Sunday, June 13, 2010

In with the NEW

You know how there is that one thing that you've dreamed of for a really long time? It may be a trip to Paris or camera or granite counter tops. It's just that thing that you've thought of over and over again. Well for Honey his dream came true this weekend:)

After years of wanting a black car he finally got his wish:) It was time. His old Nissan Ultima had tons of miles on it. We've had it since Big Chick was wee little. So we packed up the kiddos...said our (pretend) tearful goodbyes to the old and welcomed in the new.

Could he look any happier? I thought his face might freeze that way;) It was a glorious moment. I kind of chuckled to myself on the inside. It was so nice to see him that happy. We had the car (Hyundai Sonota) ordered in from another state, so he hadn't actually seen it in person. But it lived up to his ideal...that's always a good thing.

I hate admitting this, but for some reason I felt extremely irritable and depressed all day long. Even today I feel icky on the inside. I can't blame hormones. All I can think of is the lack of sunshine we've been having lately. I soooo feel for all my Pacific Northwest friends. Can you have SAD in the summer? Is that even possible? Or maybe it's the humidity and what it's doing to my hair that's making me down...ha;) Not sure, but I'm definitely in a funk. HATE that.

chick started a 5th and 6th grade youth group at church this morning. That's weird for me. Seems like yesterday I was in youth group. That's where I met Honey. Strange. Isn't she cute in her "glasses"?? When I was growing up I used to put a frilly petticoat slip thing on my hair and pretend that I had long flowing locks. Oh the good ol' days. Did you do stuff like that too??

Have a blessed day.

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  1. Car is definitely a babe out!
    Seriously though, I think your honey is quite lucky to get the dream car and drums in such a short space of time for one another.

    PLUS he has all these gorgeous women surrounding him.

    Lucky guy!

    Yes, Big Chick looks cute in glasses.

    Take care!

  2. Getting a new car is always such a big deal. Gloomy weather definitely puts some people into a funk. For me, the barometer dropping when a storm rolls in cranks up my migraine. So, I HATE IT. When I was little I used to walk around with our bathroom towels on my head pretending I was Cher. I loved her long hair. That was as close as I ever got! When you are in a blue funk you need to do things that will pull you out. Dance it out. Sing it out. Laugh it out. Sometimes just say out loud all of the things that you appreciate. Big or small. It's all about changing your reality for today. ((Hugs))

  3. He looks like he is going to pop! I'm happy for him also.
    I just returned from Spokane and Montana and saw your weather. My daughter moved to Whitefish last June from Florida. She did well until this spring, you discribed just how she feels and she is coming home. I like Robins advise-I tell her to dance it out.
    Love Big Chicks glasses. My baby graduated from high school last week---that's weird to me! You just wait.
    Happy Sunday to you!

  4. Congrats on the new car! He looks so happy! I love her glasses she is adorable in them! I hear ya, its been raining this whole week off and on. I guess its good for all the flowers. The sun will be out this week, I'm sure!

  5. Getting a new car is always so fun...your hubby looks really happy:)

  6. How great to get a new car! I've had mine for 11 years....since I was 16. We had planned on getting me something newer a few years ago until I turned up pregnant. Oops! I am so glad your Honey is happy!

    Big C looks super cute in her accessory. I did all kinds of things like that when I was little. My family's favorite was that I would drape a towel over my head and hold it tight under my chin while saying "I'm Mary! I'm Mary!" Except I would drawl out Mary so it sounded like Mae-ree. You know, as in Mary, mother of Jesus. Oh the things we do as kids.

  7. Love the car! He looks absolutely, 100% thrilled to be in that vehicle.

    You and me on the hair -- and the funk. It's been raining here in Minnesota for quite a while. My yard is turning into a swimming pool. I wouldn't mind a bit of S.U.N.

    Blessings on your Sunday,


  8. Ha, I did even better than putting a frilly slip on my head for long hair (though I did do that a couple times, if I remember right).......
    My older sis and I used to dress our little bro up. In a dress. My favorite, that was too small for me. And a nice big, cute kitchen towel (or a pillowcase or something of the sort) as his hair!
    Oh, golly. Good times!

    Hey--hubby's car is sa-weet!
    And goodness, Big Chick is adorable:)

  9. OooOoo nice shiny black new ride! New car smell...nothing like it!

    Love the glasses!

  10. such a cool outing to get the dream car for the honey. I have to comment on the Pacific Northwest weather...I live here in Washington State and man we have had months of icky weather and it does start to wear on ya, I too have been in a funk of late and hate it, I recognize it but for the life of me, cannot kick it. The sun came out yesterday and joy or joys it was wonderful...thinking a trip somewhere sunny is on my to do list!!!! :)

  11. I did exactly slips were my long flowing hair too! Your man does look very happy indeed! I just got a new car too, a 2010 Chevy Impala, dark grey. This weather has us all in a funk I think...we had our furnace back on now for 4 days...cold and rainy! :D

  12. How exciting! I've been looking at the new Sonata's too... they look so classy :)

  13. Woohoo and congrats to your Honey!!! He DOES look happy...the car-tres chic! If I could send you some sunshine (without the humidity) I would. I LOVE rainy, cloudy days...send them to me! Kudos to Big Chick-impressive display of responsibility, WOW! You have a beautiful, friendly smile, btw...

  14. Very exciting! I love the smell of new cars : )

    Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting on my blog :D

    Gemma X

  15. Hubby does look excited. Nice car. Fun memories.
    We have had so many rainy gloomy days here in Ohio lately....storms every day. I never thought about SAD in the summer but why not. Today after a cloudy humid start the sun is out. Makes your spirits brighter for sure. You have such a fun family.

  16. You can't go wrong with a Hyundai Sonata. I am on my second one and it's black too. I have owned a Sonata for 10 years and have never had a major problem. (knock on wood) I sold my first one that I bought in 2000 to my brother and he is still driving it. My second is a 2004 and I'm still enjoying it. Good luck with yours.

  17. I am happy for you and your hubby. He does look like he's enjoying his new car a lot! Let's get out of those miserable funks and enjoy this day! I think I'm going to make myself start each day by saying, "this is the day that the Lord has made! Let us rejoice and be glad in it." Do you think it will work? It will certainly remind me of where my focus should be right? xoxoxo

  18. good for your hubby! hope he keeps loving his car :) you guys look like you all love the new car!

    and seriously, i need some sun! :) let's get rid of the rain for a bit.

  19. It looks beautiful!! Black is always so classy..
    Hubby looks deliriously happy!! lol
    Thrilled for you both!

    Your daughter is a sweetheart! They grow up too fast..

    I have days like that too..hope tomorrow is a sunshiney day for you :)

    In friendship,
    Deborah xo

  20. Oh Wow! Your new black car is gorgeous! Don't you just love the smell of a new car? I have had my silver Sentra for 9 months and I can still smell the newness of it. Love that! Your husband looks so happy!!! I'm happy for him. And oh my gosh! is your hair in pigtails? You looks so sweet and so darn cute. As for being in a funk I get that way when it rains for longer then 2 days in a row so I think that SAD could be possible in the summer. And it has been quite humid here in NH too. Yuck. But I just keep reminding myself that it is not snowing and that makes me feel so much better. Big Chick looks awesome in glasses. :) I hope that you have a wonderful Monday.

  21. we have 2 black cars...i never thought we would, but we do and i love them! and this for the birds. it must go away and the sun come is making me feel yucky as well and eat way too much sugar!

  22. Love that new car smell and I so love black too. IF I get another, it will be black or red ~ my usual. He looks extremely happy and that's great! Hyundai's are very good cars.

    Both of your daughters are adorable.

    I understand the funk. It is difficult to shake isn't it? We've had high 90's/100 here with wayyyyyy too much humidity. Guess we might exchange weather for a bit? :-)

    Thanks so much for stopping by to see me ~ I really appreciate it! Have a blessed week ~


  23. That is one sporty wonder he's so happy. It looks like a man's dream car! :)

  24. Nice ride!

    I'm in a funk, too. Yep, hormones. I swear, as I get older the meaner I get. What is goin on?!

  25. He looks like he's just about to bust open with excitement. I bet he's finding all kinds of excuses to get in that car and drive!

    Hope your funk lifts soon. That's a tough spot to be in. I'm also no fan of humidity and I have to say, summer is not my favorite thing ever!

  26. Time marches on doesn't it?? Loving big chicks glasses ~ my Mom used to have a pair of sunglasses similar to those. And a new car ~ how exciting ~ hunny does look like he has a permasmile on his face and there is nothing wrong with that! Have a great week Becky. xo

  27. Love how happy your hubby is and I love big chicks glasses!

    We've had a gloomy week over here too which added to my funk as well.

  28. We've had that same depressing rain/humidity/no sun thing here in the Midwest and it's tough on one's state of mind, that's for sure!! My hubby just bought a Sonata a few months ago too...he got the silver though {his last car was black}. Glad your hubby is so happy with his car :)

    Have a great week Becky!

    Hugs ~

    :) T

  29. Great looking car.. we are in the market and looking around.. Sonata is on our short list. Your big chick looks very smart and cute in her specs. I've been wearing glasses since I was 5 years old. Can't bring myself to make the big switch to contacts. Maybe your funkiness is just a reflection of the weather... was it charlie brown who said ' a smile makes a lousy umbrella'? lol..

  30. the car looks just fabulous! i'll take one too, please! : ) hope you have a beautiful day and that you don't feel one bit of yucky!

  31. yipee for new cars...I am so happy for you and your hubby! I hope you are feeling better, I was in washington and it was dreary and cold, and I could see how that would make one kinda grumpy if it happened for too long! then again I come from sunshine many many months out of the year, so the rain was welcome for me! xoxox

  32. Congrats to you all and especially your hubby on that dream car.

    Oh yes, I could tell you some funny stories about things I did. I used to do commercials in the bathroom under lock and key in front of the mirror with the soap and whatever other product I could find. When no one was watching, I was quite the entertainer/actress! Then my siblings would tell on me for being in the bathroom too long.
    Crazy huh?

  33. ummmm, I DID do stuff like that! and STILL do!!! :) her glasses are adorable! nothing like a "man and his wheels!"- they LOVE their cars! sending you big hugs and happy thoughts filled with lots of sunshine!
    Many Blessings!

  34. Boys and their toys! It's so hard for me to depart with old vehicles, and Hubby acts like a used car salesman, he never gets attached and is always up for a new ride. ;)
    Love the glasses, I used to wear shawls and funky hats just for fun. And I still have a pair of glasses I wear, non prescription. Of course I tell myself they are for the glare of the computer screen, but you know... ;)

  35. Sweet new car!! I admit new cars make me happy too.... i'm driving mine forever now... but it keeps going... but i love to dream :)
    I'm sending you rays of sunshine to help with your mood... i need the sun too... As for hair oh my gosh i'm in need of a hair fix... ughhh i keep pulling it back in a headband!!!

  36. Yay for your hubby! He does look so happy! I hope you feel better soon. I am sending lots of happy thoughts your way! :)


  37. Congrats to your honey on his new ride!
    I smiled, because just yesterday ~ I kid you not,
    MY honey saw just this car and said what a great looking vehicle it is!!! Wouldn't it have been funny if it was YOUR car that we saw as we were out and about???? As to the silly things we did as kids, I used to run around in my mom's floaty robe that was part of a set she took on her honeymoon ~ thought I was a princess in it! xx Suzanne PS: Wednesday is supposed to be 82 and sunny. Whoopee!!!

  38. your honey's smile says it all :-)
    I have felt the same sadness this year as we have experienced so much rain and dishwater grey skies... too many- but this is when you paint my dear girl!

  39. Absolutely! Cute glasses! Happy new Honey mobile!

    : )

    Julie M.


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