Friday, February 26, 2010

Lissa's favorite places:)

Lissa was so good at thinking through exactly where she wanted to take us for our visit to Seattle. One of her favorite places is Fremont. It's an artsy spot with lots of little unique shops. We found a really sweet spot to snap some photos.

Isn't she beautiful?? I love how the light is falling across her face. When I look at her in this picture I think strength. She's had an incredibly challenging year, and yet the struggle has made her so much stronger.

one shows her spunky personality. She is so playful and fun. I would describe her as passionate. When she's excited about something, she is REALLY excited. She loves with all her heart and isn't afraid to tell you exactly how much you mean to her.

Here are some of ME! They were both just snapping away. I get really self conscious being photographed by myself. Can you imagine being famous and people staring at you all the time? I would hate that.

Not sure what was so funny:) I think I laugh when I'm nervous!

Trying to be cool. I actually like this one:)

And then a candid of Miss Jeanne. Can I just tell you that this woman oozes talent? She makes the most beautiful things and has an amazing eye for photos. She wears her heart on her sleeve. One minute we could be laughing so hard we are actually snorting, and the next she is tearing up about a story I told her. She feels and associates with you on a deep level. Gotta love that.

The next day Lissa took us to her favorite spot...the Beach! The BEACH in February. Can you imagine? And it was only a 5 minute walk from her doorstep! I was on cloud nine. This is a really fun shot of us in silhouette, the water was so clear you could see really deep.

They wanted feet shots...I didn't:) I got a spray tan before I left and my toes were orange!! I don't bother painting them in the winter since no one ever sees them, so I was mortified. I finally gave in and thankfully you can't really tell.

Breathtaking!! That's a ferry. I sooo wanted to ride a ferry. We didn't have time. Is that corny? Those people who live on that island get to ride it every day! Do you think they take that view for granted?? Lissa says in the summer huge cruise ships heading to Alaska make their way North and dwarf those ferry boats. I would love to see that.

Next stop was Green Lake. This place is special to Lissa because she logged many hours running here training for her marathon last November. Have to say it was a beautiful place. The sun was beaming and everyone and their dog was walking, running or...

ROLLER BLADING! What the??? Do you think "she" minded me taking a photo? No... me either. Don't ya just love crazies?? We don't have quite as many to make fun of in the Midwest. It's a shame really;)

How is it possible that everything there is in bloom in February? It was just gorgeous!!!

The turtles were even lifting their heads up in praise. Thank you Lord for your beautiful weekend weather. Everywhere we went people were telling us how great the weather was just for us. God heard your prayers Lissa:)

Last stop was Kerry Park. Many of you told us to go to Kerry Park and oh were you right. It was such an amazing view. I guess this area is called Queen Anne and I loved it. If I had a few million dollars to throw around this would be the spot. The houses were beautiful and the area looked very charming.

We saw a lot in just two days. I think the only things I left wanting to see were Seattle Grace and Mercy West... oh and maybe McDreamy:)

We made so many memories. Thank you Lissa for sharing your city, for making us feel welcome in your beautiful home and for just being you. I know it's a trip I'll never forget.

Have a blessed day.

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  1. I'm the first comment and for the first time I'm at a loss for words! You packed SO MUCH into two days. What wonderful memories. You went to Seattle to meet people who weren't strangers but weren't friends either. And now you're bonded. Solid. Friends. You created a treasure trove of memories in a short period of time and it will likely live on in all of your minds as "one of the best times ever." How great is that????

  2. Your pictures are great Becky, including the ones taken of you. I love photos and have a couple of very large boxes of them to prove it! Many of them handed down from my grandparents.

    Yes, Lissa is such a beautiful woman inside and out. Her inner joy shines through in her pics. Jeanne is a gorgeous soul too and I love her hat in the picture you took. I have drawn so much inspiration and courage from her Wednesday posts on Dreams over the past few weeks. When I think of you Becky in this threesome, it seems to me that you are the glue that helps keep this bond so tight! I can just tell that you are that kind of gal.

    Oh and that silhouette picture in the water looks like it should be on a magazine cover! Wow!

    Have a good weekend!
    Lee Ann

  3. Oooohhhh such a wonderful post with great pictures! Becky!! The pictures of you are amazing! You're beautiful!!

    Glad you had such a great time with your sweet friends. Momcation's are the best, aren't they?!

    Happy weekend!!

  4. this is indeed such a very good day!! Thank you for your kind words! Maybe you ARE the glue! Maybe it's Christ! I will say it again. I hold you both in the deepest folds of my heart!

  5. Sounds like such a wonderful trip!!! And I have to tell you, I have been on one of those cruise ships heading out to Alaska, and it's a remarkable thing! There are cruise ships, ferry boats, other boats, and sea planes all coming and going and no one is in the wrong place at the wrong time - just amazing! So glad you had a good time! Becky

  6. ps i love that silhouette shot! it is amazing!

  7. You ladies are all so beautiful, and it looks like you had such a great time. I love Seattle, and am so happy the weather was nice for you!

  8. The pictures are amazing Becky ~ I too love the silhouette shot. Funny thing..I don't paint my toes in the winter either ~ I like to give them a break plus we tend to spend our time in socks so really ~ why bother! lol So sad you never got to Seattle Grace to see McDreamy ~ next time. Have a wonderful week-end. xo

  9. what great pictures and what great friendships you had...the weather looked wonderful too!
    love it out there!

  10. God did indeed bless you with beautiful weather...he was smiling down on 3 wonderful individuals who have found a very lasting friendship! You all look so beautiful!!!
    happy weekend,

  11. So sweet! What wonderful photos of your blessed trip!

    : )

    Julie M.

    ps I love the turtles! I always watched out for them when I was crossing 520 on my to UW. There was usually just one little fella sitting on a log.

  12. Oh Becky! It was so fun having you here! I can see why my sis loves you guys so much!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!


  13. What fun it looked like you had! I am so thankful that you had a nice trip with your dear friends. What would we ever do without friends???? I shudder to think..... Thanks for taking us with you. I would love to go to Washington someday. So happy for you!!

  14. I love the first set of photos in this post. It's amazing how much girls can laugh when we get together.

    I'm going to go visit their blogs now. Thanks for sharing your trip.

  15. you were definitely blessed with good weather. i'm so glad for that. you took beautiful pictures too.
    as for crazies....i'm famous (in my small world) for taking pictures of funny or original people. i can't help it... it's a sickness really. also every week or so i head on over to people of walmart. com.

    gives me the giggles every time.

  16. I am so glad you loved our city!!! There is nothing like Seattle in the Sunshine...and that says alot coming from a California Girl! I love that you all got together and had such a fabulous time!!

  17. You captured the trip so well! Seattle looks pretty dang fun.

  18. Maybe we are just all pre you and our time together.

  19. One of my very favorite places on earth. According to my mom who has lived on that little island for the last 15 years the view is still breathtaking. I agree with her every time I visit. I am so glad the weather was good and you got to enjoy some sunshine. It sounds like you had an AWESOME time!!!!

  20. I always love the closness of girlfriends & this was oooozing with it! Makes me want to grab my girls & get traveling, but with 3 little ones it is hard right now...but when ROcco gets a little older...I'm taking a GF break! So fun ! Thanks for sharing it with all of us who can pretend we had a break!

  21. Absolutely love the picture of your shadows against the bridge and water. So cool! The weather looked amazing, it was gorgeous when we were there, too. And being from the mid-south, we saw and commented on lots o' crazies, too. :) Witnessed a high school hazing involving whiskey, orange juice, eggs and marijuana in broad daylight, at a public park. (Not sure WHAT part of town we were in!) It was quite something, for sure! :)

  22. what a sunny, warm post :) thank you!

  23. Just a beautiful~perfect friendship and a lifetime bond that is as if you three were meant to be friends since forever. Love that for you all!

  24. Oh you saw some great places! I love all the photos.

  25. Thanks for taking us with you! What a trip! And you really all do look just like movie stars :)

    Great, inspirational posts! Girl, you've got talent...

  26. Wow -- it looked so beautiful and so did all of you! Nice that you had such lovely weather! That Lissa really knows how to arrange things! :) Have a great weekend!


  27. Love the three are beautiful ladies:) Seattle looks wonderful; I was there just once on a business trip with my husband. I didn't get to see much at all. Reading about your trip & looking at all the pretty sights makes me want to go back!

  28. You girls are so beautiful! And you were blessed with such beautiful weather! Thanks for sharing! Oh and my two year old daughter likes your music!

    :) Kerri

  29. I'm trying to catch up on posts - always enjoy yours. You have some great photos here. Good to hear you had a great time. BTW - I have something for you. Stop by my blog and pick it up! If you don't choose to accept it, I understand. :)

  30. My goodness, you have a beautiful blog!

    I've spent a good deal of time in Seattle, so I'm very familiar with Fremont, isn't it great?

    So nice to discover your absolutely lovely blog, nice to meet you!


  31. i love all of your pictures!! Isn't it fantastic to know amazingly talented women? I always hope it will rub off on me! :-)

    Taking pictures of crazies is such a fun hobby.

  32. Girl, you should embrace being the center of attention because you are beautiful, inside and out! This looks like it was such an amazing trip! You saw so much in a short time! I loooove the beach shot! Being able to sit on the beach and yet see the snow capped mountains in the distance.....breathtaking!!!

  33. Your photos are so wonderful and amazing!!! Loved them all...5 minutes from the beach...i am really sighing BIG...oh my...and you looked great in your photos:)

  34. Hello Becky,
    Thank you for visiting my blog. I have been following you since I started blogging. I You are so cute and I love reading about you 3 and all the fun you have together. I think that is the neatest thing, it is amazing what this blogging can do to one's life. You are all the best. I am heading over to my blog to add you to my blog roll!!!!
    Take Care,

  35. What a wonderful, fun and jam packed post! Looks like you had so much fun, and we did, too. Thanks for taking us with you, Becky.
    xo Lidy

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  37. My sister got Married in Kerry Park! ;)
    I Love all your photos! and The roller blade 'lady' was sooooooooo funny! Gotta love Seattle! Was the turtle picture taken at Green Lake??! It has been a very long times since I have been there... must change that this summer!
    Just Jenn~ SeizingMyDay

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  39. What a GORGEOUS trip...aside from the rollerblader.... ;)
    I love hearing about women who have solid friends, with hearts of honesty and for the Lord. You are so blessed!

  40. I think I commented on the previous post regarding this one....but all and all, your trip looked so beautiful in every way! You girls are all GORGEOUS ~ and love your outfits!

  41. What lovely photographs - I love them all. You all look gorgeous (yes, you too!) and really happy together. Seattle looks amazing - I am so desperate to visit that part of the world but it might as well be in Space for what it would cost us! Hopefully soon if I can ever learn to curb my spending! I'll be looking back over this post for inspiration as and when I can afford to plan my trip!
    Sam x

  42. The picture of the silhouettes in the water is my favorite. Oh and I totally laugh when I'm nervous too -- I guess it's better than crying though ;)

    Seattle is gorgeous! Glad you girls had such a wonderful time together :)

  43. It looks like you had an amazing time! Lissa is so beautiful! I just love Seattle. It is one of my favorite cities to visit!

    I wanted to let you know that I'm having my first giveaway if you'd like to come check it out:)

  44. You three are seriously gorgeous. I am such a hat gal and I love the one you and Jeanne wore. So glad you had a marvelous time!

  45. What a wonderful time you must have had! Having great friends is such a blessing and taking the time during your busy lives to spend time together was a treat I am sure. Especially with little Lissa as your tour guide! She sure took you to some beautiful places!

  46. Great recap on what appears as a fantastic fun filled couple of days!

    Glad you made it to Kerry Park; it is amazing... I have taken that ferry a couple of times to Bainbridge Island, and would indeed ♥ to live there... I would never take the view for granted

  47. What a wonderful trip Becky and you all are absolutely gorgeous...thank you for sharing your special time with all of us!

  48. what a fantastic time you girls had. the photos are beautiful. i love the shots of you girls with the sunlight in your faces. gorgeous!! i personally love the one of you laughing.

  49. What an awesome time!!! I LOVE the pictures of you!! That last picture of the 3 of you is SO cute!!

  50. okay... okay... okay... see i am so overcome by the fun... i can't speak!
    WHAT an adventure... a blessing of a trip!

    soooooo fun!
    just love how you capture it.
    yall sure saw some amazing things!
    and BEAUTIFUL photos! wow!

    candy for my soul that trip would be.
    i am so happy for you...
    i can imagine you have moments you will treasure forever!

    what a great group of women!
    so glad you shared!

  51. You know I live here and I hear all about these places and really wish that I would get off my busy Butt and go see them. Thanks for the inspiration, my family and I will be sure to visit these great places.....and to answer your blogging question, I live below those Olympic Mountains, and I enjoy them everyday that they are out!! Wonderful art work that God has placed in our front yard. Thanks for sharing!!


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