Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The gift of summer

We've been taking walks after dinner.

Enjoying all that summer has to offer.

I try to take in every little thing.  Knowing winter will blanket all that I see and hear in no time at all.

This little pond brimming with noisy critters.

Green and gold as far as I can see.

The smell of the earth and the corn as the summer sun warms its husks.  Oh how I love to smell the corn.

My girl's laughter as they go higher and higher.  It's a beautiful thing.  What is your favorite thing about Summer?

Have a blessed day.

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  1. Looks awesome! I miss the north just for all those things....

    Great pictures too.

  2. I adore summer smells and sounds. Birds singing, the smell of freshly cut grass and laughter of children playing after dinner. I also love the smell of corn...I'm a country girl at heart. :)

  3. Frogs, cicadas, crickets singing in symphony...swinging at the park with my cream cones and trips to pool. And being at home with my boys during the summer!

    Oh, and you can't forget homegrown produce like sweet corn, cucumbers, tomatoes and strawberries!

  4. We must be thinking alike...I am loving it too and just posted about it all. Your area is just beautiful...I love all the same things, I am so grateful for this beautiful world Heavenly Father created for us! Summer in on the down cline though, I can just feel it :D

  5. I love the feel of sunshine coming through my windows and waking me in the morning, the smell of sunscreen on my fresh bathed baby, the idea that we can play until 8:00 at night cause it is still warm and light outside, wearing sundresses to work, and sneaking out at lunch to feel the sun warm my chilled office many thing I love about many!! Happy hump day!

  6. Beautiful pictures Becky! I love the smell of summer and sounds of crickets at night. I also love summer storms (not tornado's) just the sound of thunder and rain and the smell after it has passed.

  7. i love that my girls schedule slows way down & that allows them just to "be"...of course, my 9 year old has had about as much "be" time as she can handle. i think she's a little bored today.
    love your landscape captures!

  8. Such great photos... and you should SOAK it up girl!! :)

    Love ya, have a great day.

  9. Summer brings simplicity! I love the way a slice of watermellon compliments a burger off the grill, or the warm summer breeze, love the smells of summer, love sitting on my parents deck listening to the birds and trees blowing in the wind, I love singing in summer theater under the stars, I love sitting out late at night talking and laughing with friends, fun drinks, pool time, and my boys rolling down our grass many more, just thought I would share a few. I love your pictures!

  10. I love that picture of the corn growing up the hill, beautiful! I know how bad you miss the sunshine during the winter months, so I pray you get to enjoy it to the fullest for as long as you can!

  11. Your photos are great! I love going for walks and taking my girl to the park!

  12. WeeMan's bare toes following me through the garden helping to water the plants. Beautiful photos!

  13. What a great little stroll...

    beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Great list - I'll be soaking the Minnesota summer up before the snow right along with you by the end of next week!

    One of my ultimate favs of summer is hearing the
    Mourning Dove Coo!!


  15. i enjoy beach trips...pool days after dinner...walks on the trail at our gym with my hubby....working on puzzles with my kids at the dining room table...i enjoy how relaxed we are in the summer months...we give ourselves more time to laugh...

  16. Beautiful images!
    My favorite thing about Summer is that my husband...who is a home more. We're able to just enjoy the days and each other.

    Hugs and wishes for a wonderful day!

  17. Lovely photos!

    I adore summer...the daylight lasting so much longer, the warm nights, beautiful sunny days by or on the ocean, flimsy summer clothes, open toe shoes, going abroad to foreign places on vacation, all the beautiful flowers, the sounds of the birds and other creatures...summer is definitely my favorite time of the year.

  18. You take the most beautiful pictures! My favorite thing about summer? Um, that autumn and winter are coming! (I'm not a summer girl...)

  19. all of the green that we can see and take in. i don't want winter to come again, i really don't, it is just too long!

  20. I think you have ever- so -elequently described every one of my favorite things about summer! :-)

    The farmers are busy harvesting the hay around here, and the corn field that surrounds our home is already way over my head! This only means one thing... Fall is just around the corner.:)

    Be Blessed, sweet friend!

  21. Gorgeous photos, Becks!! That railroad track one is my fave. And do not - DO NOT - say the "W" word. Not yet!! (But I've been thinking the same thing...Shhh!)

  22. Love the corn photo!! Love it!
    I love the beach in summer... I love the never ending sand, the mighty waves, the peaceful close to God feeling I get when I stand on the beach... pure bliss! In 2 days I will be standing on the beach... *insert HUGE grin* =)
    Thanks for the lovely comment yesterday...
    I love visiting your blog Becky ~ encouraging, inspiring, warm, fun!! ~ I always leave smiling! (except I won't visit when I am at the beach, k!!) =)

  23. Beautiful summer you're having Becky! Homework-free time with kids is a blast, isn't it?

  24. Good morning!
    I love the feeling
    that we are squeezing
    every last drop of
    life out our days
    during the summer...
    Up longer hours,
    outdoors more,
    walking in bare
    feet, tasting the
    fruits of the season ~
    ice cream by the
    beach, too!
    I'm also storing
    up the warmth
    and sunshine for
    what's ahead,
    before we know it.
    Love to you,
    xx Suzanne

  25. gorgeous summer moments. i'm still loving your big photos!

  26. I LOVE the summer! just everything about it. it's warmer and people are happier and the sun is shining and there is fun and fires and smores. there's pretty flowers and green grass and swimming and smiles and popsicles!
    just everything!

  27. since we're moving from the midwest to Colorado, I have been thinking a lot about taking these kinds of pictures too. I just don't know if I have time. After seeing yours it makes me realize I need to make time. :) Thanks for that!

  28. Gorgeous! You've really captured the feeling of summer :)

  29. Sun, beach, summer fruit, watermelon! summer nights, summer mornings, fresh summer drinks, green nature, ice-cream, SWIMMING IN THE SEA! ....... whatever

  30. Your surroundings look just lovely!! It was fun to go on your path. My favorite thing about summer this year is simply that it is NOT WINTER!! :) xo grasp every moment until summer's end ....

  31. What pretty pictures, Becky! You have a beautiful walk. This summer, my favorite thing has been watching the wee baby swallows in the birdhouse outside my shop...go from tiny little big-mouthed fluffs to graceful little babes...swooping and flying...loop-de-looping through the air. They've now flown the coup and are probably on their way to South America for the winter! Isn't that incredible?

    Happy trails!

    : )

    Julie M.

  32. These are beautiful Becky ~ love all your summertime shots. I love the warmth of the sunshine and all the fun things that summer has to offer. I will be catching up over the week-end! Missed you! xo

  33. becky! these are really great pictures! what a beautiful area and i can't wait to see it in person. But definitely NOT covered in snow!


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