Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Garden of the Gods

I'm an itinerary girl.  When I vacation not only do I like to relax, I like to get out there and explore.  We only had a few days in the Springs, but I really wanted the girls to get a chance to see the Garden of the Gods up close.  It's such a beautiful spot. 

All the red rock, soaring vistas, crooks and crevices.  Makes for a wonderful hike. 

So we hit the paths and explored a little.  Spent the day with family. 

It was a time not only of soaking in God's beauty, but one of reflection for me.  I was really nervous about coming out to Colorado.  Honey's mom had remarried and it was our first opportunity to see her married...to get to know the new step dad. 

This process of moving on and letting go of the past has been painful.  Honey has had a really hard time with the death of his dad.  I wasn't sure if there was room in his heart for change... 

I don't know why I am always surprised by the lovingkindness of our God.  How He can take brokenness and mend.  How He can open our eyes and expand our hearts.  It's amazing.

So it was in that place...The Garden of the Gods that I saw first hand God's miraculous power.  His healing and restoration amongst the hard edged rocks...the dirt and dust settled at last. 

Have a blessed day.

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  1. cool blog! i married my highschool sweetheart, too. we have grown up together. fat together. just kidding.

  2. I have such wonderful memories of visiting The Garden of the God's with my Grandpa Pringle when we would all vacation together. It was one of his favorite places.

  3. How beautiful and amazing!!!! {in all aspects}.
    It looks amazing

  4. What a neat place, and what an awesome testimony you now have linked to it! God is so gracious and good, He heals when we can't imagine healing. He restores when we feel all is too far gone, and He mends families fiber by fiber - when we're willing to be restored in His hands.

  5. God's work is beautiful...and the human heart is an amazing thing:) Happy to hear some healing took place. Be well:)

  6. What a beautiful place to visit!

    This is also a very encouraging post for me. God is an amazing Healer, both physically and emotionally. He takes such personal care of each of us!

  7. what a beautiful, amazing trip on so many levels.
    praising God for healing.

    i don't know if i mentioned before how much i love your "my view" at the bottom of your blog. such a beautiful site to see.


  8. What a great place to be, it is so beautiful! In time God heals us and I am glad that your honey was able to heal a little more on this trip.

  9. An amazing place Becky, thanks for sharing. The height and depth of that rock is amazing. It reminds me of God and His strength and love.

    So happy to hear how healing is coming. Praise God.

    Have a great day girl..

  10. Miracles do happen if you open your heart and it looks like your honey did just that!! Happy Tuesday sweet Becky, I hope summer is treating you well! xo

  11. That brought tears to my eyes Becky. I love to see healing and the peace of God in peoples lives. Loved the pic of your family..such a beautiful place to hike. It looks like the country I am surrounded by...you must come here to Utah and see the national parks, one of the best I think is just 15 min from my home! :D

  12. WOW~ standing in Awe of God's beautiful creation ~ that is the most peaceful way to reflect on what He has done (or allowed) in our lives... and surrender our hearts to His Perfect Peace... Glad your hubby is healing! =) I don't think my heart will ever fully let go of the sad... but through Christ it certainly came to peace with the loss of my mom... Gorgeous photographs!!

  13. What a great story. I love that God know just how to move us outside what we thought was possible! I love seeing His loveing and generous hand in the lives of those I love! I am so happy for your husband! This just sounds like an amazing trip. Your neice is beautiful too....she looks so much like you!

  14. You brought a tear to my eye and a lump to my throat. Trying really hard not to give in to a full blown cry. That was lovely. Truly a beautiful thing to behold.

  15. gorgeous: the place, your family, and this instance of God weaving his grace through our fragile, sticky humanity.

    ps when i opened your blog and my fave crowder song popped on, i knew i'd like it here.


  16. That is Awesome Becky, Continued Blessings to you and yours ;)

  17. What a beautiful answer to prayer!

  18. So glad you shared these family memory making pics with us. So glad that God has ways of mending things without us even knowing he is doing it! Awesome!

  19. Change, even for the good, is hard. What a wonderful and beautiful place to experience some of it. Glad things are working out and that you all got to see everyone.

  20. It is a truly a beautiful place. It looks like someone just placed all the red rocks there. What a great place for healing and accepting. You sure do alot of fun traveling.

  21. so thankful with you for the chance to see God's hand at work...his faithful, loving, always working on our behalf, big, powerful hand.

    love the garden of the gods....use to go out to Colorado Springs often in college..had a friend that went to the airforce academy.

    fun times!!!

  22. Beautiful pictures and an even more beautiful message.

  23. Beautiful post Becky. I love the images too- such a gorgeous world we live in.

    Happy summer days to you.

  24. I can only
    imagine what
    a strange new
    chapter this is
    for your hubby.
    Nice to have the
    great outdoors
    as a backdrop
    for the inner
    good place to sort
    it all through.
    I hope that he
    left with a feeling
    of peace : )
    Beautiful pictures,
    xx Suzanne

  25. Becky, that was beautiful writing... really lovely.

  26. Your photos were all beautiful to look at. the story you told to go along with your photos really touched my heart. You have such a wonderful way with words. I hope that one day you will write a book.

    I also hope that your honey feels better about his Mom and her new husband. Have a wonderful weekend Becky.



  27. This picture reminds me of the family tree...both men symbolic of a new branch. Your blog is just lovely. Thank you for sharing.


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