Thursday, August 12, 2010

rainy day

It's 9:30 in the morning.  The kids are crafting in the kitchen.  Kari Jobe's sweet voice is carrying over the radio...candles are lit. 

Island Margarita fragrance is filling the air. 

The house is pitch dark...rain is pounding on the windows.  The gutters are spilling over.  It's the perfect cozy rainy day.  We don't get very many of these.  I love hearing the low rumbling in the distance.  The soft sounds of God watering the earth...  It's been so hot and dry.

 Fill us up Lord.  Replenish.  I'm paying attention.  I'm soaking it all in.

**My sweet friends I just wanted to thank you for encouraging me this week.  You made me feel beautiful about my hair and you offered up the kindest words regarding the weighing fiasco.  I have the best readers in the world!  There could have been some harsh or critical comments...words that would have made us feel judged, but you spoke out in kindness, compassion and with prayer.  Thank you so much.  I just really love and appreciate each one of you.  When I told my mom about what happened she was so sweet.  She said that God was good to reveal that seed in Little Chick's heart... so it wouldn't become a weed.  He does that...He helps us that way.  I know everything will be just fine.

Have a blessed day.

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  1. : )

    Have a beautiful day, Becky!

    Julie M.

  2. i love the feeling of a rainy soul cleansing day too.
    i was thinking of your little one during my run yesterday. i think every single one of my girls has said the same type thing too. i truly believe you have done or said nothing wrong. i think our culture sends these messages to our beautiful girls all the time. they see it everywhere. i think gaurding your words in front of them is wise, but you knew that already. you are a wonderful ( gorgeous with great hair) mommy!!

  3. Glad to see you are feeling positive love this morning. Crafting rainy days sound like the most wonderful way to enjoy the weather. Would love to see what your girls are making! Keep smiling sweetheart <3

  4. I love the rain! It is so comforting and renewing. I am glad that you are feeling better this morning. I hope that the day continues to be as soothing as the morning. Bless you and keep your head and heart open!

  5. I would easily take a rainy day over any fair weather or sunshiny day.

    It's soothing, comforting and I love your "prayer" at the last photo- the end of your post here. I need to make that MORE of a heart cry of mine, too.

    Guess what! I think they're calling for rain here today, too. Yeah!!

  6. Sounds like a perfect day. I love days like that.

  7. I have chills reading your blog - thank you for your uplifting, inspiring world...

  8. I like your mom's analogy very much! It sounds to me He was also washing away your doubts as a mother. You ARE a good mother, and this wasn't your fault. This world is full of faults and the messages our kids receive from it can be disheartening. My son worries his muscles aren't big enough, my daughter asks if I think she is skinny or thin. They're 11! I think you handled it wonderfully.

    Be well ~Andrea~

  9. Oooooh! I LOVE Kari Jobe! I think I'm going to go turn on the music now. :) You're a great 'story teller', by the way. I love your pics and the way that you write makes me feel like I could almost feel the rain. :)

  10. Beautiful post! I love all these shots...and the two-toned ones are stunning!
    Have a great day..rain is a blessing

    Deborah xo

  11. Love your Mom's words, "revealing a seed before it becomes a weed!" Let that glorious rain renew your spirit!

  12. I ADORE days like this. They soothe me.

  13. Oh, that rain was just great! I would have loved it even more if I was not driving in it that morning. We were heading to the chidlren's museum.

  14. You make me wish it were raining here right now...sometimes (rarely but sometimes) I could go for a good rainy day and yours sounds wonderful.

    Thinking of you today and just wanted to let you know I found myself praying for little chick a couple of times yesterday. She will certainly learn from this and the fact that you and your hubby reminded her that she is beautiful and perfect just the way she is - that will impact her forever. :)

  15. this entry makes me want it to rain that much more here!! (we need it here in So.GA)

  16. stop it!! you're freaking me out!

  17. I love days like you're having.

    Your Mom is so right. For God to reveal this while she is still so young, that is a gift. He is removing that tiny sprouted seed.

    Yep, still lovin your hair. I want to do a google search to see where I can get that done where I live, but I'm afraid of the kind of search results I might get.

  18. Sounds like the perfect day to me!! I can't wait for rainy days, I just LOVE them, and it sounds like you've mastered this one :)

  19. Sounds like a perfect day to me! we don't get nearly as many of those as I wish we did...enjoy the rain! And of course everything will be ok, of course it will...xoxo

  20. This was beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. The background music was so fitting. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  21. Becky,
    I really think you are a kindred spirit! I read your blog posts and am amazed at how much we are alike...still seems strange to me that i have never met you and yet I can't wait to see your posts. So friend, kindred spirt, I hope you enjoy your lovely rainy day! Those days are the best, even in Seattle! I love what your mom said about Little Chick, so very insightful! You will continue to be in my prayers. Enjoy your day!

  22. Have a sweet rainy kind of day! Soak up every special moment you can:)

  23. Love this ...your words , the pictures, the rain...and it had to sound beautiful at your house with Kari singing...LOVE her! :)

  24. Awww Becky, your momma is a very wise woman! I loved how she likened it to being thankful for the seed so it doesn't become a weed. Perfect thought and words.

    I'm so thankful for you Becky. You know how to take a rainy day and make it into a beautiful and warm and welcoming atmosphere filled with love and light. I LOVE CANDLES!!! You know those words kind of describe YOU too. (beautiful, warm, welcoming and full of light that you give to all of us)

    I'm so glad God made Becky!
    Lee Ann

  25. Amen!
    And when you get your fill, snd it this-a-way. :-)


  26. Just love you my friend and miss you too.
    I will email you soon. I need a Becky friend fix.
    But know I am here too to fill you up, to pray,
    to bring a smile too. I just am.

  27. Oh I love love a good summer rain ... and how it does give you that chance to be cozy and soak it all in!! =) You have a beautiful spirit!!

  28. love you... you are so sweet. what a great rainy day with your chicks :)

  29. we are having the same day here.... it's been so dry... rain feels good!!!

  30. Your mom sounds like a really wise lady. And I am glad that the videos helped. Thanks for dropping in and leaving the comment about that. It is nice to know that something hit in the right spot. It sounds like everything is going to work out fine:-)

  31. This post is sooo soothing. I just love those rainy days. I can't even remember the last time I lit candles.

    the pictures are gorgeous. happy rainy day my friend.

  32. Oh, I love what your mom said.... wow... so insightful!

  33. can i come over? i love simple/cozy/reflective days like this.

  34. Mr. Privet says
    things at home are
    lush and green due
    to all the rain...
    I love a cozy morning
    inside when a storm
    is brewing and it
    looks like you made
    the most of it! Just
    read your last post, too;
    my heart just dropped.
    You know how I feel about
    all of the pressures
    that society puts on
    ALL of us, from young
    to old. I think that you
    absolutely handled the
    whole thing magnificently.
    It's a brave new world
    when it comes to raising
    girls, but you are not
    alone. Big hugs, today!
    xx Suzanne

  35. Oh how I want to see that sweet rain here in Alabama!

  36. candles, crafting, kari jobe (love!) and a thankful heart sounds like just the perfect ambiance for a rainy day!

  37. beautiful! beautiful! sounds just like a perfect day!!
    Many Blessings!

  38. Fill my cup Lord, I lift it up Lord. Come and quinch this thirsting in my soul. Bread from heaven feed me til I want no more. Fill my cup, fill it up and make me whole.

  39. Also forgot to add that I absolutely LOVE rainy days! I love to light the candles and put on Diana Krall and just blog!

  40. First time here...what a sweet blog!

    Sometimes rainy days are a blessing and an excuse to slow down!

    sandy toe

  41. I love...and I mean, LOVE, island margarita scent!

  42. I love a rainy day!! Looks like you turned it into something wonderful. :)

  43. Hello Becky! I am Tara from All That Jazz Vintage. Thank you for leaving us such wonderful comments on our blog. It's nice to meet you here in your home.
    Rainy days are the best sort of days, when you can just hunker down all toasty inside with a fabulous candle burning.
    I hope you have a great weekend and that you have sunshine and not rain at the moment!

  44. I can totally imagine the feel of the house on the rainy day. We feel so safe in our homes don't we! It is always so fun to read you since I live so near by & have been through the same rainy days :)

  45. There is nothing better than a rainy day now and then. A real soaker, actually. I love to light a few candles turn the TV on to a useless Lifetime Movie and clean closets. It is amazing how much I can get done in one rainy day! I always tell my husband, if we lived in Seattle, we would have the cleanest home in town! ;o) Lets just say its been a dry summer here in the Midwest!


  46. I've been insanely busy and on top of that, my computer wouldn't pick up wireless, so I'm very behind. I'm going to have to go further back and find out what happened....

    I loved the rain pics and the dark, shadowy ones...sounds like my perfect kind of day!

  47. Love this post and the photographs. How did you do that?

  48. Our family loves rainy days too! My son says they make him feel cozy. :-)

  49. What gorgeous pics! I love perfect rainy, cozy days like this... Unfortunately, there's just heat, sun, heat, sun, heat, sun here and no storms anymore! :(

  50. i love your blog. you look like a really cool person (i'm jealous that you have cows...). :)


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