Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I choose JOY

My Little Chick kept asking me today at lunch why I was making that face. I'm like... you can tell I'm making a face? Really... my little one is that perceptive that she can tell that I'm in a funk and thinking negatively just by my expression. That's amazing! Apparently I make a face when I'm sad or upset...who knew:o

heavens for friends because I've had some wonderful heart to hearts with some dear ones the last couple of days, and they have given me perspective. Perspective is a huge thing when you are PMSing and seasonally depressed. Seriously I shouldn't be allowed to operate heavy machinery right now:) I have been very emotional, angry and just plain irrational about some things and my friends are my life savers. Have you ever felt on the ledge? Well they've pulled me back and talked sense to me in a sweet non-judgemental way, and I just love them for that.

back to JOY. Even though I don't necessarily feel it lately I've been searching for it, and to tell you the truth if you look hard enough it's right under your nose.

This is probably my favorite little ornament. I keep it on a shelf in my front room. Every time I see it I smile inside. Isn't that weird?

Then I have these two lovely ornaments that were sent to me from some very special friends that I've made this year blogging. Every time I walk by them I think of that person and it truly makes me happy.

I bought this pillow at Target and I just love it. I've always been a fan of words...they speak to me;) So this one was a must have. I need that little reminder to be joyful:) What things in your home bring you joy when you pass by?

Have a blessed day.

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  1. Becky,

    Sometimes I think our children are as aware of us, as we are of them... My little boy will ask me what I'm angry about, and when I ask him what he is talking about he says my "angry lines" are showing between my eyes. Usually it's because I'm squinting (not ready to get the bifocals!) :)

    JOY is my FAVORITE word... I have it spelled out in random spots in my home... reminds me to find the good in everything.

    Enjoy the friendships that lift you up through the tough times...they are a wonderful thing!


  2. I choose JOY too.....and it is a choice many days....

  3. Yes, finding and keeping joy is so very important! And it is many times a choice we have to make because it's not always right there in our faces.

    Things that make me joyful in my house. Well, right now my Christmas tree is one of them. It's full of so many good memories! Another thing that brings me joy is a painting of an old farmhouse that my mom bought me for Christmas several years ago. She worked at the antique store where it was for saie so she could get it for me.


  5. Oh Becky do I ever know how you feel!! It almost makes me cry as I type this! I hate those times of feeling lost and so sad...I have been in a long haul to get out of my funk and I think I'm on my way! So I choose JOY also!

  6. Becky I am so glad to hear that even if you aren't quite looking up yet atleast your nose is pointed in the right direction! May you find the Joy you are looking for this Chistmas! Love the owl!

  7. Oh I know how you feel my friend. It is important to have things around the house that, when you look at them or use them, bring you joy. Mine is the very old and beat up red leather chair that sits in my office. It belonged to my grandparents and I occupied it whenever I went to visit them. When they "broke up housekeeping" it came to live at my house. It brings me joy every day.

  8. Good morning! Thank you for leaving your sweet comment on my blog!! We are two Illinois girls! :) Your blog is lovely as is your family! Things that bring me joy around my home right now are all the Christmas decorations. I read a quote that said "Christmas is not just a is a state of mind." I like that! I celebrate it as Christ's birth (which brings me a lot of joy) but it seems this time of year most people are a little more joyful. That is a good thing to me. :) You are a sweetie...I can tell by your words you write for us to read. Have a lovely day!!

  9. Everytime I see my puppy, Bonnie, I smile. She is such a happy little dog and never seems to let things bring her down. The complete opposite of me - who is very emotional and sensitive. She is such a joyful reminder to smile and savor the small things of life.

  10. Oh joy! I pick a word every year and my 2009 word was JOY. I believe it is a choice to be joyful because life isn't always such. Intential joyful living. I wrote that word everywhere. Found verses on it. Surrounded myself with it. It really changed my perspective this year.Here's my post on it:
    I went back and listed all the events in the past year that brought joy.
    Good for you to be joyful. I can so relate to that big D word. Been there in a text book way many times. The Lord will guide you through it and won't give you something you can't handle. xoxo

  11. great post...i'm searching hard for that joy.

  12. Great post, girl. Sometimes joy is a sneaky booger, we know it's there, but sometimes I think it gets buried under the blanket of everyday life. :) When I walk by my stainless dishwasher covered in babyprints, I cant help but smile. Good thing I'm not a clean freak, because those grimy prints bring me joy! :)

  13. This makes me feel better. I have been thinking about you! :)
    Yay for Joy! I love your little owl too. He's cuuute.



  14. I pray for love, laughter and joy to fill our home just about every day. During the Christmas season, the things that just make me smile inside when I walk by are our real Christmas tree - love the smell and look of our tree! I also smile every day at how the manger scene is constantly moved around by my little guy. Yesterday he told me he "...had to move Joseph so the sunlight could shine on Baby Jesus." :)

    I've been having a little bit of the seasonal blues this year too I think. Friends totally rock!

    Joy to you!

  15. WOnder how different life would be if we CHOSE JOY every day? Maybe I'll try that for a few days (to start with) and see where it gets me. I'm sure my outlook would be different....thanks for the comment on my food blog....check out our family blog too! Merry Christmas!

  16. I just wrote a post or two about joy. Im sorry its been rough for you, sounds like you have a great support system and finding joy in the little things means you'll never ever lose it!! What a sweet little girl you have! I think I need someone to gauge my mood when I can't quite do it myself...hmmm...I think I am out of luck with all of these boys=D

  17. This is from a totally different perspective... and I only share it because in one sense it's related to Joy! and in another way I share it because it is also currently my struggle.

    Our sermon on Sunday was about the way that God sings over us (LOUDLY!)... found in Zephaniah 3:14-17. God sings? Yes, he does... He rejoices in us and over us.

    But, I don't always know that... if you know what I mean. I don't always "hear Him singing over me"... so that is why I/we need to let Him quiet us with his love.

    Well. One of the challenges that was presented (for me) was the fact that as parents the way we understand how this is, is how "we rejoice over our children".
    I confess. I don't rejoice over my children enough, because I don't really know what it means to hear God rejoicing over me. Make sense? So, I need him to, first, quiet me with his love... and this takes time and reflection...for me, anyway.

    So, this has been on my mind a lot. And, throughout this week I've been trying to note if I do - and when I actually find myself "rejoicing" over my first let them know that and then to take that a step further and think about my Heavenly Father "singing over me- with JOY!"

    Rejoicing over them even means in the practical, everyday, like LeAnna mentioned -in the babyprints, or the constant "running after", whining or whatever...
    Another thing really quick (didn't mean for this comment to be so long) that I think of when I think of JOY is the little adage/song that we used to say or sing as kids.

    J * O * Y

    (J)esus first, (Y)ourself last and (O)ther's in between.

  18. I so agree about how words speak to you. I have words all over the house! I think I have the seasonal blues too! I have been pmsing and crying at the drop of a hat. I just said yesterday to a friend "Do we really have to do Christmas"? There is such a frenzy with getting it all done and then boom its over! She thought I was crazy and said "you must be pmsing!". Do girlfriends know you or what? Love your outlook on life!

  19. Isn't it great to have nice friends!
    What brings most Joy to me is looking at my kids Christmas stockings. They have had them since birth, my sister in law made them and they are beautiful. Now the kids are almost grown 18 & 14. Crazy how fast time goes by!!
    Merry Christmas!

  20. I am the same way with words:) And you are so is often right there if we stop to see it! Of course, my family brings me joy:) As for things...well, white ironstone, mercury glass, and just about anything with glitter brings me a little bit of joy.

  21. I am SO looking forward to getting a fantastic rug for our living room! I've been saving for several weeks and I think we'll be able to pick it up next week!! It's full of bright colors and whimsical patterns that I know will just liven up our space - I do think that our environment does influence our attitudes to a certain extent, and I've been slowly trying to pay more attention to our home surroundings to add little touches (and keep away the clutter) to promote a good vibe. Love that pillow! Words inspire me, as well.

    Joy certainly is a choice, your post reminds me of a passage in James (I revisit that book again and again...)
    James 1:2-4
    2Consider it pure JOY, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, 3because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. 4Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.

  22. My punk knows when I am sad too, he can see it all over my face and gives me a hug and says, mommy you sad? Of course how can one stay sad when you have a precious little face looking at you! I am glad you have friends you can lean on to keep you sane, and to make you realize what a special person you are...and to well, walk you away from the ledge....blessing to you sweet Becky! xoxo

  23. hmmm.... I have this LOVELY painting that a VERY SPECIAL FRIEND sent to me and it makes me smile every day! I'm glad you're choosing joy! You're way to amazing of a person to stay in a funk! You bless me down to my toes!

  24. Are we on the same cycle or something? I've been kind of doing the same thing... but mine has been in dealing with a person and I realized last night, while doing my Esther study, that I was letting that person become my obsession to a degree. (scary eh?) Like every waking moment I was stressing and worrying about it, and HeLLO? Where was mY JOY?? Gone with the wind, that's where... so I decided that I was going to give it all over to God and I woke up feeling much better. I hope the same goes for you sweetie. I have this sweet little ornament that does the same thing for me, by the way... Hmmm... isn't that nice? :)

  25. Isn't it funny how our children know us so well?! What a blessing to have such good friends. I love your JOY pillow, too!

    Have a great weekend!


  26. Twinkling lights. I adore tiny lights and they make me so happy!

  27. OH and that owl ornament is adorable and you are far too gorgeous to be wearing a frown thru the winter. I should think if I was you I would smile everytime I looked in the mirror.

  28. Becky -

    I so know this. PMS moods are my problem. And having friends put the *perspective* in it is SO rewarding. I haven't really had that before. The Lord has blessed me with a vehicle to express my emotions via blogging - and having the response of love and non-judgement has been an immense blessing to me! (My husband is so grateful that I have an outlet because there are so many times he just gives me a loving blank-stare....)

    I do have to say, this whole spirit of Christmas fills my soul. I get so excited thinking of gift-giving, the beauty of people's homes, memories of Christmas's past and making memories for this year's Christmas that I typically do get sad at some point on Christmas Day - mourning the end of the season...I really DO wish it were Christmas all year long!

    I'm so excited about giving my daughter YOUR fabulous piece of art for her room. I just love it, and it is even more beautiful in person!

    Hugs to you!!!


  29. I do love a little joy! :)
    I found when I was a kid that if I turn on KTIS it is impossible not to sing along & get out of a funk :) I even used it today when I was getting cranky at my kiddos :)

    Il Gatto was pretty good-It was the old Filigos-more bary atmosphere but still good food! One girl I was with oredered this pizza with spinache allllll over it & it was sooo good-wish I had ordered it :) I might think about it until I go back & do-it was that good :)

  30. Oh how I do feel the same this week...I have found lots of joy...but very similar situation {being a person and needing to hand it over to God}... that Sasha talked about too...somedays I'm good about it and some days I'm not...anyway I am word person I love the joy pillow...and little sweet reminders of the beach so my shells, beach things just make me get-a-way sometimes.

  31. I totally get your mood- right there with you trying to make myself be joyful. It's always when I am focusing on me that I get that way. I love that little owl. It made me smile.

  32. I have a Christmas picture of my granddaughter that my daughter and son-in-law gave me last year and there is a button on the frame that we can push and hear our 2yr old granddaughter say, "Merwee Chwistmas, I wuv you". Now that makes me Smile really big!!

    Another thing that makes me smile is going outside and building a snowman. I know I'm telling my age here, but when I turned 49, I decided that every year on my birthday (Dec 27) I was going to go out and build a snowman as a way of reminding myself that we can remain young at heart no matter how old we get. It works everytime in making me smile...

    Choosing Joy too!
    Lee Ann

  33. I agree!!!!! Girlfriends are an absolute lifesaver, my girlfriends have been working tirelessly to help me find my cheer this season and I am so so very blessed that God put them in my life. I am totally running to Target to get that "Joy" pillow. "I'm not gonna let anything or anyone steal my joy", has been my mantra lately. I NEED THAT PILLOW!!!!! Thanks for the great post.

  34. Such cute ornaments!! I think it's weird how loved ones can always tell when something is wrong! It freaks me out when that happens sometimes because its usually when you think you are acting normal despite your negative feelings! Glad that your friends are there for you! Friends are the best at helping you feel better!

  35. Oh I love your little owl Becky ~ he is adorable! It has been a hard week ~ feeling overwhelmed and busy time at work ~ so I know where you are coming from. I have had friends talk me off my ledge too but coming home at night to my place and being able to snuggle under a blanket on the couch has been my life saver. I have quite a few pieces in my Christmas collection that bring a smile to my face when I unwrap them every year and I try to put them in special places around the house.

  36. Your JOY pillow is adorable. Come on over to City Hen and see the words we put up this year for Christmas in our coffee shop in Poland! Some english words are UNIVERSAL!
    Love your blog, love you!

  37. I love reading your posts and looking at your photos. Your blog is wonderful. I am sorry that your going through a tough time with PMS. Been there, done that and it was no fun. But I got through it and I know you will be just fine. I can tell by the way that you write. :) By the way,it's okay to be angry. I'm glad that you have such wonderful friends to help you get through the PMS times and help to give you some perspective.

    Your photo made me smile......the little owl ornament made me smile even more. I can see why it makes you smile inside.

    Love the Journey and Alainis Morisette music. Oh and I *love* your JOY pillow. :)


  38. I'm gonna need to make me one of those pillows. ;) Thanks, my friend, for the reminder to choose joy. I have been battling the big "d" this past week as well, surprising to me since Christmas is coming up soon and usually I am very much in the holiday spirit. But we've had a few heavy weeks around our house, and well, I got in a funk. Thanks for the reminder that I'm not alone in funks, and that I need to remember in these instances to CHOOSE JOY. There is so much in life to be joyful about, it almost seems silly to me that small petty things can help to get me in such a funk. Time to choose joy. Merry Christmas, my friend. :)


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