Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lessons style

Well the end of the soccer season is Saturday!!!  Can't help but hold back a little squeal of delight.  It's been a tough year weather wise.  Every single game and practice has been either windy, cold, rainy or all the above.  So these are some of the lessons I learned over this season.

1.)  Don't bring your phone to games.  You will inevitably be drawn to the screen like a moth to a flame and miss an important part of your child's life!

2.)  Don't park near the fields.  Your car will get hit by a ball or in this case a flying frisbee and your husband may or may not get into a knock down drag out fight with a crazy person in the parking lot.

3.)  Do dress in layers.  It should go something like this...shorts, jeans, t-shirt, sweatshirt, overcoat, rain poncho, gloves...optional.  Whisky flask (ha)...just kiddin'!!

4.)  Always bring an umbrella!  Enough said.

5.)  Listen to what your child says after the game.  Big Chick said this after her team just got slaughtered, and it made me smile all the way down to my toes:)  "In my world I won that game cause I got a goal and I blocked all those balls.  I did my best."  Isn't she the coolest?!  To focus on the positive and recognize that you did your best and not worry about the "score".  I couldn't be more proud!

And finally...

6.)  Run, don't walk to your nearest Noodles and celebrate proper.  My favorite new thing on their menu is the Lemon asparagus linguine with a grilled chicken breast on the side.  Yummy:)

Have a blessed day.

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  1. You are raising a couple of amazing girls there Becky ~ you should be soooo proud!!

  2. How proud you must me Mama!!! Way to go chick-a-dee!!!

  3. Great advise! #1 is a definite! My daughter gets mad at me and it happened that I missed a play during softball because I was looking at my phone! Not so good! What a great attitude your daughter has! That is the cutest!

  4. That sounds like my soccer season here in PA! One weekend we sat wrapped in blankets and wearing gloves in May! And the next weekend we were dripping wet from the heat and humidity!! Loved watching my kids play and improve their skills, so much fun! My kids played travel soccer so I feel like we had a roadtrip every Saturday and got to see so many new things in our state! We tried to make the best of all those EARLY morning away games! That noodle dish looks delish! Don't think we have any of those in PA though, bummer. Have a great day!

  5. Many of our lessons are learned on the soccer field (or stands, or parking lot) in my house. God uses the game of soccer to show us many things that we would have otherwise missed.

    Big Chick sounds like an awesome kid! Her positive attitude is an inspiration. :o)

  6. I love her positive attitude too!

    You've got NOODLES up north??

    One more reason to feel good about our move to your neck of the woods! That *almost* makes up for the loss of chic-fil-a and SONIC that I've come to adore in our parts. :)

  7. Ah yes, soccer. I love your list, and agree with each one. Especially the flask. Seriously, it gets COLD out there!! Or layers..that works, too.

    Your girl has an awesome attitude, I love it!!

  8. LOVE that attitude!

    And now I'll be craving that new dish from Noodles all day! Looks yum.mee!

  9. I've never heard of Noodles before - except that my one friend has ALWAYS calls me "noodle" or "noodle-head", due to my curly hair. I don't know...

    Hey, I love all of the advice...and especially, the good-sport spirit from Big Chick. ;) Way to go...

  10. That dish is just what I would have ordered..YUM! She does have a great attitude about it..yay for her! I know how tough it can be dealing with coaches and team mates and other teams and ref's and hard practice and all the traveling etc. See, we did it for 8 years and it was everyday year round. My daughter played competition soccer and her team beat everything every year, they even took 2nd in the nation! I was so glad when we moved! LOL

  11. What a mature and sweet girl! I love her positive attitude!!!

  12. Too cute!! I'll be sharing this with hubby! just wish we had a "noodles" here! that looks so yummy!!

  13. Layers ~ Great advice! I need to remember that for next season :)

  14. I will need this soon!!! enjoy your soccer-less summer!

  15. I like the way that girlie thinks! :) I just got the necklace I ordered from you in the mail. It is BEAUTIFUL!!! My friend is gonna love it! :) Thanks Becky!

  16. Some important lessons learned! My daughters haven't played soccer for a few seasons...and I'm not the least bit sad about that;)

  17. thanks for the great tips... i see soccor in my future... now I'll be ready!! Your noodles look yummy

  18. Maturity and wisdom-Big Chick has it! And that dish looks fab!

  19. i want to go to noodles!!! mmm!

    big chick is one cool girl... i know she makes her mama's heart proud!

    happy last game day on saturday!

  20. Your sweet daughters attitude is spot on. That's the way one thinks to be a winner at sports and in life! I've never tried the restaurant Noodles but have seen it around. That dish looks pretty tasty, I may have to try it out.

  21. Your daughter is so pretty. Loved your tips about going to a soccer game. Ever thought about writing a book for women? :) Seriously. I love reading what you write.

    As for Noodles. I don't think we have a Noodles in New England. Not in NH for sure. Your dinner looked and sounded delicious.


  22. WOW, Big Chick is profound, which is WAY cool, because she has no idea of her wisdom!
    My boy still has baseball games at least twice a week until mid-July....
    YES, Noodles is the BEST!!!!
    I love the Thai stuff....the soup or the Pad Thai. Good stuff, all!
    xx Suzanne

  23. Sweet! Great job, Big Chick! Those noodles look really yummy right now...and would you believe that this tea-tote'n gal actually owns TWO whiskey flasks! Ha!!! They were my daddy's and he didn't drink either.

    : )


  24. love these memories and lessons learned during this season!

    happy weekend~

  25. That is so cute. She is growing up so fast, even in just the year I've known you! Isn't this crazy? We're mothers?!!! LOL

  26. Hi Becky! She must play for Chan/Chaska? My big girl plays for Minnesota Thunder and we played Chan/Chaska this week and made me think of you! Never much thought of myself as a soccer mom but alas I am totally a soccer mom!

    I have been mia from the health club as I have committed to outdoor workouts this summer! Maybe our paths will cross this fall..

    Happy summer to you!


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