Friday, June 4, 2010

South Beach...the good, bad & ugly

We only got a car for one day when we were down in Miami. It just didn't make sense to get one before that. Honey was workin'. Ya know bringin' home the bacon, and I was busy layin' by the pool:) So anyway...we had a lot to see in one day. South beach was a must.

I'd never seen such a wide beach. The stretch we were on didn't have any hotels on it, so the beach was massive.

I'd also never seen so many people. We were there on a Friday. It was crazy busy. I can't imagine what it's like during Spring break.

It was interesting seeing all the shapes...

and sizes!

We saw a LOT of skin. Several women were laying out topless. It was shocking! You know you're just walking along and BAM...all their stuff is just out there:o Definitely not used to seeing that. No one seemed to think it was any big deal. I whipped out my camera...cause that's how I roll. But obviously I can't put it out there in blogland. Who knows the weirdos that would start flocking to my blog!

We also saw a lot of interesting fashion statements. I think these were fresh tats. Why else would they have their pants pulled down that low. Of course I had to get a picture;)

Then of course the new rage in shoe wear. Please tell me you don't have a pair of these. They are NOT attractive. Honey saw them on a woman and thought she was walking barefoot with weights on her ankles. Does that sound attractive??

This mannequin totally cracked me up. This is who they are selling to in South Beach. Definitely not my body type... I can tell ya that!

I found myself singing..."pants on the ground, pants on the ground, lookin' like a fool with your pants on the ground.":) Remember the American Idol guy who made up that song? He would have liked this guy. It would have given him a reason to sing it...he would need to replace pants with shorts, but you get the drift. Makes you want to scratch your head! I'm imagining me with my grandma undies on and my shorts pulled down low like that...ha! Okay now I'm just crackin' myself up!!!

Now the glamour! Okay first of all it was HOT. Can you imagine wearing really high heels like that in the heat?? My feet were swollen in my flipflops. I would have been miserable in real shoes!

Have you ever seen legs so long?? They just don't grow them like that in Minnesota:) WOWZA! A secret dream of mine is to have long lean legs. Just NOT gonna happen. I have Mary Lou Retton legs...great for if I ever need to do an impromptu gymnastic routine;)

Oh and then lastly this gentleman in his pink get up:o I had forgotten that South Beach is a predominantly gay community. Remember the movie Bird Cage with Robin Williams and Nathan Lane? Well that was filmed right here.

we went Honey got hit know flirted with! It kind of became a running joke for me to tease him;) Our male servers would come to the table...look him up and down (ignore me entirely) and then ask him repeatedly if everything was alright and if he needed anything else. Uh-hmmm I'm here too!! Can't help that my Honey is HOT, but really...I'm kinda cute too;) It was a new experience for us.

few of you told us to visit Lincoln Road. My favorite store was this awesome nut shoppe. I whipped out my camera of course, and took tons of pictures until a guy put his hand up and told me to stop. What??? I can't take a picture of some nuts. What's wrong with that? Anyway these were taken just for you. Hope you appreciate the trouble I got into;)

main thing I wanted to do for the day was to visit Joe's Stone Crabs. I looked it up and it was voted the #1 restaurant in Miami, and then one of my good friends told me all about it. It was soooo good. We got there before it opened, so we had the whole restaurant to ourselves. Which was a good thing because we were covered in sunscreen and sweat!

ordered the crab...because I LOVE CRAB!! I don't recall ever seeing one with fur on it though. How weird is that? Anyway they cracked it all for me. Which was a real treat. It usually takes me a very lonnnggg time to eat my meal at Red Lobster, so that alone was worth the trip:) Honey got crab cakes and some yummy chopped salad. His was actually better than mine. So good!

this was South Beach. Fancy mansions and colorful buildings...

yachts and lots of interesting people.

favorite part by far were the palm trees...oh and hanging out with my hot Honey. He's gonna kill me for saying that;)

Have a blessed day.

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  1. you and your honey have the same pretty color of eyes :)

  2. Glad you had a great time....and your husband got so much attention:-)

  3. Wow!South Beach looks intersting! Cool that you got to enjoy a little fun with your honey too!
    Hope your having a good weekend!

  4. What?! You love crab?? Why didn't I know that? Adrain and I LOVE crab!! My all time favorite is Lobster, but you know where we live, we can get it a LOT... and I could have totally taken you to an all you can eat crab place when you were here!!!! Next time...


    Love your photos and how many photos of the "Scenery" you got! LOL That is hilarious.

  5. It looks like you had a lovely time!! Lots of quality time with Honey and the sun heehee : )

    Your pictures look great by the way...I laughed at the pictures of the different "sizes"!

    Gemma X

  6. Interesting would have to be an understatement... all around. For me!

    I am truly a country gal, a home body, and plain jane... no doubt about it.

    That was a guy in Pink??!?!??!? and those cloth type shoes?!?!??!?!

    Why not just go barefoot? You sure can in the country... and I love it.

    I'm glad you had fun though. And, I was thinking... for all that your hubby was "getting hit" on about... You know that is a reflection on you. Those folks may not know this, but you do. You and your man are ONE! You've got something together. That being a true light and witness to other's whose marriages are not -so -one.

  7. Wow - I have never been to South Beach - it looks...err... interesting!
    Such a funny post girl!
    Glad you enjoyed it :D

  8. Me oh my, I guess it takes all kinds of people, eh? ;) Can't say I'll have South Beach on my top 10 list of places to go anytime soon. I can't believe the shoe rage, those are u-g-l-y. Coming from a girl who loves her boots. ;)

  9. First, I know for certain that I never have any desire to visit there. It was enough for me to see through your eyes... ;) What an experience... Shoes: UGLY! Also, I think that there's one of those crab places in Chicago that my hubby and I ate at years ago. Is the crab served cold? I like mine hot, so I had a hard time getting past that, lol! :)

  10. I have been to South Beach, and Yes, it is indeed a very interesting place! Definitely not my scene. I love the weather, the beach, the flowers and the palm trees, but I would rather see all of those things on the Gulf side of Florida. It's a little more conservative over there. :)
    So glad that you and your hubby had fun together!

  11. This is so funny Becky ~ loving all the shots ~ I love people watching and you certainly had a wide variety of views to choose from. I laughed when you talked about Honey getting hit on ~ he is a cutie! Hope you have a fantastic week-end.

  12. My goodness! Topless?? I'm sure sheltered here in the Midwest.

    Glad you had a special time with your honey! That is what matters most.

  13. I wouldn't be shocked by the topless..., growing up in Europe, vacationing on the Riviera, even at the lakeside pools in Zurich where I grew up..., we could go without! But the masses of people, and strange sense of fashion quite shocking!

  14. Becky, you've perfectly captured the flavor of South Beach. We were also there at spring break time, before and after a cruise that departed from Miami. I felt like an alien in another world ~ in my conservative little skirt and flip-flops ~ and didn't spend enough time there to feel "at home." Not sure that I ever WOULD have! I'm with you on those ugly shoes ~ the worst! Maybe even worse than Mr. Pink and the Misses Tat and Too! Bet you are glad to be back in the good old Midwest : ) xx Suzanne

  15. Ha! Ha! I love the fashion statements. Great job of catching it all.

  16. great photo's. How did you get them to have that yellow vintagey tinge? I love that!!

  17. I've never been to South definitely looks..."colorful"!! It takes all kinds:) And I'm with you, those sandals with the heels covered are so ugly {no offense to anyone who owns a pair;}

  18. "Pants on the ground" - YOU CRACK ME UP!!!! This was a very cute post - :-) xo Cheryl

  19. Fun! I feel like I was there too. :) I have often wished for long lean legs...had to finally give up on that. You look great!

  20. wow!!! how fun! I love that you got in trouble for that pic, its the story of my life! ANd uh...your honey is a looker...dont tell him I said that. But you look fabulous so it only makes sense. I have long legs...wanna trade? they are evil and annoying...Just sayin.

  21. What a wonderful post Becky. It was great fun reading your comments about each of your photos. My favorite photos were of you and your honey. Your such a beautiful couple. I would love to know how you made your photos the tint that you did. It reminde me of the tint used in CSI Miami.


  22. So many thoughts (probably because I am wicked tired and up past my bedtime).... one is that I envy the crab eating. I am so allergic to shellfish and I love it. It's the iodine in it that gets me, but I miss it so much. Whenever anyone orders it around me or even describes eating it... well, it becomes a vicarious eating experience for me. Fond memories before the allergy became so severe that I was CUT OFF. I chuckled at your descriptions of Honey being the rage of South Beach, while you were more or less ignored. Been there, done that. The funny thing, of course, is that it makes heterosexual men so uncomfortable and women are like, "What's up with this?" We don't realize that we are somewhat used to getting the attention. In other words, we enjoy innocent flirtation. Our heterosexual mates do not enjoy the innocent flirtation from other men. It is a fascinating thing to watch. Did you notice how many of those gay waiters were gorgeous? Totally unfair and wrong. A group of my friends (a mixed group) once accidentally stumbled into a gay bar. We were out of town and didn't know the "lay of the land" and were totally out of our element. Hands down, one of the weirdest nights of my life. I have to say that I have never seen more beautiful men all in one place than in that bar. I wanted to cry. And they all had eyes for the MEN we were with and spared the women in our party not one glance. It was downright sad. The guys in our group went into a mass panic and the women all wanted to just faint from the unattainable "bounty" scattered round us. I think it was a life lesson of some kind. Anyway, hopefully Honey's ego got a boost and wasn't fractured by all of that attention. (Like I said, I am all over the place ~ eeks.) Mostly, it is always interesting to take a peek at how other people live and then come home. Coming home is always good.

  23. Love the photos. I was crackin' up.

  24. Great photos...They have a Seventies feel about them! Did you retouch them or was it just the light?

    By the way, I have nominated you for an award on my blog... ;)

  25. Well that was a delightful and so true post of South Beach. Love seeing your faces as always. Most couples look apart when images are taken as if two solos in images. What I love when I see you and your honey it is as two whole people, but one in unity just a bit bright burst of sunshine. I have not been to a beach in years. But this was as if a vacation for me but no sand to dust off later. Thank you for the fun and sunshine Becky!

  26. Thanks for sharing! I'm pretty sure that I would not fit in at all in South Beach. I think I'm probably a bit too conservative! :)

  27. No I do not have those shoes but I'll be honest and say that NONE of the attire surprised me. I've seen all of that around here which reminds me that I really should take pictures of the people around the beach this summer. Although, noone goes topless around here... it's not allowed and no one wears a speedo, let alone a man-thong. ~shudder~ I think So Cal has a distinct beach trend.

    Hot days, hot girls in heels and clothing made specifically for boob jobs, check :) Oh and I doubt those tattoos were fresh, ha.

    That crab looks awesome and I love when they crack it for you!

  28. Haha...your great photos and comments really had me cracking up. I've never been to Florida, but it sure looks interesting. I'd love to go there and see for myself. Certainly a lot of photo opportunities, it seems.

    Being European, I'm so used to seeing topless women on the beach it really don't bother me at all. However, over here, while sunbathing topless was trendy among young people in the 80's and 90's, nowadays it seems the younger ones tend to wear the whole bikini as showing almost everything is not so trendy anymore. But a lot of middle aged women and upwards don't seem to have understood that leaving something to the imagination is more in fashion these days. And they are probably the ones that really should.

    It must be really weird though, having your husband hit on while you're witnessing it.Did they think the two of you were just good friends? ;)

  29. Hahaha, awesome. I love this post! Thanks for stopping by Twig! I've loved your blog for a long time :) Totally digging the music too! haha.

  30. Hi Becky, I made my way over frommmm.....ummmm...I can't remember now I have been reading for so long. Loved your South Beach post. Apparently those people on the beach haven't heard the repeated message that sun bathing is bad for you....oh my gosh...the tans they have! And the other Sometimes when I am walking down the street I just want to run up to some people and say "did you look in the mirror before you left home? Did you know a mirror is a girl's (or guys's) best friend)?" But then again, maybe people don't like what I wear but somehow I think not. :) Come for a a visit when you can. ~~ Lynn @thevintagenest.
    Heading out to read more of your blog now. :)

  31. Crab, flab, nuts and tramp're so funny! I'm happy that you had such a lovely time in Florida!

    : )

    Julie M.

  32. Hi! I grew up in South Florida...and I promise, South Beach is not now, what it once was...It is still beautiful, but it seems to have been taken over by people who think they know what trendy and fashionable is. A true local...well...9 times out of 10, are not in that scene...I miss the OLD South Beach- what it used to be. Your post was very funny though, and even I have to admit: even though I grew up there, some of this stuff would still shock me today!!! (I found your blog through A Coastal Lifestyle's blog.)

  33. That was a great post! I loved it! I am a midwest girl too and seeing all of those 'interesting' fashion statements was quite entertaining! I have been to Miami once but only for a minute as I passed by everything on the way to my cruise ship! :) But I certainly saw some interesting characters on that cab ride! Great pictures!

  34. I loved your pics of South Beach. You took pictures of everything I would have thought was funny, or interesting, or "hot" too. That place reminds me of a beach we have here in Southern California called Venice Beach. It's up in the Los Angeles area. My son goes to school up there and I always tell him, "Stay away from that Venice Beach!" The beach where we live, down San Diego way, is a nice, calm, clean, family oriented beach. Not nearly as much fodder for a blog post but, it's okay to take your kids there! I'm new to your blog and now following. See you again soon.

  35. Okay. Clearly, I love this post. Where to begin! I laughed at everything because it's so disgustingly normal to me. Not that I THINK it's normal, it's just what I live with. (Umm...insert 1,001 reasons why I'd love to leave!)

    I avoid the beach b/c....all of the above in your post.
    I do NOT own a pair of shoes like that and disown my friends that do. Haha.
    Yes, those mannequins are geared to the gazillions of women who pay to look that way...meaning...they pay to look ridiculously out of proportion.
    It's pretty much always sweat-weather around here....uh, as in we sweat, not wears sweats (besides, sweats would cover up our skin! Haha.)
    Aaaaaaaaand...Joe's Stone Crabs is in fact amazing as you now know. We had our 1st wedding anniversary there are quite a few subsequent special dates there.

    You are hilarious. Thanks for the laugh.


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