Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dream Squasher

Honey and I have a made up word...dream squasher.  It's just like what it says.  Someone who stomps on your ideas and completely belittles your hopes and dreams.  Oh so not a good thing.  We made up this word because over the many years we've been married we've obviously shared a lot of dreams and ideas with each other.  Some have been great and others not so great.  For the most part we share the same enthusiasm for things.  But every now and then one of us will be guilty of being a dream squasher

Case in point.  I was just dreaming out loud the other night.  Saying wouldn't it be great if someday we could move to Maui.  You all know how much I LOVE Hawaii:)  He quickly said...well that will never happen.  Nothing like the word never to completely deflate you.  Just having it uttered into the universe seems almost sinful because well... you just never know.  Life is unpredictable at times and I tend to believe that anything is possible.  In all fairness it probably never will happen, but I kind of have a rule to never say never.  There is thing that happens in me too...when someone says never.  It makes me want it even more.  Then I start concocting all kinds of plans to make it happen.  I guess determination sets in and I want to prove that person wrong.

Our conversation made me think of other dreams I staying busy creating and selling my stuff on Etsy.  My girls will both be in school full time this year.  It's crazy that the day is finally approaching.  I've always had a little bubble of fear in the back of my mind saying...what's next?  I've always tried to ignore it and to just trust that when the time came the Lord would take care of it.  And I know He will, but I still want to get in there and figure it all out.  When will I ever learn to just surrender?:)

Have a blessed day.

Okay so I added some new stuff today.  Check it out
Most items can be made with a custom saying too:) 
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  1. too funny Becky...I call it dream assasin! I'm always call my hubby that;)

  2. "It is the possibility that keeps me going, and though you may call me a dreamer of a fool or any other thing, I believe that anything is possible" - Noah C. The Notebook

    Believe and pray, and the Universe will make it happen!!!!

  3. Ugh, I looooove those pictures of your handiwork! Amazingly cute, dear:)
    And the background, coupled with the new header? Sa-weet. ;)

  4. I dislike the word "never", too. That word simply is not in God's vocabulary.

    My kids will both be in school full time this fall and I am in the same boat. Time to set those dreams loose and let God be God.

    Love your new creations! You should find a distributor in Maui- you'd have to go visit to check on business... :)

  5. I always called it "pissing in your ear." Yours sounds much nicer. I think I am going to start using yours now. Pissing isn't a very pretty word. As for the rest of your post about surrendering things to God... Don't you think it is a "team effort?" You pray about it. Envision it. Desire it. Imagine it. Really think about that thing happening in your life and what it would feel like. And there comes a point that the door opens. It's like dominoes falling into place. And you know in your heart that a force bigger than you made all these pieces connect and brought you to this place. But it all began with that first prayer. If you hadn't prayed for it in the beginning, well it wouldn't be happening. Then there are the times that you pray for something and you try to imagine it and you just can't. And you know that it really isn't for you. It's a nice thought, but not something that you really want. And there is the difference. You and God ~ you're always a team, whether you can see it or not. He's always on your side. Working through you. You may not always see it, but that's okay. BTW, like your jewelry. Keep doing it. Getting better all the time:-)

  6. Okay, I just had to comment. I am not a "dream squasher."

    I only said "never" in a kidding fashion. I actually believe anything is possible, if you really want it bad enough. Like with all things, when you move toward something, you start to think of ways to achieve the goal. It's called providence. Another key point is, you have to be willing to pay the cost to achieve the goal, you "say" you want. People in general "say" they want alot of things, but aren't really willing to pay the price to achieve it. Therefore, they don't "really" want it.

    I love quotes, as my wife has mentioned before. A few of my favorites are: "Success is 99% follow-through," "You can do more than you think you can," and "there are no limitations except your expectations."

    Make it a great day. Live the dream!

  7. i don't ever want to be considered a dream squasher. not. one. bit. So to that I say, "let's move to maui together and be neighbors and let the girls play together and the boys can surf and be "hot" okay?

  8. I love the jewelery posted today, you are fab!
    I know the feeling about moving to Hawaii too, I told my hubs I would love to retire there...he just, yeah sad...I am going to call him a 'dream squasher'!!
    I will tell you that all three of my daughters are grown and moved out of the house, for a long time I dreaded the thought, but God is so good and they are such great young women who I am very proud of. I think we raise them the best we can and then we hope and pray we can be strong enough to let them fly out on their own wings, praying the whole time that all will be well! You are a great momma! Good luck sweetie!

  9. Okay the fact that Brian commented back to you is hysterical. And totally something that Adrain would do!!! I think if you and Lissa move to Maui, you two need to make sure that there's a guest bedroom for me. Mkay? Thanks.


    (PS I'm sorry my post published today. I got the date wrong! My life feels very upside down right this minute!!)

    And... we found out that house is a short sale. Duh, why didn't I think of that? SO... the adventure really begins now... I always said I'd never buy a short sale because of all the WAITING and stress involved. Why do I constantly say "never?" I'm like my own worst dream squasher!!

  10. Becky!!! You have some just plain gorgeous pieces! I love stuff like that and that you personalize things is even cooler. Love love love. :)

  11. Great post -- always important to have dreams! How cute that your Honey commented!! :)

    Have a great day!


  12. I love your new looks great!

  13. I am my own dream squasher, I get it from my dad, this level head and the money part..ugh! I think I need to remember that dreams are meant to gathered and held tight in hopes they will come true...I want to take the leap but that fear sets in...ack! Love the new necklaces and I got a sweet comment on the one you made me the other day...I sent her to etsy! :)

  14. Your things are really pretty here. Our agency is really a powerful thing isn't it?! Next to life itself, it is our greatest gift from our Heavenly Father. I am hoping your dream does come true one day! :D

  15. such a good reminder. it's so comforting to know that the Lord has our every step ordained! oh, and if you figure out how to move to hawaii, you better let me know. that is a big fat dream of mine too. : )

  16. I get like that too... the minute never it uttered i turn very determined.
    here's to dreams and watching them take seed and grow,

  17. oh my goodness, I cannot believe the similarities of your thoughts and mine. I have always wanted to live on a tropical island too.
    I am a huge dreamer, and when someone laughs at my dreams or ideas I think... OH REALLY? you just watch me! I Have huge dreams for my business and you know what they may not happen, but at least I am trying and working towards them, better than sitting around saying...oh me oh my I wish...
    I was always scared of "what next" after my kids grew older too, but instead of trusting in God to show me "what next".. I kept having babies. and maybe that was God's "what next". but now I am to a point where I can't wait for a new season of life, I'll just bring my 2 1/2 yr old into it with me!!
    Love your new jewelry! My best friend in the whole world, saw your Do it Afraid painting on my blog and is in love with it!

  18. yep. I can be my own dream squasher. My husband is the dreamer in our family and I live in TOTAL reality. not so fun. I'm working on it.

  19. Great post! I had so many dream squashers when I started working out. You'll hate it, how can you devote the time to it, you won't stick with it - ugh I'm a very positive person - so I'm proving them wrong :)

  20. Don't like dream squashers at all!
    Perfect word.
    Never say never is my new saying because it is true!
    And your etsy stuff well gonna have to get me some of this
    lovely that you make and spread it around the world, I just am!

  21. That's funny, dreams were on my mind this week, too. I have found that never (especially said to God) is a good way for something to actually happen. I've learned to be very careful with that word. Which may actually bode well for your Maui dream.

  22. BTW I like your new header. How cool to see your own art up there.

  23. Love that your hubby had to clear his name. ;) I'm learning more than ever, that we just NEVER know the adventure God may have in store for us! (Maybe that's the one time "never" is acceptable??) :)

    ps- Your art is so inspiring and pretty. I should know, since I get to look at a bit of it every day.

  24. I am choosing to be a dream chaser, My mom always said, I had my head in the clouds, Like it was a bad thing!
    Without dreams and dreamers where would we be?
    Imagination is more important then knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world. Many Blessings, Deborah

  25. Over come "Dream Squasher" with "Phoenix Dreams" - those dreams rise out of the ashes - that's what's so great about dreams!I love your necklaces - and how you used them throughout your post to puncutate your thoughts! Eclecticly Perfect!

  26. Oh, that's funny...we have the same problem. I don't like to take my hands off, ha! like I could do it all, or even well...and I don't like the word never too much, either. Sometimes, I think men are so grounded, and we...well, we float a bit. Better watch out! It would be funny if, in a couple years' time, we were reading your blog....posted from Maui...

  27. I feel the same way about the word "never"! And life is so unpredictable...who knows? So someday, I hope your wish comes true, and you'll be blogging from Hawaii:)

  28. Your jewelry is beautiful! :-) Stopped by from LMM. We call them "Fun Terrorists" at our house. :-)

  29. I call it "taking a pooh in my cheery-o's"

    I am kind of in the same boat. Just follow that fire and keep making your beautiful jewelry!

  30. We have had that exact same Hawaii conversation.. ;) and I had the exact same response... ;) *sigh* Surrender is so hard ... and just when you think you have a grip on it... you slip!! =) Have you ever read A Believers Absolute Surrender by Andrew Murray?? it has been a very long time.... but a great read...anyway... Love love love the key chains! ;)

  31. Heehee Dream Squesher! I know what you mean. I'm always wondering whats next? What do I do now? Do I just let things happen on their own?

    Life is difficult like that..but it is the way things are meant to be.

    Gemma X

  32. It's called being a REALIST... But "DREAM SQUASHER" does sound so much meaner and appropriate because nobody has the right to prevent us from fantasizing. Life, after all, is, by its nature, we may as well expect the best.

    For you, I hope the best is yet to come and that all your dreams come true. So keep dreaming.

    PS. Love your new layout.

  33. You are right....never ever say never. God can take you to places you couldn't imagine. :) We have a word at our house like yours...."joy suckers." People who try to suck the joy out of your life. Feel free to use it anytime. :) Your necklaces are BEAUTIFUL by the way.

  34. I'm definitely with you on this one! My new mantra is "Pray for rain and carry an umbrella!" When we say "never" we limit God!

    Love your blog!


  35. I say keep on dreaming...if you focus on something that you really want, then lo and behold the next thing you know, you're there!

    Luv your blog, you're a great writer too! And thanks for stopping by yesterday and leaving a luvly comment.

  36. So very true, that "Dream Squasher" word! I can do it enough to myself, so I don't need someone else doing it too.

    I've always been good at coming up with new ideas and then short on doing it, so that is why my word for this year has been ACTION. It truly has helped me stay on task by making sure I am taking Action of some kind every day. But you girl, have Action down pat! Look at all of the beautiful pendants you have made and continue to make for your etsy store and they even tell a wonderful story! You are an inspiration always to me.

    Keep on keepin on and being fabulous Becky!
    Lee Ann

  37. Oh, and I LOVE your painting as your header!!!!

  38. Well you might just have to prove him wrong! The power of positive thinking buddy! Go read or watch the Secret! I am a believer but also a believer in the big guy and what path he has laid out for us! Keep dreaming big, you are going somewhere! Who knows maybe it is Maui after all!

  39. Love the jewelry it is very inspiring! I think I'm my own biggest dream squasher! I'm a lot like you and I want to work on things and follow those dreams, but I always seem to come to a halt. I have come to a point in my life where I'm so tired of not giving it my all!
    So cute of your husband to comment! I love what he said anything is possible! If I really gave it 99% what would happen! I found a quote that I really like, Believe in the Incredible and you can do the Impossible! You are off to a great new start!
    Many Blessings to you and your family!

  40. Becky: After reading this, and your comments on P&H today, I have a thought. Why don't you start taking a class or two a quarter at MCAD {Mpls College of Art and Design}? It is NEVER too late. My mom went back to college for a degree in Interior Design when I was in 5th and my bro in 3rd grade. Took her a few years, but she did it!! My daughter is taking a course at MCAD this summer, in addition to her trip to SCAD next week. MCAD is really a great art school. NEVER say NEVER!!! NEVER. EVER.
    Love and Hugs to you! xx Suzanne

  41. I love your positive thinking on that topic! I do it to myself. I try not to give up easily, but when life gets tough you lose hope that your dreams will NEVER come true. It's tough surrendering to God. For me it's because I want it so badly. I wonder, I do everything right...why is it that I still struggle? I just have to keep reminding myself that He has a plan and that everything happens for a reason...God Bless!!

    Love that your hubby commented!! My hubby would do the I can just imagine!! LOL!!

  42. I love your new 'line' you should market make necklaces and key chains of peoples blog buttons! I'd totally use a key chain w/my blog on it!! :)

  43. I'm not a fan of "never" either...because you never know what God has in store for you!

    : )

    Julie M.

  44. I totally get you about the dream squashers...everytime I mention moving to the beach to my family {not my hubby because he would if he could} they have a not so supporting just want to say "ick" you know and someday I know we will be there and I know I will smile about it:)


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