Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Our new tradition

We just got back home last night. It was an exhausting week, filled with lots of good and some stressful events. I can't wait to share it all with you. Feeling a little overwhelmed with laundry, unpacking and a dirty house right now, but I just had to get started with a little catch up first. My parents computer is really slow...no offense mom, but it is:) So while I was gone I did zippo blogging. So I'm feeling really behind. I missed all of you. I have no idea what you have been up to... I'm hoping great things:)

We celebrated our Christmas on the Saturday before. We decided to make a run to the store to get doughnuts first thing. So here are the Chicks...bright eyed and bushy tailed at the crack of dawn:) Here we are...

Not so bright eyed:) Lookin' a little rough!

In our jammies...going for a doughnut run!

We completely stole this fabulous idea from my friend Shannan. We love doughnuts and NEVER eat them...so from now on this is our new tradition.

Oh we had another box too...yummy!

Had to sing Happy Birthday to JESUS!!

Then we opened gifts and just enjoyed each other:)

girls and their Snugglies!

next morning we took off for Illinois. We had some snow to contend with, but nothing major. I was trying really hard to get a good picture of Honey and I, but taking pics while driving is not a good idea. I kept looking at the road worried we were going to crash the car. Never did get a good one:)

I'm off to help Honey take down the Christmas tree! Can't stand Christmas decorations after it's over. How long do you keep your stuff up??

Have a blessed day.

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  1. Just letting you know I missed you! Will be back later....loving the new blog borders :) xoxo

  2. oh am i really the 1st to comment and Say Welcome back, you were missed??? yippee!! what a wonderful way to spend Christmas...can't wait to hear more of your adventures! Christmas is already packed at our house, i like you can't stand it after the day is over...my house feels back to its self now! Happy New year!

  3. Mine are mostly winter, vintage-y snowmen, greens and stuff (I don't do all the so-called gaudy, glittery green and red) and so I keep it up till sometime through January. It works for me.

    Glad to hear your home, safe and sound... was thinking about you with that huge snowstorm, whenver that was.

  4. Welcome back!
    Bummer you had a slow connection while you were away - you could have totally linked this up with my christmas traditions share-a-thon!

    We have a tradition of going out for doughnuts with the whole family at a local bakery for Valentines day, LOVE that! ;)

  5. I'm so glad you had a good week! I love the donut run idea..yum! Well, I took my decorations down yesterday, except for the tree, I need to enjoy it's beautiful lights a bit longer! When we took our 8 kids off for a week, it looked like we were moving..so much stuff! Have a great week...Come say hi :D

  6. I have a great GIVEAWAY on my blog, so stop by if you'd like to win!


  7. Usually til New Year's is when we keep our decos. up, but this year...I'm thinking they might have to come down tonight...I'm ready to clean and start the new year off with a sparkling house!

  8. American girl dolls!!!! Oh that's so on my Christmas list for my girls next year!! I've been wanting to get them those dolls since I found out I was having girls but at the price they ask for I wanted to make sure my kids were old enough to be gentle with them too. Doughnuts sound like an awesome tradition!! I think I'll make it a new years day thing for me though, we have a Christmas breakfast tradition (sticky buns mmmmmmm) glad to hear you had a good Christmas, my mother still has dial up (ick). And welcome home!! Laundry and dishes and all that jazz will be done before you know it (I'm working on mine as well, this new year will be rung in with a CLEAN house - even if it doesnt last very long) Happy New Year!

  9. I definitely missed your posts! Glad you are back...and YEP are decorations are put away and it feels good...I love it when it is up but yes as Christmas is over...they have got to come down! Anyhoo...and the slow connection I completely understand...whenever we are at my in-laws...oh boy...slower than anything...and they know it too so it's not like I am saying anything that bad either...drives my brother-in-law crazy too:)

  10. We've missed you, and are so glad you're back. Love how you did the collage, very cute. My decor was down Sunday after Christmas, I can't stand to have it up much later than than that, either, glad I'm not alone! Love the donut tradition, what a fun idea!

  11. Welcome home, Becky! Your sweet pictures remind me of the good ol' days. Love the candle in the doughnut and those elephants are fantastic!

    : )

    Julie M.

    ps In our Swedish tradition the Christmas holidays do not end on the 25th. The Christmas season ends on January 13th, St. Knut's Day. I'm happy to enjoy the warmth and sparkle into the New Year.

  12. I am loving your new tradition!! I LOVE donuts and I have the thighs to prove it ~ lol. Glad to see that you made it back safe and sound ~ missed you while you were gone but I do understand that this is a busy time for everyone. I played catch up on Sunday and I had to go back about a week. I tend to keep everything up til new years because that's what Mom did. I have started gathering though as I have big plans on putting stuff away this year which includes my label maker. Have a great week Becky and I cannot wait to hear all about your holiday!

  13. mine was down on the 26th!! missed you!

  14. Glad you had a good Christmas and that you survived traveling in the snowstorm in Illinois. And you even have the pics to proof it!!! Great blog - I haven't visited before. I will surely be BACK ;)

  15. Missed you!! And I really like your new graphics. CUUUTE! Great pix and how funny on keeping your eyes on the road.

    Let's see...we usually keep decorations up until after New Years. This year we will be for sure because half of our gifts haven't arrived yet (all our family were sending stuff from Texas). So we did a fun and cozy family Christmas and then we'll do another one once everything's arrived.

    Glad you're back!!

    ~2Shaye @ Miller Memories

  16. Sounds like you all had a great time! Missed you!
    Our Christmas stuff is all put away in the attic.....I just finished the last run up the stairs 15 mins. ago.
    Whew....Done looking at that stuff. It's weird how I listen to Christmas music all day and stare all dreamy at my decorations before Christmas and the moment it's all over I am like "OK... I'm DONE....take it away please!"

    Hugs and Happy New Year Becky!


  17. Girl!!! So glad you're back!!! I took it all down the day after.. in fact, I'm posting on it tomorrow. I didn't do much blogging either... and this week is all wacko- hopefully next week will be normal again. (whatever that is)

    How on earth do you make these adorable photo collages? I'm seeing them everywhere... you guys look so cute in them. And love the donut idea!

    Your new background is super cute too! Yay for change!!

    Glad you had fun...
    Much love and Happy new Year!

  18. My tree is comin' down either tonight or tomorrow. Usually I am late at getting it down, but with two kitties, they are a good motivator. :) Happy NEw Year!

  19. Love the donut idea!

    Happy New Year!

  20. Glad you're back safe and sound. Great post and photos, as always. Our tree is still up. I've got those empty tins at the base - the ones that go up w/the tree and get put away when it comes down. So, it doesn't look empty. Probably take it down the 31st. Still just enjoying it. I'll leave my snowman stuff out for a while. It's Central Texas. Snow here is rare. Have to do something to feel like winter (except it's cold today!)

  21. Glad you are home safe! Can't wait to catch up. I don't take things down until after New Years...I love the lights at night!!

  22. That sounds like an awesome tradition. Yummy.

    My decorations are still up, we have one last Christmas party here this Saturday. I would love to take them down!

  23. Wow - Looks like I've started some sort of national doughnut movement! ;) LOVE that you're starting The Tradition! (It's pretty fun, huh?)

    Missed you while you were away. And I love your new blog decor!

    Oh, and our stuff is mostly down. Just the tree with lights remains...

  24. Becky, I think all those pics while driving are so cute!!! especially cuz you were being a total mom and wife, being sure not to crash!! Cute. So glad you are all back safe and sound!!! It sure was a long week without you around to check in with and see what you were thinking :)

  25. Oh, to answer the decorations question.... when I was younger (your age) I used to feel the same way about getting everything put away after Christmas (when its over, its over attitude), so I understand your feeling about taking it down right away, ...but now, I let the decorations linger a bit....maybe they will come down slowly after the new year...maybe I'll start putting away the Santa stuff and leave out the snowmen throughout January. The lights outside will be the first to come down this weekend though :)

  26. Hey Becky...glad you're back...and that you had a good Christmas!!! I think I need to get on board with that donut tradition...there is a farm about 20 minutes from our house that makes and sells homemade apple cider donuts and they are the most incredible thing...eek and now I'm rambling on about donuts, sheesh, it's not like I haven't had my share of sweets lately...time to get back to healthy!

    My warmest wishes for a happy and healthy new year to you and your family!!

    :) T

  27. I was so pleased to see your post.I think the photos that you took of you and your husband are wonderful. Your such a beautiful couple. It was fun seeing your family going for donuts. I think your new tradition is an awesome idea.

    My husband and I took our tree and all of my decororations down on Sunday. :)I hope you have a wonderful week.


  28. Glsd you're back. I missed your BLOG. Funny how one gets use to reading the same ones and when one is out of comission it's like not being able to finish the last chapter of a book. HA! Take care and have a fantabulous!!2010.

  29. Glad you're home safe and had a good time! Such cute pics of you and your family. Happy Blog Anniversary too. :)

  30. Yeah! for your safe return home!

    Decorations come down very soon after Christmas Day... I can't stand to look at the bare under the tree!

    What program did you use for your collage?? Super cute!

  31. I can't stand having Christmas decorations up after Christmas either! In the past I've always taken everything down on the 26th, but this year I waited until Monday.

    Are those American Girl dolls in your collage? I loved loved loved those when I was a little girl, and I'm so glad to see that it's still going strong. I still have Samantha and allllllll of her accessories at my mom's house!

  32. Missed ya! Thanks for sharing the photos but not for making me crave donuts at midnight ;) And I love my tree so it's staying up till this weekend. hugs from Conroe, TX!

  33. GLAD you are home safe and sound! Loved your Christmas story, your family is wonderful. Glad you are back in blog world, I look for you each time I am on...
    Happiness from Poland!

  34. I am with you once Christmas is over the stuff has to come down or I get all freaked out :)

  35. I love the pic of your girls in their new snuggies. So cute. Happy New Year.

  36. What a great tradtion to start. It looks like the kiddos really enjoyed it.

    In our home donuts for breakfast is a birthday tradtion which the kids love.

  37. Looks like a beautiful Christmas....just beautiful!

    To a wonderful, productive and positive 2010!

  38. OH how I missed you. So glad you are back ... BUT...I'm so glad you had a good Christmas. Getting back into things is always somewhat of a pain.

    P.S. I totally feel like taking my decorations down today! So I'm with ya.

  39. Now That is one good tradition :)

    The girls look cute in their snugglies :)

  40. Becky, I'm going to comment on this ona and on your next post about your spiritual birthday, too.
    I have been thinking that it seems that most of you have already taken your Christmas decorations down, but we are still enjoying them. I will probably have to start taking part of them down tomorrow when I have time, and some Sunday night, after getting back from Mom-in-law's, and probably won't get finished, then will have to go back to work on Monday, and will just have to get it all packed up when we have time. Your pictures are great!

  41. Happy New Year to you ~~
    May 2010 be a great one!!


  42. great idea... great new tradition!
    the kiddos will hold onto those moments... memories forever! way to go!

    oh... before i forget... i think this EVERY SINGLE TIME i see your pic... you are SOOOOO pretty... my word! and do people tell you
    ALL THE TIME... you have the best eyebrows EVER!
    i mean gorgeous! golly!!!!
    been meaning to tell you that forever! :)

  43. What an adorable tradition!! I love doughnuts too, but haven't eaten any for years! Love all of the lovely pictures too!! I really want a snuggie now!!


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