Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Operation: Bless my Mom!

Well you've waited long enough:) Just got in last night and I have to admit the mission was a complete success! I couldn't post about my plans because my mom is my most loyal reader. It would blow the surprise for sure. So I had to be all sneaky;)

Thursday morning the Chicks and I took off for Illinois. Our shock the socks off my mom. Thursday we spent the night with my friend Marylynn and then the next day, after my mom had left for work, my sidekick (a.k.a dad) helped us clean up the house and get ready for our stay.

That afternoon we surprised mom by walking in on her at work. She has worked for 23 years at a union hall and they were having a retirement open house party for her. She was in back making the punch, and when she saw us she stopped...her mouth dropped open and she looked confused. Then it all sank in and she started bawling. IT WAS AWESOME!!! Let me tell ya, it's hard surprising my momma. We usually talk several times a day and I'm an "open book", so for me to not let it slip or for the girls or dad not to spoil it...well it was a miracle:)

It started at 2:00 and lasted until 6:00! My girls were unbelievably good. They didn't complain at all until almost the very end, and then it was written all over their faces how incredibly bored they were:)

That's a long time to just sit around with nothin' to do. OOHH I love my girls.

We got to catch up with a lot of old friends. These sweet people taught me Sunday School when I was Big Chick's age. It was wonderful seeing them again...this time as an adult.

So many people came up and told me how much my mom meant to them and how she was going to be missed. I was so proud of her.

has sat at this desk for 23 years. I remember coming into the hall when I was little and she helped type out my book reports. I would call her when I got home from school... I would bop in and say hi. Just a lot of memories.

hasn't always been the best atmosphere for her to work in. She's had a lot of trials and worked with some difficult people. But her light and love for the Lord has helped her be a tremendous witness with all walks of people there.

painting hangs in her office. It's so dated and old, but every time I look at it I think of my mom. God placed her in that office and used her day after day to be a blessing. She shared her faith. She prayed with people...she led several to the Lord. I am so proud of her. Time for her to move on to bigger and better things in the next chapter in her life:)

Have a blessed day.

BTW I missed you!!! My parents internet was down, so I was going through major blog withdrawal. So glad to be home and back in touch:)
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  1. I totally teared up when I saw that pic of your momma crying and hugging:) What a wonderful surprise for her! You are such a sweet daughter:)

  2. I LOVE it! And I started to tear up...way to go and what a great feeling you must have had when you saw the look on her face.

    So sweet! Enjoy this beautiful day!

  3. You are too sweet. Your mom sounds like an awesome woman. What an awesome surprise for your mom! Welcome back!
    Have a great day!
    Take Care,

  4. What a wonderful & beautiful way to surprise your mom! I cried just reading about it:) Really, really sweet!

  5. That was so sweet! I am so happy that you and the chicks had a wonderful time! Your Mom must love you and your family so much!
    Happy Easter!

  6. ahh that is so sweet...amazing she worked in the same place for that long, what a great commitment! glad you and your chicks had a good time...and bless your mom!

  7. What an amazing blessing you are to your momma and she to you! This post absolutely brightened my day, thanks.

  8. That's totally awesome... sorta crying right now. Very sweet.

  9. WOW...that is so cool! She deserves all of that and more. I can see why you are so genuine, she is a wonderful mom. (and her children arise up and call her blessed) sounds like you did and do...bless you! Come say hi :D

  10. This. Made. Me. Cry. &I dont know why!!! What a wonderful surprise. I bet she was so tickled and it was so sweet of you to be so sneaky & thoughtful!! Here's to your mom and the next chapter of her her life!! xoxo LA

  11. AWESOME! I love the photos... are you doing photoshop? They look great!

    Rushing again today... I swear girl, I am in need of SPRING BrEAk. Now!! I gotta get my man off and then I'm going to do nothing.

    Wait. Who am I kidding?

    Heh. That'll be the day... LOL

  12. Oh, how sweet! I love the memories and that your mom was truly surprised! She sounds like an awesome woman of God and very VERY sweet! Now, I know where you get it from. Happy Retirement Becky's mom! I just know God has many new adventures in store for you!!! Blessings to you all!
    -Rachel :)

  13. that is wonderful!!!
    i was just wondering what your suprise was & when you would fill us in!!
    you are a good mama & a precious daughter

  14. Sounds like something I would do! I love to sneak home and surprise mama! & my dad is always my accomplice! I loved the pic of your mom and the way you told the story made me feel like I was there. Thanks for sharing such a precious moment and time in your mothers' life. She sounds like a gem!

  15. Ohhhh I love this post! It's so fun to surprise someone hat you love so much, and you can see the joy on her face as she is hugging you!
    My Mom has that picture in her house! My oldest son has claimed it. I'm not sure what his walk with God is right now, but that sure does make me feel better.
    My mom also worked in an office for many, many years. The heritage of these godly mothers doesn't stop with just their own families! I hope that I too will leave such a heritage!

  16. oh becky! what a wonderful surprise! its gonna be hard to top that one! i am so glad you were able to do that! and i am so glad you are back! xo

  17. Oh my gosh that picture of your Mom hugging one of your chicks so tight....tears in my eyes right now!!! What an amazing surprise for her!!! So happy that you all got to spend this time together!!! :-)

  18. love the post!! i bet she was grateful

  19. Yay. What an awesome and fun trip. I'm glad it was safe and successful and all you hoped it would be. :)

  20. ah your brought tears to my eyes with this. How wonderful! Your mom will never forget it. I loved seeing the folks that taught your sunday school class too, just precious. Awhh I'm just all mushy now.

  21. How great that you were able to surprise your Mama. She must have been thrilled. I love it when my girls surprise me.

  22. This is so sweet! I love it. I bet she was so blessed, and a great memory for you and your girls. This is just the thing that makes me teary eyed. That and PMS. Geesh.

    I love the picture you shared that your Mom had in her office. Sometimes it's hard to remember that He is EVERYWHERE.

    Thanks for sharing your special blessing. Hope you have a blessed Easter. We're off to the lake, my happy place, for a few days. Yay!


  23. Ohhh I love this post! Surprising your mom is just amazing...Kudos to you and yours for not blowing cover!

    A wonderful Easter to you!

  24. What a great thing to do for you mom! We just decided to go and see my parents last Saturday. It is so good to have people you can pop in on without feeling guilty. I love going home.

  25. The photo of her hugging you all is priceless!!! You love your Momma and she loves you. That is for sure!;-)
    I feel the same way about my mom. She has worked for 32 years for the state of Michigan in the "unemployment" office.. working mandatory overtime the past year and a half. She will be retiring this September! We have big plans for her!!!

    Give your Momma my sincere congrats on a job well done!!:-)) ENJOY!!!!!!

  26. I almost got choked up reading this post... how sweet that you and your chicks were able to surprise her!! That is amazing that she sat at the same desk for so many years. Bless her & you... what a beautiful family!

  27. what a wonderful surprise!!! I am sure that made her party for her!

  28. Ahhh...Happy retirement to your mama! What a sweet thing to do for her!

    God bless you!

    : )

    Julie M.

  29. Your post really touched my heart Becky. Your photos are all beautiful. What a blessing it is to have a photo of you, your Mom and your beautiful girls all together. Love the photos of you and your girls together too. You are very fortunate to have such a close and loving family. Thank you for sharing this wonderful visit with your Mom. Congratulations to your Mom being able to retire.


  30. Awww... Thank you for sharing! I had tears in my eyes for a moment ;) I love the mission and all of the pictures! God bless you! and hugs from Poland!

  31. This is so sweet! I bet your Mom was absolutely, wonderfully surprised. She is a blessed woman. :)

  32. What a sweet daughter! Blessings to your mama in her new season - 23 years is quite an accomplishment at ONE place of work!

  33. What a wonderful idea to surprise your mom!
    Have a wonderful Easter weekend...

  34. How wonderful!!! Congratulations to your mom and I hope you all have a great Easter...
    God bless!

  35. I'm so glad you were able to bless your mama! what a great story! great pictures today! :)

  36. What an awesome surprise for your mom! It makes me miss my mom now :)
    I love that painting she had in her office. Sometimes my office job drives me crazy, but seeing that visual makes me realize that God has placed me here for a reason and I need to focus on that, not on the negitive. Thanks for sharing....glad you are back too.

  37. This one was a heart tugger. Your mom looked so happy. She must have been thrilled to see you. And I know that it wasn't just an end of an era for her, but for you, too. Lots of memories were there. That was the best surprise. I am so glad you were able to pull it off. Thanks for sharing this incredible moment with us:-)

  38. Oh, I love your momma's expression!!!! So very sweet of you all.

  39. Ahhhh what a wonderful gift you gave your mom!!! So sweet!!!

  40. Goose bumps!!
    watery eyes...
    What a wonderful time to surprise her!
    You are blessed to be so close to her!
    I am sure your weekend is now beautiful Cherished memories by all!

  41. So sweet, I'm sure she was so happy to have all of you there.

  42. this is delightful! SO glad the mission was a success!!!!

  43. Sooo sweet! I had tears in my eyes at the first picture!
    It's so fun to surprise someone that way. I'm so happy that you had this special time.

  44. Okay, first off cousins are so grown up!:) I can't believe it. Glad to see family catch up love u <3

  45. I'm so happy for you and your family.

    Thank you for sharing your story and beautiful pictures!


  46. What a wonderful person you are!
    I feel I'm a disappointment to my mother! I wish I could bring her joy like you do yours...

    Hopefully some day my daughters might love me enough to want to surprise me like this. It would mean so much.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog to wish me a HAPPY EASTER. Happy Easter to you too Becky.

    Kisses to you, your honey and your chicks!

  47. Aww that's so touching! I am close to my mom too so you got me all teary. :)

  48. So wonderful that you could be there and surprise her and help her celebrate! Wow, 23 years, that speaks volumes of her character. Hope your Easter is wonderful!

  49. Your momma is BEAUTIFUL just like YOU and it sounds like she has a beautiful heart just like yours too. That had to be such a special gift you gave to her by secretly traveling to see her on the day of her retirement. My oldest daughter lives 6 hours away and so do my grandchildren and I know this would be one of the greatest surprises I could receive if it happened to me. It sounds like she made a great impact on everyone she has known and worked with.

    I'm glad you are back..
    Have a blessed Easter.
    Lee Ann


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