Sunday, September 26, 2010

Jimmy John's

Recently Jimmy John's had a customer appreciation day.  This is a big deal to us because my Honey is Jimmy John's number one customer hand's down.  They were giving subs out for $1.00.  Yeehaw!!!  We didn't even care that we had to park a half mile away or that we had to stand outside in nippy weather.  It was all good.  Anything for Jimmy John's right;)

About 2 years ago Honey traded in McDonald's Big Macs for cleaner eating and adopted Jimmy John's as his staple.  I bet he eats there at least 3 times a week.  He has that ability to eat the same thing over and over and over.  I on the other hand am Jimmy Johned OUT.  I could go a lifetime without another sandwich from there.  That's what happens if I eat too much of the same thing.  I feel that way with Subway too.  We have eaten there so much that it makes me a little sick to think about.  Why can't there be some other healthy fast food type options.  If you know of any please share!

Okay so now he's peeved...taking pictures while he's eating makes him mad.  Oh but isn't he cute when he's mad...ha:)  I was sorta camera happy that day.  Speaking of mad that's how I feel when I eat inside Jimmy John's.  I leave a little hearing impaired from the blaring music.  Am I getting old or what?   Do you have a restaurant that you NEVER get sick of??

Have a blessed day.

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  1. Oh my goodness! That is too funny. We had a JJ's when we lived in Denton, Texas ~ my hubby LOVED it! (I get tired of sandwich places pretty quickly...) We just saw that they are opening one here in Scottsdale and he is so pumped for opening day! I guess it's a guy thing :)

  2. Look at the hubby of yours, such a cutie! I admit, I love me some Jimmy Johns, too. But I am soooo over Subway. Healthy eating out is so tough. I have a few places locally that are great, but when I travel - it is just super hard to find something good for me. By the time I get home I am dying to eat anything that does not come on a bun!

    But as far as a place I never get sick of - in the Chicago area hands down it is Portillos. Have you ever been to one?? Its like I have died and gone to heaven.


  3. My hubby happened upon Jimmy Johns on cust. appreciation day too - he didn't have time to wait in the line, but he wished he did!

    One of my favorite healthier out-to-eat options is Panera - They have such a GREAT variety of unique salads, sandwiches and soups. Now I'm craving one!! ;)

  4. okay...I've never even HEARD of a Jimmy Johns'!

  5. Super jealous. I love their beach club. mmmmmmmmm! Although like you every once in awhile I get sick of it b/c my hubby is the same way. He could eat the same thing every day and not get sick of it ever.

  6. I don't have a favorite eating spot, but I don't get sick of the same thing over and over, grilled salmon with frozen veggies four times a week makes me a happy girl.

  7. Not sure how "healthy" you are looking for, but I heard Chipotle uses fresh and local produce and such. :)

  8. Oh it is so stinking loud in jimmy johns, i totally understand. and yes, i'm sick of chipotle :( i don't know what just happened one day. boo. i liked it alot too.

  9. I too am sick of eating Subway & such! Do you have a Jason's Deli where you live? It's not just subs, but salads, soups, & other yummies. They use all organic foods...pretty good...well, I'm not tired of it yet ;)

  10. I don't know of those around here...but I know what you mean! There is a local one here and I get so sick of the same old menu! I do love certain ones though but they are about 2 hours from me! :D

  11. We love JJs, although Cory always gets The Gargantuan, which sort of misses the point of "clean" eating. ;)

  12. Love Jimmy John's.
    Other GREAT healthy fast-alternative is 'Salad Creations.' They make salad's on the go. I can never get sick of them, their menu options are amazing too. All the way from salmon to heart-healthy salad. SOOOO GOOD. I heard it started on the east coast. Currently there is ONE here in Vegas. That's it!

  13. sadly the answer to that question for me is Taco get tired of it.

    they don't have JJ in nashville :( I used to love eating there...

  14. My son and your husband could be soul mates...when it comes to Jimmy Johns.

    My "favorite" is La Terrisita, a Cuban restaurant in Tampa (just across the bay from me). I have eaten there for as long as I can remember...even standing in like to get Cuban sandwiches to take back to Dallas/Knoxville/Little Rock/Philadelphia/Kingsport when we lived in those cities. Mmmmmmm....there is not much they prepare there that is not DELICIOSO!!!
    Jane (Artfully graced)

  15. Jimmy Johns was my GO TO when I was pregnant. Mmmmmmmmm.

  16. I know what you mean...ugh, I am sick of Subway. I always like Chipotle or Panera though :)

  17. hey becky! i have missed visiting your blog! my neighbor friend opened a jimmy johns here in jax and i have not made my way over there yet! but they loved it so much when they lived in chicago that they wanted to bring the goodness here! thanks for the heads up on the loud music! maybe i will bring some earplugs along with my appetite! ha!

  18. It has already been mentioned, but, I also love Jason's Deli! I like the grilled chicken sandwich at Chik-fil-A with a fruit cup on the side, or sometimes I put a little bag of baked lays in my purse to go along with it. :)I have never commented before,and I don't have a blog, but I thought I would tell you I was reading your blog the other night and my daughter said, "hey, you look like her" I'm sorry and lucky me! HA!

  19. I don't think we have Jimmy John's. I don't eat fast food, so eating whilst I'm out on errands can be a pain. Red Robin is the go-to place for my mom and me. In fact, we ate at two different locations over the weekend...and ordered the exact same things. (I like the chicken bruschetta sandwich)

    Have a gorgeous week!

    : )

    Julie M.

  20. B! Ok, I don't know about Jimmy Johns - sounds amazing, but I'm SO like you - so beyond subway - and we have ToGo's around here which is like subway...pretty peaked out of that place, too.

    Now, when it comes to mexican food .... THAT is a different story. Ever heard of Chipotle? That is a place I can eat over and over. Talk about clean eating, too - mmmmmmm. Great, clean food (that's their whole specialty) and I can always order something different and it helps me not get sick of it - oh. and I'm obsessed with mexican food. ;) (yet another reason why you should come to CA!)

    Whew. that was wordy - sorry! xoxo

  21. oh, i am with you. i started eating the unwich when i went gluten free and it was soooo good for awhile, but we passed a jimmy john's yesterday (while looking for a dinner option) and there was NO WAY I was eating there! lol I just need a little break on it I think.

    I'm with you though, needing some healthier options for fast food. big time.

  22. We've really cut WAY back on eating out. For lunches though, Jason's Deli is one of my favorites, too. Love their salad bar.

  23. i've never been! i adore "in 'n out" from back home in cali. i'm glad though, that they're not here in the south... i'd have little self-control because their grease is just too good!

  24. Hee hee,
    this is really
    funny, especially
    at this very
    moment when I
    ate all kinds
    of JUNK this
    weekend!!! I
    love a local
    place called
    Punch Pizza.
    ALWAYS get the
    same thing....
    the Margareta
    pizza and the
    Punch salad.
    Hopefully I
    won't eat it
    too often and
    ruin a wonderful
    relationship {me
    with Punch, that
    xx Suzanne

  25. erm, i need to email a commenter up there to tell her that yes INDEED we have JJ's in nashville. and it is good :) other healthy fast foodish type places are chipotle, local taco, blue coast burrito, zoe's kitchen, pei wei (get stuff stock velveted, which means the lowest fat/cal content possible), jason's deli, mcallisters, panera...

    place i could NEVER get tired of? a gooood thai place. i have a couple that i frequent here in town :)

  26. i hate to publicly admit this but i live in a very small town and we do not have JJ's so i've never tried it. (there's one in knoxville so i do have access an hour away--i just keep forgetting to try it). but i know what you mean about subway. subway and i are through. now if i could just convince my girls of that.

  27. I've never had a JimmyJohn's sub...but my hubby says they're delicious:) I'm kind of "subbed" out for the moment, too!

  28. We have Paneras, Quiznos, & California Pizza Kitchen has the best salads!

    I have a Giveaway from the French Basketeer I think you will love!

    Art by Karena

  29. I don't like sandwiches and now with the whole gluten allergy I don't eat there...unless I have the unwich.....which to be honest I can only take for so long. Your husband is a die hard:-)

  30. Hmmm, I've never heard of Jimmy John's.
    I could eat at Taco Cabana every day, that's a Texas chain that is vastly superior to Taco Bell.

    I'll have to check and see if there are any JJ's nearby!

    Have a wonderful week!

  31. My Hubby feels the exact same way you do about Subway, we ate there for lunch nearly every day while we were dating (it was close!) and he won't step foot in one except for maybe once a month! :P I never tire of Pei Wei, the asian diner. Love it there!

  32. I haven't been to Jimmy Johns in forever! I'm glad your husband got his fix...and for a super cheap price. I never tire of Chipotle or Panera or Tommy's (local) pizza...never!

  33. I admit that I too LOVE Jimmy John's. I could definitely eat there many times a week, but don't let myself. :)
    Otherwise, there is this Mexican restaurant in town that I LOVE! I am hoping to eat there today! :)

  34. ooooh, our local Mexican restaurant- El Nopal...I could eat there EVERYDAY!!! my poor family though...they feel a bit like you on the "burned out- kinda makes them sick to think about it"

  35. Well yes he is pretty cute- mad or not mad! Seems we have the same thing in common- I can't even stand the smell of subway anymore!!!!

  36. Arby's has an excellent Chicken Salad sandwich. It is so good and it is big, so you don't need a side. Ergo no fries.

    Firehouse Subs is really good. Most of their subs are hot. I think they are very different than Subway. We don't have a Jimmy John's here.

    Burger King makes a really good grilled chicken sandwich. I like to spice it up with the onion ring sauce. You may or may not want to do that with the clean living...

    After church we will occasionally get take-out from the local chinese place. One large order will feed everyone. As long as you don't get something fried, that is pretty healthy. They have many meat and veggie combos. Plus it is inexpensive.

    I am tapped out. That is all I've got.

  37. I don't think I've ever heard of Jimmie John's. I wonder if we have them on the West Coast? I'm going to have to try it. I love to eat at Panera. Love everything they have there and when I'm being really bad...I love Jack in the Box! I can't believe I actually wrote that here ;)

  38. I am just loving his face on that last one. He is so like HH. Just done with the pics.

  39. the blaring music reminds me of abercrombie, i feel like i've gone deaf after i leave there. (i buy my nieces gift cards, don't shop there myself!) thanks for stopping by! have a super week! susan

  40. I never get tired of the salad at Chipotle....with black beans + guac! Yum!

  41. Becky, you are so adorable!
    #1 Your hubby IS a hottie. Is that OK for me to say? Just an observation, not diggin' on him. :-)
    #2 Enjoy "nippy". We finally broke the 90's here in NC today.
    #3 To answer your question? Chick fil A. I go at least two times a week and never tire. I love that when I walk in, they already know my order. Hm... maybe that's not good.
    #4 I don't like Jimmy Johns either. Too much bread and not enough insides.

  42. I will never get tried of going to Parallel 49. me and my 'honey' used to go there all the time, at lease once a week. After we moved however the closet one is over 45 mins away. We still go but only on special occasions. Which i think makes it more special in a way!
    ps. i have never herd of Jimmy Johns let along been there

  43. I've never heard of Jimmy Johns, we don't do it often but i can always eat at Chipolties... love Mexican food. But I can't stand places with load music either.... i took my daughter into a Holister clothing store and had to leave... the music was so loud i had to scream to ask her a question... never returned.

  44. we are a huge jj family! and we can walk to one from our house, which is not always a good thing. hubby loves it too...he almost opened one up a few years ago, even went to the jj's campus in IL!

  45. Wendy's. It's my weakness & my favorite.

  46. We do not have Jimmy John's here so I will have to check them out next time we are stateside. My go to place used to be a sports bar type place as they had the best chunky chicken pita pockets. I have not been there in forever tho ~ wonder if my fav is still on the menu?? Fast food is hard as most of it is crap ~ good once in awhile but you know what I am talking about. I do like Wendy's as they have such a variety of things ~ both good and bad for you!

  47. makes me want to try Jimmy John's! Except i don't think we have them here in Southern fave right now that I can't get enough of is - Wahoo's Fish Tacos (but not the fish tacos, the tofu tacos are amazing)...yumm!

  48. Wayne gets a tad upset with me when I take photos of him eating too. It must be a guy thing? :) I never tire of eating at the Olive Garden.



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