Monday, August 30, 2010

The road to happiness

Good morning people:)  Hope all of you had a wonderful weekend.  I had to chuckle to myself as I was reading through your comments recently.  I have to clarify something.  I am NOT 40.  I'm 37.  I was being all deep and philosophical on my last blog post and was kind of lumping myself in with all my friends who are 40.  But in doing that I confused I'm sorry.  I just HAD to say something.  I can't age myself into another decade just yet...even though 37 is close enough...ha!!!

With that said I am guest posting for my sweet blogging sista today.  And no she's not really my sister!  I have to be clear.  I have a way of being too vague;)  Melanie is taking a breather for a few weeks, so I'm helping her out today.  Please jump over to her beautiful blog Pretties and Posies and read all about my "Road to Happiness". 

Have a blessed day.

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  1. Becky ~
    I just found your blog from your guest post and
    I love it !
    Do you have a friends thingy so I can follow
    you and know when you post new stuff ?


  2. That made me smile! I will be 37 this year and I sometimes lump myself in the 40's too because my hubby and some are my friends are as well. But I still have three years until I get there. Although I embrace those years, still hanging on to these few in the 30's!!

    Beautiful guest post as well!! I hope that you have a great day!

  3. Becky! I love your guest post! You are such a sweet soul & a breath of fresh air. Your positive attitude is refreshing. I hope you have a blessed day!

  4. Too funny! Yes enjoy the 30's!!:O) Im here to guide you into the 40's:O) Have an awesome week

  5. You know what's really funny? My husband caught me telling someone, yesterday, that I'm 38.

    "NO! your not. You're only 37."... too which, I breathed a huge sigh of relief.
    It's pretty bad, though, that I can't remember how old I actually am, isn't it??

  6. Really?
    I'd have guessed
    Hopping over to
    Melanie's, now....
    xx Suzanne

  7. Just found you through your guest post at Melanie's. I love your blog it just so good for my soul. Have a beautiful week!!!!

    warm wishes
    Salvage Dior

  8. Already jumped over and read your fantastic guest post!

    37 looks good on you! :-)

  9. I went, I read, I loved, I commented..over there...Good job Becky! :D

  10. So wait... is your sister 40? I'm confused.


    Just joking.

  11. I actually thought you were younger ~ you are still just a pup though although I am not that far ahead of you! Heading over to read your guest post now.... xo

  12. Here is what I have to say about 40. If turning 30 was a breeze, turning 40 probably will be painful. If turning 30 was agony, then 40 will be a snap. I found 30 to be the torturous b-day, but 40 was nothing. Since then, I have heard that it is either one or the other that gets people. Of course, I am sure that there is the rare individual that breezes through both. Either way, enjoy 37. You look fabulous darling.

  13. Beautiful post...beautiful blogger:)

  14. your last post makes me look forward to turning forty. I'm 34 and still whole hog in the needy children stage. Sometimes I love it that they need me and want me and other times it wears me out!! :)

  15. I am hear to reassure you, 40 is not so bad! It is a freeing age.....somehow, magically, when you hit that number the little things just don't matter so much anymore and you feel free to be your authentic self....

  16. Hello Lady!!!

    Peeking in for a moment and had to say an enormous Thank you for your inspirational words and your sweet heart! ;)

    You can be adopted into my family any day, sista!!;)))

    Love you!

  17. Hahahaha, that's funny. You're gonna love your forties!

  18. Thank you for coming by my blog. You will never know how much your words touched my heart. My mom and stepdad have been reading the comments as well, so I know they will mean so much to them. The kindness of people we don't even know has been overwhelming. I can tell you have a huge heart just because you took the time to leave such a sweet note for me! We are struggling to understand the tragic nature of this accident, but we all also love life soooo much. It's hard to "go on" but we know we must! I am sorry about the loss your family suffered as well. I truly am. It's so hard!

    Life is still so beautiful, isn't it?! :)

    ps. I have enjoyed reading through your blog. Your photography is beautiful!


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