ) !!
    xx Suzanne
    PS: Wonder how the rest
    of your Friday evening
    went at the neighborhood

  31. What a FUN post!! :)) So nice to see pics of bloggers together having fun!!
    :) Lara

  32. What a fun thing to do! They all look like a great bunch of gals! I love those necklaces and and the little kids were so cute..and I love the old crib railing..what a great idea! Plus, you are gorgeous in every pic! :D

  33. That all just looks like so much fun!
    Love the two sets of twins. TOO cute!

  34. What an incredible day! You got to meet so many people who used to be just blog buddies. Now you can say you know them. You bought some amazing jewelry that is SO YOU. Who could ask for a better day?

  35. Oh man some day I'm going to make it up to that show I just must! I need to get these kids of mine grown up just enough so I don't use every vacation day with fevers and snotty noses! Everyone looked great & I'm happy to see some of them because you are right they don't ever post their pictures! I can't wait to see your scores - oh what a great show I can only imagine it was!!

  36. Man. I'm just pea green with envy. I know so many of the sweet women you posted about and would have loved to meet up with them too! You got some great things girly.

  37. Oh Becky, that junk market looks like the best fun! Thanks for sharing your finds.
    I don't know how you could be nervous meeting other bloggers. You come across as so outgoing. Glad you all had a fabulous night together though. xx

  38. How FUN! I would love to meet some of the bloggers out there! You are so lucky! What a fun day for you and I love the jewelry you bought...beautiful!

  39. Now all of those lovely ladies got to experience why I love you so much! (even though you ruined your christmas present.) :)

  40. I am sooo jealous! It sounds like you had an absolutely wonderful time! I saw info on Junk Bonanza on a couple of other blogs, and was wishing I was closer. . .(although my husband might think differently) Thanks for the pictures.

  41. I would have loved to go looks like it was so much fun.

    Your tan looks totally natural (next time if you want to make it look really realistic put on some sunglasses and leave around your eyes white!).

  42. OMGosh! Looks like you had such a fun day! I'm still totally in love with your blog, Becky. Absolutely love your pics and your adventures! I love those types of markets...such great finds!!

    I attended a blogging event last weekend. 100 Philadelphia area bloggers...I know that feeling of being nervous. But it's so much fun to meet people face to face. As I always say, blog friends are real friends. Just maybe one day, we'll cross paths!! :)

  43. oh. my. goodness. you live entirely too far away. what an awesome event!! all of that is right up my alley!

  44. hello beautiful becky. it was such a pleasure meeting you!! i wish we could have talked longer. i hope those bunco ladies know how lucky they are that they got you for a while friday. we should have held you hostage and made you stay. jk. looking forward to getting to know you better. i love the necklace hanger. i have one of those. hmmmmmm.

  45. Becky, Becky, Becky...I am shaking my finger at you when I say that, too. Just so you know! Did I fail to specify that all photos of me that go out into blogland need to be heavily Photoshopped first! Yikes. That, my friend, is why you never see photos of me on my blog! hahaha...but seriously, I thank you for being so darn sweet! Oh, and the one and only photo of me is probably my profile pic, and that is not from 1999, more like 2009. So there. ;o)

    You were so fun to meet, all smiley and happy like your pics always show. You are just too stinkin' cute for words, I tell ya! All tan and tone you put us to shame, girl! I wish we could have talked more. I got sucked away into the crowd and didn't make it back before you flew the coop for Bunco. Missed talking with you...but did I ever mention I get to your area a few times a year "junkin" on my own?? You may hear a knock on your door one day.

    Great to meet you, my new Minnesota friend.


  46. who says i never comment ??LOL!!! i had the most FAB time girl with you !!! so hoping that we get to see more of each other sometime !! it was such a pleasure meeting you and all the girls from blog land , thanks so much for inviting me to come along!!!
    now that i have your number you just might hear from me soon !!! enjoy all your new lovely wares my sweet friend !

  47. Looks like you all had fun and fab finds. Isn't the virtual world cool for making friends with like minded souls. I too am an artist who pays the bills through vintage finds, (feel free to pop by one 'n all if bored) Great blog, be back soon; thanks, Linda.

  48. So much fun! And so many "famous people"!!

    Also, I agree 100% with your philosophy on posting pics of yourself. It really does help people (including me!) to connect.

  49. Looks like you had a great time and LOVE those necklaces:O) Gorgeous:O) Thanks for sharing

  50. I am so jealous! I would love to go and you met so many cool bloggers!

    I love the all red christmas tree- I think it would be a perfect punch for her and not permanent at all. I've seen her all white house and I have no idea how she does it either.

    I'll spend half the day following all those links- I just know it!

  51. I am so glad you enjoyed yourself so much! I had a great time also. I only had time for a quick in and out but I did manage to take a few treasures home with me.

  52. Oooh I love markets like that. :-) Glad you had fun!

  53. Oh I'm so jealous!! What a fabulous time you had and meeting all those wonderful bloggy friends!!!!
    okay I'll post more pictures of me :) pinky promise :)

  54. Oh, I'm so with Lulu - JEALOUS that you got to meet all those fabulous women - and I can't wait to meet YOU someday, too. I just know it is going to happen...I just KNOW it! ;)

    Post pictures of me......sigh ...... I just love being behind the camera rather than in front - But I totally appreciate when I see people's faces, too - I get that!!!!! I'll work on it ... no promises, I will work on getting in front of the lens!


  55. Let's just say I am very sad it didn't work out for me to head 3 hours north this year. I bought my Early Bird ticket a little too early. It just didn't work out to take the day off work.
    Next is a must!

  56. you met so many of my favies!!!
    how much fun that had to be.
    happy for you!


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