Friday, June 25, 2010

My happy place

There is some little chemical reaction that comes over me any time I enter a hardware store.  I am overcome by the smell...all that lumber, paint and chemicals.  Ohhh I love it!  It's just a happy place for me. 

My very first job was at True Value Hardware.  I'll never forget the day I put a dress on and marched in the store and asked for an application.  I think the manager took one look at my cute little dress and hired me on the spot.  He probably thought that anyone who would go to the trouble of dressing up to fill out an application for a hardware store nonetheless...deserved the job;)

I spent hours vacuuming the store, arranging the aisles.  I was THE best #1.  I could count change back like no one's business.  It was a great first job.  I loved it.

Then this hunky guy came along...and when he got a job at the new Wal-Mart in town,  I of course had to follow him there;)  Ah sweet memories...good times!  What was your first job? 

Have a blesssed day.

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  1. Babysitter well it wasn't a real job, but my second job was a receptionist at a hair salon it was so much fun!

    P.S love your blog!

  2. My first job was as the summer intern for my youth pastor. It was really the start of what I do design...I created postcards for meeting reminders, flyers for upcoming outings, etc. And it didn't hurt that the town's fire department was right across the street and I could conveniently park myself infront of our 2nd-story office and watch them do morning jogs! ha! Those were the days. :)

  3. You are so cute!!
    My first job was working in a vegetable garden when I was in 7th grade. My sisters and I all worked for this man named Mr. Dimitroff. I loved working for him!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Aside from working in my parents dairy farm supply/service business, my first job was at a farm supply store. I also liked it, love might be a stretch...

    But I still love agriculture & still work in the industry!

  5. My first job was catering for a local business. I was horrible!! I couldn't remember drinks or who had what, it was a nightmare! However, I did get to do some arrangements on tables and buffets, so that helped alot!

    Have a great day!

  6. That is an awesome story!! I love the smell of those stores, too. My first job was at a daycare..what was I thinking? :)

    I just wrote about my happy place, too! Headed there Sunday.

    Hope you're having a great day :)

  7. Nice!! My first job was a a hostess at a restaurant, where I then became a waitress and then a cocktail waitress and then decided I need a real job, so I started teaching aerbics at the gym...and then I got stuck in this job...oh boy, I would love to work in a hardware store...if money wasn't an issue! happy weekend!

  8. very, very, very first job- snack helper in Sunday school- I got to pass out the little napkins and colored solo cups! I loved it!:)
    sweet memories!!

  9. My first job was at the local nursing home in the kitchen and serving the elderly lunch, dinner etc. They were to sweet. I loved talking with them. It was sad how lonely many of them were and how people didn't visit them often.

  10. I used to dream of a job in a drugstore. I couldn't get enough of the thought of handling all of that make-up every day! And the hair products! And face scrubs!

    Alas, my first job (other than babysitting) was working at Meijer, not in Health and Beauty Aids, but in Mens and Shoes!

  11. My first job, when I was 16, was working at a basketball academy my cousin owned. I did many random tasks -- one included scrubbing toilets :/ ick -- but well worth the many hours I got to watch high school boys play basketball ;)

  12. I baby-sat like nobody's buisness! :)

    At 14 I also worked at a Vet. for small animals as a kennel mgr. as well as assisting with appointments and surgeries on occasion. (that was when I thought I wanted to go to vet. school)

    By 16 I was working in the Iowa cornfields detassling corn!

  13. My first job was a Woolworths in 1977 - the summer after my freshman year in college. I was the cashier. It was fun and everyone in town frequented that store - and the lunch counter - at one time or another.

  14. So fun! Must have been love at first sight to follow him from a cute hardware store to thebig 'ol walmart. My first job was for my dad at his Landscape Design business. With a name like "Rhine & Daughter's Landscaping" it was a given that I'd work there from age 5 to 19. :) I learned SO much from my dad! By 8 years old I was earning $5 each Saturday and thought I landed in a gold mine. :) Great memories!

    Have a nice weekend Becky!

  15. Becky! love that your first job was at a True Value - so was my husband's!! He worked there thru high school ... loved every minute of it. He's such a hands-on Mr. Fix-it at heart who happens to dress in a suit and sell Life Insurance everyday. Love it, love and miss your blog! So glad I could jump online today. ;) xoxo

  16. I also love the HD my Hubby works there but I can spend Hours just looking at everything getting tons of Ideas. But my first job was teaching dance. I started teaching dance when I was 14 years old I had 2 baby classes and I loved it. It turned into a 11 year job with 32 classes a week lots of solos and many awards under my belt...Great Memorys of a great job...Thanks for telling us about your first job

  17. My first job was working retail at a clothing store in the mall! LOOOOOOOVED that discount - HA!!!

  18. that is one good looking hardware store!
    my first job was in a bakery :)
    good times.

  19. My first job was roofing with my dad and my brother. I was way too young for it to be legal but the lessons I learned and the bond that my brother and I formed was so very much worth it. I loved hearing the pride in my dad's voice when he would tell people, "she can lay a square faster than any boy her age." I still love the smell of hot tar and the "totally cool" feeling that came along with my calloused hands. However, I'm glad that my current job includes an air conditioned building. :)

  20. Besides babysitting... I was a clerk for a Raw Milk store that was obviously part of a large dairy farm in our local area. I jugged raw milk for customers who would bring in their own containers (glass bottles or plastic jugs) to get raw, unpasturized milk.

    THE BEST! there is, in all the world.

    It was the best job for me, too. It got me out of my "shell". I was a really, shy highschooler, back in the day.

  21. Dairy Queen. I can make a mean curly Q on the top of a vanilla cone. Just saying. :)

  22. I'm laughing because I have been the Jane of all trades. Let's see there was babysitting and house cleaning at 12, then office cleaning at 15, pizza place in HS, popcorn shop in college, warehouse arranging flowers, insurance company and I don't know about you but I'm exhausted and too many more I don't want to bore you! Lessons learned let me tell you. I love to tell my kids all about my hard work, unfortunately they don't seem to care right now, lol!

  23. Working for my orthodontist. i had to clean toothbrushes, impression plates and stock stuff. It was kind of gross. there weren't any hunky guys either. Then my orthodontist left his wife and kids for the flirty assistant that worked with him. Stupid stupid man. It was definitely not the sweet first job experience you had. But heck it was a first job.

  24. That's so cute! "dress"ing up to fill out an application at a hardware store ~ I would of hired you too! My first job was at Hot Stuff Pizza!!! Yaya! I graduated High School a semester early and went to work...

  25. I love it! My first was at a egg farm. I put in a application and then called everyday for 2 weeks to see if they had an opening yet. I think they hired me just so I would stop calling. I was sixteen and loved it! Oh the good old care free days.

  26. My first job was in a daycare...and now, I've come full circle! Funny, I told God I never wanted to work in a daycare again. Hmmm....apparently, He knew better!

  27. Awww. How Cute! You guys make such a great couple. Beautiful babies too!

    My first job was a hostess/cashier at a mexican restaurant. We had to wear very festive dresses...I rocked as a cashier too! Lol!

  28. I too like hardware stores..only because there are so many different goodies in it!

    My first job was at a place for cottagers..I worked serving people their meals..I was just 16 and it was about a 40 minute drive away from home..I met a beautiful friend there of whom I still see now and then in my own city..and she is a sweet treasure.
    She has the warmest smile and heart..
    Sweet memories...
    Lovely weekend to you!!

    Deborah xo

  29. I am overcome by similar reactions to bookstores! How I love the smell of freshly-milled paper and ink. There's nothing like the fragrance of a book that's never been opened, either. Here's one of my poems about that experience!


    In the bookstore, redolent
    with sweet ink
    and fresh-milled paper,
    I open its offerings,
    little surprise packages,
    contents unknown.
    I catch snippets of stories
    (just a few lines)
    and sketches of character
    (not yet flesh and bone),
    wandering over someone else's pages
    circling and spilling
    into the margins and beyond,
    a daring venture.

  30. What a great post Becky ~ I love hardware stores too! We were actually there tonight and I bought some primer ~ yeah ~ painting the office is in my near future. I am looking forward to it actually. My first job was a chamber maid in a hotel the summer I turned 16 ~ ahh the memories of that summer ~ it was a fun one for sure!

  31. GIRL--all I can think about is the movie Happy Gilmore when you titled this My Happy Place! LOLOLOL.
    My first job was babysitting.....I babysat my way through college too!

  32. I have a reaction when I walk into a western store..the smell of leather, saddles and jackets and purses!
    My first job was at "Taco Time"...a great taco resturant line here. :D

  33. Awwww, great memories! My first real job was working for a local small animal Veterinarian when I turned 16. I worked there for 5 years, sometimes full time, sometimes part time (along with 3 other jobs!). Great memories a whole lot of experience.

  34. I wouldn't have pegged you as a hardware store girl. My first job was at Mcdonalds.

  35. Oh how fun! I love hardware stores too:)
    {for all the same reasons}

  36. Ooooooh. I love a good hardware store too! And a good feed store. I worked at both for a bit during college. I don't know what it is... Maybe all those things at your fingertips to create with?

  37. Home Depot is one of my favorite places to be! My first job was babysitting my PE teacher's lil' guys:)

  38. HA!! My first job was at a True Value too!!! Loved it...the owners and their family became lifelong friends of mine :) Good Memories

  39. I love the smell of hardware stores, too! I don't have much reason to GO, but when I do, I enjoy it.

  40. This wasn't actually my first job but when I was little my parents had a little restaurant (hot dog shop) and I worked the cash register :)

  41. I think my first job was cleaning the church kitchens. Yuchhh...after that I was a Kelly Girl. That was pretty cool, most of the time.

    : )

    Julie M.

  42. Oh my goodness, my first job was a a Water's True Value in Kansas! It was the best first job & I got employee of the month once haha! I am so thankful for my experience there, because now I can go to a hardware store and ask for what I need instead of describing it and getting looked at like a offense. :)


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