Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What should have been fun...

My Honey is a drummer. It's just his God given gift. He's really good. Ten years ago he sold his set...his dream set, and with that sell so went his gift...for a bit. But all of a sudden after a 10 year lull he has the bug. It's bitten him hard and he can't wait to get his hands on another pair of drumsticks.

last night we packed up the girls right after school and headed out to kind of an iffy part of Minneapolis. We suburbanites definitely felt a little out of place in this neighborhood.

When we entered the music store the smell of smoke about knocked me over. I have asthma, and so the air was really getting to me after a bit. My throat was burning. I had a horrible headache. I felt dizzy. Weird!

He found a set he really really liked, but the guy helping us was shifty. Nothing had prices on it and I felt like I was at a used car lot. He kept asking us what we wanted to spend and then he would disappear and "appear" to be tallying things up for us, but wouldn't get us anywhere near the price we wanted. It was really frustrating. After what seemed like hours and no progress we decided to go eat and think about it.

my husband this was like his dream moment. He was getting something he wanted really bad and the pull between want and need was in question. For me it was a chance to see him happy. He NEEDS these drums as an outlet...a happy place. As much as I fought it at first... it takes up a lot of room, invades my peace and quiet etc... I know he needs to use his gift.

ended up leaving empty handed. We were tired, grouchy and just frustrated. Not a good time to make a big purchase decision. I know he will find them soon. It's like a vision quest:) God has the perfect set just waiting for him somewhere out there!

Do you have any gifts or talents that have been put on a shelf for a season??

Have a blessed day.

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  1. I am so happy for him. You have told me about his musical gift...I hope he finds a set soon!

  2. My husband is a drummer too. He plays in church all the time. Our youngest daughter is taking drums in school as well for band :)

    I am kinda glad you didn't buy from that store, they don't seem to trustworthy.

    I have to say that I really enjoy your blog. I visited one day from LMM and I am so glad that I did.

  3. I love drums, but have no idea how to play them myself. That sounds kind of shady to me too. The prices should be listed on the drums....

  4. My husband has a band he sings and plays the guitar in. He looks forward to the days they have practice and I love that. It is really great that you are supporting your husband's passion-I think it is SO important for couples to do that for each other. He WILL find the perfect set, I'm glad you didn't buy them from that place you went . The drums would have smelled like smoke forever!

  5. My hubby sings and plays guitar, it is something that drew mw to him. I love hearing him sing. One of the most memorable moments of my life is when he sang during my baptism 6 years ago, such a magical moment. I am glad to hear your hubby is reviving his gift!

  6. you'll find just has to be the right set, right?

  7. I hope your hubby finds the perfect set soon. Sounds like the search for the just right bass guitar my hubby took me on a few years ago.

  8. My husband was in a band when I met him, so I can relate to this! He still has quite a few instruments around, but no drums. He plays bass, guitar, and piano/keyboards. It's fun being married to someone who's musical--I have absolutely no talent in that area myself! :-)

  9. I'm thinking I need to get the old sewing machine out. I used to really love to sew. I pray your Mr. Honey will find just the right drums for a perfect fit!

  10. That has happened to me before. I go looking for something and it just does not work out. Later I find my way or just what I need.
    Good luck on the quest for drums and you Hubs way back to his music.

    Becky.... I feel bad. You left a cute comment on my blog and I accidentally rejected the comment instead of publishing it!! I was using my screen on my iphone and made a mistake! I am SORRY!

  11. It's how I feel about my writing. It was on the shelf for a really long time. It feels really good to let it out. It does feel a lot like finding an old friend or a piece of yourself that you left behind in an alley or side street. It's like, "Oh, there you are. I've been missing you for so long. I knew something was missing and I didn't even know what until I saw you again. Come here and hold my hand. Let's stay together from now on because I feel better when we're together!"

    I hope Honey finds his Dream Drums soon:-)

  12. How fun for your sweetie, it can be so disappointing to set out with a task and come home empty handed, but I'm sure the right drum set is out there!

    Sometimes my heart feels like it's sitting on a shelf for the time being. So much I wanna share, but can't formulate the words for. It's been this way for some time now, and I hope to get up and dust my self off before too long. Seasons of life, they say!

  13. I'm glad I'm not the only one who really wants to support my honey, but sometimes when it comes down to it, I don't find it so comfortable. I totally felt your pain breathing in smokey air and feeling like the whole place was iffy. Well, actually not, no one smokes anymore in Washington;) I hope he finds his drums.

    I've pretty much put everything of mine on a shelf of coming after my family and home which means it doesn't come too often. Writing, painting and photography are all loves of mine, but I don't have the camera I want and the one that I have does not really motivate me to take pictures. Writing happens on my blog and in my journal, but I have dreams of books but they're shelved for now.

    Oooh, I loooove this song by David Crowder Band "How He Loves Us". The words are so beautiful!

  14. Hope he find some too -- what a wonderful gift to be a drummer! Fun times at your place, i'm sure.


  15. my hubby is a worship leader... his love for guitars can be expensive!!!! cheers to musical hubbies! i love singing. once in a while i get to at church if i can come up with a way to juggle being a mom while being involved in 5 hrs worth of services!

  16. It's great that you can support and encourage your husband- you are a good wife.

    Last year for Christmas I bought my husband a guitar- he sold his years ago when we needed cash- I always felt so sad about that :)

  17. Just have to say- super cute picture of your husband. Like his hair cut.
    : )

  18. I agree. You husband will find the set of drums that he is meant to have and God will help him with that. I'm sorry it was not meant to be last night but it will happen. Oh and so sorry about the smoke. I have asthma too and no one is allowed to smoke in my home or around me. Hope your feeling better tonight.


  19. I am married to a bald guy (by choice) (I mean he's bald by choice, and of course I married him by choice) (Sometimes I just want to slap myself) who plays the drums. He would say he's not any good but a long time ago he played in a band. We just got an electric set for Christmas, so that he can have fun and teach the kids a thing or two. I'm sorry that was a stressful experience! I hope that you guys find just the right thing, soon!
    Your last question is a good one. hmmm.

  20. Sweet drums--hope he finds some he likes! My brother is a drummer. I don't have that much rhythm. ;) Haha!

    Hmmm. That question...what's been on the shelf? desire/capability to write fiction. It kind of left me a little more than a year ago . . . someday I hope I get it back. it's kinda my dream to be a writer...
    Silly dreams. :)

  21. That place definitely sounded creepy. I'm pretty much just familiar with Edina. I hope your honey finds a lovely smoke-free set soon! : ) As for me, right now my entire life is such a project...that I haven't taken the time to bake or sketch or paint (other than house projects) in ages. There is definitely a time and season for everything!

    : )

    Julie M.

  22. I bet that was hard leaving empty handed. But a shifty drum salesman is not good! Maybe God closed the door on that place and you will be directed to a much better place where he can get his set and use his gift. :)

  23. In Florida they've banned smoking in public buildings, restaurants, etc so whenever I walk into a smokefilled room now I feel physically ill almost immediately! Sorry for the bad shopping experience, I'm sure there's a set out there for your DH :)

    I took 10 years of piano lessons and though I have a piano at home I don't dedicate nearly enough time to playing! I used to be pretty darn good, maybe I'll dust off the keys and play around a little :)

  24. Let me say first, I love reading your blog. My talent was making gift baskets. I love designing and creating new ones. I had my own store in GA once upon a time but economy woos, I closed. I miss it. I hope he can find a set afforable and what he needs. My grandson is 3 1/2 and likes his drums too.

  25. Oh I hope he finds a set soon, that would be soo awesome for him!!! I have no talents, I am a bump on a log...pluk!! Happy Thursday!

  26. So cool...I hope he is able to find something soon! I would love to be able to play an instrument. My choices would be guitar, piano, or drums!

    Have a great weekend!


  27. Although this trip was a bust I hope that he finds the set of his dreams soon! I took guitar lessons when I was in my teens but never followed through. I still wish I could play ~ I should out it on my "list"!

  28. a DRUMMER!
    love that.

    i can imagine the frustration.
    and the smoke!
    i don't like that either... literally get sick to my stomach.
    i bet he WAS disappointed.
    but... FOR SURE...
    like you said...
    the perfect set is out there.
    in it's own time.
    he'll be drumming away!

    i have always wanted to play an instrument.
    sooooo neat!

  29. You can't go wrong when you have music in your heart! How could we live in this world without it? I'm glad your hubby is getting back to one of his favorite loves.. we all need those things in our lives that make up part of why we were created.

    I love music too! My sisters and I grew up singing. My grandpa used to give us quarters as youngsters for singing for all the family and anyone who dropped by. They always smiled through it, so if they didn't like it we didn't know, but all that mattered to us was that our wonderful grandpa loved it.

  30. Your a brilliant and supportive wife! Bravo! Hope he gets his drums soon.

  31. Too fun!!! (not the evening- the talent as a drummer!!) I used to play the piano- during a move once we sold our piano- I REALLY miss it!- now I only play when we visit my parents or friends with a piano- I think I may need another piano now! (maybe for the NEW house?!!)
    Have a great weekend!

  32. The perfect set is out there and when you find it you all are going to dance to his drumming beat!!! Sorry your outing was icky... it'll make the next one so much better!
    have a wonderful weekend,
    P.S. my husband loves the guitar.... one day i hope he picks one up.

  33. i hope he finds his perfect set! you will have to show us!

  34. Sometimes I cannot stand sales people for this very reason! Keep believing, there has to be some out there for a good price!

  35. Sewing is my gift and with my life lately I just haven't found/taken the time to enjoy it. But I NEED to create like I NEED to breathe! It just makes me happy. I hope your husband finds the perfect set soon!

  36. Off topic here but your hubby is adorable. You two are such a pretty couple!

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  38. Yes. GOd gave me the gift of playing the piano--I've played since I was 3 year-old. but I find I haven't been using that gift He gave me for the last--well, many, many years. If you had told me 20 years ago that I wouldn't sit at the piano everyday, I would have looked at you in disbelief. I just can't seem to gather up what I need to sit down and play right now, and that's been for a good while.

    I hope it'll come back--that need to play, to create. I know something in my heart misses it.

  39. I hope you find a new set soon! Everyone needs that escape via a happy place! Surely, there are other stores around! Google! Google! Google! I am looking forward to the post showing off that drum set!


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