Sunday, August 1, 2010

journey girl

I really don't like doing murals.  There is an insecure process that I go through every time.  First the agony of oh no my work is going to be on someone's wall and they will have it in their face BIG...every day.  Then I have the "I don't have a clue what in the world I'm doing" stage.  Why in the world did I act like I did??  Then the dread of actually starting the project, and finally in the middle...when it looks it's worst...I want to run away.  I actually want to just cry and run. 

I've figured it out though.  I'm not a journey girl.  That's horrible to say because that's where we are most of the time.  I really don't like the messy in between parts.  I like it when the big picture is in focus and all the edges are smoothed out and I can actually tell it's going to be alright. 

Sorry for the blurry picture.  This is where my day was spent...on this ledge.  Praying pleading with God that it would look okay in the end.  That I wouldn't fall off and kill myself.

My neighbor Tammy wanted a Scandinavian fishing village.  She gave me lots of brochures...with perfect beautiful pictures of Sweden and Copenhagen.  I was freaking out a little inside thinking ummmm that's a little outside my comfort zone. 

My style is whimsy...childlike.  Not perfect or realistic.  I kept stressing that...trying to manage expectations.

Turns out in the end I liked it.  She liked it.  All was well...whew!!!!

Why do I freak?  How do I learn to trust God??   In the end I was covered in paint.  My back was killing me and I was totally exhausted....probably from all the fretting;)  But once again the result was good.  Maybe someday I'll actually learn to enjoy the journey...nah! 

Have a blessed day.

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  1. You seem like a wonderful woman. I'd love to meet you

  2. Your painting is fabulous!!
    Often times I am on a ledge and not enjoying the journey, but I am not ever literally on a ledge. : ) Have a blessed Sunday.

  3. The mural is lovely! I am like you! I focus on the end instead of the process of the creation I am doing. I just did a post myself on that actually. Sigh.... What are we going to do with ourselves? :)

  4. Yeah, I struggle during the journey too. Somehow I like to think in the end it made me stronger...but I don't know that that is true? :/ However, my friend, you are such a great painter, I'm not certain why you fret. You did such a gorgeous job :) You rock.

  5. Wow - that really did turn out beautifully. I can imagine the stress, though, of trying to get it just right. Way to power through!!

  6. I love it!! You are so very talented. The journey can be hard, but yes, that is where it happens.

  7. very talented in deed. sorry you felt out of your comfort zone..but that sure is where the growth happens, right?

    you did a fabulous job, friend. it looks beautiful..

  8. You did good, girl.

    And who said the journey is always supposed to be a piece of cake...sometimes the journey is harrowing. And that is ok. It makes getting to the other end all the more precious.

    Love your mural!

  9. Yep, the journeys pretty much stink, but I think they're fun in the way that you just KNOW you're going to learn life lessons from them and help someone later in life that is going through the same thing! :)
    the mural is wonderful!!!

  10. looks beautiful from here. What a fabulous talent God has blessed you with!

  11. The mural turned out great! Like the previous comments, journey's do stink sometimes but they are necessary. They shape who we are and how we respond to situations. A necessary evil I guess. But in the end turn out to be a necessary good! You have incredible talent and don't think otherwise!! God will guide you through your journey's!

  12. You are awsome, and so is your work! I would LOVE to have your painting in my house! Love the end result! I too do not love the journey...I really like to know where I am going, and I like some amount of control. My life is completely changing right now, and loss of control is an understatement! But I am shifting my focus, and trying to trust God. After all He has a plan, that should be comforting!!! Thank you for the encouragement through your situation, you are an incredible artist!

  13. I'm not a journey girl either!!!!! And at the end, when everything is as it should be, I kinda regret all the fretting I did instead of enjoying the ride. But, truth be told, I seem never to remember when the next journey comes along....

  14. So proud of YOU Becky! I love your mural! Truly, you've done a great job on the mural. I like her idea of a Scandinavian Fishing Village. Plus I love your style. I'm hard on myself too when it comes to mural painting for someone else. I've been there and the journey of making them is scary in some parts but in the end it's very fulfilling to see your art on another person's wall. There is something about that quote you inspired me to believe after you came back from Brave Girl Camp= "Do It Afraid!" Well, you just did it afraid and look at the wonderful outcome!

    Pamper your back now!
    Lee Ann

  15. Those wee sailboats!!! I love 'em. You're talented, lady. Embrace it. ;)

  16. So cute!!! Thanks so much for the bday wishes, you are so sweet!
    I just read your previous post, oh my that is some swanky place! How cool!!!! I have a funny story about our connection to Verne Troyer, I will have to email it to you though!!!
    You looked so pretty!!! What a night! My head would be spinning too, my goodness, Ozzie and Sharon!!! What an awesome memory for you!

  17. Ahhhh...the big question...."Why do we worry?" It's that whole trust hard when it should be so easy.

    Love the mural!

  18. Love this post and I'm going to send you an email to tell you just how God used it in me. : )

  19. Wow!
    This is beautiful Becky!!!
    You're this!!

    Deborah xo

  20. I get you...the journey is the hard part of all of's tough and we cry a lot...but in the end, HE always brings us through.
    You are much better than you give yourself credit in life too! I love it and I also love your header! :D

  21. You did a GREAT job and I your braids are too cute! Thanks so much for all your posts. I always enjoy reading them and feel like I've known you forever. You are so "REAL" and I love it! Hope you have a blessed day!

  22. Gosh, you are soooo
    talented! But I hear
    you; I often put off
    the big projects because
    I get to that middle
    stage and think, "Why
    did I start THIS???!"
    Usually, because something
    goes wrong. Guess that's
    a metaphor for life, right?
    We just have to deal, have
    faith and in the end, it
    works out the way it is
    supposed to! Happy, happy
    Sunday, Becky : )
    xx Suzanne

  23. I love your style, woman. :)
    It turned out lovely!!
    Oh, yes. I know about managing expectations and freaking out when it's in the middle of the process. Ay yi yi, yes. *shudder*
    I hate heights, too. Sheesh, that's freaky.

  24. It turned out great! Madolyn just asked when are your girls coming over again to play;-)

  25. You sound just like me in earlier days! Your work is delightful and the mural is beautiful. I think we can place so much energy on expectations...and expectations can be premeditated resentments. I hope that you applaud yourself for a job well done! The journey is where we find the joy ~ :-)


  26. Beautiful! I LOVE it, great work!

  27. Sometimes when I read your posts, I would swear that we're related. Seriously! I am sooooo not a journey girl either, and I am keenly aware of just how much I miss by not being in the moment, enjoying the moment.

    When you figure out how to just surrender and fully trust God to make everything right in the end, PLEASE share it with me! I've been struggling to master THAT little trick my entire life.

    Your mural is absolutely lovely!
    And your braids are pretty cute, too. :-)

    Have a wonderful week!

  28. sweet job!! I love it too... and so funny you just said something about enjoying the journey- I just posted about that earlier today! We are so alike...

  29. enjoying the journey... what a great reminder! the mural is lovely. you are such a talent. i love your style.

  30. that's one seriously large canvas! :) it looks great!!

  31. Your mural is wonderful, Becky, Scandinavia is so colorful! And, you are brrrave for hanging out on that ledge! Did you end up scooching any of your supplies off the side with your bum?

    : )

    Julie M.

  32. Your mural is awesome :) I'm loving it!

    I also have a really hard time with journeys...maybe in a couple years I will learn to like them?!

  33. Sooooo needed to read this today!!!! Joy in the journey is so hard sometimes!

  34. Oh Becky look what you created!!! it's beautiful and you pouring your heart into it with all the worry you felt!

  35. I love the analogy...

    Hang in there.

  36. Your mural looks darling, I want to see the whole thing, I think we all second guess ourselves and maybe we are more afraid of failure then the journey, I know I am, cause in the end you can't hide from the journey but you can from did wonderfully, belive in yourself, cause you are that good!!! :)

  37. Stressing through the "journey"...that sounds like me:) You made it through with "flying colors"; the mural is beautiful!

  38. Oh Becky, that is just beautiful! I wish you lived closer so I could make you paint on my walls! Absolutely beautiful!

  39. Becky your art work is beautiful. I know how stressful the process of creating can be. Our styles are very similar. My painting is childlike and very unrealistic... not perfect, I did a post about this not long ago. Keep creating... Girl you are a wonderful artist.

  40. do you think as we grow ~ we will learn to enjoy the journey more? I keep wondering if I will ever embrace more of the journey than I worry about... =) Simply Beautiful art Becky ~ I enjoy seeing all the fun you create!!

  41. What a lucky lady to have a friend that can create such a beautiful mural. I love how it turned out too.

  42. Beautiful Work Becky!!!

    And, it certainly looks like you had an Amazing Good time over the weekend, what fun!

  43. I think it looks fantastic and it is good to step outside your comfort zone once in awhile too!

  44. Absolutely love it!
    Wanna drive down to NC to paint a mural in my laundry room? :-)

  45. Hello! You just commented on my photography blog:
    Thank you! I, too, LOOOVVEE comments! It was funny because after looking at your site, I realized we really could be friends! Besides doing photography, working at a library, I also PAINT walls! haha... I haven't got as much time to do it as I used to. I've thought about doing a blog for that as well but haven't gotten that far and am not sure I want any more jobs! :o)
    I love your work... so much FUN! You have a beautiful site and I love the feeling of it. You seem like a great lady. Have a fabulous day!

  46. Um, I have no idea why you freak because it's completely gorgeous. I love the building and really adore the ocean and boats.

    Almost as much as I like the pictures of you all splattered in paint :)

  47. I know exactly what you are talking about!!
    I did a drawing of a couple as a wedding gift.
    Afterwards, they asked me to do a painting of something that was very outside of my comfort zone. I worked on it constantly! (To the point where you over-think it and mess it up even.)
    And even though I think it turned out nice, I was so worried they wouldn't like I never gave it to them...

    I think you did an amazing job!
    You have such a gift - being able to relate to people so well.

    I hope you are having a great weekend!


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