Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lake high

We are on a little lake high right now.  We finally got out on a boat.  We've lived 6 years in the land of 10,000+ lakes and we have never been on one as a family...until NOW!!

The girls were on cloud nine.  When I told them we were going on a boat and tubing etc...they weren't that excited.  They had nothing to compare it to.

Needless to say their excitement level changed a little when they got out there and felt the water splashing their faces, the wind whipping in their hair.  I was so proud.  I didn't even have to get on the tube with them..whew!!!  They were brave indeed;)

After reading Paige's post on capturing every moment I kind of became a freak about it.  I know I was annoying.  I took oodles of pictures and was just a little obsessed.  I had to take this one of Honey without him knowing...so he wouldn't roll his eyes at me!

Michelle and I hangin' out.

Okay so I'm obnoxious with the camera...that's a given.  But I don't think Honey has ever touched my camera...until now...when I just happened to be peeing in the lake!  OH NO YOU DIDN'T!!!  You can't see it, but there's a hole in the raft.  It used to be for a cooler...not any more...ha!

Oh I forgive you.  How could I stay mad at him?:)

This is Steve and Michelle our new boat BFF's.  We kept teasing them...now we need to make cabin BFF's.  It seems that everyone in Minnesota has either a boat or a cabin.  It's just a must...I guess.  Except for us.  But we're not from here... so we don't really count;)

One of the best parts of being on Lake Minnetonka is looking at all the gorgeous homes.  It's dreamy.  I can only imagine the sunsets they get to see.  If you close your eyes...you can almost imagine living there:)

Actually this one was my favorite.  It's on an island.  It wasn't big and grand, but it was perfect.  See that screened in porch?  That's where I would spend every second.

After we docked for dinner we headed back out for some fishing.  My girls had never even held a fishing pole before.  An evening of firsts....I love that:)

They were pretty excited.  Big Chick caught one little sunfish.  But by far tubing was their favorite part of the day.

This was mine. 

Thank you sweet friends for helping us squeeze in one last hurrah before Summer officially ends.

Have a blessed day.

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  1. You're hysterical Becky!!!

  2. Looks like you all had an amazing time!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I totally get what you say, we have a lake house (or rather my in laws do) and we have such awesome times there. It looks as though you had a great time. I too love looking at the other houses on the lake.

  4. I would LOVE to spend a day on a lake! I haven't been to one in a few years!

  5. What fun!! I am glad that you got a chance to enjoy the water! The girls looked like they had a great time.
    The houses/cottages were beautiful! Loved the screened porch!

  6. What a great day! Looks like loads of fun! Hope you get your dream home some day...cause you sure have the dream family and attitude to life already!

  7. oh my goodness, I love these pictures.

    especially the one of you peeing in the lake.

    thanks for always keeping it real. :)

    love the one of your girls on the tube when they are smiling from ear to ear!!!

    becky...you had so much fun and it shows!

    so, you guys aren't from MN?

  8. The peeing in the lake had me laughing...love it. Looks like a really fun time and glad you were able to capture and savor the moments!

  9. Yep, I could deal with some boat/cabin BFF's too! ;) Looks like a SA-WEET time!

  10. ps - digg'n your new tunes - have you seen the movie "serendipity"? january rain is totally in that movie!

  11. Beautiful! Love days like that! The pic of you peeing in the lake...priceless :) ha!!

  12. Oh so fun...looks like you had a wonderful time! And you haven't lived until you've peed in a lake, right;) Great pictures!

  13. now that's what i'm talking 'bout!!
    LOVE all those captured moments my friend and
    you are totally rocking your camera skills!
    looks like a gorgeous place to live , i totally agree

  14. LOVE it! Lake Minnetonka is the BEST isn't it?? I'm gonna throw some money down that by the end of next summer you are buying a boat of your own! ;o)

    Looks like you had a great time!


  15. Looks like great fun!! It already feels like Fall is here : (

    Gemma x

  16. My fav shot is the chicks on the tube ~ that is just pure joy!! What a wonderful time you had on the lake ~ just perfect Becky!

  17. SO beautiful! Love the sunset picture. That would have been my favorite part too.
    And those houses... WOW!

  18. Ahaha! I love that you posted the photo of you peeing in the lake! What great photos and those lake houses look AMAZING!

  19. Oh how fun! Peeing in the lake... nice one. Your hubby is a crack up.

    It's 55 degrees and raining on a slant. I can't even remember Summer... LOL

  20. That looks like such a fun day and the girls look like they loved it so much! I love the peeing in the lake...nothing like peeing in the great out doors, feels wonderful! LOL :D

  21. you are hilarious! love the photos. and tubing is the best :)

  22. This sounds like an absolutely fantastic day!!! So glad the girls had so many firsts and you enjoyed your self, and let loose a little, peeing in the lake and all! :) cheers to many more adventures!

  23. Okay so fun, and I love the peeing picture. That is soooo funny. I enjoyed every picture of the sun, water, and your fun. It is cold, raining, and grey here! Gotta love Seattle, welcome Fall! Hope you have a great week!

  24. beautiful photos! i can feel the joy...

  25. One thing I am always struck by when I see photos of you and your family spending time together is how much joy there is.
    You all seem to genuinely not only love each other, but truly ENJOY one another as well!

    I always leave here smiling, and these days, I need that, so thank you!


  26. Soooo....
    THIS is what you
    were up to when I
    e-mailed you on
    Saturday! Hooray!
    It is really great
    to be out on the
    lake and see our
    community from the
    "other side," isn't
    it! We don't own
    a boat but also have
    lovely friends who
    do, so it's like having
    the best of both worlds.
    Looks like you docked
    at Lord Fletchers, which
    is in my neck of the woods!
    Your photos are super
    and you all look like you
    are definitely enjoying
    a last hurrah!
    xx Suzanne

  27. Becky- I am so happy you got to do that as a family. That is practically what we did every day this summer. Yes, I know that we are spoiled. Blessed. We have that same tube. Your pics are wonderful, but your hubby's of you using the cooler holder is the best. xo- B.

  28. YAY!!! That looks like a wholelotta FUN!!!!
    I love all the pics - you did a great job of capturing the day. I get the eye-roll thing a lot too :D

  29. Looks like a beautiful day....and so glad you caught all the moments...and the pictures of you and your hubby are too cute and fun! Those homes are just amaaazing by the way:)

  30. Looks like everyone had a hoot! Gorgeous shots too! Dont you just love family times!!!
    Thats too funny of you in the raft...I was laughing out loud!!!
    But please ...I havent accepted that summer is over yet..Im believing for one more month my friend... :)

    Deborah \0/ xo

  31. Beautiful - just great! What a nice family fun filled day! Boating is tons of fun, I live in the city of 1000 islands so I can relate with your post greatly - some of those amazing houses are all around here too! Great photos, love that sunset!

  32. Well I'd say not only you learned from Paige to capture every moment but so did your hubby catching you doing your thing in the raft!!! ha ha I'm cracking up over that:>)

    Oh it's been so many years since I've been tubing and water skiing. Have always LOVED the water. What a very special memory for you all, especially for little chicks! You guys will be begged to buy a boat and cabin now from little chicks.

    Grinning from ear to ear after seeing all of that fun!
    Lee Ann

  33. Looks like you had a wonderful time --- I enjoy the sunset pic too!

  34. You had All the makings of a perfect day. You look really beautiful. I love that you shared the pee pee shot. Only you. :). Do u miss me?

  35. That is hilarious he took the pee photo! And even funnier you posted it! I love it! What great memories! I'm so happy for you that you and your family are having so much fun!
    Have a pretty day!

  36. Clapping Clapping Clapping! what a wonderful living life to the fullest type of weekend!!!!
    Your post just made me smile and giggle! the peeing in the lake was hilarious {heehee}

  37. Thanks for making me giggle today at work. Your sunset picture was beautiful. I was going to take my own sunset picture today, but go figure the camera battery needed to be charged...haha...

  38. oh man those lake houses are gorgeous!!!!! Do you think any of them need a roomie haha!

  39. Oh, how I've missed you! Lately, I've been so busy that you were sitting there, waiting for me with a good cup of tea and no time. I made time this morning, so I could get caught up.. and I'm so very glad that I did!

    I've missed your positive spirit, your love and refreshing outlook on life. Thank you so much for cheering up my morning before I head off to work. I have the funny feeling your positivity has just effected my entire day. Thank you thank you! *hugs*

  40. So. Much. Fun! I went tubing only once and I can still remember the jolt of adrenaline I had - it was awesome!

    Ha! Ha! peeing in the lake & squatting through the cooler hole in the tube, classic Becky! - you're so bad. I love that you admitted to that.

    Hugs, The Lady of the House

  41. Well then,
    I love each of your smiling faces. Is it weird that when I see you all in pictures smiling that I find myself smiling back? SMILE!
    So glad you are into capturing moments. I am trying this too...even if my family is not into it. Is it wrong to demand a fun moment? Just curious.
    Loving your lake time and those homes...well, gorgeous.
    Thank you for sharing your life with us all. Thank you for the smiles.
    But most of all, thank you for you!

  42. hey girl,
    i was thinking you should share one of your paintings on imperfect prose on thursdays. just a thought. :)


  43. gorgeous images Becky- it looks like a wonderful fun filled family day. you and your hubby are darling together and you look so cute with your bandana.

    i am wanting a screened sun porch like no other!

  44. Wellll, hey. Didn't know you were in MN. Me too! Don't worry, I was born and raised here, and I don't have a lake cabin either! But several of my siblings do, and they like to share, so I figure I don't really need one.

    Glad you got to have a little lake fun before the waters get too chilly! Then you'll have to take up ice fishing. Hah. ;)

  45. Hey Becky how have YOU been?! I saw your sweet sweet message on my blog and I love how you have such a popular blog but take the time to comment on mine!:D If you ever come to FL let me know cuz you are one of the people in my life I would drive hours to meet!<3 And no I haven't been visiting and commenting very much because I am so busy. I have a home school class on Thursday and Friday, and regular school all week, it's fair season so I have to craft, spend the night at my friends on Saturday, go to church with her on Sunday, youth on Wednesday, oh not to mention 8 hours of homework not including the homework my mom gives me, and just so much more. I have never been one of those really busy home schoolers but this is the busiest I have ever been! But anyway this is a really long comment so love ya!


  46. let me just tell you how much I LOVE THIS post....it's all what my childhood was like....and there are chances of us doing that as well.........if I could have my "dream farm" it would be on a lake, with my boat, and my farm (the family can come too...lol)

    that picture of you in the raft is hilarious - it made me spit my tea out!!

  47. beautiful captures! what a fun day-i live on a lake {way east of minnesota}, and {forgive me} it's just this year that i am realizing what a true blessing it is. a lake in the country. who could want more? :)

    ps: my bestest blog buddy has a crush on meg, too... :) i have too many to list!

  48. I have a friend from Minnetonka- I just love saying that. Minnetonka, Minnesota.

    Why are you so gorgeous?!

    I loved this post. The picture of you laughing as you peed in a hole had be completely giggling. That picture is classic.

  49. three words: beautiful. fun. pics.
    thanks so much for sharing! looks like you guys were having soooo much fun!

  50. Becky~
    You were, once again, in my 'hood! I could tell you were at Maynards! We find ourselves there often - we live so close we bike there....Living on Lake Minnetonka is what keeps me sane in Minnesota - love the summer view, the winter view, not so much! I still don't get the whole ice-fishing thing and don't think I ever will!

  51. Oh Becky, I miss SO MUCH when I don't visit blogland for a week ~ Girl, I just can't keep up with your life! Let me say this first, the pic of the girls on the tube is PRICELESS. I think you should send the picture to the maker of that tube and they should use it on the cover of their packaging or billboards or something! Second, PEEING for the world to see ~ we just never know what we will get from you !!! lol

    Third, we have almost always had boats. I grew up in Michigan (always on a boat) moved to Cali, and hubby and I had a ski boat, then an ocean boat, and now we have a lake boat .... so I know the feel of being on the lake! My fave (just like you) looking at the homes on the lake and the sunsets too! Sadly, we have never had a home on the lake. That would be my last dream! xo missed you.

  52. Just found your blog. So funny to see my aunt and uncle's house on your blog.


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