Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A walk to remember

of my favorite things about being a stay-at-home mom is the ability to go on field trips. I LOVE field trips. Today we had one planned. I arrived at school promptly... ready to go, but when I got there the bus was GONE! The teacher told us the wrong departure time, so I drove my car in panic mode to the nature place and arrived about 10 minutes late. I was all in a tither, but Little Chick was just fine. She wasn't worried. She knew I'd come! So glad she had faith in me;)

got to stomp around in the muddy woods in our cute little...

Rain boots:)

lakes are still thawing out. But the snow is almost completely gone and the ice is melting:) That's CRAZY. It's usually much later than this...YIPPEE!!!

you know squirrels build nests in the tip tops of trees?? I thought they just lived in the holes in the trees. See you learn something new everyday:)

held snakes, petted turtles and salamanders. It was crazy fun;) I was so proud of my Little Chick for being brave. Some of the boys wouldn't even hold the snake.

Good times:)
It seems like yesterday I went on this exact same field trip with my Big Chick. Time goes so fast. Just want to remember every minute.

Have a blessed day.

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  1. What fun and what cute wellies! I know a couple of boys who are terrified of snakes. I think that's so funny. Your sweet little chick was so brave!

    Happy Wednesday, Becky!

    : )

    Julie M.

  2. Ohh, how much I enjoyed this walks when I was in school. There were so many things to discover. It was always truly an adventure trip...

    Happy Wednesday...

  3. What a fun field trip! And love your rain boots with your daughter:)

  4. It does go by fast, doesn't it? SOunds like a wonderful field trip. :-) Glad you made it!

  5. She is brave...I got squeamish just seeing the picture of that lil' snake!

  6. Sounds like a fun day! Glad that you made it in time~

  7. What a fun time! Your little chick is a little cutie! Your two and your boots -- adorable!


  8. This is beautiful! I, too love your Wellies! Can you come decorate my home? I gave you an award for being my newest blog-friend! happy St. Pat's day!

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  10. What a FUN day!!! Awwww. That reminds me of the movie, One Fine Day! Have you seen it?

    I did not know that Squirrels build nests in the tip top of trees! Cool. Love learning random facts!

  11. Ooooh....I hate that fluttery panicked feeling! Glad you made it after all. And I dig the boots.

    By the way, I'm one of your newest follers and I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog.


  12. So cute! I LOVE the rainboots! My mom used to go on all of my fieldtrips too and I loved having here there... she was a pretty cool mom as I imagine you are as well! She is lucky to have you so invested in her, they both are! And I love that first pic of the two of you, it looks like it was taken in the 70's :)

  13. Love the rain boots so cute! And I wish I could do this, I will miss that not being a stay at home mommy...remember these days they go by quick!! xo

  14. You are such a good mom, I just love you for that! Being there...nothing is better for a child! Such cute boots too, how fun! Have a good green day and come say hi :D

  15. I enjoyed this post so much! Thank you for sharing. I really miss those field trips as a Mom!

  16. i bow to you my queen. seriously... I can't stand field trips. i only do it for the girls... you're amazing becky.

  17. How much fun...I think I'll enjoy field trips too. :) I have great memories of the field trips that my mom came on with me. :)

  18. I've been clicking through blogs for a couple of days, and yours really stood out. Just so much warmth and love, it really shines. You are consciously aware of how you are blessed by God and the joy that comes out of that is tangible. I had to say something. Thank You! I'll be back!

  19. Love the rainboots. Makes me want to go out and jump in mud puddles. I love spring

  20. You are just precious Becky!
    Love that you hold these moments close.
    Great Mamma you are.

    Miss you too. Work has been crazy~daisy.
    Smiles and big soul shine to you my friend.

  21. You girls look so sweet! I love your boots!

    What an awesome adventure :))

  22. precious! precious! love being able to go on those walks. .. i haven't experienced the field trips yet, but i'm excited about them!

    i ADORE ADORE ADORE your rain boot pic!!

  23. I just want to tell you how much I truly enjoy and look forward to reading your posts, you have completely inspired me. I am trying to get a little more personal in my blog, but I just started and my comfort level with sharing isn't quite there yet. Thank you for your lovely postings. :-)

  24. LOVE THE THIRD PICTURE.....AND THE LAST ONE, OF COURSE!!! Beautiful mom and daughter. You are so blessed. xo ~ Cheryl

  25. Rain boots = super cute! Glad you had a great time on the field trip.

  26. These truly are the best of times. Smiling right along there with you! ~Joy

  27. It sounds as though you had a wonderful field trip. So happy for you. I *love* the boots. How cool are they? :)


  28. Oh wow I need some of those very cute boots! I really like your art in the post before this one. your doing great!

  29. Your boots are adorable. I think I've only been on a couple of field trips--sadly, I always get the "no younger siblings allowed" note which knocks me off the roster. Someday I'll be able to go on more of them! :) Looks like this was a fun one!

  30. Hi Becky! LOVE the rain boots...very cute!! I'm looking forward to field trips when my youngest is a little older and in's hard for me to volunteer now because I need to be at home with her...

    Have a great weekend ~

    :) T

  31. Yes... Um, I would have NOT held the snake. We have many, let me repeat MANY grass snakes that come back and nest in our yard each summer. I have developed a dislike... LOL

  32. I love that picture of you and little chick hugging! These memories are so so precious! I'm glad you are loving every minute Becky. Little Chick will remember always too! Are you scrapbooking this?

  33. Hey Becky! Sounds like fun! Love the boots! You are making such wonderful memories for lil' chick and for yourself. I love the piece you made for the school auction in your last post. One of my favorite scriptures. It really does lift my spirit to think on those things which are all qualities of our wonderful and amazing God. Oh I'm having my first give away over at Mr. BibleHead... stop on over .

  34. That is Awesome, ALL BUT THE SNAKE HOLDING ;)

  35. Wonderful times!! love the boots!
    I love field trips too!

  36. aww, I know how you feel. Mt girls are growing up so fast. Im ready for a firld trip now that its getting warmer! :) This was the cutest post and I just love them boots!! xoxo LA

  37. That last picture is so are a beautiful lady! What a sweet time. I love your rain boots! We were at Target today and my oldest daughter wanted me to get her and her 2 year old sister matching rain boots, and I said no. This makes me reconsider! :) They are so cute. And yes, she's brave! I wouldn't touch a snake!

  38. What a great trip, I love it!

    I really do love your rain boots. I think I need some. Even though I'd look silly wearing them in So Cal.

  39. Love your boots! Sweet girl.
    Looks like you had a ton of fun! :)

    p.s. Thanks for following me! <3

  40. wish i had a marshmallow for every
    field trip i've been on. and i loved
    them all.

    such sweet memories.



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