Sunday, March 14, 2010


been known to buy myself cards. I LOVE cards. They inspire me, crack me up and just speak to me. When I saw this one I knew it was for me.

I grew up with a mean rooster. His name was Tom and every time we walked out of the house we had to carry a broom. This was for we could get to the car or wherever without him attacking us with his scary talon things. My dad kicked him once (in self defense) and it blinded him in one eye. So after that fiasco he got even meaner, if that was possible. Until one day someone ran over him in the driveway. Shocker...anyway that is my twisted childhood pet story:)

is the inside of the card. Isn't that hilarious??! I'm not much of a morning person...or a late night person for that matter. Just ask Jeanne and Lissa:) Anyway unfortunately my Chicks are. So every morning when I wake up they are all over me; pecking me with questions, singing, talk, talking!! Now don't get me wrong they are just precious, but I need it quiet first thing.

would think that I'd hate roosters after my childhood experience with one, but on the contrary I find them adorable. I have several scattered around my house.

This one is from Tracy Porter designs. LOVE her! It's pulling our Christmas cards:)

had this wall hanging for years. Can you tell I love farmy stuff?? It hangs right outside the Chicks' rooms.

I bought this tray at an antique store a while ago.

Finally to round out my rooster collection, Tara sent me my very own flock recently:) Isn't that funky and fun?? Reminds me of Tom;)

Do you have any fun collections

Have a blessed day.

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  1. I have had to give up my collections, but we have funny rooster/chicken stories!
    My sweet husband grew up on a farm and tells stories about waiting until his mother was gone and then bringing all the chickens into the yard and putting them to sleep by sticking their heads under their wings. When his mom pulled in the driveway it looked like she had a yard full of dead chickens! :)
    He was a pitcher when he was younger. They had a mean Rooster as well. So one day after watching the mean rooster pick on another rooster, he picked up a stone and "pitched" a fast ball to the Rooster.(In his youth my husband could pitch a fast ball at about 85-89 mph) The Rooster "caught" the stone with the side of his head and went down. Hubby went in the house and told his mom he had killed the rooster, and to put the water on the stove. but when he went back out the rooster was wobbling around like a drunken sailor. Just stunned I guess...
    Funny things those birds...
    Loved your post!

  2. so cute! it made me sad that tom was blind and got run over - but hey, i guess it made your life way easier! cute roosters! i love the last one. i collect magnets from the places we go.

  3. OH MY GOSH!!!I want that card!!! That is so hilarious and soooooooo great. I love it! I like roosters too...but my collections are many..but primarily..its books and anything that goes with books...journals, etc. I love love love your blog :)

  4. Oh..and the story of Tom to go with the card makes it that more funny :)Thanks for the smile this morning - considering I forgot to Spring ahead last night before we went to bed.

  5. I love rooster stuff, your collection is cute! We've had our fair share of mean roosters, too. Those suckers can be downright hateful! He's lucky he only got one blind eye, and didn't end up with his head on a chopping block. :P

  6. I totally love the card, the childhood memories and your collection! You made me laugh. I only collect carousels and since I have sort of grown out of them I passed them on to my daughter recently.


  7. I had a childhood rooster too! He was nice and his name was George. I loved him. I also had a white goose named Joe and he was mean. My friends stopped coming over to my house after school cause he would chase them and bite their hineys. :)

  8. LOL....I was so scared of a rooster once as a little 5 yr. old, and I too was carrying a stick to go to the out house at my grandpa's...his big mean rooster came after me and I hit at him...I didn't know til later, cause I was so scared, that I had killed him!
    But I too love chickens and roosters...I have so many throughout my home, well... I don't even no how many! I love this card! Come say hi :D

  9. I need that card!! I am exactly the same way....not a morning person or a late nighter. I just love sleep :)

    My mother had a meanie rooster too! He is not missed to say the least.

  10. That is too funny that you still like roosters after that mean Tom! There is something about Roosters. I went through a rooster faze and I have a collection in my storage room. Hmmmm maybe that could be a giveaway since I don't use them anymore! They might even look great living in your home!

  11. That made me laugh out loud. Found you this morning on "The Old Post Road". Glad I found your beautiful blog!

  12. What a CUTE post!! I love your lil' collection. And what a perfect story for our spring forward day. As you probably remember, I've never been so happy about waking up, but I know one day I'll love all the memories I've collected of the kids waking us up. LOL

  13. That card is too funny ~ I too am not a bright and cheery person in the morning ~ I am better now but not the greatest conversationalist when I first rise. I always liked the saying that if God wanted us to pop out of bed, we would all sleep in toasters! The story of Tom was funny although his demise is such a sad way to go as I am sure it was not intentional. I try not to start collections but find myself drawn to the same things over and over. My 1/2 bath has an outhouse theme and I have collected things over time to add to the charm and that fit in the space ~ framed photos of wildflowers, an enamel pail holds the extra rolls of TP and I found the cutest soap dispenser at Target on one of my US trips that just goes!
    Hope you are having a wonderful week-end Becky!

  14. I love random cards like that, so cute!

    Gave up collecting because too many items began collecting dust - I do not like dust! :)

    Not to be gross, but you know the saying, "Running around like a rooster with his head cut off" .... yep, lived through that one... not pretty when you're a 4-year old! He DID deserve everything he got... I remember that too! :)

    Happy Sunday!

  15. ohhh, this blog is sooo pretty-perfect for a girly girl! Love it!!!
    with love Caroline x

  16. Oh man... you RAN over your pet rooster?? That is just too much for me over here. I'm dying at the mental picture. And I can't help it!! Blind in one eye because your dad kicked it?

    I almost can't breathe from laughing...

    I'm really sorry for your loss however.

    And your collection is darling. No wonder you liked my big black rooster! LOL

  17. Hi there,

    I totally understand about mean roosters - I have one as well. Three of my roos are very sweet, but Beauty is a mean thing and will stalk and attack. When I'd had enough, I took him for a very long walk down our gravel road and released him in the woods. I know it sounds cruel, but I'd rather feed the fox than people.
    Anyway, two or three days later Beuty was back. He had to get through several dangerous obstacles but somehow survivied. He hasn't tried to attack me since!

  18. I have lots of roosters too! I had quite a collection before I discovered I was born in the Chinese year of the Rooster. Odd coincidence, wouldn't you say? What a cute tray and that card is cracking me up! It is so me and my girl twin!! : )

    Be well ~Andrea~

  19. Ok, I seriously almost got attacked by my friends rooster the other day! I ran for the house as fast as I could, so I totally feel your pain :)

    As far as collections, my husband and I have a bouncy ball collection. It's kinda silly but it started when we were dating and has gone on from there.

  20. Loe the card and the post...cute, cute....

  21. Hilarious! We had a mean rooster when we were growing up too.

    Every one hated him, even the neighbors. We called him "Mean RED".

    Every time we came or went we had to grab a rock in case he went to "attack". We eventually handed him over to our neighbor, a "Chef", who reported that he was "quite tasty!"

    ***The best part...My mom wrote this catchy little poem...

    There lies "Mean RED"
    An ornery old rooster even when he was fed
    and the only nice thing that the neighbor folks said
    ...Is "We all like it better now that he's dead!"

  22. I love that card! I'm kind of afraid of roosters...I'm not sure why they just seem kind of dangerous to me...I think I have a bit of a bird phobia. lol.

    I'm not a morning person either...I'm trying to switch over...well not currently but every so often I give it a go. :)

  23. I am laughing soo that wrong? Sorry...i can't seem to help it at the thought of your story...but what a cute collection you got yourself there;)

  24. That card is hilarious. And that story?? Hysterical!! You are too much!

  25. That card is so funny!

    I have a Mickey Mouse collection. Started it years ago. It's all boxed up in the basement. :(

  26. No collections here! BUT I totally can relate with the whole rooster thing. We had one that would chase us - we had to carry a weapon just like you... let's just say he finally died... He was so mean! I remember being so stressed when I had to get the eggs or feed. Mean old thing!

  27. funny rooster story! you are just the cutest

    and love the card. some of my kids are not
    morning people. they say things like, "it
    hurts when you talk in the morning."

    they don't seem to remember all the early
    mornings they awakened me! :)


  28. What a cute card. I'm sorry about your rooster, though. I used to always want to have a place where when I pulled into the drive...chickens would go flying. I probably got that idea after seeing some episode of Remington Steele.

    : )

    Julie M.

  29. One of my favorite pictures is of me in these hideous bibs. I was about 5 and I'm sitting with my grampa holding one of their roosters. He was mean like Tom for the most part but he let me and grampa hold him for a bit.

  30. I just love that card & it would be the most perfect card for a friend of mine ;)
    I am very much a morning person & love it when I'm in the country someplace & rise with the roosters ;)
    When I was a kiddo & as the youngest of 3 girls, my dad would wake me at 5:00am to have homemade hot cocoa & tie his boots for him before he left for work, every single morning! That wonderful memory has lead me into a lifetime of loving the early am!!!

  31. Wow! I am so glad that I did not grow up with a mean rooster. I love the card, it is a hoot! Your rosster collection is very cool. I do not collect any thing any more. Every time I did I would end up giving my collections away. :) But I have a lot of "stuff".


  32. PS. I grew up in Jersey City,NJ. So no farm living for me. I now live in NH and we have lots of wild turkeys that come through our land on a daily basis, deer, every spring ,summer until Late Sept. We have had a ground hog and a bear once. So I guess I am now having wild life visiting me in my later years. :)

  33. Your roosters remind me of this little shop in Michigan. A friend of mine has a cottage up there and she let our family use it two summers ago. She collects these funny wooden birds and I happened upon a store that sells them. All the birds have names and the one I bought her was, I think a chicken (because it was a girl) and seriously, she looked so deranged. I'll have to email you the picture of her because she's the FUNNIEST thing I've ever seen.

    I bought her for my friend (who loved it) and bought a less disturbing looking one for myself. lol

    They really are adorable, but this particular one... well, off her bean! :)

  34. that is so funny! I told neal about the poor, abused, one eye'd rooster...

  35. Ah ha ha ha ha ha.....
    I can hardly see from the tears!!
    I love that card!!
    SO funny with the childhood story... I can help but continue to laugh!! My husband is going to come out here and wonder what I am laughing at here in a minute!!

    Thank you!

    Monkeys ... I love the creepy little things. and I actually have a real life ... funny monkey story... probably too long for this comment...

    I even buy hideous ones as practical jokes and leave them to torture people who think my monkey thing is weird!

  36. I'd be scared of "Tom", too! Thanks for checking on me...just had a bout with the flu. I should be back to blogging in a couple weeks:)

  37. We ate our rooster...and subconsciously I still haven't forgiven my grandfather for that - God rest his soul. His name was Crow. Your Tom story made me cringe.

    I love your rooster collection. The only rooster we have is my hubby. So I guess that makes me a...hen!

  38. This is too funny!! I can just imagine trying to avoid a rooster..and he's staring you down. Hee hee.

    I don't have a specific collection, but I can relate to the cards. I love funny cat cards. My sister and I always try to one-up each other with the funniest cat poses and outfits.

    Also, I'm doing a giveaway today :)


  39. oh poor Tom...I was laughing and then felt bad...for laughing! Love your collection and you know what is funny, when I sent you those I didn't know you had pet rooster named tom! ha, so meant to be for you, love it! Happy Monday sweet girl!

  40. I love your rooster collection. :) Speaking of mean birds, we had some geese when I was growing up, and the meanest one was named LaLa and belonged to my brother. He would chase us all over the place.

    I collect Nutcrackers, but I only display them at Christmastime. :)

  41. Love the tray the best. And the story of Tom. Poor half-blind, run over in the driveway, Tom.

  42. Becky...that story was so funny! Sorry! I am just laughing and laughing right now! I am not a morning person either...not so much a grumpy person, just a really slow mover in the morning.


  43. Oh my gosh! We had a big scary rooster when I was a kid too! One day, I jumped in their pen to give the chickens some corn and the big meanie just attacked me and wouldn't stop. (I think I was about 5 or 6 at the time.) Finally, my dad heard me screaming and came to my rescue. The next day, we had chicken for dinner & the rooster was mysteriously missing. Hmmm.... LOL!

  44. What a funny story!!!! I can seriously see you having to carry a broom when you leave the house!!! Tooo funny. I got attacked by a goose once at a picnic with hubby.... it chased me and chased me and I finally had to throw the picnic blanket on top of it and run for the car!!!! So, I get it ~ with Tom!!

    Thanks for the laugh. xoxo

  45. That rooster story is hilarious! I would be totally paranoid going outside.


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