Friday, April 30, 2010

Beach bravery:)

The beach is generally not my favorite thing to do. I really don't like sand stuck to me or the messiness of it all. I can be a worrier with my girls around the ocean. It scares me a bit! But I do love to watch and listen to the waves, so that's worth the discomfort.

We found the most beautiful beach...DT Fleming. It was like a little bit of paradise.

We came a couple of different days. It was OUR beach. The kids staked their claim. It was just beautiful. There was kind of a jungle like lookout that had a beautiful view and that's where we ate our lunch.

It just seemed very Hawaiian to me. Here's the guard shack complete with rescue vehicles and lifeguards. I get impressed so easily:)

was also pretty private. It was kind of enclosed a little with a rocky enclave on one side and a cliff on another. Not many people were there, so it felt nice.

sand castles with daddy.

waves and current were really really strong. They had caution signs posted. It was also pretty windy the days we hit this beach, so the wind would pick up the fine sand and pelt us...ouch. Even though it wasn't was so much fun. Not going to let a little painful sand bring down my Hawaiian high:)

My girls were really good about not going out too deep and taking care of each other. They always held hands. It was a relief to not worry about them.

Look at this action shot. Could they be having any more fun??

As I was watching Honey with the girls I kept thinking this is so similar to how God protects us. Our human nature is to push the envelope, to want to try dangerous things or see how far we can go sometimes. And He's there to hold our hand...protect us and pull us back when it gets too deep or the "current" gets too strong. It really moved me to think of my heavenly Father's love and how much watching over us He does. I think He was trying to teach me some things.

Me and my babe. Isn't he a cutie??

Okay I have a little confession. I have never in all my life worn a bikini. Not even as a child. I've always been really modest and well chicken... I guess. But after months of working out and eating clean I thought I should try being a little BRAVE and get it over with. So...


Oh my gosh I can't believe I am putting this on the Internet. I've lost my mind!!!!

We found these really cool rocks to one side of the beach and set off to explore. It was just beautiful. The roar of the waves crashing on the rocks and the beauty of them glistening in the sun. I could have sat there all day just thanking the Lord for His creation and reflecting on all He has blessed me with. That's what the ocean does for makes me grateful!

our play was over the work Oh the mess of it all. None of us like being sandy. I think as the week went by I began getting used to it. It's a matter of letting go and not caring and that's a gift Hawaii teaches you. To relax, unwind and hang loose:)

I go back please?? I'd take a little sand right now!

Have a blessed day.

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  1. Are you kidding me, you look amazing! You should be so proud of yourself. You are a knockout. I think you would have to pay me a boat load of money before I would scare the world in a bikini! Way to go and I bet your honey enjoyed the view!

    I loved the action picture of the girls running! You make me want to go to Hawaii again, it sure is amazing!

  2. First of all, if I looked like you, I would post the bikini picture. Second, both you and your hubby, and kiddos are adorable, Third, and last, your vacation looks like it was heavenly!

    Loved your analogy and I love God's protection too!!!


  3. You cutie pie!! I love these photos and of course you look wonderful girl! Rock that two piece! I have only worn a bikini one Summer for a very short time, and I was honestly so uncomfortable in it that I consigned it! I'm proud of you, you worked so hard!!

  4. What wonderful memories you are making with your family. I absolutely love the ocean. I think you look fabulous in your bikini!

  5. I love the image of God's protective arms around us in the "ocean" of the world. Such a peace comes in that thought..thank you for sharing! LOVE, love love the photos and the new sidebar pics! You and your Honey have to be one of the most gorgeous couples ever!

    Happy Weekend!
    -Rachel from A Cupcake for Moose

  6. I love all of the beach pics, but I am TOTALLY the same way as you about the sand!! Having three little ones that love to *roll* in it after getting wet makes me cringe, but I put up with the extra baths and cleaning because there really is something special about the ocean! :) I guess I'll have to get used to it, just in case we end up being stationed there sometime! And I agree with everybody else... You look totally fabulous in your bikini, and I hope you felt that way too! :)

  7. You go girl! All your hard work paid off and you look fab in your bikini :) I'm proud of you for being brave.

    I know about those Hawaiian waves hubby still laughs about how I got pummeled by one on our honeymoon ;)

  8. Oh, that's too cute:)
    Love this post! Ack, sand and me? Not good either...but if it was Hawaiian.. haha!
    Wow, I'm with ya on the bikini, but you pull it off! You and your honey are unbelievably sweet. And beautiful:)

  9. Okay.. you have totally inspired me. Tomorrow I am going to go out and buy a bikini...granted I won't EVER wear it, but isn't it the thought that counts?!:-))))

    You look gorgeous, my dear.. and most importantly, you all look soooo happy!!!!!!


  10. I truly love seeing all of your smiles.
    I see images of you all and find myself going
    there are my friends and it makes me
    happy to see you all happy.
    Handsome couple you and your honey.
    Your kids adorable.
    Clean eating...I would love to understand this better!
    I love watching your trip unfold!!!!
    Thank you for letting us into your vacation fun.

  11. Beautiful beach... Ever better bikini bod! You rocked it girl :)

  12. SHAKA, baby! Love these pics and the hang-loose attitude! Even though I miss the days when my chicks were itty-bitty, it IS a relief when you don't have to be vigilant every moment at the beach. Looks like a trip to remember....forever. Kudos to you for being ready for the BIKINI!!!
    xx P&H

  13. I sure am enjoying this vicarious Hawaiian holiday... :)

  14. You Rock Becky and look Fab-U-Lous!!! Love the beach shots and the new one of your sidebar of you and Honey. Perfect!

  15. Becky, way to go stylin' in a bikini! I haven't worn one since 1992. College to be exact.
    Now a girlie question, tell me (if you will) where you got your sunglasses. My faves broke last week. Plain BROKE. I've been on the hunt ever since from Walmart to Anthro to Loft to Nordy's. Love yours.

  16. Thanks for sharing your amazing time in Hawaii. I myself have wanted to visit and hopefully I will one day. You have a beautiful family!

  17. It looks and sounds fantastic! I could use a little sand right now too? Really, any time will do ;D You look so cute in your two piece! You worked hard to get there - way to GO!!!!

  18. I loved your pictures..The first one, you look a bit tense..the one in the bikini you look so relaxed. Your husband is handsome and you are a guys are so blessed to have each other! Such darling little gals, they look like real good friends. I'm so glad it was all so wonderful for you!Come say hi :D

  19. Oh what fun it was to see all of your photos. You and your family all looked as though you had a wonderful time on the beach. The ocean is my favorite place to be in all of the world so seing the photos of it and of your girls playing in it was such a joy. You look awesome in your bikini. Good for you for taking a photo of yourself. One day when you are my age you will look back and be glad that you did.:) You and your honey are such a beautiful looking couple! Oh and I love your new blog photo too. Awesome profile shot of you.


  20. You are so beautiful!
    I actually just started working out again. It feels so good. Now just to drop 10 lbs. Thanks for inspiring me to keep going! : )))
    You have a beautiful family!
    Take Care,

  21. Hawaii is at the TOP of my list of places I'd love to visit someday, even though the thought of flying across the ocean terrifies me. I would still do it, given the chance.

    You go, bikini-wearin' mama! You look great!

  22. whoa girl... you rock the bikini!!! your family is so beautiful! i love how God shows us lil' bits (or huge bits) of His truth in our everday lives! He's so good like that! awww, all these pictures make me want to go back right now!!! heaven must be a little like hawaii! ; ) happy weekend.

  23. You are a beautiful lady! And your guy is very handsome. :) Your girls are adorable-I love beach pictures!
    I do hate the sand, too. But, we go to the beach every summer to visit my husband's family (mine, now :) ) and I am able to mentally adjust, because you just can't avoid it. haha But if we are at home, no sandboxes!
    It looks like an amazing place, and an amazing time!

  24. Ocean beaches always brings me so so close to God... makes me feel so grateful and passionate! Blissful! I long for the beach! =) often! Thanks for sharing! Way to brave that bikini!!

  25. Looks like you all had a Fab time!! Very Brave...yup!!! (no bikini's here :))

    I'm not a beach type of girl at all. I would have to say "one day a year" is plenty - if that. Gee, I almost can't remember when I was there the last time. (we're not to far from the Alantic Coast)

    Anyway. The one thing I do love is the awesomeness that the Ocean brings. It is impressive - in that each tiny grain of sand is counted (in God's Omniscience).
    The waves remind me of his grace, in that, it's overwhelming. Coming again & again... his wave upon wave.

    I love the picture I get - God's love and power still blow my mind... but standing next to the ocean does put it into a bit more of a perspective for me.

    Just like you said... You could sit there all day and thank him for his love and grace towards us.

  26. you look fabulous girlie!
    i keep looking at the great pic of you & hubby over on your side bar & love it!!
    & not love the sand & the thrill of the surf? i'm suprised! :)

  27. Thank you for posting your pics of your trip, I've always wanted to go to Hawaii, it looks as beautiful as I imagined it :) BTW, you look amazing in your bikini, girl! Flaunt what you have girl!

  28. That is my absolute dream day! And bikini body rocks -- way to go!

  29. Fun! And a brave and beautiful bikini girl you are!

  30. Beautiful post! And you look beautiful in your bikini:) Hawaii sounds heavenly...when can I go?!

  31. My feelings are similar about beaches! But that looked like too much fun not to enjoy. :) Glad ya'll had such a great time. You all look great!

  32. Your girls are so sweet. So glad you got to go to Hawaii. Great pictures!!

  33. you are crazy brave girl! crazy brave! You will never see my ars in a swimsuit on my blog. Too insecure for that one! You look like a beach BABE! You looked so very pretty in hawaii

  34. We went to Maui over Spring break and we went to Fleming Beach too and I can attest to the pelting sand. No fun!! What a great time you guys had!! When we were there I would watch the little kids and how excited they would get over snorkeling or the ocean...there is nothing better than a child like attitude. Can't wait for more!

  35. The thing I love most about the ocean is perspective. It never fails to offer it up. And I can't look at it and not feel God all around me. I love your new pics in your sidebar. The chicks obviously were having a blast. And ~ well ~ good for you and stretching your limits and going for it with the bikini. Most of all, it is clear that ALL OF YOU were having a blast. That is what a vacation is all about!!!!

  36. Looking hot in the bikini!!!!!

  37. You look GREAT in a bikini, no worries. I just posted a bikini pictures on my blog and I could not believe I was doing it.

    Oh, the sand, the beach, the ocean...don't you love them all!

  38. I don't think there is anything more fun than watching your kids enjoy the beach!!! Glad you guys had soo much fun & that you have all these awesome pics to remember it by! That beach hair-do you got is working! :)

  39. That beach is BEAUTIFUL! And so are you! You have NOTHING to worry about! XD

  40. Hi Becky!

    Oh, you are sooooo making me want to reurn to Hawaii! Your photos are just stunning.

    And speaking of, so are you! No, you haven't lost your mind, you look fab-oo!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  41. The pics are beautiful, looks like an awesome day...I really love your blog too xx

  42. You just made some great memories for your kids. What a beautiful beach!! I am always nervous about the kids at the beach - (and we live close enough to go at least 5 times a year.) The nervousness is just an "inborn-thing" for moms. WOW-do I want to go to Hawaii!

  43. You are really making me miss Hawaii! Gorgeous pictures, and you look awesome in that bikini good for you!!

  44. BECKY ~ the pic of you and your honey is just BEAUTIFUL!! THE CUTEST COUPLE !!! And the new one of you and honey on the sidebar ~ well, you look like a couple of movie stars!! LOVE THEM!

    When hubby and I went to Hawaii the first time, we found a secluded beach, we had to trek down a hillside, slide on our bottoms on mud and when we finally got there, there were 6 couples and three of them were from our county ~ we couldn't believe it!!!

    Can't wait to see more pics!!! Keep 'em coming :)

  45. BEACH! Now that's what I think of when I hear HAWAII! Great photos.

    Who is that movie star with the black bikini and bandana sitting on the rocks?

  46. You are too cute!!! Smoking beach body!!!! Love the color of your bikini... your trip looks just fantastic,

  47. Cute, you look great, Becky! Not even Brave Girl Camp could encourage my inhibited self to go public in a bikini!!! I'm so glad that you had such a blessed time in Hawaii!

    : )

    Julie M.

  48. don't you just love the hawaiian beaches? they are PERFECT!!!!!!!!!

  49. You do look amazing. So proud of you for being brave... and posting it. (grin). Love the bandana on your hair too. Very cute.

  50. Hey Becky, I've been away for a few days visiting family in another state and am just now getting caught back up on your posts here.

    You're not loosing your mind, you are just being Brave and when Brave girls make the rest of us girlies brave too! But at my age I'm not putting on another bikini. You look awesome! I especially love the picture of little chicks and your Honey together. Your girls are going to grow up very confident and with a daddy who loves them like that. I bet you had a daddy that did the same for you.

  51. All of the pictures are just great! I'm glad you get so many unposed sweet family shots!!

    And your bikini body is awesome!

  52. You go Girl! I am only comfortable in tankini's now, sigh... if only I had known at 17 how beautiful my body was but my self-conscious insecurity. Now with 3 pregnancies stretch marks are on my tummy and I don't think bikinis will ever be in my wardrobe again! ;)

  53. You are just darling!!! I love that you bought a bikini for your dream vacation and rocked it!! looks like a wonderful day at the beach, and the kids look like they are having a great time!!

  54. Holy hotness! You're a total beach babe and I'm an expert because I grew up in Huntington Beach aka "Surf City" so I know what a bikini babe looks like. :)

    Your girls look like they absolutely loved the beach.. and you and your husband are adorable.


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