Sunday, July 18, 2010

Good things:)

(photo taken by Jeanne)

Hey girlies hope you all had a great weekend.  I wanted to show you the treasure I found in Colorado when I visited Jeanne.  She took me to an awesome store called The Barn in Castle Rock.  My heart went pitter patter when I saw this chandie.  It was just sooo me.  I was really trying to be good though and decided to pass on it. 

But when I couldn't erase it from my mind...I knew it must be mine:)  Honey was nice enough to take me back on our way home and now this sweet little thing is hanging in my front entry. 

I just love what a light can do.  Thank you Honey for being the awesome "handy man" that you are!!

Almost a year ago our garbage can finally hit the dust.  I've looked and haven't been able to find one that I liked, so we've had this hanging on our door...forever.  After a while we just got used to it!  Finally FINALLY I found one at TJ Maxx this week and...ta-da!

We are back in business...ha! Isn't it crazy how you can just get used to something?  Maybe it annoys you daily, but you just stuff down the annoyance and don't do anything about it.  Amazing how such a little thing, like a trash can make you so happy:)

Thought I'd share these crazy clouds with you.  We were in the path of a huge scary storm with tornadoes and baseball size hail last night and it missed us.  Thank you missed us!  What good things have come your way lately?? 

Have a blessed day.

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  1. Lovely chandelier. Isn't amazing when things speak to us? It looks beautiful in your home. Glad you have a real trash can again:-) And those are SCARY.CLOUDS.

  2. That chandy looks JUST LIKE you! So very your fun style. Also, I'm glad you missed the storm... freaky! I don't like that you're in a tornado path!! YIKES!

    Just remember, there's no place like home.

  3. Love the chandelier! I have a neighbor who had one like that and couldn't wait to get rid of it - FORTUNATELY someone told her how "cool" it was and she revamped her new kitchen around it and kept it.

  4. What a SWEET husband!!!! The chandelier looks great in your entry, and YAY for the new trash can!! SO glad those storms missed you!!!

  5. Those are some crazy clouds! Glad you're safe from the storm. Yes, pitter patter is what my heart is saying, too. That barn looks amazing. What is it with barns? They are so neat alone, but add some antiques and vintage goodies and oh my!

    Good things...a couple days ago I heard about an amazing conference for Christian women bloggers called Relevant that takes place in PA this October. I read the agenda and really wanted to go. I asked my honey and he said yes! I just booked my air, hotel and paid the conference registration. So that is a very good thing indeed!!

  6. Beautiful chandelier! I love the flowers on it. So glad that you found a garbage can! I heard that the storms were pretty bad out your way, I am so glad that they missed you!

  7. Adorable chandelier! So glad you went back for it. And the garbage sack made me laugh because we do that every stinkin' day. Hang the sack in the kitchen from the knobs on the cabinets. No joke. Maybe your solution will inspire me to change that, haha...

  8. She's a beauty! I had one almost identical to that in our old house. When we sold, I had put it in the contract that we would take (and replace) all of the vintage fixtures...but at the last minute, I decided to keep the twin of yours hanging in the dining room. It looked SO perfect in there -- I thought it would be a fun surprise to the new owners! Fast forward ONE WEEK after they took possession...we drove past and saw an ick-ick-ugly, cheap Home Depot light hanging in its place. It killed me! I still wonder if they just trashed it? (EEEEEK!!)

  9. Dang, nice trash can! :)
    Absolutely CUTE little chandelier. Lovely:)

  10. My sister and nephew coming to visit is a very good thing that came my way! And, our trip to the beach was not half bad either. :) Your light is darling by the way. And, remember the "I Choose Joy" necklace I bought from you for my friend for her birthday? She loved it!! She put it right on! And, it looked so nice on her. Thank you for making it. :)

  11. I really like your new chandelier too. It was nice that you went back for it and it was still there!
    I know what you mean about trash cans, you really have to like one before you buy it!

  12. Becky, when I saw the photo of you looking at that gorgeous chandelier I thought of a few things. First, oh wow what a lovely chandlier! Then I thought how much it was made for you and finally, I thought.....what a great photo of you looking at your new chandelier. I rember reading your blog post about the chandelier that your honey installed for you in your bathroom. You have awesome taste.

    I am so glad that you did not have a tornado.


  13. Love, love, love the new chandelier! It's adorable.

  14. LOVE the new chandie and the new garbage can. SCORE! :D

  15. The chandelier is perfect in your house. Looks like it was made for you.

  16. love all the pics... the chandy is beautiful!

    check out my post today...featured your etsy shop!

  17. just got caught up on all of your traveling adventures! what a fun trip! the barn looks awesome! and i completely know what you mean about the trash can. we took our outdated medicine cabinet off the wall 3 years ago and put a small mirror on the back of the sink for what was suppose to be a week. i just found a mirror at an antique mall like 3 weeks ago to replace the old one. my bathroom looks huge now! :)

  18. Love the new cute! I even like the garbage can...I need one just like it! Glad you made it home ok :D

  19. ohh girl I love that chandi, so glad you went back to get it, it fits perfectly in my home, I mean your home! :) and well the trash can, it is pretty and functional, perfection!! hope you had a good weekend, t

  20. great chandelier!! I have a vintage one like that over my kitchen sink. love those! Hope you weren't hit by the recent storms my friends have told me about this last weeknend!! I gotta say when we moved to oregon I did not and do not miss the tornado's!!

  21. G'day~Oh I do Love your new treasure, what a fabulous Chandie!

    I wanted to let you know that you also Won my Country Home Mg Giveaway! yay! Congrats!

    Please stop by and send me your address and I will get this out to you.~Cheers Kim

  22. Wow! You're new chandelier is beautiful! I'd probably have bought it too, had I found something like that around here.

  23. If you don't mind my asking, how much did you pay for that trash can? I need a new one.

  24. Garbage cans can be tricky. I have a tight space under my sink, haven't found a can that fits yet...! Yes, it is amazing how long you can live with something! : ) Love the new light, enjoy!

  25. Little things mean alot, don't they? So glad you didn't pass up that cute looks great:)

  26. EXACTLY what I've been looking for and I'm in the Springs this week! Just might have to travel up there...

  27. I was thinking,
    "What resolve...!"
    "What will-power!"
    "How could she just
    walk away???"
    Glad to see that
    you DIDN'T walk
    away from that pretty
    chandie! And, the
    fact that your hubby
    got it installed already...
    Well, THAT I'm envious of!
    xx Suzanne
    PS: Those storms WERE
    scary...We got hail, but
    only marbles, not baseballs!

  28. Oh my heavens! That lamp is AMAZING! so cute. Glad the storms missed you ::hugs::

  29. Yep, I already knew that you had grabbed that awesome chandie for your very own (Jeanne spilled it!). And I say, good for you! It looks just marvelous. :-)


  30. I am laughing at your garbage story... ;) I am doing the same thing! we use brown bags under the sink... for 3 years! I want a rectangle can like yours... with the sensor lid... but I am apparently waiting for a rainy day sale or something! ha ha!! so I am in awe of your garbage today... he he!! Love the cloud pics! glad you escaped baseball ice!! yikes!

  31. Good things my way? This post for one... I love your things and your moments!

  32. What good things? well, first of all...your blog. :) Love the chadie and the color of your walls...God is sooo that run, a lovely home, healthy kids, wonderful marriage. Oh, and did I mention its peach season?

  33. only you would blog about your new garbage can. you crack me up.


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