Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fair days

Ahhh the last few glorious days of summer.  We always make time for our county fair.  It's just the right size.  Not too crowded...offers all we, farm critters and lots of fun.  I think the fair is the epitome of small town USA.  I can just hear all the little bells ringing and the whir of the rides, the smell of mud and earth and manure....mmmm good.  Oh and you can't forget the deep fried goodness.  Makes me happy just thinking about it:)

The last couple of years we've incorporated a new tradition.  We love going to the demolition derby.

Oh the excitement of watching cars and trucks ram into each other.  The crowd oohing and ahhing...mud flying through the air...ear piercing revving and crashing.  It's just the best!

If you've never been before... the last man standing (still running) wins!  These poor cars are just annihilated. 

The best part for me are all the farm critters.  I have to admit looking at the pigs was really making me rethink my pork burger earlier;)  Clean eating goes out the window at the fair.  We shove as much crap as possible into our mouths...knowing that this blissful window of opportunity is only a once a year event.

We do try to get in a few veggies though...HA!

The derby was interrupted by a rain storm.  Imagine the smell and mess then.  We all stood under a carney's tent for a long time...contemplating what we would do with all our ride tickets.  The favorite thing...was closed because of the rain.  Major bummer!  We still let our girls ride the rides...even in the rain.

Every year I look at Honey and we question how much longer they will be satisfied with just us.  When will the shift happen??  You know when it's not cool to be at the fair with the family.  When only friends will make them happy.  Not sure, but I know I'm enjoying every second with my family right this bubble.  Don't you sometimes just wish you could slow down time:)

Have a blessed day.

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  1. Yes! ha! Oh, what fun, Becky! Your fair pictures are sweeet! It looks like ya'll had a fantastic time. The Demolition Derby takes me back to "Happy Days" and "The Dukes of Hazard."

    : )

    Julie M.

    ps Pigs are smarter than dogs!

  2. Looks like you had so much fun! I love all the shots :)

    I just stumbled on your blog through someone else and love it -- i will be back, it's so pretty :)

    Have a happy weekend.

    K xx

  3. Oh my goodness - the fair reminds me of the old Pollyanna film! Magical!

    Can I say something a slightly snaggle-toothed Brit- the utter perfect whiteness and straightness of American teeth is quite stonishing, check out the pair of you with your dazzling smiles.

    Honestly, you would be horrified at the state of British teeth!! How do you get them that colour - is it genetic? If you have whitening toothpaste that actually works, I'm going to import it immediately!

    Glad to have found your lovely blog.

  4. I just have to say, I love the vibe I get when i come here. your blog is awesome! I have no idea or even remember how i found your blog; as if it came out of no where and bam! there it is. ^_^. Your blog IS "a blessing, an encouragement, and an inspiration" each time i visit!

    i can't wait for our county fair next month. my son (2yrs old) is finally old enough to hopefully remember and enjoy the some of the kiddie rides. Your pictures are great! looks like you had lots of fun =).

    ♥, Kristine

  5. what great memories of the county fair!!

    our little town in North GA has the Chattahoochee Mtn. Fair every year in September.

    my boys use to LOVE going every year knowing that I grew up going to the same one!

    the demolition derby makes yours better than I'm not sharing that with my kids!


  6. Funnel cakes and farm animals - hard to beat!

  7. Yep...looks like our little fair! Love everything but the car crashing....have a headache thinking about it!

  8. We love the fair too. The one we go to is on Labor Day weekend. We cannot wait! Looks like you had a blast!

  9. Beautiful post! Love it! I think when we make time for our kids and enjoy every minute with them - as you evidently do - then chances are they, too, will make time for us in their teen years. Friends and family can be balanced. And this is what I wish for you and your girls because you guys deserve it!

    I've never been to a demolition derby...looks like fun...a real tension release!


  10. I don't ever want that shift to happen! I want my girls to enjoy being with our little family. That will be a strange day. Glad you had fun at the fair but you forgot to mention the kettle corn and the bag of cookies. ;)

  11. Looks like fun Becky! The demolition derby is probably the better shows that we have at our fair. They convinced one of the girls that I work with one year to do it, and she did!!! I didn't get to see it but they said it was fun to see her out there. She did not win though :(

    I hope you got to enjoy an elephant ear too!! :)

  12. What cute pictures. Love those freckles on the girls noses. You are such a beautiful family.
    We had three little girls spend the night with us again this week-end. I told my husband that I will not say no to these sleep overs because it won't be long til they are too grown up for them. I love it when they don't want to go home yet. Enjoy your sweet girls.

  13. Thanks for visiting my blog - glad you liked the flowers!

    Buying Crest White Strips tomorrow - the high streets of Britain will be searched until they are found!!!

  14. PS. About that shift thing, I have teens and 2 younger, and it comes as a bit of a shock! Letting them go, bit by bit, make a few mistakes, not jump in and take over, see the axis turn a little away from home and to their future... the heart aches but that old saying that we want our kids to have roots and wings always comes to mind.

    We so want them to be happy, secure, independent adults some day, but as soon as they make strides in that direction, it hurts. Strange,hey? It's easy to think they don't need us so much, but I'm finding they really do, just in different ways. There is a glorious joy in seeing them nearly 6ft tall too!

  15. looks like a blast! we never made it to the fair this year...most likely because we weren't showing animals :( miss that part of the fair -

    you and your husband are THE most adorable couple - you my dear are really beautiful - like a model I swear....

    Anne Marie

  16. Who doesn't love a good fair?! Hang on tight to those moments of family togetherness...I'm already feeling a bit of "the shift" with my teen-aged daughter:)

  17. Oh, I l~o~v~e your photos! They look so vintage and fun! I want to try to get to the fair this year! I haven't been in a few years. I do hope to make it to the rodeo, though.
    Your kids look like they are having so much fun, I bet they'll be 16 and still wanting to do the fair with mom and dad! ;)

  18. I am at that point where my boys don't want to be with us as much...and it is hard and sad. I love your photos and I am so happy you are relishing it and living in the moment. This looked like a super fun day!

  19. I love the fair too! I spent 11 straight days at our County fair this summer with my son who raised a lamb. It was quite an experience. It really is fun to see all the people, hear all of the laughter, look at all the smiles and smell all of the fried food. It is an experience you can only have at a true County Fair. Sounds like you had fun!

  20. What fun!
    Our county fair is next week, and instead of a demolition derby, we get a big old rodeo.

    Your photos really do capture the sights, sounds , smells and even tastes!

    It's fun, but bittersweet, knowing that your girls are getting bigger. I can't imagine that you will EVER be anything but the "cool mom" on the block!

  21. I had a cousin who used to participate in the demolition derby. Loved it. We would go watch him. Of course, watching the demolition derby makes me think of that AND that episode of Happy Days when the Fonz and Pinky were in the Derby. Didn't one of them get out of the car in the middle? I think it was her. Maybe him. Maybe both. Ah well. It's been too long.

    Looks like you had a great time. And, yes, enjoy it while you can. The day eventually will come when it will be, "I want to go with my friends." Sigh. I suppose you can say, "Finally, I want to go with Honey!" I bet the look on their faces would be priceless!!! Kids. What are you going to do????

  22. Ah Becky ~ if we could only make time stand still! My niece is 11 and will still be "seen" with me ~ the other one is 16 and she dreads it! Loving the fair ~ it is not a place for clean eating ~ gotta have a candy apple for sure. The piggies are my favs although that bunny is pretty cute too. Happy Sunday. xo

  23. Hi, haven't written a comment to you before but wanted to say, so true about living in the bubble! My girls are still very young, and though I have a hard time imagining them older it's true and I know it will be here faster then I could ever anticipate! I never did post for your Rainy Day post a little while ago, but I wanted to tell you I LOVED your photos in that one!!!! :) Great work! And in regards to your post about weight for your youngest chick I have to say it was an eye opener for me and for the other moms I shared it with, God bless you and lead you in that area - I know I'll need Him there - (EVERYwhere really!) Thanks!

    PS- I think the destruction derby looked rather interesting....maybe someday.... ;)

  24. My girls are both in middle school, and they are not yet embarrassed to be seen with me! I keep telling them it will happen, and it's okay. . .they just roll their eyes at me and laugh. . .We haven't been to a fair recently, but I think they would be okay with me tagging along!

  25. What fun!! I love Country Farm's been awhile that I've been to one. I'm sure our turn will come, soon enough, to take them in. All in due time. The little ones are getting bigger...

    fun post.

  26. We love the county fairs... in fact we will be heading to the state fair -- our last year as exhibitors since it is our daughters' last year... We are starting the beginning of "all the last times" --- thank you for visiting my little piece of country!

  27. Ours was this weekend too and we also had the D derby, sadly though we had too many other things pulling at us and we didn't make it to any of it! ;D

  28. I can't believe how fairytale looking your fair seems! Despite the rain it looks like a wonderful day, Who doesn't love fair food?

  29. Oh your fair looks awesome! It's looks so much more real than ours. :)

    I've never been to a derby before!

  30. Looks like a great day! I always loved going to the fair with my parents, I hope your girls do too! They are soooo cute, you all have great genetics!! : ) The derby looks like sooo much fun. My dad, brother-inlaw and husband race cars, and our favorite night is "crash to pass." So fun! : )

  31. What fun!!
    And everyday I ask that time slows down. Everyday.
    My babies are definitely not babies anymore.

  32. I love the fair! This year, I made it to the Iowa State Fair only 1 evening. This isn't normal for me. Usually I find myself there at least 2 days...not just an evening. While there, I didn't have my camera. So I'm happy to look at your pictures of some fair fun. :)

  33. I so miss going to our local fair. Unfortunately, it's not as family oriented as it used to be. There are still the farm animals and crafts, but too many unsupervised kids equals trouble for the most part.

  34. Fair time is my favorite time of year, and you'll find me there nearly every day of the week. I have never missed a county fair in my life, and I don't intent to either!

    My younger brother has participated in the derby and is up again this year! You can bet we'll be there watching too!

  35. Okay YES!! Yes, I do. In fact, I just prepped a post for later this week, in which I kept saying that! I just want to pause it right here or even go backward for a day. I would love to hold my babies one more day. But of course i can do without the sleepless nights and diapers etc.. LOL

  36. Our kids (two girls) 22 and 20 (and a boy) 13... they still haven't stopped wanting to "hang" out with us. We do lots of things together. Of course they do things apart from us.. but I think that's healthy. All my kids still kiss me and tell me they love us (in front of anyone). Even my son in law loves to be with us! LOL
    Your girls are gorgeous! I could devour the freckles! I am a freckle lover... I hope your Mini-chick is feeling better tooo, stuff like that breaks my heart.
    Thanks for sharing.

  37. awesome times!! I love a small town fair! :) Looks so fun!

  38. Oh MAN looks like so much fUN!!!! :) I can't wait for the fair here in september- i just pray its cooled off by then!

  39. fun, fun! we'll be headed to the state fair sooooon!

  40. Love all the pics but the one of the Fair is awesome! Great pic and great painting!!!! it would be:O)

  41. Hi Becky!

    Oh I know you must have been at the Carver County Fair - it is our favorite and we are missing it this year because we are in Oregon! However, when asked how she wanted to spend her 12th birthday(Sept 1st), my daughter Emma said at the State Fair with us! theory is that as long as you do these great things with your kiddos and make those early memories, it becomes a tradition that they will always want to do with YOU. That's my story and I am sticking to it. Time does go too fast - my big girl heads to middle school this year - gulp!

  42. Cute cute family- I love these images.

  43. Despite the rain it looks as though you all had a wonderful time. I *love* all of your photos they came out so beautiful. I can hardly wait for all of our fairs to begin. :)


  44. I love those fair smells too! we have missed the fair 2 years in a row... sad! I can't even think about those days when our kids are not happy with just us.. but I know it is coming soon... *sigh*

  45. A good ol' country summer. Love the carousel pic!

  46. those pictures are awesome!
    your hair is beautiful!
    i love it.

    one time we had a flash flood 5 minutes before the derby started.
    what a mess!!!
    it was complete chaos.
    people running eveyrwhere trying to get to their cars....slidding all over in the mud. i had to literally hose my children off in their granmda's yard and they rode home in their undies. that was awful.
    but it was quite exciting.

  47. what a lovely time. (i wish i could bottle up the nostalgia of a good county fair and sit it on my windowsill to uncork at will.) i love how your photos capture the fair's ambiance, and how your girls are so content with "just" you.

    "just" you is a whole lotta amazing.

  48. Oh, this post made me start thinking about our fair! It is the last fair of the October! It is so nice because the air is crisp and cool! I love the demolition derby, but I love the combine derby even more!! Can't wait!! Thanks for the reminder!

  49. this post brought tears to my eyes.... it reminds me of home! i am a native minnesotan transplanted to idaho five years ago. the fairs here are just not the same. i grew up basically living at the country fair each year... it was a highlight of my summers.... even as an adult. we had three county fairs within 20 minutes of our house and we would hit them all :o) i haven't been to a demolition derby for years but they are so fun! one summer i want to get home to visit during the fair so my kids can experience all the joys of the fair.

    so glad i stumbled upon your blog :o)


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