Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Boom Boom Pow

The sun is shining here today...praise God! It's been over a week, and seriously yesterday I went to Target and threw Vitamin D and St. John's Wart in my cart in a desperate attempt to feel better. When it's gray like that for days on end I have to "make myself" do everything; get out of bed, clean up the kitchen, fix meals for my family, go to the gym. I don't want to have to make myself do those things, I want to just do them. Does that make sense?

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Anyway as I was dragging myself to the gym yesterday I had thoughts of "why bother...this is going to be a horrible workout, you might as well not go" etc... you know nice positive thinking:) But what amazes me every time I go is that as soon as I plug into my music I become a different person. I am addicted to the song BOOM BOOM POW by the Black Eyed Peas. When I start my run I always begin with this song and I replay it like 4x's to keep me motivated. There is one part of the song that lasts about 45 seconds and in that 45 seconds I feel like I could fly or at least sprint at 9 miles an hour. It's incredible the power of music.

This one thought led me to another and it got me thinking about God's word. It works exactly the same way. When I stumble through my day, struggling with this thought or that task, if I just take a minute and crack open my Bible...it always gives me the strength to push on. It completely clears my head and makes me think straight again. So why on earth don't I open it more often??? I really want to do better... I need to do better. Today I read:

Persecutions and afflictions will come, but endure them, for the Lord will deliver you out of them all (1). With God's love you can bear all things, believe all things, hope all things and endure all things (2)knowing that after you have endured temptation, and when you are tried, you shall receive the crown of life which the Lord has promised to them that love Him (3) and happy shall you be (4).

Isn't that beautiful?
Do you have any music or scriptures that get you motivated??

Have a blessed day.

(1) II Timothy 3:11, (2) I Corinthians 13:7, (3) James 1:12, (4) James 5:11
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  1. I love music that gets my blood pumping, stuff that I would dance to. Disco usually does it for me, because after all, I was a teen in the late 70's! I like all kinds of music though ~ that is definitely a motivator for me.

  2. That song plays about 3/4's of the way through my bike routine... right about the time my thighs turn to jello and I am sure I will crash! (Hard to do since it's stationary!) :))

    I love how music lifts us up... but I'm really loving the thought of opening the bible during the day when I might be struggling.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Okay LOVE that song... I also love Averil Lavigne's "Hot" for some reason it's one of my running faves...

    Love how scripture does the same thing a great song can do!

  4. Do you read Daily Bread? It is a great way to get started in the Word every day. Yesterday, I think it was yesterday, they talked about the origin of the "seven deadly sins" and how originally, there was also "the sin of sadness." I thought that was pretty interesting. I'm not calling you out! : ) I'm just saying that we are able, through the Lord, to get above and beyond the funky junk. Motivational verses for me include Isaiah 40:31 and 41:10. I'm mostly an old fogie when it comes to music....I especially love Michael Bublé.

    Praying for more lovely sunny days for you!

    : )

    Julie M.

  5. That is one of my son's favorite songs (yes, he's 2!). He goes around the house saying , "Boom, Boom, Pow"! I LOVE It!

  6. smiling from ear to ear! i rock my workouts to boom boom pow TOO!
    what IS it about that song! makes me want to POW my rear OFF! :)
    okay... you know what song i love to run to?
    so good... oh my. Jeremy Camp... Take My Life. love that one!
    and then you may think i'm nuts but... i love...
    Breathe into Me by Red... the christain rock band. really STRONG song! both i can dig down deep with. :)

    and i really like that scripture... okay if i copy paste... stick it by my bedside? good one! thanks for sharing!

  7. I love running to that song! and dare I say it... the one by eminem about the boxing ring. The Bible is the what keeps my head straight. That's for sure!

  8. i love it. What an amazing compilation of scriptures you have there, too!!



  9. I love music, too! Addison Road and Barlow Girls are very good to get motivated with. I love Kari Jobe to get into worship with, and of course the Word. The very inspired, living breath of God in written format motivates me more than any melody ever could.

  10. Wow! I love this post. This is exactly what I feel when I listen to some of the gospel songs. This month I love the whole concert of Donnie McClurkin "We fall down". Amazing worship! I feel like I could fly and jump and run and fly again and jump again and run again!!!:))) God is a musician. There is a constant music around Him in heaven! Today I will think about you Becky when I listen to my fav songs on my way to mom's place :))) Sending LOVE!

  11. Oh yes, music DOES make such a difference in workouts esp. hard ones!

    I love taking the body pump class at the gym I've been going to - theres a track they play during the ab workout that's so fitting to make you power through the pain: 'super girl'

    see it here:


    I could also see running to it as well! ;)

    I love all the 'power' verses

    I can do all things through Christ who Strengthens me

    and the renewal ones as well, like in Lamentations ....
    Because of the LORD's great love we are not consumed,
    for his compassions never fail.

    They are new every morning;
    great is your faithfulness.
    I say to myself, "The LORD is my portion;
    therefore I will wait for him."

  12. I love running to Hollaback Girl. It keeps me motivated not only by the fun beats but I just imagine my flabby Mommy belly somehow morphing into Gwen Stefani's 6 pack. Ok. so it's a fantasy that will probably not be a reality but it helps for sure.


  14. I totally feel your pain. The dreary NW just kills me in the winter...Blah--blah-blaaaaahhh.

    "That's What the Love of God Can Do" by Hillsongs Praise gets my tuckus out of a rut. I saw a video of their church in Australia years ago and there were people literally jumping up and down when they sang this song. I just loved it...same part of me that could attend a gospel church. Joyful noises!

    Here's hoping you'll have a great day tomorrow.
    p.s. how are the charms coming?!

  15. I hear ya! There are some amazing songs out there. Lately I keep listening to Lincoln Brewster's "Let the Praises Ring" and "Take Me Higher". I love those songs.
    I can't think of a particular scripture right now, but I've been spending some time in Isaiah because I’m reading "Breaking Free" by Beth Moore and taking my time trying to memorize scripture and the lessons she's teaching. I'm really jazzed because I'm getting so much out of this. I feel like this is the perfect time for me to go through this book.

    Keep on pushing, you're doing great!!

  16. That is the first song on my workout playlist also!

  17. You know that old song "I Can See Clearly Now"? That one really gets me going...it cheers me up even on the gloomiest days:) And I know exactly how you feel about those gray days. So glad we had some sunshine around here; seriously, a girl could go nuts after 6 days{in a row} of fog! Think sunny thoughts:)

  18. i probably shouldn't confess some of the "unclean" versions of the songs i run to on a daily basis...but those are THE ones that , of course have the best beat, & totally motivate me when i'm running!
    you go girl!
    i love it :)

  19. I have no idea who the Black Eyed Peas are - am more a classical music person myself. 2 Cor. 12:9 is a verse I often need reminding of: "My grace is sufficient for thee..." With all of life's buffetings, without His grace, I am nothing. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Hope to "see" you again!

  20. So funny, I listened to this song on the way to workout yesterday too -- I was dancing in the car! So yes, I'm exactly like you with music. A couple of my favorites are Just Dance and Thunderstruck, they always make me super motivated.

    There are way too many verses that I love BUT my favorite is to just open the word and read. I always find something for the day to hold onto. And I love Proverbs -- I can always find something there :)

  21. Oh my neice Peyton Grace loooooves this song and we sing it at the top of our lungs and giggle and smile. I so get where you are coming from. In my busy and this winter that finally showed a little sunshine this week what I find is that God has a way of lighting up one's soul....and well my repeating the bible verse..."I can do ALL things (even be sunshine happy!) through Christ who gives me strength and laughter. I know he would have meant to put in the word laughter too soooo...smile.

    Love ya girly. Sending you soul shine all in your insides so you can't dust any of it off! Try it....you will not be successful but feel smiles instead all in your heart. So take that for your day girly! AMEN!

    Things have been crazy with work but I promise to email you on Saturday. Pinky promise! :)


  22. How funny...songs like that are definitely motivation...I listen to things like that too. I love it!

  23. I LOVE music! Any kind can put me in a happy place. I love to put on Boom Boom Pow and watch the kids dance like crazy. It always puts a smile on my face.

  24. before I fall asleep, I always open "my imitatio of Christ" by Kempis....always inspired.....always.....

  25. I take a dance/workout class and they play that song! It really is motivating.

    I've been struggling a little bit over here. While we were in NZ the sun was out until 10 pm and coming home means we lost 5 hours of daylight over night.

    I finally got up and worked out last night and it resulted in the first good nights sleep since we got back.

  26. ohh I love that song, I am very motivated by any music, I have to have it on all day long and when I am sad, it helps me a LOT!

  27. such an encouragement!

    james 1 (the message version) is the ONLY REASON i am still functioning this week!

  28. I listen to this when I work out too. Super fun. ;0
    You go girl....Boom Boom Pow!

  29. Your post always have me thinking :) i just LOVE that.... now i'm thinking of scriptures that move me and music that gets me up and go in spirit as well as in body!
    You are such a blessing,
    p.s. love the golden post! you are too cute and i've never spray tanned. now i think i should give it a try!

  30. SO beautiful Becky...what a wonderful way to pick yourself up and brighten your day!

    Oh, and even my 2 yr old starts rocking out in her (car)seat when Boom Boom Pow comes on the radio!!

    :) T

  31. I'm not familiar with that song, but I am picturing you rockin out to it!! My J HAS to have his jam songs for like an hour before he plays basketball LOL!!

    I LOVE music!!! SO most any music can make me happy!! But if I was to pick a song to get going and pumped it would have to be Party in the USA~ Miley Cyrus....Please don't judge, I have kids LOL!!! ;)

  32. I love music and the scriptures both to get me motivated, peaceful, more sure of my path for the day. I really like Hillsong music and Casting Crowns. I even like to listen to Opera by Pavaroti when I'm making Italian food! I don't always know what the language in song is saying but his passion shines through, and I feel like a great chef when I'm listening.

    One of my favorite scriptures has always been the whole chapter of Psalms 139 and
    Ephesians 3:20 "Now to Him who, by power that is at work within us, is able to do superabundantly, far over and above all that we dare ask or think, infinitely beyond our highest prayers, desires, thoughts, hopes or dreams.....

  33. I love that Black Eyed Peas led you to a bible verse. ;-)

    Sunshine, upbeat music, Vitamin D supplements, and bright colors help me sooooo much!

  34. Hi!!! I also love comments. Hey check this out, its my post with my top 10 songs for running at the gym. If you want more names just send me an email or a post and ill gladly make you a playlist... i love your blog!!! Check out mine,


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